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L'Union fait la Force


Transcript by Sarae

Scene: The Alpha Site
Several Tok'ra and SGC personnel are coming through the 'gate. Several are injured. Janet is performing triage at the base of the 'gate. General chaos is happening.

Female Voice (off camera): "Move!"

Male Voice (s): "Yes sir, set it up, go, go."

Janet: "Possible C-4 fracture! Immobilize with a cervical collar and let the symbiote heal the damage! Pressure dressing STAT!" (moving on to the next one) "Airway's partially compromised! Airman, priority one! Let's move!!"

More injured Tok'ra come through the 'gate as Sam and Jack watch. Then two Tok'ra come through the 'gate carrying a crate. At the bottom of the stairs, the Tok'ra in the back, Ocker, drops the crate. A Jaffa, Artok, is right there and tries to pick it up for Ocker. Ocker slaps his hand away and instantly, Teal'c, Rak'nor and several other Jaffa are there, staff weapons drawn and pointed at Ocker. Jack immediately moves to intercede.

Jack: "Hey! Hey!" (Bra'tac moves to keep from moving to defend himself. Jack gestures to the crate, asks ) "What's that?"

Ocker: "We were told we could bring equipment essential to our security."

Jack: "That wasn't the question. Open it up."

Ocker complies.

Teal'c and the Tok'ra put their staff weapons down and Teal'c peers into the crate.

Teal'c: "A Zatarc detector."

Jack: "See, that's all you had to say. Move out."

The Tok'ra pick up the crate again and the Jaffa watch them leave.
More SGC personnel come through the 'gate.

Jack: "Pierce?"

Pierce: "Colonel. SG-12 was wiped out in the first wave, sir. The Goa'uld knew exactly where to hit. Took us completely by surprise."

Sam: "Where's my father?"

Pierce: "He insisted on disabling the DHD at the Tok'ra base and ordered us to leave."

Jack: "See to your men."

Jacob and another Tok'ra, Malek, come through the 'gate and Jacob is nailed in the leg by a staff blast that comes through the 'gate behind them. Malek comes to his aid.

Malek: "Jacob!"

The wormhole disengages and Sam rushes up to her father. She helps him to stand and helps him down the stairs.

Jack: "Is the 'gate secure?"

Brat'ac: "If the Chappa-ai is soon reactivated, we will have the answer."

Jacob: "I set a charge equivalent to a tactical nuke to detonate 10 seconds after we left. No one's following us, no one saw the address."

Jack: "You're sure about that?"

Jacob: "I'm positive."

Jack (to all): "Stand down. Help the wounded." (then back to Jacob) "What happened?"

Malek: "Anubis' forces have overrun our position in the Risa system."

Jacob: "We tried dialing the SGC 'gate, but the 'gate must have already been active."

Sam: "Jonas and SG-2 were returning from P36-231 with artifacts they'd gathered."

Jacob: "I know you wanted to keep the location of the Alpha site top secret, but we had no alrernative. We couldn't wait."

Jack: "You dialed the coordinates yourself, right?"

Jacob: "Yeah, I was careful. Nobody saw."

Malek: "To whom do I owe thanks for this refuge?"

Jacob: "Colonel Jack O'Neill, this is Malek, Commander of the Tok'ra base we just evacuated, and Ocker, Chief of security."

Malek: "Your people were most brave in aiding us."

Jack: "How many made it?"

Ocker: "Less than a quarter of our number."

Jack: "I'm sorry."

Malek: "This is the base of the Tau'ri...why are there Jaffa?"

Sam: "Rebel warriors."

Malek: "Jaffa who have turned against the Goa'uld. I did not realize their ranks had grown to such a number."

Sam: "Hundreds more are operating as a fifth column among the Goa'uld."

Jack: " you."

Sam: "Many of these Jaffa had to evacuate their rebel base several months ago."

Ocker: "I see."

Jack (seeing the look Ocker gives Malek): "Is that going to be a problem?"

Malek: "Not for us."

Jack: "Good."

Ocker helps Jacob, Sam steps in on the other side. Sam and the three Tok'ra walk off camera. Jack watches them leave with a concerned look on his face.

Opening Credits

Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn
Don S. Davis as General George Hammond

Executive Producers:
Michael Greenburg
Richard Dean Anderson

Developed for Television by Brad Wright & Jonathan Glassner

Guest Starring:
Carmen Argenziano as Jacob Carter/Selmak
Tony Amedola as Bra'tac
Obi Ndefo
Peter Stebbings
Link Baker
Rob Lee
Teryl Rothery as Dr. Janet Fraiser

Creative Consultant:
Martin Wood

Peter DeLuise

Damian Kindler
Andy Mikita

Supervising Producers:
Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie

Co-Executive Producer:
N. John Smith

Executive Producer:
Robert C. Cooper

Written by Peter DeLuise

Directed by Peter DeLuise

Scene: The Alph Site Stargate
A funeral platform has been built on the steps of the Stargate and three Jaffa are lying on it. All are standing surrounding the 'gate area in a respectful and orderly manner. Teal'c, Jack, Sam and Janet are at the head of the SGC personnel on the right side of the 'gate. Bra'tac and Rak'nor are at the head of the Jaffa goup which stands next to the SGC personnel and mostly in front of the 'gate. Jacob and Malek are closer to the platform, but also near the Tok'ra group which stand on the left side of the 'gate.

