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De l'Autre Côté du Miroir

Point of View

Story by: Jonathan Glassner& Brad Wright
& Robert C. Cooper & Tor Alexander Valenza
Teleplay By: Jonathan Glassner & Brad Wright
Directed By: Peter DeLuise


Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Dr Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Don S Davis as General George Hammond
Teryl Rothery as Dr Janet Fraiser

Also Starring:

Jay Acavone as Major Charles Kawalsky
Peter Williams as Apophis
Amanda Tapping as Dr Samantha Carter

Transcriber's Notes:

Jack O'Neill = O'NEILL
Daniel Jackson = DANIEL
Sam Carter = CARTER
Teal'c = TEAL'C
General Hammond = HAMMOND
Alternate Dr Samantha Carter = SAMANTHA
Alternate Kawalsky = KAWALSKY
Alternate General Hammond = AU HAMMOND
Alternate Teal'c = EVIL TEAL'C
Alternate Apophis = APOPHIS

Scene: A darkened room at Area 51.

A mirror suddenly flashes on.

SAMANTHA: Major! Come on!

KAWALSKY: We gotta go back for the General!

SAMANTHA: I can't shut it down. I won't find this window again. We have to go now!

Kawalsky throws a grenade down the hall and they both reach out to touch the mirror. They are transported to this side of the mirror. The grenade goes off and the mirror switches off.

KAWALSKY: You sure this is the right one to go to?

SAMANTHA: Anywhere's better than the alternative.

She steps through a sensor and alarms go off.

KAWALSKY: I guess we'll see about that.

Armed SF's run in.

SF: Drop your weapons! Do it now!

They do so reluctantly.

SAMANTHA: I'm Dr Samantha Carter from the SGA. This is Major Kawalsky. We need to speak to your commander.


Jack walks down the corridor to the Infirmary.

O'NEILL: So, what's the big emer.?

He sees Samantha sitting on the bed with long hair.

O'NEILL: Whoa! What happened to you?


O'NEILL: Jack?

SAMANTHA: It's me. It's Sam.

O'NEILL: Uh.. Yeah.

SAMANTHA: I never expected this variation. You're alive.

KAWALSKY: Don't feel so bad, Colonel. Everybody around here is telling me the same thing.

O'NEILL: Kawalsky?

HAMMOND: In a manner of speaking.

FRAISER: Actually, in a manner of fact, sir. This is Major Charles Kawalsky in almost every physical respect: his bloodwork, his dental records.

KAWALSKY: But I'm not supposed to be alive in this reality any more than you are in mine. Sorry, Sam.

SAMANTHA: It's not the same with us here, is it?

O'NEILL: Does. anyone wanna let me know what the hell's goin' on here? Anyone?

HAMMOND: They appeared a few hours ago in a Nellis high security lockup.

KAWALSKY: That quantum mirror you got locked up at Area 51? You guys never figured out how to use it?

O'NEILL: Is he talking about that alternate reality thing Daniel futzed with on 233?

KAWALSKY: Who's Daniel?

SAMANTHA: We can't be followed if that's what you're worried about. We brought the remote through with us.

HAMMOND: I've ordered the device sent here under heavy guard.

KAWALSKY: Where we come from, the Goa'ulds just took over the world, Colonel.

Scene: Briefing room.

Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c and Hammond are watching a tape of Samantha's interview.

SAMANTHA: Look, I've told you this. Now let me talk to someone from the SGA.

MAN: SGA? There is no such organisation.

SAMANTHA: Well then you call it something else. The Stargate Project. Stargate Command.

MAN: The Stargate. What do you know about the Stargate?

SAMANTHA: What do I know?! Everything! We've been through this!

MAN: Well let's go through it again.

SAMANTHA: Oh, for crying out loud!

Jack looks astonished and turns to look at Sam.

SAMANTHA: It's a big round thing. It takes you to other planets. I made it work four years ago and we have been exploring the galaxy ever since. That is, up until yesterday, when the Goa'uld came and started taking over every
major city from orbit and making slaves of the population.

