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Les Flammes de l'Enfer 2/2

The Devil You Know

Chris Judge: Previously, on Stargate SG-1

Marty's arrival through the 'Gate.

Marty: I'm afraid he's been captured by Sokar

Sam: Oh, my God

Marty: If Selmak is still alive, he has been sent to hell


Jack: So we're talking about a rescue mission

Marty: No one has ever escaped from Netu. No one except for Jolinar

Briefing Room

Sam: I've never had anything more than scattered flashes of her memories

Marty: the Tok'ra have technology that aids the recall of memories


Rosha being tortured and Sam experiencing the pain

Sam: Shut it off! Shut it off!

Jack: Do it!

Sam: She was tortured... so badly


Jack: It's her father, she knows the stakes

Marty: But if Samantha cannot recall...

Jack: It's been done before. It can be done again

FX shot of Teltak in orbit of Netu

Marty: The atmosphere around the moon is impenetrable by ship. The only way to reach the surface is in the descent pods

FX shot of the group on the surface of Netu

Big cavern shot overlooking the city scape

Jack: It's certainly not Emerald City


Sam: We've come to see Bynarr.

Jack gets hit by the blast from the hand device

Bynarr: (distorted) Who asks for me by name?

Sam: I do!

Bynarr: Throw them in the pit

The pit

Dad: Sam...

Sam: Dad?

Dad: Are you crazy?

Jack: Uh, apparently

Dad: Sokar's fleet is ten times larger than we thought

Sokar's palace

Sokar: (distorted) Find out what they want... then kill them

Bynarr's quarters

Bynarr starts to use the hand device on Sam

Sam: No. Wait

Bynarr gets hit by the staff blast

The pit

Sam: There are transportation rings in Bynarr's quarters

FX shot of the Teltak being attacked

The pit

Marty jumping the big guy

Daniel: Teal'c, do you copy?


Teal'c is avoiding the gliders

The pit

Jack: We gotta go

Bynarr's quarters

The door is blasted open

Some Guy: Kneel before Na'onack!

Na'onack: You shall call me Na'onack no longer. From this day forth, I will reclaim my real name: Apophis

Chris Judge: And now, the conclusion

Bynarr's quarters

Apophis' eyes flash

Jack: You do understand we're not too happy to see you?

Apophis: (distorted) Your insolence is music to my ears. When I first saw you here I knew I had found the path out of damnation. You will be the means by which I reclaim the power and position that is rightfully mine

Daniel: Your mate Amaunet is dead.

Apophis looks almost unhappy

Daniel: Sorry to ruin your day. Actually, no, I'm wrong about that. I'm not sorry

Apophis: Sokar sent word to me of Amaunet's death. I did not believe it

Daniel: Well, believe it. It's true

Apophis: Then it must also be true that Teal'c is the murderer

Jack: Oh, that's wrap things up real nice for you, wouldn't it?

Apophis: Why is the shol'va not with you?

The Other Guy looks down at Daniel, then grabs him.

Other Guy: This one conceals something

He pulls out the communication device and hands it to Apophis

Apophis: A communication device. Teal'c, this is your god, Apophis. Risen from the fires of Netu. The fate of your friends will be pleasant compared to what I have planned for you. Return them to the pit. Kintac [who I have been calling Other Guy throughout both transcripts] You will be my first prime

Kintac: It is my honour

Apophis: Search them, and do whatever is necessary to ensure that they do not escape again. But do not kill them. When they are done serving us, I will have that pleasure for myself

The pit

The trapdoor is shut, Jen tries not to sing the theme tune...

Marty: I warned you when you sent Apophis through the 'Gate that he could be revived using a sarcophagus. Sokar would rather see his victims suffering than dead

Jack: He doesn't seem to be suffering much

Dad is unconscious in Sam's arms. She puts a hand on his forehead

Sam: He's burning up

Daniel: What is Apophis thinking? He can't hope to defend himself from Sokar

Jack: He seemed pretty confident to me

Marty: Apophis has one chance. He must convince Sokar not to kill him. If the reason is good enough, he may even be able to buy his freedom

Jack: With us?