Malek: "Arik tree-ac te kek."

Teal'c (translating quietly for Jack): "We do not surrender, even in death."

Jacob (Selmak): "Tak mal arik tiak."

Teal'c (translating quietly for Jack): "You will not be forgotten."

Jacob and Malek walk back toward the other Tok'ra and further away from the 'gate. Malek nods to Ocker who is standing at the DHD. Ocker activates the DHD and the wormhole activates. The whoosh engulfs the top half of the platform and disintegrates that half of the platform and those who were lying on it. Then the wormhole disengages. All are silent for a moment, then quiet murmuring can be heard as the groups break up. Sam heads over to hug her dad. Suddenly there is a loud yell heard.

Voice (off camera): "Jaffa!"

We see Artok knocked to the ground and Ocker standing over him.

Ocker: "Nemeth Kree!"

Jack (approaching the pair): "Hey...Hey!" (Stepping in between the two) "What the hell is going on here? This is a funeral, for cryin' out loud!"

Artok: "I asked a question of this Tok'ra."

Ocker: "No one may speak during the ritual."

Jack: "For this you guys are fighting?!" (pointing at Artok but talking to Ocker) "I'm sure he's sorry."

Artok: "I am not."

Jack: "Yeah, on the inside."

Ocker: "It does not matter."

Jack (to ): " does not matter. Come on, a lot of people lost their lives. Show a little respect."

Artok (as Ocker begins to walk away): "They are no different than the Goa'uld."

Ocker stops his progress and turns back toward .

Teal'c (from behind ): "Jaffa!"

Artok turns and looks at Teal'c. He bows his head slightly and the argument is over. Artok walks away.

Jack: "All right, come on, break it up. Go on home, nothing to see here. Go on."

Malek (as the crowd disperses): "There's no need to apologize on their behalf, Colonel."

Jack: "Apologize?"

Malek: "We understand the Jaffa."

Teal'c becomes more interested and walks closer to O'Neill. Bra'tac and Rak'nor remain in the positions a few feet behind Teal'c.

Jack: "Actually, I was gonna remind you that without Bra'tac and Teal'c and other Jaffa, all your little Tok'ra folks'd be pushing up daisies right now."

Malek: "And I need not remind you that the rebel Jaffa and the Tau'ri are equally indebted to us."

Teal'c: "How so?"

Malek: "We have been fighting the Goa'uld for a millennia."

Jack: "Yeah...just when should we expect some progress on that?" (Malek is taken back, insulted even, by Jack's remark and Jack immediately regrets his sarcasm. He closes his eyes and puts his hand up). "It's been a bad day. Let's move on."

Sam (walking in from off camera): "Sir...several of the Tok'ra have expressed concern about the temporary quarters they've been assigned."

Jack: "Explain to them the meaning of the word "temporary". If they don' t like it, they can...leave."

Sam: "You really want me to tell them that?"

Jack: "Yes...No..." (sighs) "I'll do it." He walks off.

We see several Jaffa working out. One is twirling a practice staff. Others are flipping around, kicking, etc. Jacob is sitting, watching from a distance. Jack approaches and joins him.

Jack: "'s the leg?"

Jacob: "It's better. One of the perks of being a Tok'ra."

Jack: "If you say so. Hey, what was all that crap at the funeral?"

Jacob: "I wouldn't read too much into it."

Jack: "Why do you guys have to be so dang..."

Jacob: "Arrogant?"

Jack: "Yeah, okay."

Jacob: "It's complicated, symbiote and host. The blending of two personalities does sometimes have it drawbacks."

Jack: "Tell me about it."

Jacob: "Jack, there's no denying you had a bad experience...but if you hadn't had a symbiote implanted..."

Jack: "Ack, please...don't use that term, huh?"

b: "If you hadn't been blended with Kanan, you'd be dead right now. By the way, if I hadn't become a Tok'ra, I'd be dead too. Kanan broke one of our highest laws; he used you. I can tell you that even Selmak was sickened by it and there's no way he could have hidden those feelings from me, but Kanan did something terribly wrong while trying to do the right thing. You can't forgive him for that?"

Jack: "No."

Jacob: "It's a shame a true blending never really occurred. You might be able to understand the Tok'ra a little better."

Jack: "Oh, I think I understand 'em just fine."