Hammond pauses the tape.

CARTER: Oh my God. This is too weird.

O'NEILL: Yeah. How about that hair?

HAMMOND: She claims to have travelled from an alternate universe in the same manner Dr Jackson experienced a year ago.

DANIEL: Well this can't be the Dr Carter I met in the alternate reality. She 's.. dead.

O'NEILL: All right. Uh. just to clarify. This Carter is from an alternate alternate reality?

DANIEL: Apparently.

O'NEILL: Anybody else have a problem with that?

TEAL'C: Which reality is actually real.

O'NEILL: Thank you Teal'c.

HAMMOND: She explains it.

He starts the tape again.

SAMANTHA: Look, I know this is hard for you to understand. But, according to quantum theory, for every possible universe, there are an infinite number of variations, diverging at every choice we make like forks in a road.

MAN: Uh-huh.

Hammond pauses the tape again.

CARTER: She's right.

O'NEILL: You just agreed with yourself.

DANIEL: No, actually, Major Carter agreed with Dr Carter. She never joined the military in her reality.

O'NEILL: Fork in the road stuff?

DANIEL: Apparently.

O'NEILL: All right. So it's possible there's an alternate version of myself out there that actually understands what the hell you're talking about?

HAMMOND: They've asked to be debriefed. I'd like you all to participate.

They nod. Hammond turns to the SF on the door.

HAMMOND: Show them in.

Samantha and Kawalsky walk in. Kawalsky sees Teal'c.

KAWALSKY: What the hell is he doing here?

O'NEILL: Kawalsky!

DANIEL: He's a member of SG-1.

KAWALSKY: Who the hell are you?

DANIEL: Oh, um, I'm Daniel Jackson. Also a member of SG-1.

HAMMOND: Have a seat Major.

Kawalsky sits down next to Daniel. Samantha sees Sam.

SAMANTHA: Nice. hair.

CARTER: Uh, Air Force.

SAMANTHA: I can't imagine that- going military.

CARTER: Wow! I can't imagine not.

Samantha goes to sit next to Jack.

HAMMOND: First of all, I would like to say we know what you've been through. Dr Jackson experienced a similar alternate reality some time ago on a mission to P3X 233.

SAMANTHA: Well that's where we found our quantum mirror as well.

HAMMOND: Fortunately for us, Dr Jackson was able to return with some intelligence that enabled SG-1 to stop the Goa'uld attack here on Earth.

SAMANTHA: Nice. That goes a long way to explaining why yours was only one of a handful of alternate realities that looked like it hadn't been overrun by the Goa'uld.

CARTER: Actually, it's probably the very differences that set our universes apart from yours that have contributed to our survival. Daniel's participation in the Stargate programme, Teal'c's change of heart. The fact that I joined the military.

SAMANTHA: You think that your being in the Air Force could have made that big a difference?

CARTER: No. I just said it made a contribution.

SAMANTHA: And therefore I didn't.

O'NEILL: Ladies. Sams. We're all in this reality together.

HAMMOND: What we need to know is where you intend to go from here.

SAMANTHA: Our beta site was instructed to bury their Stargate the moment the last man stepped through. And our own world is under Goa'uld control so we can't go back.

KAWALSKY: We wanna stay.

SAMANTHA: That is.. if we're wanted. We just left behind everyone we know, everyone we ever cared about. If you're not gonna give us a second chance, I don't know any of you.

O'NEILL: Well exactly. You don't know any of us. And we don't know you. For all we know. You could be her evil twin. But then we'd be dealing with cliches and you know how I feel about those. No, actually, you know how I feel about those.

HAMMOND: Okay. I'll speak with my superiors and make a determination. For now, you'll be assigned temporary accommodations. Take them to A3 quarters.

Scene: SGC Corridor

CARTER: Listen, I didn't mean to offend you back there.

SAMANTHA: Look Major, I'm the one dealing with the inadequacy issues here. Just forget about it.


SAMANTHA: We knew the Goa'uld were coming for 6 months. I couldn't think of a way to stop them. You did.

She walks into the room.

