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La Pluie de Feu

A Hundred Days

Transcript by Sarae

Scene: Alien Planet. Two moons can be seen in the sky. SG-1 is sitting with a native woman on a hillside over looking a large body of water at night.

O'NEILL: So, Laira, When's the big show gonna start?

LAIRA: Soon, be patient.

O'NEILL: Oh, I'm patient. I'm nothing if not patient. When's it start?

LAIRA: Is he always like this?

TEAL'C: Quite frequently.

O'NEILL: Thank you, Teal'c.

DANIEL: Laira, we haven't seen anything you could call "fire rain" these past few come you're sure it's gonna to fall tonight?

LAIRA: It begins this night each year.

CARTER: Whoa...the same night every year? That doesn't make sense...I mean unless the planet's orbit travels through a debris field like an asteroid belt, in which case...

O'NEILL: Please...don't suck the fun out of this...

CARTER: Sorry, sir.

LAIRA: When I was a child, my father told me that the fire rain was the tears of our ancestors longing to be reunited.

A meteor is seen streaking across the sky.

DANIEL: A falling star...that's, uh that's what we call "fire rain" where we come from. In our culture, you're supposed to make a wish.

TEAL'C: On Chulak we call it Tal Pak Ryn.

DANIEL: Which means, uh...falling star.

Sam smiles at their exchange.

LAIRA: What do you think, Jack? Was it worth the effort?

O'NEILL: Oh, yeah,...yeah, I'm a huge fan of fireworks.

Suddenly, a large meteor shoots across the sky. Flames can be seen momentarily.

O'NEILL: Whoa...Carter, how close was that?

CARTER: Close, sir.

DANIEL: How big?


DANIEL: Thought so.

CARTER: I was...rather concerned for a minute there, sir.

LAIRA: I don't understand.

CARTER: Laira, that's what we call a near miss. If that meteor had struck the ground instead of bouncing off of the atmosphere....

O'NEILL: an annual event?

LAIRA: Yes, though it grows more spectacular every year. By tomorrow evening the entire sky... (she stops and looks around as she notices the looks on everyone's faces). What's wrong?

CARTER: I'll make some more observations tonight, sir.

DANIEL: I'm gonna check the, uh, geological record in the morning...

O'NEILL: I'll...make a wish.

More meteors are seen streaking across the sky.

Opening Credits

Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Doctor Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Don S. Davis as General George Hammond

Also Starring:
Michele Greene as Laira
Julie Patzwald as ?
Gary Jones as Sgt. Walter Davis
Shane Meier as Garan
Teryl Rothery as Doctor Janet Fraiser

Scene: Alien Planet - Sam and Laira are looking at a lap top computer inside Laira's home.

CARTER: See this bright dot? It represents your world, Edora. Now it orbits your sun in a big circle like this and crosses through an asteroid belt up here at it's widest point. Now, as you pass through the millions of tiny rocks and particles, some of them burn up in Edora's atmosphere...

LAIRA: As fire rain...

CARTER: Exactly. The problem is, the asteroid belt isn't uniform, so certain orbits in certain years must pass through a denser debris field. Can you ever remember the fire rain striking the ground?

LAIRA: Not in my life time, nor in my father's...but there is a tale of the ancestors that on the second day of the fire rain, there was a distant thunder and the horizon burned as thought the sun never set.

CARTER: How long ago was that?

LAIRA: Many, many years ago.

Jack peeks in through the exterior door.

O'NEILL: Mornin' campers. Who's goin' on Daniel's little geology field trip?

LAIRA: (calls to) Garan?

Garan comes in through a different interior doorway.

LAIRA: Garan can show you the way to the caves. He and a young girl go there from time to time, though I don't know why.

GARAN: Mother!

LAIRA: Fair day and be well.

Laira smiles at Jack and he returns it.

CARTER: Sir, I'd like to go back to Earth and input the data I collected from last night's observations into the base's mainframe.

O'NEILL: Go ahead.

Sam nods at him as she rises from her sitting position.

CARTER: Fair day, Laira.

LAIRA: Fair day.

Laira approaches Jack.

LAIRA: I'm sure you'll want to discuss the treaty ...between our two worlds.

O'NEILL: Sure...we could do that...