Jacob: "You don't like us much any more, do you?"

Jack: "I like you..."

Jacob: "I see the Jaffa differently. Most of the Tok'ra hosts come from worlds conquered by the Goa'uld. Born into a feudal system where their only choices were forced labor or death."

Jack: "So it's the host's fault?"

Jacob: "It's history. For 2000 years, every time a Tok'ra died at the end of a staff weapon, a Jaffa was holding it. We just got our asses kicked by an army of Jaffa loyal to Anubis. You think that helps?"

Jack: "No."

Jacob: "There's talk among the Tok'ra ranks that the end is closer than we think...and I don't mean the end of the Goa'uld. I mean the end of us...all of us. The Jaffa rebellion isn't exactly rolling as well as could be expected either, I take it?"

Jack: "No. It's not."

Jacob: "Then at least we have that much in common."

Scene: The sun is setting (or rising) behind the trees surrounding the compound. Jack, Teal'c, Sam, and others are in a building on the compound, looking at a Naquadah reactor.

Sam: "At first, it seemed like a routing power fluctuation in the cycle output of the Naquadah reactor, but on closer inspection, I discovered that both the absorption port and it's redundancy had been tampered with..."

Jack (his hands both rubbing his face in frustration): "Carter! I haven't had coffee."

Sam: "Sir, no one would have noticed it, if they didn't know what to look for. The reactor would have overloaded."

Jack: "Any chance this was an accident?"

Sam: "Not a chance."

Teal'c: "Would not an explosion caused by such an overload destroy an area several miles in circumference?"

Sam: "Yeah, it would."

Jack: "Who knows about this?"

Sam: "Except for the guards I posted, just us."

Teal'c: "How long would it have taken for this overload to result in explosion?"

Sam: "An hour? Maybe less."

Jack (looks at his watch): "Ahhh..." (into his radio) "Pierce...O'Niell. No one goes within 20 yards of the 'gate till I get there."

Pierce: "Yes, sir."

Teal'c: "What are you considering, O'Neill?"

Jack: "Well, if you'd rigged a reactor to blow...wouldn't you want to get off world before it...blew?"

Teal'c: "Indeed."

Scene: SGC
Hammond and Jonas are looking at O'Neill on a monitor as he makes a report via M.A.L.P. through the Stargate.

Hammond: "I could send reinforcements."

Jack: "Negative, sir. We've got enough people here as it is."

Jonas: "Well, Colonel, at least let me rejoin the team. For you it'll be an incoming wormhole from Earth, what risk could there be?"

Jack: "Sorry, Jonas, you're goinna have to sit this one out. In fact, until we know what's going on, General, I recommend no 'gate travel either way."

Hammond: "Understood, Colonel. I'll have SG-3 standing by, just in case."

Jack: "We'll report back in 24 hours. O'Neill out."

Scene: Alpha Site 'Gate
Jack turns away from the M.A.L.P. to talk to Pierce.

Jack: "Pierce...I want the guard doubled."

Pierce (saluting): "Yes, sir."

At that moment, a group of Tok'ra, including Jacob and Ocker arrive, led by Malek.

Malek: "What is happening?"

Jack: "Yeah...looks like we're gonna be stuck here for a while."

Malek: "It is imperative that we be allowed to seek another location for our base."

Jack: "Yeah, you might wanna put that on hold. We have a situation."

Teal'c: "There is a saboteur among us."

"Our Naquadah reactor almost went critical this morning. I discovered it just in time."

Malek: "And if you hadn't?"

Jack: "We wouldn't be having"

Malek: "I see."

Sam: "See, this planet was chosen as our Alpha Site because it's address is unknown to the Goa'uld..."

Jack: "...and it is imperative that this base remain secret. We will be questioning everybody..."

Malek: "Of course..."

Jack: "...starting with the Tok'ra."

Malek (after looking at Selmak and then Ocker): "For what reason?"

Jack: "Everything was fine until you showed up."

Malek: "If what you say is true, we would have perished with you."

Jack: "It'd only take one."

Malek: "Selmak?"

Jacob (Selmak): "We have no choice. The Zatarc detector will reveal any lie or deception."

Sam: "Yeah, but a spy, within either the Jaffa or Tok'ra ranks wouldn't necessarily have to be a Zatarc to attempt something like this."

Jacob (Selmak): "Any deception will be detected, whether we are dealing with a Zatarc or not."

Scene: Inside a building at the Alpha Site.
Malek is being tested by Jacob (Selmak) as Jack, Bra'tac and others look on. The Zatarc detector graphics have changed considerably since we saw them in Divide and Conquer. Still, the graphics show blue for true answers and red for false answers.

Malek: "That is when I requested to leave and you informed me of the sabotage."

Jacob: "Do you know why the Tok'ra base fell?"