FEMALE SF: I'll be just outside if you need me Ma'am .

SAMANTHA: Course you will.

The SF shuts the door.

Samantha sits on the bed and takes a photograph out of her pocket. She puts it on the drawers next to the bed. It's a photo of AU Sam and Jack on their wedding day. The camera zooms in.

Scene: Hammond's Office.

He's on the phone.

HAMMOND: Yes, Sir. I understand Sir. Thank you Sir. [To Jack] They can stay.

O'NEILL: That was quick.

HAMMOND: Too quick. God knows what we're getting into.

O'NEILL: Well the combined IQ points of Earth might go up a few points having two Carters around.

Hammond doesn't smile.

O'NEILL: I take it you figure there's a down side.

HAMMOND: It just doesn't sit right. Some lines aren't meant to be crossed. Nonetheless, I've been encouraged to find a way to incorporate them into this command.

O'NEILL: Okay. In the meantime, do you want me to tell 'em?

HAMMOND: Very well.

Scene: Samantha's quarters.

There's a knock at the door and the door opens.

SAMANTHA: Just put it on the table and close the door on your way out.

O'NEILL: I'm sorry. Put what on the table?

SAMANTHA: Jack! I'm sorry. Come in. Your. your Dr Fraiser keeps insisting that I eat something.

O'NEILL: Ah. Well, she's your Doc Fraiser now too. You're in. They said yes.

SAMANTHA: That's good.

O'NEILL: Yeah. I can see you're overjoyed.

SAMANTHA: I just never expected this. It's so hard.

O'NEILL: Uh, look. I can't even begin to know what you've been through. I.. I know you've lost a lot.

SAMANTHA: I lost you. I watched you die Jack. Three days ago, trying to defend the mountain. And here you are, alive and safe in this perfect world, and you don't even know me.

O'NEILL: Well, I. I sort of know you.

SAMANTHA: You know her. You don't even see her that way, do you?

Jack sees the photograph and clicks what she is talking about.

O'NEILL: I take it, where you're from, we were.

SAMANTHA: Married.


SAMANTHA: This makes you uncomfortable.

O'NEILL: No, no, not at all. I just.. I get confused.

Knock on the door.

FEMALE SF: Ma'am? Sorry Colonel. I.. I didn't realise.

O'NEILL: Just put it on the table Airman.

FEMALE SF: Yes, Sir.

O'NEILL: Close the door on your way out.

She leaves and shuts the door.

SAMANTHA: I haven't had a hot meal in forever.

She gets up and goes to the food.

SAMANTHA: It was a couple of weeks ago. We were celebrating our first anniversary. We got the call that the Goa'uld ships had been spotted entering our solar system. We just left everything. You blew out the candles and I turned off the oven and we just left. They didn't hit Colorado Springs from orbit like most of the big cities so the table must still be set.

O'NEILL: Cold by now.


O'NEILL: Listen, um, I should probably be..




O'NEILL: Look..You're dealing with a loss right now that I can't even begin to.. what I mean is, maybe I'm not the right person to help you.

SAMANTHA: Yes, you are. You're the only one who can. Look.I know you well enough to know you don't have a clue what to say. But you don't have to say anything.

O'NEILL: Come here.

Jack takes Samantha into his arms while she cries.

SAMANTHA: Oh, I miss him.

Scene: SGC Corridor.

Jack walks out of Samantha's quarters and walks along the corridor where he meets Sam.

CARTER: Sir. General Hammond told me the news. I took the liberty of informing Major Kawalsky.

O'NEILL: Thank you. I was just on my way to do that.

CARTER: I thought I'd drop in on, uh, Samantha. See how she's doing.

O'NEILL: She's fine. I think she'd rather be left alone at the moment. Just stop in tomorrow.

CARTER: Oh, all right. Well, good night, Sir.

O'NEILL: Carter?

CARTER: Yes Sir?

O'NEILL: How are you doing with this twin thing?

CARTER: Do you have a couple of hours?

O'NEILL: Okay.

CARTER: That was the answer.