Scene Change: Inside the Edoran caves.

DANIEL: I figure the decay rate differential between the layers of Naquada is about 150 years, give or take, so...

GARAN: What's Naquada?

TEAL'C: A mineral substance.

DANIEL: (pointing to the cave wall) You see the further down these striations we go the further back into Edora's past we travel. You see these layers are different. They represent Naquada dust...thrown up by impact events.

GARAN: Cool...uh, J..Jack, says that.

DANIEL: Yes, he does. I'm not really sure that, uh, cool applies to this. You see, something like this happened on my world millions of years ago and nearly wiped out all life.

YOUNG GIRL: That's what's gonna happen here?

DANIEL: Well, we only know that it has happened...uh, in varying degrees of destruction every 150 years or so...

TEAL'C: And it appears that is precisely the amount of time since the last impact. (Daniel gives Teal'c a worrisome glance) I see no reason to withhold the truth from these people, Daniel Jackson.

GARAN: Is there anything we can do to stop it?


Scene Change: SGC

CARTER: According to the observations I made last night, the near miss we experienced was just the first of hundreds of car-sized asteroids directly in the path of Edora - P5C-768. The night sky is full of them.

HAMMOND: We can't evacuate an entire planet, Major.

CARTER: As far as we know, these are the only descendents of a race brought to Edora by the Goa'uld thousands of years ago. There may only be a small number of strikes locally. If that's the case, we can send them home in a few days. If not, we'd be saving the last of a people, sir.

Scene Change: Edora - Jack and Laira are walking over a bridge approaching a man who is pulling traps out of the water.

LAIRA: Paynan...this is Jack.

PAYNAN: They say you've come through the stone ring. Hard thing to ask a man to believe.

O'NEILL: I know what you mean. (referring to the trap) Any luck?

PAYNAN: There's nothing more than meets the eye here...our fields...those few buildings...our children...what we have, we need.

O'NEILL: We're only interested in fair trade, sir.

Paynan dismisses them without another word, throwing his trap back over the bridge and into the water. Jack and Laira continue on their way.

LAIRA: Many of my people are most curious to know what it is we have that you could possibly want.

O'NEILL: Well, you remember how excited Carter got the day we got here?

LAIRA: Something in our soil...

O'NEILL: That's a mineral called Naquada. We don't have it on's...well, it's very important to us.


O'NEILL: It's powerful.

LAIRA: And in return for taking this Naquada from our soil?

O'NEILL: Well, there are a lot of things we could help you out with...medicine, technology, education...we'd become friends.

LAIRA: We're already friends.

O'NEILL: Closer friends?

LAIRA: (Chuckles) My mother taught me to be wary of men wishing to be closer friends.

O'NEILL: Well, if you'd like, I'll negotiate this treaty with your mother, that way there'd be no conflict of interest...

Jack is interrupted by meteors streaking across the sky in broad daylight.

LAIRA: I've never seen the fire rain in the light of day.

A very large meteor blazes overhead.

O'NEILL: (into his radio) Anybody else see that?

CARTER: (into her radio...she is near the Stargate) This is Carter, sir, I did. I think it's just the beginning, sir.

Scene Change: Edoran Caves Daniel is picking up an artifact.

DANIEL: It's a cooking utensil. Which probably means at some point a number of people spent time here.

TEAL'C: Perhaps this cave provided a means for a small number of Edorans to survive the last meteor bombardment.

GARAN: The ancestors.

O'NEILL: (voice over the radio) Teal'c, Daniel, back to the village ASAP.

TEAL'C: (into his radio) Understood, O'Neill.

Scene Change: Edoran Village

O'NEILL: (standing with Laira speaking to a crowd of Edorans) Folks, we think the fire rain is going to start hitting the ground pretty soon. As a precaution, we'd like to take you all back to our planet, until the threat is over...

PAYNAN: There is no threat!

CARTER: If just one big meteor lands within a few miles of here, the resulting explosion could wipe out the entire village.

PAYNAN: Year after year, the fire rain comes, goes and harms no one. Do you not see what they are doing? They want us gone so they can claim our lands for themselves.

DANIEL: That's not true.

PAYNAN: If you go with them, you will never see your land again.