Malek: "Exactly how Abubis was able to defeat our defense system remains a mystery."

Jacob: "Okay, we're done."

Malek stands, takes device off his temple, hands it to Jacob, looks directly at Jack and walks out.

Malek (to Jack): "Thank you."

Jack (as he walks out): No...thank you."

Jack follows Malek at a distance and then goes to a window to watch his departure. He notices Ocker and Artok nearly get into a scuffle again.

Teal'c (stepping between Artok and Ocker again): "Jaffa!"

Jacob (from behind O'Neill): "I'll screen the wounded, but I doubt they could have made it from the infirmary undetected. After that, if we still have nothing, base personnel will have to be screened..."

Jack (turns to see Jacob and Bra'tac standing behind him): "Okay."

Jacob: "...and the Jaffa."

Jack: "Bra'tac?"

Bra'tac: "I had hoped it would not come to that."

Jack: "Look, if the Jaffa won't submit to the screening after the Tok'ra already have, we're just asking for trouble."

Bra'tac: "The very purpose of this device questions one's honor."

Jacob: "Or you could say, confirms one's honor."

Bra'tac: "It is also of Tok'ra design."

Jack: "Oh, Come on."

Bra'tac: "I have learned much in my 137 years. Can you look me in the eye and tell me you trust the Tok'ra entirely?"

Jack: "No. Not entirely, but enough to allow myself to be screened along with everyone else."

Bra'tac: "I will convince the Jaffa to submit. You have my word. Perhaps once the Tok'ra see how big Jaffa hearts can be, they will finally look upon us as equals."

Malek (Off Camera): "Colonel O'Neill!"

Jack and the others rush out to see what the problem is. They see Malek standing behind some barrels. As they near the barrels they see Ocker lying on the ground at his feet.

Scene: Alpha Site
Sam is helping Janet do a preliminary examination of Ocker's body.
Artok is brought forward by two Tok'ra to face Malek.

Malek: "You killed Ocker!"

Artok: "I would have, if he challenged me again."

Malek: "Are you not responsible for this?"

Artok: "I only wish I was."

Bra'tac (who is standing behind Malek and slightly to his left): "Answer him directly."

Artok: "I will not explain myself to him."

Jack: "Then explain it to me...please."

Artok: "I was across the compound."

Malek: "I insist that he be screened immediately."

There are several seconds of everyone looking at someone else, wondering what is going to happen.

Jack (reluctantly): "Yeah." (Jack waves one of the SGC personnel over.)

An SGC man takes Artok's arm from behind, but Artok immediately pulls his arm away.

Artok: "I will not!"

A Tok'ra begins to step up from behind Artok, but Bra'tac steps up and stops him in his tracks.

Artok: "I will not!"

Bra'tac steps up and grabs Artok. He stares at him for several seconds. Artok nods consent and begins to move away. Bra'tac switches his gaze to Malek who meets it on his way to follow Artok.

Jack (as he walks to where Ocker lies): "Carter, I want you in there."

Sam: "Yes, sir."

Sam leaves as Jack leans down to Janet.

Jack: "I need to know the cause of death."

Janet: "I'll get on it, sir."

Jack stands and turns to face Jacob and Bra'tac who are standing side by side.

Jack: "You both know this, but I'm gonna say it out loud anyway. We need every bit of influence you two have or this whole thing's gonna blow up."

Jacob and Bra'tac look at each other, then back at Jack and both nod.

Scene: The Zatarc testing area.
Artok is being tested by Jacob.

Artok: "I was alone outside the compound, eating my ration in private."

Jacob: "Do you know who killed Ocker?"

Artok: "No."

Jacob: "Did you kill him?"

Artok: "No, I did not kill him."

Up until this moment, all of Artok's answers had registered as true. This answer elicits the familiar red, false, response. Artok senses the change in the expressions of those who are watching and a concerned look comes over his face.

Jacob: "We're finished."

Jack: "Holding cell."

SGC person (off camera): "Yes, sir."

Artok: "Master Bra'tac. I did not kill him."

Bra'tac: "Go with them." (He reaches up and takes the devices off Artok's temple.) "Do not attempt escape."

Malek (after Artok is led out): "Deception...he is guilty."

Jack: "All we know is that he's lying about something."

Malek: "What more proof do you need?"

Sam: "This device is not infallible. It can give false positives." (She gives Jack a knowing look.) "We've seen it before." (Jack gives a tight little smile in return.)

Malek: "A short while ago, you were all willing to stake the security of the base on it."

Sam: "Artok's obvious hostility toward the Tok'ra could be throwing off the readings."

Malek: "His hostility is the reason Ocker is dead."

Jack: "What if we verify his alibi?"

Sam: "The Colonel's right. Maybe someone saw him where he said he was..."

Teal'c: "Both Tok'ra and Jaffa deliberately ate apart from each other."