O'NEILL: Oh, oh.

CARTER: Good night, Sir.

Sam walks off.

O'NEILL: Good night, Major.

Scene: Samantha's Room.

Samantha is brushing her hair when she hears something and drops the brush. She grabs hold of the bed and suddenly her face morphs out.

Scene: SGC Infirmary

Samantha is in a bed and Sam walks in.

CARTER: What is it? What's happening?

FRAISER: Doctor Carter has gone into some sort of convulsive shock. I don't know the cause and I don't know how to stop it.

Samantha starts to fit again.


SAMANTHA: Not medical. Temporal. Entropic cascade failure.

CARTER: On the cellular level?

SAMANTHA: Yes. I thought it would take years not days.

CARTER: So it's a side effect of travel through the quantum mirror.

KAWALSKY: Then why don't I have it?

CARTER: I'm guessing Dr Carter has it because I'm here. The increased entropy generated by both of us existing in the same reality might theoretically be causing the temporal distortion.

SAMANTHA: Not theoretical any more.

FRAISER: Okay, so then how do I treat this?

SAMANTHA: You can't.

CARTER: The more time passes the worse it should get.

SAMANTHA: So I'm gonna die here.

O'NEILL: You're not gonna die.

CARTER: Actually, sir.

O'NEILL: Carter.

CARTER: Well the only way she won't is if we send her back.

KAWALSKY: If she goes back, the Goa'uld will kill her.

Scene: SGC Briefing room.

DANIEL: Think about it: Billions of people enslaved. I just can't help but feel that in the grand scheme of things, we owe them. Besides the only way to really help Dr Carter is to stop the Goa'uld in her reality and save whatever's left.

HAMMOND: How do you suggest we do that Dr Jackson? The resources of their entire world couldn't defend against the Goa'uld.

DANIEL: What about the resources of our world?

CARTER: What do we have that they don't?

DANIEL: Our fate. We made contact with the Asgard.


DANIEL: So if Dr Carter can make contact with the Asgard in her reality, maybe their Asgard will be willing to help them.

HAMMOND: Defend their world against the Goa'uld?


O'NEILL: And just how do you propose we raise the Asgard, in their reality?

DANIEL: Okay, we still have the dialling program that took you to the Asgard home planet, right?

CARTER: Which we could download to a removable hard drive. But that still won't do it. Remember, in order to dial the Asgard homeworld they had to provide us with a generator to transfer extra energy to the Gate's capacitors. I can't get it to work again. Apparently, it was designed to work only once.

TEAL'C: Assuming, Major Carter can figure it out, once in her reality it will be difficult to get Dr Carter to the Stargate without the Goa'uld detecting and stopping her.

KAWALSKY: That's where I come in. Permission to join the briefing Sir?

Hammond indicates for him to sit down.

KAWALSKY: I'll get her to the Stargate. What you think I'm gonna let her go alone? She's my best friend's wife.

Sam and Jack look at each other as Sam works out who Kawalsky's best friend is/was.

O'NEILL: You'll need someone to hook up the power generator.

CARTER: And download the dialling program.

TEAL'C: You will also require my assistance.

KAWALSKY: We can handle this.

DANIEL: No, Teal'c has a point. You said yourself that Teal'c led the assault on the mountain in your reality. Couldn't we use something like that to our advantage?

O'NEILL: Quite the military mind, Daniel Jackson.

CARTER: No, Sir. I'm sorry. Teal'c can't go anymore than I can. Entropic cascade failure. If I go, there will still be two of me in one reality. And the same will be true with Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Dr Carter did not become ill during her first 48 hours. If our mission is not completed during that time, it is most likely that we will be dead.

O'NEILL: Good point. Are you okay with all this Sir?

HAMMOND: If you feel confident you can pull this off, I have no objections. However, on your return, I want that quantum mirror destroyed.

DANIEL: Okay, well this is all well and good, but none of us are going anywhere unless we get that Asgard generator working again.

O'NEILL: Okay. Carter, download the program to the removable whatever-it-is and meet me and yourself in the lab.