Marty: The information we hold. The secrets of Earth, and the Tok'ra

On everyone's "oh joy" look, we go into the



Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Sam Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Don S. Davis as General Hammond

Carmen Argenziano as Jacob/Selmak
J.R. Bourne as Martouf/Lantesh
William deVry as Aldwin
Bob Dawson as Bynarr
Peter Williams as Apophis
Dion Johnstone as Na'onack

Peter H Kent as Kintac
David Palffy as Sokar
Daniel Bacon as Technician
Eli Gabay as Jumar
Tanya Reid as Rosha/Jolinar
Christine Kennedy as Young Sam Carter
Dillon Moen as Charlie

Supervising Producer: Robert C. Cooper
Producer: N John Smith
Written by: Robert C. Cooper
Directed by: Peter DeLuise

The cavern/cityscape

Kintac: Silence, dogs!

Apophis stands on the platform

Kintac: Apophis speaks

The pit

Everyone looks up as they hear Kintac

The cavern

Apophis: Bynarr is dead. Sokar will come.

The Denizens are a little shocked

Apophis: You fear he will bring his wrath down upon us. But he cannot make out existence any worse

Denizen: He could come in a ship and wipe us out from space!

Apophis: I can deliver us from this place. I have killed the Devil's servant! I will destroy Sokar!

The Denizens start cheering

The pit

The guys look a little shocked to be hearing this

Apophis: (v.o.) Those that follow and serve me will be led to freedom...

The cavern

Apophis: a dominion! One in which the god Apophis, risen from the depths of the underworld will rule over all that was once shared by the Goa'uld

The pit

Jack: Well, this experience doesn't seem to have humbled him much

Apophis: (v.o.) The dawn of our deliverance is upon us!

The cavern

Apophis: Have no fear!

Kintac: Bow to Apophis, the deliverer!

Everyone bows their heads

Apophis: Yes. Sokar will come

The crowd cheers

Apophis: I say let him come!


FX shot of ships flying about the place, city scape

Sokar's palace

A guard walks in

Guard: My lord, a cargo ship was spotted in orbit around Netu. Two gliders gave chase but the cargo ship entered hyperspace and escaped

Sokar: We must assume that the ship contained spies. The attack on the System Lords will begin sooner than planned. You will have the fleet ready in two days.

Guard: My lord, the very best we can do...

He is silenced by a look from Sokar. Sokar raises a hand, and the Other Guard almost smiles. The Guard knows not to fight

Guard: The fleet will be ready, my lord

FX shot of Netu's surface

Bynarr's quarters

Apophis is studying his reflection. Kintac walks in

Apophis: How many follow me?

Kintac: Three hundred. The rest have been banished to the surface. They will change their minds or die

Apophis: Did you find anything when you searched the intruders?

Kintac pulls out the device that switches on the memory recall thingy

Kintac: Just this

He hands it to Apophis

Kintac: Even if all the Denizens decide to serve you, what good will it do? You cannot fight Sokar with crude weapons

Apophis: Bynarr said he had one day to determine the identity of the intruders and report back

Kintac: Then we have one day before Sokar sends his ship to destroy us

Apophis: Not if I have something he wants

Kintac: You will discover the identity of the intruders [huh? Who does Kintac think the people he just searched are?]

Apophis: I already know their identity. By the time Sokar arrives I will know much more. Bring me the woman

The pit

The door is opened, and Kintac plus Jen's Big Strong Men come in

Kintac: The woman will come with me

Jack: Umm... I don't think so

Kintac fires his staff weapon, hitting Jack in the knee. Jen not happy. Sam rushes to his side as he bites off what Jen assumes to be lots of naughty words

Sam: OK, OK

She leaves with them. When they've gone, Daniel and Marty go to Jack's aid
Marty: The wound appears cauterised but there may be bleeding beneath the surface

Jack: (so in pain) Oh... God...

Daniel makes a tourniquet out of something and ties it round the wound

Jack: Easy!