Malek: "I will not accept the word of a Jaffa in his defense."

Jack: "Of course you won', why don't we see what the autopsy says?

Malek: "Why?"

Jack: "Because we don't convict people just because some damn light turns red!"

Malek: "How long will the autopsy take?"

Sam: "It's hard to say."

Jacob: "The report may offer tangible evidence proving or disproving his guilt."

Jack: "Look...he's not goin' anywhere. You've got my word."

Bra'tac: "And mine as well."

Malek: "Many Tok'ra have died in recent days. To lose another of our number in a place that we had thought was is difficult."

Jack: "I'm sure it is."

Scene: Alpha Site Infirmary
Janet is making her report. She approaches the group, which includes Jack, Sam, Teal'c, Malek, Jacob, and Bra'tac with an x-ray.

Janet: "There is some bruising around the right side of his mouth which could be a sign that the killer prevented him from calling out by covering his mouth with his left hand from behind. The trauma to the back of the neck was done with a bladed weapon of fairly exotic design. The blade was used to sever the spinal column of the host between the first and second cervical vertebrae while simultaneously severing the spinal column of the symbiote between the 33rd and 34th precloacal vertebrae."

Jacob: "Death would have be instantaneous."

Bra'tac: "No Jaffa did this."

Sam: "How do you know?"

Teal'c: "Jaffa do not kill in this fashion."

Malek: " Are you suggesting a Jaffa could not be trained to do this?"

Bra'tac: "I am telling you that a Jaffa would not. Vengeance is exacted face to face, not from behind."

Malek: "Face to face, a Jaffa may not survive."

Teal'c: "It is most likely a Tok'ra or Goa'uld who has committed this act."

Malek: "I disagree."

Alarms suddenly go off. All rush to the holding cell where Artok is being kept. They find him dead in his cell.

Scene: Alpha Site Holding Cell
Sam and Janet are examining Artok in his cell.

Janet: "This is different. This was a frontal attack. About the only similar thing is that it was done by a bladed weapon."

Sam: "The same one?"

Janet: "Could be. I won't know for sure until I inspect the trauma to the internal organs."

Jack: "Was the door locked when you found him Sergeant?"

Sergeant: "Yes, sir."

Jack: "Did you hear anything?"

Sergeant: "No, sir."

Sam: "Well, it's pretty unlikely that someone defeated the lock on the cell door, stabbed him without a fight and then relocked the door as they left. What if they attacked through the bars and the force of the blow pushed him back to where is he now?"

Janet: "It was a frontal attack, so why are there no defensive moves?"

Jack: "He'd have to be standing in front of the bars."

Teal'c: "A Jaffa would never expose himself to such a vulnerable position."

Malek: "Unless he knew his killer and did not fear him."

A crowd gathers as Artok's covered body is carried via stretcher from the holding cell to the infirmary.

Rak'nor (to Malek): "Artok is dead! Only yesterday, he helped to carry your wounded and then you killed him!"

A line is formed as line up on one side and Tok'ra on the other.

Teal'c (steps up to Rak'nor): "Now is not the time, brother."

Rak'nor: "You know the truth, Teal'c."

Teal'c: "I do not."

Malek: "A Tok'ra did not kill him, of this I am certain. You carry a blade on your belt."

Rak'nor: "To defend myself...when the Tok'ra finally come for me."

Malek starts to walk toward the others.
Rak'nor (grabs Malek as he goes by): "He was defenseless!"

Malek backhands Rak'nor and all point their weapons at the one standing opposite him/her.

Jacob: "Malek!"

Jack: "Somebody wanna...tell me what's goin' on here? Anybody? Why don't we put the weapons...down?"

Bra'tac (from off camera): "Teal'c! O'Neill!"

Jack: "Should be go check this out? Let these folks talk amongst themselves?"

Teal'c looks around him, lowers his blade and walks toward Bra'tac with O'Neill.

Bra'tac: "Footprints...recently made and alone. Whoever did this, fled quickly in that direction."

Malek: "The footprints...Jaffa or Tok'ra?"

Bra'tac: "They could be either one."

All drop their weapons.

Jack: "All right. Let's do a head count."

Scene: Later...the Alpha Site.
Pierce approaches the place where Jack has gathered everyone.

Jack: "All right, listen up folks! The good news is we can stop pointing fingers at each other. Everyone's been accounted for. However, that does mean that someone or, dare I say it, something is still floatin' around tryin' to do us in."

Bra'tac: " We will search in groups of three...a Tok'ra, Jaffa and Tau'ri in each."

Jack: "This thing was tryin' to turn us against each other. The fact that we're on to him makes him more dangerous. Keep that in mind. Let's move out."

Scene: The forests around the Alpha Site Compound
Three member teams are searching for the assassin. Sam, Jacob and Rak'nor are one team. Jack, Bra'tac and Malek are another. Teal'c, Pierce and an unknown Tok'ra make up another. There are others teams as well. Time passes. Teal'c's team comes upon a dead team.