CARTER: Yes Sir.

Scene: Lab

SAMANTHA: Well this is incredible. If the Asgard could design this to give the Gate extra juice then they're just the little green men we're looking for.

O'NEILL: They're grey actually. Roswell Grey to be exact.

CARTER: I had a hard time trying to figure out how this worked the first time let alone make it work again.

SAMANTHA: If it's powered by the energy module of a staff weapon why doesn't it.

CARTER: Blow up? My best guess is the device creates a modulated dampening field around the liquified naqahdah cell.

SAMANTHA: Which controls the energy transfer to the capacitor. So maybe the modulation is thrown out of whack each time it's activated.

CARTER: That's exactly what I thought! But how do you even begin to recalibrate a field that you can't generate in the first place?

O'NEILL: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Are you Carters gonna be able to figure this out?

SAMANTHA/CARTER: We'll figure it out.

Samantha goes into convulsive shock again.


CARTER: We have to figure it out.

Scene: Room with Mirror

Kawalsky is explaining to Daniel how to work the controller for the mirror.

KAWALSKY: Okay, the way Dr C explained it, the controller is not what you'd call an exacting science. You can't just dial up an address like you would on a Stargate. You have to kinda figure out where you are.

DANIEL: I guess it's not a very expedient way to get home.

KAWALSKY: As long as you don't turn it off, it's always connected to the same reality.

DANIEL: So when you turn it on again, it won't be connected to the reality you came from?

KAWALSKY: Right. We'd have to find it again. Now this thing switches to the various realities. If I turn it on now, it should come up somewhere the reality it was last on.

He switches the mirror on and we see a corridor similar to one in the SGC.

KAWALSKY: There. See? That's not it. No grenade damage. I tossed a grenade down the hall to slow them down so they didn't see us go through the mirror.

DANIEL: So we need to find a reality that's just right. Do you mind if I.?


He hands the controller to Daniel and Daniel turns it. It comes on to a room similar to Area 51

KAWALSKY: There. See? You probably turned it the wrong way. Since this device should be in a storage closet in my reality, dial it the other way.

Daniel dials until he comes across a corridor with Jaffa in it.

KAWALSKY: Change it! Change it! Change it!

Daniel changes it to an empty hall.

KAWALSKY: Okay. Closer. What you wanna do is dial it in smaller increments.

Jack walks in.

O'NEILL: Daniel? You understand this thing?

DANIEL: I think so.

O'NEILL: Good.

Samantha comes into view.

SAMANTHA: Colonel!

CARTER: We did it!

O'NEILL: Already?

SAMANTHA: Yeah, all we needed was the ratio decay rate of naqahdah relative to the energy output.

CARTER: Which I learned to calculate when I learned about our new naqahdah generator. It's just the ratio.

O'NEILL: Agh! It works, right?

Samantha flicks the switch and it glows green.

CARTER: It works.

O'NEILL: Good.

KAWALSKY: I guess we better go do this.

Scene: SGC Storage Room

Samantha has changed into her normal clothes, Kawalsky is back in his black BDU's and Teal'c comes in wearing Jaffa uniform. Jack and Daniel are standing by the mirror also wearing black BDU's.

SAMANTHA: Yep, that's right. Looks like him.

TEAL'C: I am not fond of wearing this uniform again.

KAWALSKY: Well I'm not too fond of seeing you wear it.

DANIEL: I've searched through all the descriptions of realities close to ours and this has to be it. It's the only one matching your description.


Sam comes in and stands in front of Samantha.

CARTER: Wish I could go.

SAMANTHA: Same here. But you don't wanna go through a cascade tremor, believe me. We made a good team Major.

CARTER: Yeah, we did Doctor.

SAMANTHA: Plus your hair's kinda grown on me. Pardon the pun.

CARTER: You'd better go.

Samantha walks to the mirror and Sam turns to Jack.

CARTER: I'll be here in case you need anything from this side, sir.

O'NEILL: All right. On three. One, two, three.