O'NEILL: Oh, for cryin' out loud, there's always one like you in a crowd. You wanna stay...stay.

LAIRA: I have come to know these travelers...and though their world seems far, it is only a step away. I will take that step in good faith. If you wish to follow, join us at the stone ring. And if you do not, may the ancestors protect you.

DANIEL: You need only take what you can carry. There'll be plenty of food and water where we're going.

Another large meteor streaks overhead and crashes somewhere off in the distance.

O'NEILL: All right folks, train's leavin'...let's move.

Scene Change: Laira's house - as she is packing.

LAIRA: (calling out) Garan...don't forget the prayer chain that you're father gave you. Garan? (she walks to his room and sees that he is not there) Oh, no.

She runs out her front door to Jack.

LAIRA: Have you seen Garan?

Jack turns around to address Daniel and Teal'c as they are helping to direct people toward the Stargate.

O'NEILL: Daniel, Teal'c...Garan come back with you?

TEAL'C: He should be here, O'Neill.

DANIEL: The cave...we were talking about how previous generations survived, they must have...gone back there.

O'NEILL: All right, you three (Carter has joined them) go...get these people outta here...we'll find the kids and catch up.



Scene Change: SGC Embarkation Room The Stargate activates and the wormhole is established.

SGT. DAVIS: SG-1's code, sir.

HAMMOND: Here they come, people. Doctor, stand by to receive refugees.

DR. FRAISER: Yes, sir.

Scene Change: Edora We see Jack and Laira running toward the caves. Next we see Daniel in front of the active Edoran gate helping people walk through.

DANIEL: Don't be afraid, the others are waiting for you on the other side.

CARTER: (into her radio) Sir, this is Carter. We've begun the evacuation, what's your E.T.A.? Colonel, we're getting multiple strikes now, please respond. (She looks up to Daniel and shakes here head when there is no response.) Nothing.

TEAL'C: (helps one more older couple to the 'gate) That is the last of them. The rest wish to remain behind.

CARTER: How many?

TEAL'C: Approximately one-third of the village.


CARTER: (to Daniel) You go through...let the Edorans know everything is all right. We'll be on your six. (then into her radio again) Colonel...please respond.

Scene Change: Edoran Caves

LAIRA: Garan! Naytha!

GARAN: Mother! This is where the ancestors survived. We brought food...and some water...

O'NEILL: Garan, try this my way...

There is a large explosion. Small rocks fall from the ceiling and a torch is jarred from its holder on the wall of the cave.

Scene Change: Edoran Stargate

CARTER: It's getting too dangerous, Teal'c.

TEAL'C: I will remain until O'Neill returns.

CARTER: He can dial home when he gets here.

Sam and Teal'c suddenly see a large meteor headed straight for them. They both turn and run toward the Edoran 'gate and dive through just before the meteor strikes.

Scene Change: SGC Embarkation Room

SGT. DAVIS: We're losing wormhole stability.

Several seconds later, Teal'c and Sam come tumbling through the 'gate. Hammond comes up behind Daniel who is at the bottom of the ramp looking back at Sam and Teal'c with a worried expression on his face.

CARTER: Colonel O'Neill went to help some villagers. We waited until the last possible moment, sir.

HAMMOND: I know you did. We almost lost you.

TEAL'C: General Hammond, I wish to return immediately with a search party.

CARTER: You can't Teal'c. That last hit was right on top of the 'gate, you'd be walking into a firestorm.

TEAL'C: I am willing to take that risk.

HAMMOND: I'm not willing to let you.

CARTER: We can wait 24 hours and send a M.A.L.P through, sir.

HAMMOND: Major Carter's right. If it's safe by tomorrow, you'll all go.

Scene Change: Edora Jack is looking out the mouth of the cave. Rain and ash are falling and he can see several fires in the distance as explosions continue.

O'NEILL: (into his radio) Carter, Teal'c?

When he hears no answer, he goes back into the cave to join Laira, Garan and Naytha.

O'NEILL: It's still pretty hot out there, we should stay put. There's good's raining. It should put out some of the fires.

LAIRA: Could you see the village?

O'NEILL: No. Garan...we had a plan.

GARAN: Daniel said there's nothing you could do.