Teal'c (over the radio): "O'Neill..."

Jack makes the sign to stop his team. Elsewhere in the forest, Sam does the same thing,

Jack: "Go ahead, Teal'c."

Teal'c: "We have located Captain Greer's search team. They are dead."

Jack: "Any tracks?"

Teal'c: "Each team member appears to have been killed separately and dragged to this location."

Jack: "Okay. What's your position?"

Teal'c: "East of the creek, near the base of the north cliff."

Jack (notices something moving in the trees in front of him): "Standby, we've got something here." (Jack looks over at Bra'tac and nods in the direction he just saw the trees move. Bra'tac nods affirmative.) "Carter, hook up with Teal'c at his the area."

Sam (over the radio): "Yes, sir." (Sam motions to her team to move out.)

In the meant time, Jack motions to his team to approach the area from two sides. He takes one side and motions for Bra'tac and Malek to take the other side. In this way, Jack becomes temporarily separated from the rest of his team. As Bra'tak and Malek approach a tree, we see them from another perspective, high up in the tree. Bra'tak senses the approaching danger at the last moment and pushes Malek out of the way as the assassin attacks from above. Bra'tac fires up with his staff weapon, but is knocked around. Malek aims his Zat but does not fire for fear of hitting Bra'tac. Bra'tac fires his staff weapon several times, which Jack hears. Jack heads toward the sound. Bra'tac has the staff weapon knocked from his grasp and pulls out his knife. He is hit several times and tries to lunge at his invisible attacker, but misses. The attacker takes the knife from Bra'tac and slashes him across the face a couple of times. Bra'tac is thrown against a tree stump. He is dazed, but gets up. He is flipped and lands near an overgrowth of underbrush. He sits up and looks directly at Malek, who stares at him, Zat raised. Malek sees nothing to fire at. Suddenly, Bra'tac is grabbed from behind and drug into the underbrush. Malek begins running through the forest. Suddenly, he is grabbed from behind a tree by Jack, who motions for him to be quiet.

Jack (whispering): "What happened?"

Malek (also whispering): "I could not defend against it. I had not choice."

Jack (still whispering): "Where's Bra'tac?"

Malek (continuing to whisper): "He is dead."

Jack ponders the news he has just heard and looks and Malek.

Scene: The Forest of the Alpha Site planet.
Teal'c has Malek by the throat, pinning him to the ground.

Teal'c: "Tell me why I should not kill you here, Tok'ra."

Malek (struggling to talk): "He was swept away. There was nothing I could have done."

Teal'c: "You could have pursued him. Master Bra'tac could have been saved."

Malek (still struggling): "I believed it more important to report what I saw."

Rak'nor: "How can we ever trust the Tok'ra if they would abandon a Jaffa in the midst of a battle?"

Malek (struggling more to talk): "If I had not, I would be dead."

Jacob (to Jack as Jack fans away a few mosquitos): "Jack...a little help?"

Jack (with little enthusiasm): "Teal'c...stop."

Jacob gives Jack a "thanks a lot" look and walks over to kneel beside Teal'c. Sam walks to stand beside Jack.

Jacob: "Teal'c...don't do this. Bra'tac would want us to stick together."

Sam looks at Jack. Jack glances at Sam and rolls his eyes.

Jack: "He's right, Teal'c."

Teal'c grunts in frustration and anger and reluctantly, though not gently, releases his hold on Malek. Malek struggles to take in breath. Jacob breathes a sigh of relief and Malek struggles to sit up.

Malek: "Bra'tac pushed me out of the way just before the attack. Somehow he knew. Whoever it was had a personal cloaking device. He was invisible."

Sam and Jack look at each other.

Rak'nor: "Invisible?"

Sam: "Nirrti possess stealth technology. She could have come through the gate undetected with the Tok'ra. That would explain why there were no defensive wounds and how Anubis was able to defeat the defenses at the Tok'ra base. An invisible spy could operate with impunity."

Jack: "That woman continues to get on my nerves."

Jacob: "I doubt Nirrti would be in league with Anubis...she's a renegade."

Sam: "Well, whoever it is, we're dealing with an enemy we can't see." (This is another scene that made shippers very happy...while Sam is talking, Jack, who is standing right beside her to her left, lets his eyes wander briefly up and down her backside. ;-) ) "Without TERs to counter that technology, we're helpless."

Malek: "Do you have the means to generate a high frequency electro-magnetic field?"

Sam: "I could modify the wave output of the Naquadah reactor..."

Malek: "...within a range of 400 to 700 nanometers?"

Sam: "That might just excite the phase particles enough to bring them into our visible light spectrum..."

Jack: "Carter..."