They touch the mirror and are transported to the other side. An alarm is going off so they move to hide quickly. The sounds of Jaffa troops are heard. Jack looks back and still sees Sam on the other side of the mirror. He makes a slashing movement indicating Daniel should switch the mirror off. Daniel mouths he shouldn't do that but Jack mouths back that he should 'switch it off'. Daniel switches off the mirror. The team waits for the Jaffa to go past but one returns to look into the storage room. He then walks off. Jack gives the team some hand signals and he and Kawalsky move out following the Jaffa. As they go we see the SGC has been trashed. They reach the Gateroom door and we see Jaffa lined up behind Evil Teal'c.


They bow to their knees as the Stargate disengages. Apophis walks down the ramp with two Serpent Guards. Evil Teal'c bows his head and Apophis walks off.


They rise again. Meanwhile in the corridor, Jack signals Kawalsky to retreat.


The Jaffa start to move out. Jack and Kawalsky wait a little way in the opposite direction and Jack throws a metallic object. Evil Teal'c turns his head at the sound.


Jack and Kawalsky move and Evil Teal'c starts to follow.

EVIL TEAL'C: Kronok, Jaffa!

Evil Teal'c sees Jack and starts to run after him.

EVIL TEAL'C: Jaffa! Kree! Jaffa!

He reaches the open door of the storage room and raises his staff weapon. He slowly enters and comes face to face with.. Himself.

TEAL'C: Kel nok Teal'c.

EVIL TEAL'C: Kel shak?

TEAL'C: Renounce Apophis as a false God and join us in our deliverance of this world and I will spare you.

EVIL TEAL'C: Shol'va!

The end of his staff weapon glows but Teal'c is quicker and shoots him dead.

O'NEILL: The idea was to zat him.

TEAL'C: As I said O'Neill. Ours is the only reality of consequence.

Scene: AU SGC Corridor.

Some more Jaffa approach the storage room. Samantha comes out with Teal'c posing as Evil Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Jaffa. Kree!

He shuts the door behind him.

TEAL'C: Kel toc no.

Samantha is led away.

Scene: AU SGC storage room

Jack signals Kawalsky to watch the door and he goes over to Daniel who is trying to find his/our reality.

O'NEILL: All right. I gotta know.

DANIEL: Yes, I'm about to activate it.

O'NEILL: No, no, no. Not that. What the hell does Kree mean?

DANIEL: Well, actually, it means a lot of things. Uh, loosely translated it means "attention," "listen up," "concentrate."

O'NEILL: Yoo-hoo?

DANIEL: Yes, in a manner of speaking.


DANIEL: Okay, here goes.

He switches the device on and doesn't get the reality he just came from.

DANIEL: That's what I was afraid of. When I turned off the device, it lost it's place. I have to find our reality all over again.

O'NEILL: All right. It's okay. We knew that might happen. Stay with it.

Daniel keeps turning the remote while Jack and Kawalsky move out again shutting the door behind them.

Jack and Kawalsky move down the hallways until they reach a panel on the wall. Jack keeps watch while Kawalsky puts explosives down between the wall and panel edge. They move away slightly and Jack detonates it. Jack checks inside after it's blown and they start to climb the steps inside.

Scene: AU Control Room.

Apophis and Jaffa are torturing AU Hammond for information.

APOPHIS: I will ask you this one more time, human. What is the address of the planet to which your leaders have fled? The place you call "beta site".

One of the Jaffa strikes AU Hammond on the back with a pain stick and he cries out.

AU HAMMOND: Aaarrghhh!!

APOPHIS: Where have your leaders gone?

Teal'c arrives with Samantha.

TEAL'C: Kel Apophis.

APOPHIS: Teal'c. Who is this?

TEAL'C: She was captured attempting a escape, my lord.

APOPHIS: This one will not tell us the glyphs for the planet where they've sent their leaders. Get it out of him. Or get it out of her.

TEAL'C: Yes, my lord.

Apophis leaves with two Serpent Guards.

Teal'c is left with two Jaffa.

TEAL'C: Attend to our lord. I will take care of these. Kree Jaffa!