NAYTHA (previously referred to as YOUNG GIRL): We were afraid.

O'NEILL: Me too.

As more explosions are heard, Laira moves to take a seat beside Jack and wraps her arms around his arm. He pats her hand with his free hand.

Scene Change: SGC Control Room

SGT. DAVIS: Chevron six encoded.

Teal'c, Sam, Janet, Daniel and Hammond are all there watching as they try to reestablish a wormhole with Edora.

SGT. DAVIS: Chevron seven...locked. Wormhole established...

CARTER: Thank God.

SGT. DAVIS: Standing by for M.A.L.P. deployment, sir.

HAMMOND: Send it through.

The M.A.L.P. goes through the 'gate.

SGT. DAVIS: The M.A.L.P. should reach Edora in four, three, two, one...we should be receiving telemetry now, sir.

Static can be heard over the speakers and a fuzzy picture is seen on the monitors.

SGT. DAVIS: No signal.

ANOTHER VOICE: Environmental reports no telemetry.

A FEMALE VOICE: telemetry.

CARTER: Then the M.A.L.P. must have been destroyed as soon as it reached the other side. There's no other explanation.

HAMMOND: Shut it down. (to Sam who has closed her eyes momentarily) Until you can provide me with answers to this problem, the rescue mission is scrubbed. (then to Dr. Fraiser) Inform our visitors they'll be staying with us until we can make a proper assessment of your situation.

DR. FRAISER:Yes, sir. (She leaves the control room.)

Sam stares at the 'gate for several seconds.

Scene Change: Edoran Village - Smoke is rising all around and several of the buildings look burnt. Garan opens the door to Laira's house and finds several villagers in there. Many are injured and coughing. Soon Naytha, Laira and Jack follow.

LAIRA: Paynan?

PAYNAN: Laira.

LAIRA: (as she approaches Paynan and reaches out to comfort him) It is all right.

PAYNAN: (looking rather dazed) One struck Talmar's home. Three families were inside. We are all that are left.

LAIRA: Why did you stay?

PAYNAN: On the third day we could take no more...we fled to the stone ring...where it used to be...

O'NEILL: Used to be?

Jack gets up and runs to where the Stargate was located to find a large trench of gravel and dirt where the Stargate once stood. He looks around and begins to realize he is not going home. Laira comes up behind him.

LAIRA: It's gone. I'll never see my people again. They can never come home.

O'NEILL: Nope.

LAIRA: And you...

Jack walks further away from her, kicking at boulders and rocks.

Night has fallen on Edora. The survivors are sitting down to a meal that Laira has prepared.

LAIRA: Thanks be to the ancestors that we live and have a roof to shield our heads. Thanks be to the ancestors that we have food to sustain and nourish us.

Laira is interrupted as Jack opens the exterior door, finally returning from the former Stargate site.

PAYNAN: This is all that remains of our people because of you.

NAYTHA: My mother and father...

PAYNAN: You took them away through that thing...and now it is gone.

O'NEILL: (angrily) That thing probably saved their lives and if you'd have shut up and listened to me in the first place, this wouldn't be the situation.

Jack looks at Laira and then turns to leave.

LAIRA: (looking at Paynan) This is my home (then looking at Jack) and you are welcome here. You need to eat.

Jack looks down at his hands which are holding his hat. He slowly walks over to the table and takes a seat.

O'NEILL: Thank you.

Scene Change: SCG Control Room - Daniel, Hammond, Sam and Teal'c are looking through the window at an active 'gate.

SGT. DAVIS: No signal from the radio transmitter, sir.

TEAL'C: If the Edoran Stargate were truly buried, how then was a wormhole established?

CARTER: The meteor hit while the wormhole was active.

DANIEL: So, so?

CARTER: So it's possible that the molten Naquada hardened just above the event horizon.

DANIEL: Like an iris?


HAMMOND: Sergeant, shut it down.

SGT. DAVIS: Yes, sir.

HAMMOND: That was our last shot, people. I'm calling this one. As of right now, I'm officially calling him missing in action.

TEAL'C: General Hammond, perhaps Edora can be reached by another means.

DANIEL: That's right...the Tok'ra could send a ship...

CARTER: Or, or the Tollan...