Sam (turning to Jack): "Sir, the invisibility field must operate..."

Jack: "Are you about to tell me that you can make the invisible guy vis..."

Sam: "Yes, sir."

Jack: "That's all I need."

Jacob: "If you can see it, you can shoot it."

Jack: "Right..."

Malek (to Sam): "I will assist you."

Jack: (gives Malek a look): "Fine...let's move out."

Teal'c is still giving Malek a look...he waits until all have went ahead of him and brings up the rear. Oooh, I wouldn't want to be the recipient of that look Teal'c continues to give Malek. ;-)

Scene: Alpha Site Compound

Sam: "We'll need to bring the reactor out in the open."

Jack: "Do it. I want everybody else guarding the 'gate. All right, listen up!" (all present gather to listen) "Our enemy has a device that can render himself...or herself invisible. He or she may have come through the 'gate with the wounded Tok'ra."

Jacob: "Whatever it is, it tried to play us against each other, and that's not going to work anymore because now we know it is among us."

Jack looks at Teal'c and nods. Teal'c nods in reply.

Teal'c: "Bra'tac is gone. His death will have been in vain unless we trust each other and work together to defeat this enemy."

Time passes and personnel are set around the 'gate.

Jack (to Pierce): "Do what you have to do, but that son-of-a-bitch does not get through that 'gate."

Pierce: "Yes, sir."

Teal'c (quietly to Jack): "If this creature's allowed to leave, this base would have to be abandoned."

Jack: "Yeah, I know."

The sound of the M.A.L.P. bringing out the Naquadah reactor is head from behind them. Jakc turns to see Sam and those helping her setting up the equipment need to make the assassin visible.

Scene: Alpha Site Infirmary

Janet (to Jack and Teal'c): "It checks out. The same bladed weapon killed both of them, probably the others too. A single thrust, up through the symbiote, continuing up pierceing the Jaffa's heart. He was dead before he hit the ground."

Jack: "Nirrti's been workin' out."

Teal'c: "Not Ashrak. A hightly trained Goa'uld assassin of great strength and power, most likely in the service of Anubis."

Janet: "Wasn't it an Ashrak who was able to penetrate SGC security and tried to kill Major Carter?"

Teal'c: "Indeed. The Ashrak succeeded in killing Jolinar, to whom Major Carter was host."

Jack: "That guy wasn't invisible."

Teal'c: "While in the service of Apophis, many Jaffa were killed in the manner Dr. Fraiser has described, while working in the Naquadah mines of Kawawn. Apophis ordered the mines sealed and when the tunnels were opened days later, a single Ashrack was found. Only one had killed so many."

Janet: "Well, if he's that powerful, then why didn't he just go on a killing spree?"

Jack: "Divide and conquer."

Scene: Back at the area around the 'gate.
Carter and her team are putting the finishing touches on their project. We follow Jack as he makes a 360 visual sweep of the place.

Rak'nor: "I wish that Bra'tak were here." Teal'c looks at him and nods.

Jack: "Yeah, I know. Carter...are we there yet?"

Sam: "Almost, sir. The reactor wasn't designed for a sustained output at this frequency range."

Several shots of people standing around, alert, in various locations around the Stargate are shown. Then we see them from the assassin's perspective. He is there among them, deciding where to begin his attack. He nears Pierce, knocks him down. Then he continues on a direct line toward the 'gate, knocking others out of the way. As he approaches the stairs, a Jaffa fires his staff weapon, but hits a Tok'ra instead. The Ashrak retreats backward, smacking Teal'c on the way. Jack raised his P-90 and begins firing it. Sam joins him firing in the same general direction. Their shots do no good.

Jack (into his radio): "Medics! We've got wounded out here. Go to work!" (then to Teal'c) "You Okay?"

Pierce (coming up from behind): "Colonel, I'm sorry, sir. Somehow it got my GDO during the firefight,"

Jack: "What?!"

Pierce: "It was moving in and around us, sir. At least one casualty was hit by friendly fire."

Jack: "All right. Reestablish a perimeter around the 'gate."

Pierce: "I'd like to take a team after it, sir."

Jack: "Negative! That's what it wants. You hold that 'gate. Make sure everyone has a clear line of fire. Go."

Pierce: "Yes, sir." He heads back to the 'gate. Malek approaches Jack.

Malek: "We should leave before he attempts another attack."

Jack: "It took a GDO. Nobody's goin' anywhere."

Malek: "Colonel, you saw what he was capable of..."

Jack: "Yes! I did! That's why I want all available personnel guarding that 'gate! That includes Tok'ra and Jaffa!"

Malek: "Colonel..."

Jack: "Go help Carter!"

Malek does as he is told, reluctantly.

Jack stares at the Stargate.

Scene: The Alpha Site 'Gate A perimeter has been reestablished. Jack is walking out to the M.A.L.P with a big gun...bigger than a P-90 (he has the P-90 too). He sets the big gun near the front of the M.A.L.P.