They bow and leave.

AU HAMMOND: You might as well kill me.

TEAL'C: I would never do such a thing General Hammond.

SAMANTHA: It's okay. You're not hallucinating. He's from an alternate reality.

AU HAMMOND: So that mirror thing worked?

SAMANTHA: Yeah. But don't worry. I won't say "I told you so".

AU HAMMOND: We should have tried it a long time ago Doctor.

As they untie him, Teal'c notices on the monitors that a Goa'uld pyramid ship is descending over the mountain.

TEAL'C: They have landed on the mountain.

SAMANTHA: There's still a chance we can stop them Sir. We're gonna attempt to contact a race of aliens that they have in their reality. Enemies of the Goa'uld.

Scene: AU SGC Corridor..

Jack pushes out a grid in the wall and he and Kawalsky come through. They pull out zat guns and carry on.

Scene: AU SGC Storage room.

Daniel is still flicking between realities. He comes across one that shows Jaffa in SGC corridors.

DANIEL: Whoops! Too far.

He flicks between two realities with Jaffa in the SGC and then hits a beach scene.

DANIEL: Come on, please.

Scene: AU SGC Main power vault.

Jack opens the door to the grid and opens Kawalsky's pack with the Asgard device in.

KAWALSKY: The Carters are pretty smart figuring that thing out, huh? So you and Sam, you never had a thing in your world, huh?

O'NEILL: Sam is a Major in my world.

KAWALSKY: Yeah, I know. It's against regulations, right? You two look pretty good together, let me tell you.

O'NEILL: Kawalsky? During your Special Ops training, in your world, did they cover silence?

Scene: AU SGC Storage room.

Daniel is still flicking. He suddenly comes across one that has Sam and other Airmen behind sandbags in another Storage room.


In the mirror, Sam moves forward and lowers her weapon. She then beckons to him to come through. Daniel waves back but then notices that on her fatigues it says Capt. Carter.

DANIEL: You're a Captain.

He waves back and goes to turn the remote again.

DANIEL: Close.

Scene: AU SGC Control Room.

Samantha is sat at the computer.

SAMANTHA: Okay, now.

Teal'c inserts something into a machine in the background.

SAMANTHA: I hope your Jack is good enough to get the transformer on line.

Scene: AU SGC Main power vault.

Jack plugs the last wires in, switches the generator on and he and Kawalsky leave.

Scene: AU SGC Control Room.

The Gate starts to dial.

TEAL'C: It appears that he is.

The Gate continues to rotate.

TEAL'C: You must prepare to go through the Gate, Dr Carter.

Samantha gets up and kisses Teal'c on the cheek.

SAMANTHA: Thank you, Teal'c.

The Eighth Chevron locks and the Gate engages.

Hammond puts down his gun and places his hands on his head. Samantha reaches the Gate room and ducks under a zat blast.

TEAL'C: Jaffa! Kree hol mel! Hol mel Jaffa!

The Jaffa stops and Samantha takes the opportunity to run up the ramp and dive headlong into the event horizon. The Gate closes.

APOPHIS: Teal'c.

Teal'c turns to see Apophis standing behind him.

APOPHIS: Why do you betray me?

Teal'c stands silently.

Scene: AU SGC Corridor.

Jack and Kawalsky move back towards the storage room. They open the door to be confronted with 7 Jaffa all pointing staff weapons at them and Daniel, who is in the middle.

JAFFA: Lower your weapons or we will kill him.

KAWALSKY: Colonel?

O'NEILL: Yeah, we should do that.

One of the Jaffa then discovers Evil Teal'c dead on the floor.

Scene: AU SGC Control Room.

Teal'c, AU Hammond, Jack, Daniel and Kawalsky are lined up on their knees in front of Apophis.

DANIEL: Déjà vu.

APOPHIS: Who are you? [to Jack] My First Prime killed you before my very eyes.

O'NEILL: I'm feeling much better, thank you.

APOPHIS: [To Teal'c] Then who are you? What magic is this?

DANIEL: You should know better than anyone, there's no such thing as magic.