DANIEL: Let me at least contact those of our allies that are capable of interstellar travel...see if they're willing to help.

HAMMOND: Very well, Doctor.

General Hammond leaves as the three remaining members of SG-1 look at each other.

Scene Change: Edora - Laira's house. Jack is lying on the floor. Laira comes around in front of him, wearing her nightgown and walks to the washbasin to wash her face. She notices Jack, who is awake and watching her. She picks up a shirt and hands it to Jack.

LAIRA: I thought you might like a clean work shirt. My husband never wore it. I made it for him just before he died.

O'NEILL: There's a chance the Stargate is just buried...

LAIRA: We have to rebuild before the harvest and...there are very few of us now...

Laira walks back the way she had come. Jack looks at the shirt and puts it on the ground beside him and closes his eyes again.

Scene Change: SGC Briefing Room

HAMMOND: Wormhole physics...a field, Major, that you pioneered, states that under these conditions ordinary matter won't even reintegrate on the other side. There's no way to overcome that.

CARTER: I think there is, sir...and I'm not the one who thought of it...Sokar did.


CARTER: Yes, sir. When he tried to breach the iris by bombarding it with a particle beam. Subatomic particles, barely small enough to reintegrate, produced energy as they decayed.

HAMMOND: Which caused the iris to heat up...

CARTER: Exactly. Now, if we could do the same thing, we could melt the hardened Naquada barrier just above the event horizon and create a pocket of super-heated gas.

HAMMOND: Then what?

CARTER: Well then all we have to do is open the 'gate again, sir. The unstable vortex it normally generates would then be allowed to expand into that pocket and create and even larger cavern. One person might be able to go through, sir, and dig it out.

HAMMOND: I think we can safely assume Teal'c would volunteer... but...

CARTER: We don't have a particle beam generator, sir. We'd have to build one.

HAMMOND: Then you'd better get started.

Scene Change: Edora - where the Stargate used to be Jack is digging a hole near where the Stargate once stood. Garan approaches carrying a bundle.

GARAN: You, uh, missed evening meal. I brought you something.

O'NEILL: Wasn't hungry.

GARAN: Well, you gotta worked all day in the fields.

O'NEILL: I've got a couple of hours of good light left.

GARAN: I'm sorry.

O'NEILL: For what?

GARAN: You can't go's my fault.

O'NEILL: No it's not.

Garan puts his hat back on and walks back as Jack continues to dig.

Scene Change: SGC Lab Sam is working at a computer. Janet walks up to her, carrying a cup.

DR. FRAISER: You working through the night again?

CARTER: Yeah, Lot of work to do...thank you.

DR. FRAISER: Look Sam, there's no doubt you are going to solve this, but you have to accept the fact it's going to take time.

CARTER: Yeah, well, if I think that way, it could take months.

DR. FRAISER: Daniel says the Tollan could have a ship in the vicinity of Edora some time early next year.

CARTER: He shouldn't have to wait that long.

DR. FRAISER: You miss him.


DR. FRAISER: Is this a problem?

CARTER: No, No...Of course not.

DR. FRAISER: Okay...good night.

CARTER: Good night.

Scene Change: Edora Jack is throwing stones in a body of water. Laira approaches.

LAIRA: Many of us fear the fire rain will come again. Do you?

O'NEILL: No. If Daniel was right, and he always is, it'll be another 150 years before that happens again. It's a long time. I was kinda wondering which direction home was.

LAIRA: (pointing) It's this way.

O'NEILL: No, I meant...

LAIRA: I know what you meant...come, I'd like you're company.

O'NEILL: I don't even like my company right now.

LAIRA: You will again. Loss is that way. I mourned my husband for a hundred days. I never left my house...I never spoke to anyone.

O'NEILL: After that?

LAIRA: I left my house and I spoke to people. Walk with me.

Jack drops his rocks, reaches up to take her hand and the two of them walk off screen to the right as the camera moves to the left toward the water. Then on the water we see a canoe approaching and the words "Three Months Later" appear on the screen. Jack is paddling the canoe and he is wearing Edoran garments. He paddles to the shore where Laira is standing to greet him, holding a canteen in her hand.

LAIRA: You left this at home.

O'NEILL: Oh, Yeah. Yeah.