Daniel tightens the makeshift bandage

Jack: Oh, you...! [no naughty words, Jack!]

FX shot of the Teltak in hyperspace then internal shot of Teal'c in Stoic Mode

Bynarr's quarters

Sam is hauled before Apophis. He nods to the guards then searches her for the recall device.

Apophis: You used this device to access the memories Jolinar left in your mind. That is the only way you could have known how to escape. I will use it to get you to tell me everything I want to know.

Sam: It doesn't work that way.

Apophis: I know how it works. When it is fully activated it makes your memories easily accessible to your conscious mind.

He switches it on


We see a photo of Dad and Young Sam, then a photo of Mama Sam. Young Sam then looks at herself in the mirror

Bynarr's quarters

Sam: I won't tell you anything

Apophis nods to the guard who pours some red juice into a cup. He then grabs Sam's face

Apophis: The Blood of Sokar will cloud your mind

Sam is forced to drink

Apophis: Once under its spell you will tell me everything

Sam gags and coughs

Dad: Sam?


Young Sam looks away from the mirror then back. In true Quantum Leap style she sees herself as she is now

Dad: Are you almost ready?

Bynarr's quarters

Sam isn't happy


Dad: Can we talk?

Sam ignores him

Dad: Sam, you haven't said two words since... since the accident. Your brother's made it pretty clear how he feels.

Sam: He blames you

Dad: I blame myself

Sam: your work has always been more important than us

Dad: You know that's not true. I don't want you to forgive me. I don't know if I could accept that yet. I just want you to understand

Sam: (turning to face him) You were supposed to pick Mom up. You were late. She took a cab. There was an accident. I understand.

Dad: I couldn't have known it would happen

Sam: But Mom is dead

Dad: Nothing I say or do can change that. All I can do is make sure the things she loved the most don't die with her. Sam, without you and your brother, my life is over. Nothing else means more to me. Don't forgive me. Just tell me that one day we're gonna be OK.

Bynarr's quarters

Still not happy


Sam: He blames you

Dad: I blame myself

Sam: But Mom is dead

Dad: Just tell me that one day we're gonna be OK

Bynarr's quarters

She's still there...


Dad: Just tell me that one day we're gonna be OK

Sam looks to Dad, confused

Sam: No. I forgave you long ago. Why am I stuck in this? The same memory over and over. I guess if we never had this conversation neither one of us would be in this mess, would we? I would have gone on hating you and the military, I never would have got involved in the Stargate programme. You would have died of cancer

Dad: Sam, I am dying

Sam: What?

Dad: I'm dying right now... (flash)... dying right now. Only you can save me (echoes) Tell me how to get home

Sam: What?

Dad: Tell me the way home, to Earth

Sam: No. wait

She gets up

Sam: This is not right

Dad: You'll lose me forever if you don't tell me the iris codes (echoes)

Sam: This is not real

Dad: Tell me

Cut to Sam, and when we go back Apophis is there

Apophis: (in Dad's voice) Tell me

The scene fades into Bynarr's quarters

Apophis: (yelling) Tell me!

Sam: No!

Apophis: tell me how to penetrate the Earth's Stargate. Tell me how... or I will kill your father

Sam shakes her head and we fade out in a white light

Tok'ra base planet

Apophis: (recording) Teal'c, this is your god, Apophis. Risen from the fires of Netu. The fates of your friends will be pleasant compared to what I have planned for you

Teal'c switches it off

Teal'c: It was then that I realised they would not be able to execute the escape plan. I entered hyperspace to avoid the gliders that had detected my presence

Aldwin: You must have run the hyperspace engines at full power in order to make the journey so quickly

Teal'c: The situation was urgent

Aldwin: I understand your desire to report the information concerning Sokar's planned attack against the System Lords as soon as possible. It may prove invaluable

Teal'c: I have come seeking you assistance in order to rescue my friends and your fellow Tok'ra. I believe it to be only a matter of time before Sokar learns that Apophis has eliminated Bynarr and therefore takes action to restore control

Aldwin: Wait here. I will consult the High Council and return shortly with a course of action

He and the other Tok'ra leave

Bynarr's quarters

A limping Jack [(((hugs)))] is brought before Apophis. He is forced to kneel

Jack: Ow! God...!