APOPHIS: Trey lan tonik.

A Jaffa behind AU Hammond raises his zat gun.

APOPHIS: I will ask you one more time. How could you have risen from the dead without a sarcophagus?

Apophis nods at the Jaffa and he zats AU Hammond.

O'NEILL: [To Kawalsky] All right, I'm guessin' the second shot kills in this world too, huh?

APOPHIS: Tell me what I want to know!

O'NEILL: Hey. I'd love to. But I don't understand it myself. He does. [points at Daniel]

DANIEL: Okay, I'll, uh, I'll give it a try. Um, you see, at every point in time, there are infinite possibilities. A parallel reality exists for each possibility so there are literally infinite branches.

The Jaffa zats AU Hammond a second time at Apophis' nod.


The Jaffa behind Kawalsky grabs him and restrains him.

O'NEILL: Kawalsky!

APOPHIS: Tell me where you come from.

DANIEL: From an alternate reality.

O'NEILL: One in which, by the way, you're dead.

The Jaffa then zats Daniel.

O'NEILL: Aw come on!

KAWALSKY: He told you everything he knows!

The Jaffa raises his zat again ready to give Daniel the second shot when another Jaffa runs up the steps.

JAFFA2: My lord. Tel kol, Apophis. Kree no tel, Reenlokia!

He points at the monitor above their heads. The Gate starts to activate and a blip is seen heading towards the mountain on the screen.

Daniel is helped up by Jack and Kawalsky.

APOPHIS: Mel tok nee!

Most of the Jaffa leave the room except for the Serpent Guards. Apophis raises his hand with the Ribbon Device on when...

He is beamed out by the Asgard.

O'NEILL: Okay, I'm guessin'.

DANIEL: Asgard.

O'NEILL: All right.

The Gate activates and the Jaffa start to run through it. As the last Jaffa jumps through, the end of his staff weapon is caught and severed as the wormhole shuts down.

In the Control Room, Jack, Daniel, Teal'c and Kawalsky see the Goa'uld ship taking off from the mountain. An Asgard ship is descending. The mountain shakes and the body of AU Hammond is beamed out.

TEAL'C: It appears Dr Carter was successful.

O'NEILL: Come on. Ya gotta love those guys!

Samantha is then beamed down.

SAMANTHA: I met the Asgard.

O'NEILL: We guessed that.

AU Hammond is suddenly beamed down alive and well. Samantha goes over to give him a hug and kisses him on the cheek. The Asgard ship then takes off.

O'NEILL: Love those guys.

Scene: AU SGC Storage Room.

Hammond and Sam are waiting on the other side of the mirror while Daniel, Teal'c and Jack say goodbye to Samantha and Kawalsky.

KAWALSKY: Colonel, it's been a pleasure to serve with you. again.

O'NEILL: Likewise.

KAWALSKY: Right, right.

They salute each other. Kawalsky then turns to salute Teal'c and Daniel. Samantha moves to stand in front of Jack.

SAMANTHA: This is hard. Goodbye for a second time.

O'NEILL: It's the first time.

SAMANTHA: It doesn't feel that way to me. You have to understand. My Jack had the same face, same voice, same hands.

O'NEILL: Which brings to mind an obvious question. How could you marry such a loser?

Samantha smiles and turns to Daniel and Teal'c.

SAMANTHA: Thank you.

DANIEL: You're welcome.

Jack tilts his head to indicate that Teal'c and Daniel should go back through the mirror. They do so.

Samantha and Jack stare at one another and she moves in to kiss him. The camera then shows Sam and Hammond through the mirror watching. Sam looks everywhere when she sees Samantha and Jack kissing but is then drawn to watch them.

SAMANTHA: You're really not him, are you?


SAMANTHA: I just wish...

O'NEILL: Yeah.

Jack walks over to the mirror and touches it. He appears back on the other side and the mirror goes dark. Samantha looks away from the mirror with tears running down her cheeks.

Fade out.

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Jaffa#2 Shawn Reis
SF Guard Tracy Westerholm

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