He gets out of the canoe and takes the canteen from her hand. They walk together down the road.

LAIRA: Paynan has invited you to evening supper.

O'NEILL: Why? He doesn't even like me.

LAIRA: He's very grateful for all the help you've given him in rebuilding his home.

O'NEILL: I just hammered a few nails. Well, actually I made the nails first, and then I hammered them, but...

LAIRA: Still, you've worked very hard...thank you.

O'NEILL: Anything I can do.

LAIRA: (stops walking) There is something.

O'NEILL: Yeah? What?

LAIRA:'s too soon.

O'NEILL: Now, come on...don' that...what?

LAIRA: You'll know when the time comes.

O'NEILL: I need a little help here.

Laira kisses Jack.

LAIRA: Does that help?

O'NEILL: A little.

They kiss again...much longer this time.

Scene Change: SGC Control Room

CARTER: Initiating beam firing

The particle beam generator is firing through the active Stargate.

CARTER: (smiling) Particle beam is operating at 112% of predicted efficiency.

HAMMOND: How long will the beam have to be maintained?

CARTER: The longer, the better, sir. The important thing will be to dial again as quickly as possible as soon as it shuts down.

Scene Change: Edora. There is a party at Paynan's house. Jack is drinking with Paynan.

PAYNAN: So, what do ya think?

O'NEILL: Absolute rotgut...more, please.

There is laughing, music, dancing. Laira and Jack are sitting at a table with Paynan, watching the others. Garan is blindfolded and being spun around by others and then is directed to Naytha and the blindfold is removed.

O'NEILL: What just happened?

LAIRA: The ancestors guided him to the one they wish him betrothed.

O'NEILL: He was peeking. (Laira laughs and jabs his arm) What?

Jack is pulled from his seat and dragged out into the dancing crowd. The blindfold is put on him, he is spun and guided toward Laira, then the blindfold is removed. He reaches out to take her in his arms and kisses her cheek as they move to the music.

Scene Change: SGC Embarkation Room A M.A.L.P. is being sent through the active Stargate.

SGT. DAVIS: M.A.L.P. should be arriving at the Edora 'gate in three, two, one. Receiving wait, wait, we lost it, there's no signal.

HAMMOND: What's happened?

SGT. DAVIS: Transmission interrupt at the source.

CARTER: Play back the visual...Whoa, there...see?

All are looking at the monitor so see what looks like a spiral of some sort.

TEAL'C: The gate is horizontal as you thought, Major Carter.

CARTER: and the M.A.L.P. just slipped back through the event horizon. It means the vortex will have dug part way to the surface. Teal'c, you'll need to secure yourself above the event horizon as soon as you're on the other side and you'll have to carry everything you need.

TEAL'C: I understand.

HAMMOND: I hope you do, son, because if you fail to dig your way to the surface, this will be a one-way trip.

Scene Change: Edora - Jack and Laira are entering Laira's house.

O'NEILL: Garan?

LAIRA: It's just us.

O'NEILL: Ah...well, apparently I should expect a massive headache I should get a head start (he motions toward where he has been sleeping - she stops him)

LAIRA: Do you remember when I told you...there was something you could do for me? (Jack looks at her but says nothing.) I want you to give me a child. (Jack raises his eyebrows, but doesn't break eye contact.)

O'NEILL: A child?

LAIRA: I wanted to be patient. I wanted to wait until you had let go of the life you left behind...until you knew that you belonged with us. Tonight...I see it in your eyes.

O'NEILL: should know...a part of me is never going to let go of what I left behind.

LAIRA: Well...that's not the part I want.

They kiss.

Scene Change: SGC Embarkation Room - Teal's is preparing to go through the 'gate. He shoots a harpoon through first.

Scene Change: Edora - Paynan and Jack are chopping wood. Both have hangovers.

PAYNAN: She is a fine woman.

O'NEILL: Yes, she is.

PAYNAN: Took you long enough to see that...I was afraid you were going blind.

O'NEILL: Well, if I've gone's from whatever we were drinking last night.

PAYNAN: Tolka...has a bite to it.

O'NEILL: Eh...Yeah.

Scene Change: Buried Edoran Stargate - Teal'c is hooking himself to the ceiling of the cavern. The wormhole is still active.