Apophis: Major Carter was most forthcoming

Jack: She didn't tell you squat. Oh, and by the way, I won't either

Apophis: You are not here to provide information. You are here for my amusement

The recall device is put on his temple

Jack: Oh! God, no! All right, all right, all right...

It is switched on


We're in what we assume is Jack's back yard. He has a baseball glove in his hand

Jack: Charlie!

Bynarr's quarters

Jack is reeling from the memory

Apophis: You must be dying to quench your thirst

Kintac brings over the Blood of Sokar. One of Jen's Big Strong Men punches Jack on his bad leg so he cries out, allowing Kintac to pour the liquid down his throat. Jack closes his eyes

The pit

Sam wakes up

Sam: Dad?

Daniel: He's, uh... not so good, but he's still with us

Sam: Apophis said he was gonna kill him

Daniel: No. He, uh... he brought you back and took Jack

Sam isn't happy at the news

Marty: Are you OK?

Sam: They gave me something called the Blood of Sokar

Marty: It is legendary. A strong narcotic that can cause very realistic hallucinations. I'm pretty sure I didn't give anything up

Dad: Sam?

She crawls over to him

Sam: I'm here. I'm here

Dad: Sam, I hate to sound negative here

Sam: Shh... Save your strength

Dad: I don't think I'm gonna make it

Sam: No. That is unacceptable. Think about seeing your grandchildren again. Don't make me have to explain this to them

Dad nods then closes his eyes

Sam: Martouf... If they come for you...

Marty: I have endured torture before

Sam: This is not like anything you could imagine. Everything seems real. Feelings, sensations. It's like you're actually there in your own past. And then suddenly everything seems wrong. Your mind gets all twisted. Just don't let Apophis use Jolinar against you

Marty: How could he?

Sam: You must be angry about what Jolinar had to do in order to escape from here. Martouf... she loved you.

Marty nods

Jack's flashback

Jack: Charlie! Sorry I'm late. I stopped to get you somethin'

Shot of some playhouse thingy

Jack: You in there?

Charlie runs out from behind one of those plastic slide sets, brandishing a green plastic gun

Charlie: You're dead! You're dead!

When he play acts the firing of the gun, we hear real gun shot sounds

Bynarr's quarters

Not a happy camper is Jack


Jack: Where'd you get that?

Charlie: Jeff Eisen gave it to me. It's just a water gun

Jack takes it from him

Jack: It doesn't matter

Charlie: You have a gun (echoes)

There's a flash and the scene changes slightly

Jack: That's different

Charlie: Why?

Jack: Charlie... Charlie!

Charlie walks away from Jack

Jack: Where you goin'?

Charlie: Inside

Jack: Well, wait a minute. I got you somethin'. Come on, we'll play some catch

Charlie: This is not what happened, Dad. You're changing everything just to make it better

There's a flash again

Jack: I know. Can't we just play catch?

Charlie: What really happened is that you got mad at me and I went into the house. Two weeks from now I shot myself with your gun (echoes) your gun. We never played catch today and we never will

Jack: Why? Why can't we just play catch?


Charlie: I'll play... if you tell me... (flash)... if you tell me

Bynarr's quarters

Still not happy


Jack: What? What do you want to know? I'll tell you anything

Hands Charlie the glove

Charlie: Tell me how you made contact with the Asgard (echoes)

Jack stops. Another flash

Charlie: (echoing) the Asgard

Jack: What?

Charlie: You represented Earth in the negotiations between the Asgard and the System Lords

Jack: How'd you know that? (echoes)

Charlie: It's OK, Dad. You can tell me. Tell me the address of the Asgard homeworld

Jack: I don't know it

Charlie starts to walk towards Jack, but there's another flash and then he's right in front of him

Charlie: Tell me the address of the world where you had ancients' knowledge downloaded into your brain. That was cool, wasn't it?