Rak'nor (still standing near Teal'c): "A true warrior would show himself."

Teal'c: "Patience Rak'nor. As Bra'tac would have said...a Jaffa has many senses with which to fight."

Jacob: "Okay, Sam?" Sam nods at him. "Malek, how close are we?"

Malek: "200 nanometers."

Jacob: "It's still ultraviolet."

Sam: "We need to reach at least 400 to be in visual range."

Malek (looking toward Jack, Teal'c and Rak'nor): "If we all perish...there will be no one left to carry on the fight."

Rak'nor: "The Jaffa will fight side-by-side with the Tok'ra and if need be, die side-by-side."

Sam: "Malek, what's that read?"

Malek: "420 nanometers."

Sam (to Jack): "Sir, we're there. Powering up 50%."

Jack (looks back toward the new contraption): "Whooo...anyone else feel that?"

Sam: "The tingling sensation is caused by the energy field. It's not causing any physical damage, so there's nothing to worry about, sir."

Jack: "No, I like's good."

Malek: "The power setting may be insufficient to counteract the cloaking device, but increasing it will substantially reduce our ability to sustain the field."

Jack: "Crank it up."

Sam: "Yes, sir, Powering up 100%."

Just then, the Ashrak becomes visible near Sam. She puts her hands up defensively, just as it hits her an knocks her to the ground. Jack moves toward it and is kicked in the midsection, knocking him down. Malek is smacked across the face and sent flying into some crates which shorts out the field. Jack comes up shooting the P-90 in the general direction of their last sighting.

Pierce (as people begin to move away from the 'gate and toward the action): "Hold your positions!"

Jack: "Carter, are we still in business?"

Sam: "Yes, sir, I just need to bring it back on-line."

She, Malek and Jacob begin working on getting the field functional again.

Pierce (to those guarding the 'gate): "Watch those gaps."

In the mean time, Jack puts a new clip in his P-90. We see from the Ashrak's perspective again. He is moving closer to Teal'c and Rak'nor. Teal'c closes his eyes, trying to sense something. Suddenly his eyes pop open and he turns.

Teal'c: "Rak'nor!"

Rak'nor and Teal'c are knocked down and the Ashrak attacks. Jack fires the P-90 in that direction. Sam and Jacob duck.

Jack (walking over to pick up the big gun): "Everybody down!"

He picks up the big gun and begins laying down fire in a 360 degree arc. He stops and silence descends. Sam pushes a button on the control panel and the field starts up again. Suddenly, behind Jack, the Ashrak is becoming visible again. Jack turns to point his gun at him, Teal'c and Rak'nor and everyone else points their weapons at him. Jack (realizing the gun is doing him no good) puts the gun down and pulls out his knife. Malek comes up on his right as the Ashrak approaches. Suddenly, the Ashrak is hit from behind by a staff blast, then another, then a third before the cloaking device causes sparks to fly and he becomes completely visible just before he falls on his face. The dust and smoke clears to reveal Bra'tac standing behind where the Ashrak has stood. He stumbles and uses his staff weapon to remain standing.

Rak'nor (as he runs to Bra'tac): "Master Bra'tac!"

Teal'c joins him and they take either side of Bra'tac and help him to walk to the others.

Jack (into his radio): "Pierce...stand down. We got him."

Pierce: "Yes, sir."

Sam takes the GDO off the Ashrak as he is surrounded by those at the Alpha Site. She walks over and hands it to O'Neill. We see Janet treating wounds on Bra'tac's face.

Janet: "You're very lucky to be alive."

Bra'tac: "Indeed. This Ashrak left me for dead. I was unable to move and do not know how long I was unconscious. My symbiote sustained me and I returned as soon as I could."

Jack: "Not bad."

Bra'tac nods his head in acknowledgement.

Malek: "I owe you my life twice over." (He walks closer to Bra'tac). "I only hope that one day, I am given the change to repay that debt." (He puts out his hand.) "Forgive me."

Bra'tac looks at him for several seconds as everyone waits to see what he will do. Bra'tac clasps Malek's arm and then pats his elbow with his other hand. He breaks the embrace and walks to the Ashrak, picking up the Ashrak blade. Malek returns to Jacobs side and is greeted with a nod from Jacob.

Bra'tac (holding up the blade): "This single blade did what we could not. It has brought us together. This blade has spilled the blood of Jaffa..." (we see a shot of Teal'c and Rak'nor) "...of the Tok'ra..." (we see a shot of Malek and Jacob) "...and of the Tau'ri..." (we see a shot of Jack and Sam, then Bra'tac walks forward, past the Ashrak) " the hand of our common enemy. It has made us brothers. Together we have ensured it will never spill our blood again."

He throws it into the ground.

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