TEAL'C: General Hammond...I have secured myself on the other side.

HAMMOND: Understood, Teal'c.

TEAL'C: I will begin immediately.

Scene Change: Outside Laira's House - Jack is sharpening a hatchet on a spinning stone. Laira comes out of the house carrying Jack's SGC stuff in a basket.

O'NEILL: Goin' somewhere with that stuff?

LAIRA: I just though you might not need these things anymore.

O'NEILL: Well, hang on...some of that's pretty good...the jacket is, uh...

LAIRA: Does it remind you of home?

O'NEILL: (after contemplating her question) Toss it.

LAIRA: Are you sure?

O'NEILL: Yeah.

She walks away with it.

Scene Change: Buried Edoran Stargate - Teal'c continues trying to drill to the surface.

DANIEL: (over the radio from the SGC control room) What's you're progress Teal'c?

TEAL'C: It is most difficult, Daniel Jackson.

CARTER: The 'gate will shut down automatically in ...60 seconds. At that point we won't be able to open it again from this side. The vortex would vaporize everything within the cavern.

HAMMOND: You'll have a maximum of four hours of oxygen once we're cut off. If you haven't reached the surface by that time...

TEAL'C: You may want to wish me Ral Tora Ke...

DANIEL: Good luck, Teal'c.

Scene Change: Laira is at the water's edge starting to sort through Jack's things. She picks up his radio and messes with the dials...she hears Sam...

CARTER: 15 seconds till shut down....10 seconds till shut down...5 seconds...

Scene Change: Buried Edoran Gate - Teal'c is still dangling from the cavern ceiling... The wormhole disconnects and Teal'c continues to drill...

Scene Change: Laira's House - evening meal.

O'NEILL: Curling...Big where my grandfather's from in, uh, Northern Minnesota. You throw a big round, kind of slab of rock down this...slab of ice and just sweep... (he stops as he notices Laira just staring at the table) What?

LAIRA: When I was taking your things away today...I thought I heard a sound come from this (she hands him the radio). Perhaps a voice...

Jack takes the radio from her and then he gets up and heads out of the house. Garan follows.

O'NEILL: (into his radio as he approaches the trench where the Stargate once stood, carrying a shovel) This is Colonel Jack O'Neill, come in?

TEAL'C: (over the radio) O'Neill!

O'NEILL: (into the radio) Teal'c! Where the hell are you?

TEAL'C: (over the radio) Attempting to reach the surface...little oxygen remains O'Neill.

O'NEILL: (into the radio) I gotcha on R.D.F. signal. (the radio beeps and the beeping becomes more frequent) I'm right on top of you.

Jack and Garan begin digging in earnest. Teal'c continues to pick away from underneath. Laira approaches as Jack continues to dig. He pauses momentarily to look at her and an unspoken message is sent between them. Then he continues to dig with Garan. Moments later, he and Teal'c create a hole and Jack is able to see Teal'c.

O'NEILL: (smiling, shouting, nearly laughing and digging at the newly created hole with his hands) Teal'c! You are one stubborn son of a bitch!

Scene Change: Edorans arriving home and being greeted by those who stayed behind. Jack is standing in front of the other three members of SG-1. He is still in Edoran garments.

CARTER: So when the third M.A.L.P. sent back just a few seconds of telemetry, we knew the gate was horizton...tal...and... (she stops as Jack is no longer listening, but has moved past her toward Laira) Is he all right?

DANIEL: He's fine...I just don't think he was expecting to go home again. They turn to watch Jack as he approaches Laira.

LAIRA: (to Jack, several yards away from the others) You must be very happy to be going home.

O'NEILL: No, I'm not.

LAIRA: You don't have to...

Sam over hears the exchange and looks away, unable to watch any longer...

O'NEILL: Come with me...

LAIRA: I belong here.

O'NEILL: I'll come back...soon...we still have that treaty to talk about...

LAIRA: Our two worlds are going to be...friends. Jack hugs her and Laira whispers: LAIRA: Closer friends. Fair day and be well.

Jack walks reluctantly away to join the other SG-1 members and Laira crosses her hands and places them on her abdomen and looks down at them. Then she looks in Jack's direction again.

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