[OK, how the hell does Apophis know all this? He's not reading their minds, just bringing certain memories to the front and changing them!]

Jack: You can't know that. [but he can know that Jack's changing things, and that in two weeks he'll be dead?] This isn't you

Charlie: Sure it is. Come on, Dad. We'll have a catch. Just like you want

Jack: No. No.

And we're out in another white flash

Tok'ra homeworld

The rings on the Teltak drop Aldwin and a box inside. Teal'c comes through to the back and eyes it suspiciously. Well, OK, stoically.

Aldwin: I have been instructed to return to Netu

Teal'c: What is inside the container?

Aldwin: A weapon

Teal'c: For what purpose?

Aldwin: The Tok'ra High Council believes that the uprising of Apophis presents a key opportunity

He opens the box

Aldwin: Sokar will take his mother ship into orbit around Netu to restore order there

Teal'c: This weapon is intended for Sokar

Aldwin: Yes, but unfortunately we have no weapons capable of penetrating the shields of a Goa'uld mothership

Teal'c: How then will this weapon prove effective?

Aldwin: I aim to launch it through the atmosphere of the moon into one of the holes of its surface and down into the core. There it will force the base elements into a cataclysmic chain reaction. The entire moon will explode, taking Sokar's ship with it

Teal'c: Along with everything else on that moon [bye, bye Emerald City...]

Aldwin: The Tok'ra would not do such a thing unless there was no other alternative. Sokar cannot be permitted to rise to a dominant power. It would end our chances of ever overthrowing the Goa'uld

Teal'c: What of rescuing my friends and the Tok'ra still trapped on that world?

Aldwin: I am charged with my mission. If you intend to stand in my way, I will insist that you remain here on Vorash

Teal'c: I will accompany you

Aldwin: Then we must leave immediately

The pit

Jack is practically unconscious on the floor

Daniel: Jack?

Jack: No... I don't wanna go to school

Daniel turns him over and he wakes up fully

Jack: Ow...

Daniel: You OK?

Jack: No

Daniel: They, uh... they took Martouf

Jack: They put that damn memory thing on me. And then they gave me something... that reminded me of the 70s

Daniel: The Blood of Sokar

Jack: Daniel...

Daniel: Yeah?

Jack: I'm gonna pass out again

And he does

FX shot of the Teltak in hyperspace


Teal'c: If Sokar has not entered orbit around Netu when we arrive, a rescue could still be attempted

Aldwin: Yes. But if he is already in orbit, we must act swiftly and launch the weapon. I don't like this any more than you do. But essentially, this is war. If Sokar ascends to ultimate power the consequences will be far greater than losing a few good people

Teal'c: I understand

Aldwin: Timing will be critical. Once the weapon has been launched it will take approximately twelve minutes for the reaction in the moon's core to reach critical mass. If Sokar has enough advanced warning he will have time to escape the range of the explosion

Another FX shot of the Teltak in hyperspace

Bynarr's quarters

Marty: No, please

The memory device is removed by Apophis. He looks up as Sam is brought into the room. Marty in his half-drugged state sees Rosha being forced to kneel before him. The shot changes mid-flow so we see Sam

Apophis: Jolinar was your mate

Marty smiles weakly at Rosha

Apophis: Tell me the location of the Tok'ra resistance or she dies

Sam: Don't do it, Martouf

Apophis: Silence

Marty can only see Rosha

Marty: Please...

Apophis: Tell me now

Rosha: I'm not Jolinar. Don't tell him anything (echoes)

Apophis aims the staff weapon at the back of Sam's neck, and opens it

Apophis: Tell me

Marty: I cannot let him kill you

Rosha: No, Martouf. (softly) No, Martouf

Marty starts to cry

Marty: Entac

Sam does the Closed Eye Thing

Marty: The Tok'ra resistance is based on the planet Entac

Apophis removes the staff

Apophis: Return them to the pit. Bring me Daniel Jackson

Marty and Sam are hauled off, leaving Apophis looking pretty pleased with himself

Sokar's palace

The Guard walks in

Sokar: Speak

Guard: Your fleet is ready, my lord

Sokar: You have done well

Guard: Bynarr has not yet reported as you wished

Sokar: I will take my ship, and cleanse the underworld so that its fires may be reborn. Then I will launch the attack on the System Lords. Soon the entire realm of the Goa'uld will serve me... or suffer the fate of the damned


Daniel is marched through

The pit

Jack is trying to sleep, Marty is recovering, Sam is cradling Dad

Marty: I knew it was you

Sam: You shouldn't have done it, Martouf

Marty: I could not watch him kill you, Samantha

Sam: You lied

Marty: Entac is a primitive planet. There are no Tok'ra there

Sam: You were very convincing. I believed you

Marty: If Apophis believes he knows the location of the Tok'ra, what does he want from Dr Jackson?


We're in Daniel's lab. He's looking through his collection of rocks... I mean, artefacts. The whole thing is tinged with light, and there's an echoey quality. Think the ascended scenes from Meridian in a tunnel. Jack walks in. [I think this is supposed to be set after Forever In A Day]

Jack: Hey! I just wanted to see how you were doin'

Daniel: Good. OK. Kasuf sent me some of Sha're's things after the funeral. He said that, um... Well, he said that she would have wanted me to have them.

There's a flash, then a close up of the bowl he has in his hands, then another flash and we're back to Daniel's face

Daniel: We both drank from this cup at our wedding. I know I shouldn't have had any real hope, but um...

Jack: Hey. You can never give up

Daniel: How about now?

Jack: Especially not now. Sha're didn't want you to just give up, did she? As I recall, she wants you to find the boy (echoes)

Daniel: I thought you said that you didn't believe me about Sha're sending me the message through the hand device

Jack: I've been wrong about a lot of things. And I know I don't always sound like I believe you, but I do believe in you. What'd you say she called the boy? (echoes)

Daniel: A Harsesis

Jack: I mean, the kid holds all the knowledge of the Goa'uld who fathered him, right?

Daniel: Yeah

Jack: So, he could be the key to us finally kickin' those slimy snakeheads out of the galaxy

Daniel: Yeah, that's... that's what Sha're said

Jack: All you have to do is figure out where Amaunet sent him

Flash, then close up on Jack

Jack: The name?

Flash, then back to Daniel

Jack: Name of the place Amaunet sent the boy

Daniel: No

Jack: What?

Daniel: No... I'm not telling you

Jack: Come on. You know me. I just can't remember... (flash, then close up)... can't remember

Wide shot of Daniel, then flash and close up

Daniel: No

Flash, then onto Jack

Jack: You told me before

Daniel: (puts his hands over his ears) No!

Flash once, no change, flash again, and Daniel's still in Bynarr's quarters in the exact same position (just minus the glasses)

Daniel: This is not real

Bynarr's communication device lights up

Sokar: Hear me, Bynarr. Why do you defy your lord, Sokar?

Apophis looks from the communication device to Daniel, then hits him. He then turns to the communicator

Apophis: Bynarr is dead by my hand. I am Apophis, and the Denizens of Netu follow me

Kintac removes the device from Daniel

Sokar: I will bring the full force of my weapons down upon you. You will die in burning hell fire

Apophis: First you will hear me


They have arrived and are in orbit. However, so is Sokar's mothership. Aldwin presses some buttons and most of the power cuts out

Aldwin: We must hold our position in the shadow of the moon so we are not detected

[how do Goa'uld sensors work? Is it just a bunch of Jaffa looking out of windows?]

Bynarr's quarters

Apophis: Before you fire upon us, know this: I have tortured the intruders. Three from the Tauri and a Tok'ra. I have learnt much, including the location of the Tok'ra resistance. Bynarr was weak. He was incompetent. A Goa'uld of your superior power deserves more. I wish to serve you. I offer this information I have gathered as proof. Grant me an audience and allow me to show my reverence to you by bowing at your feet

Sokar: I will grant you this request

Apophis: I am forever in your service

The communicator shuts off

Apophis: Take him away

A Jaffa(?) hauls Daniel to his knees. Looking up, Daniel sees his communicator on the table

Kintac: Be quick!

Standing up, Daniel punches the Jaffa in the stomach. It's like punching a bag of flour. The Jaffa then takes a swing at Daniel who flies across to and onto the table, grabbing the communicator as he does so. The table then collapses from underneath him. The Jaffa picks him up off the floor, and hauls him out. Kintac send Jen's Big Strong Men with him

Apophis: Sokar will die by my hand and I will command his domain

Kintac: Surely he will not let you enter his ship with weapons

Apophis takes off the hand device

Apophis: Do you think I am a fool? [Do you want me to answer that?] I have been planning this since the moment I was sent here. I will convince Sokar to make me the new lord of Netu. He will come down off his throne to brand me with his seal, and when he gets close enough...

Apophis holds up his arm. Out of the sleeve shoots a blade which then retracts. Kintac smiles. Apophis removes the key for the rings from his neck

Apophis: On my command, replace this... here

Kintac takes it, and Apophis stands under the rings. He nods and Kintac activates the rings. Apophis is taken onto the ship...


...and is witnessed by Teal'c

Teal'c: Someone has transported from the surface of Netu to Sokar's vessel

Aldwin presses a couple of pads on the console which then flash

Aldwin: The weapon is ready for launch. Sokar's ship is almost in position

The pit

Daniel is brought back in. Jack sits up. Marty goes over to Daniel

Daniel: Sokar's ship is in orbit. Apophis went up to meet him. I managed to get this

He holds up the communicator. He hands it to Sam

Jack: Nice

Sam: Can Sokar's ship pick up the transmission?

Marty: The signal is coded

She clicks it on


Aldwin is preparing the weapon

Sam: Teal'c, can you hear me?

Teal'c: (to Aldwin) Wait! (Into Comm) Major Carter, it is I

Sam: Thank God

Aldwin finishes the prepping of the missile

Teal'c: Wait!

Aldwin gets out a Zat and aims it at Teal'c. The display is flashing- it's ready to launch. He hesitates for a second, then pushes the button

FX shot of the missile being launched


Aldwin is resolute, Teal'c looks ready to kill him

FX shot of the missile striking Netu

pit The room shakes. Dad wakes up. Distant cries in the background

Jack: What the hell is that?

Man: Sokar is attacking!

The room shakes again. The gas vent near the trapdoor starts venting fire

Sam: Teal'c, what's going on?


Aldwin lowers the Zat. Teal'c *so* wants to kill him

Teal'c: You have twelve minutes until Netu is destroyed

Sam: What? Why?

Teal'c: I am here with the Tok'ra Aldwin. He has launched a weapon into the moon's core which will explode, destroying Sokar's ship which is in its orbit

The pit

Marty: The Tok'ra High Council must believe it is the only choice, otherwise they would not sacrifice us in this way

Jack: We're not dead yet

The room shakes again. Lots of cries in the background. The gas vent shoots fire again

Sam: I have an idea

She, Marty and Jack go over to the vent

Sam: Help me pack this. Fill in this vent. As many rocks as you can. Wedge them in real tight.

They start to fill it

Sokar's ship

Apophis is prostrated on the floor, and lifts his head, but stays kneeling

Apophis: My time of suffering has taught me the strength of your power, my lord

Sokar: Tell me the information you extracted from the intruders

Apophis: I beg you to grant me the privilege of ruling Netu. Bynarr was not worthy of such honour

Sokar: Tell me the location of the Tok'ra rebellion

Apophis: That is only one of the many valuable things I have learnt

Sokar lowers his hood, and leans forward

Sokar: Why do you try my patience? Tell me, and I will grant you your wish and brand you Lord of the Underworld

Apophis: The Tok'ra are based on the planet Entac

Sokar sits back on his throne. He looks to the Other Guard who grabs Apophis by the shoulders

Apophis: What is the meaning of this?

Sokar: I recently conquered Entac. There are no Tok'ra there. Kill him. Slowly.


Aldwin: We have less than nine minutes. If we stay here much longer, we risk being caught in the explosion ourselves

Teal'c: I will take that risk

Aldwin: Even if Martouf and your friends somehow make it to the transporter rings on Netu, Sokar's ship is in the direct path of the matter stream

Teal'c starts to walk towards Aldwin

Aldwin: There is no way we can intercept them

Teal'c is getting up close and personal, so Aldwin tries to raise the Zat, but Teal'c bats it away, then forces Aldwin into the back of the Teltak

Aldwin: Teal'c, unhand me! Teal'c!

Teal'c throws him in the back...

Aldwin: Teal'c, this is suicide

...and closes the door. Aldwin goes to the door

Aldwin: Teal'c!

[don't those things open from the inside too?]

The pit

They've just about filled in the hole now. The room starts to shake again

Sam: Go!

The vent explodes, sending everything upwards and taking out the trapdoor. My, isn't that lucky.

Sokar's ship

The Other Guard is using the cattle prod on Apophis

The pit

Dad is carried out as they climb out of the pit.

Daniel: We're on our way


Teal'c: Timing is critical, Daniel Jackson. You must tell me precisely when you are ready


They crawl their way long as the fire shoots up out of every available hole. People are screaming in the background


Aldwin: Teal'c, listen carefully! In order to intercept the matter stream you must fly the cargo ship between Sokar's ship and the planet. If we do not come to a complete stop we could miss part of the matter stream. Your friends would die. And that's only if Sokar doesn't blow us out of the sky

Teal'c switches the power back on

Bynarr's quarters

Jack: get in position!

Daniel: Almost there, Teal'c

Sokar's ship

Apophis is still being prodded. The Guard runs in

Guard: Forgive me! The hellfires of Netu are erupting, my lord

Sokar: What?

Guard: The ship's sensors indicate that the moon's core ahs become unstable

Sokar: That is impossible. I control Netu!

Guard: We must move the ship

Apophis takes his chance and stabs the Other Guard with the blade. The Guard tries to attack him, but Apophis blocks it, spins round, and slits his throat. Sokar stands up, and holds out his hand device. He activates his personal shield just as Apophis grabs the Guard's staff and fires it. Apophis then runs out of the room. Sokar, ever the unhappy loser, roars [yes, roars. That's what the CC on my DVD says]


We're getting mightily close to the mothership now

Bynarr's quarters

The room is still 'shaking it all about'

Jack: Marty?

Marty finishes hot-wiring the rings

Marty: Now!

He runs to join the others

Daniel: We're ready, Teal'c

The rings activate, and everyone looks up


Teal'c is moving underneath the ship as the light beam activates. He moves into position just as the transport light starts its ascent. The rings in the ship activate, and deposit the group.

Aldwin: They're here! Go! Go! Go!

Teal'c starts to Go! Go! Go! as Sokar's ship opens fire

FX shot of space

A ring transport occurs between the ship and the planet. Netu loses integrity, and blows up like a firework, taking the mothership with it. The Teltak is riding just ahead of the blast wave


Once clear, Teal'c opens the door to the back part

Teal'c: We have escaped

Jack: Iced tea. Air conditioning. Water.

Teal'c hands him a bottle

Jack: Thanks

Teal'c returns Aldwin's Zat

Aldwin: I'm sorry I doubted you

Teal'c: I am as surprised as you that we survived

Marty passes the water to Sam

Sam: Thank you

She passes it to Dad

Dad: Do you have any leave coming up?

Sam: Yeah, a little

Dad drinks

Dad: I was thinking maybe we could take a little father-daughter vacation together

Sam: That'd be great, Dad

Dad: I hear Alaska's cold this time of year

She laughs softly, kisses his cheek, then hugs him

FX shot of the Teltak in hyperspace, and Jen gets all excited as it's going from left to right instead of right to left as it has been every other time


Netu is doing a great impression of a firework in the sky. The camera pulls back until we're on the balcony of the palace where Apophis is watching this. He turns and faces the camera... and we're out.

0.062 sec
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