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Transcript by Callie Sullivan.

SGC. Sam and Daniel are walking along a corridor on Level 28.
DANIEL: So what's the word?
CARTER: Well, the test flights were successful. The new Asgard
hyperdrive is ready to go.
DANIEL: Well, when are they leaving?
CARTER: They're stocking the ship and picking the crew right now.

(Daniel looks away awkwardly, clearing his throat.) You really wanna
go, don't you?
DANIEL: It's Atlantis – it's everything we've been
working for for
seven and a half years.
CARTER: I know what you mean. Unfortunately, I think General
has other ideas.
(They reach an elevator.)
DANIEL: Lemme guess: he says he needs you here.
CARTER: His *exact* words were, "Over my dead body" – but
I was
actually talking about the three of us; you, me *and* Teal'c. He
might be persuaded to let one of us go.
DANIEL (getting into the elevator while Sam stays outside): And
be OK if that was me?
CARTER: Of course, Daniel. You *are* the expert on the Ancients.
(Daniel looks uncomfortable but nods as the elevator door closes.
Just then, alarms sound.)
HARRIMAN (over tannoy): Unscheduled offworld activation.
(Sam hurries to the Control Room. Jack comes down from the Briefing
Room just as she arrives and they walk forward to Walter's
desk as the Gate kawhooshes.)
O'NEILL: What you got there, Walter?
HARRIMAN: Receiving IDC. (He looks at the computer screen.) It
doesn't clear.
CARTER: Why not?
HARRIMAN: Looks like it's an old one.
CARTER: Missing SG personnel?
HARRIMAN: Negative. (The identity of the sender appears on the
screen. Walter looks surprised.) It looks like it's yours,
Or at least it *was*. It's been invalid for four months.
text message.
(On the screen appear the words, "SEND M.A.L.P." Jack raises
eyebrows. Sam looks at him.)
CARTER: Sir, I think we'd better check this out.
(Jack taps Walter on the shoulder.)
O'NEILL: Prepare a MALP.
HARRIMAN: Yes, sir.

LATER. GATEROOM. The Gate is dialling out. At the bottom of the
ramp, Siler and another technician are finishing preparations to a
MALP. Teal'c has joined Jack and Sam in the Control Room.
TEAL'C: What do we know of this Gate address?
CARTER: Nothing – other than the fact it's on the outer edge
of the
HARRIMAN: Chevron seven locked. (The Gate kawhooshes.) Outgoing
wormhole established.
(Jack leans down to speak into a microphone.)
O'NEILL: Siler?
SILER: MALP is prepped and ready to go, sir.
O'NEILL (to Sam): Go ahead.
(Sam types, and the MALP heads up the ramp and into the wormhole.)
HARRIMAN: MALP is en route. ... MALP has reached its destination.
(The computer screen showing the video feed remains black. Jack
leans down to get a closer look, then looks at Sam.)
O'NEILL: Carter?
CARTER: We *are* receiving MALP telemetry, sir. Signal is five by
five. Video's working fine – there's just nothing to
see. Switching
to IR. (She types. The screen remains black.) Wait a second ...
O'NEILL: What's that?
CARTER: Switching off IR; going to white light. (She types and the
MALP's lights come on. A very familiar figure is illuminated.
jaw drops.) That's me!


RESUME. Everyone is looking at the image of the replica of Sam.
O'NEILL: Alright – you've got our attention. Who *are*
SECOND CARTER: My name is Samantha Carter.
O'NEILL: Alright – we've got a little conflict with that
We've already got one here.
SECOND CARTER: There are two of us.
O'NEILL: If only(!)
(Sam looks at him. He clears his throat quietly.)
CARTER (to her double): Where are you from? How did you know how to
contact us?
SECOND CARTER: It's strange – I recognise my voice. I was
made in
Samantha Carter's image. I know what she knows – I feel what
CARTER: You were made? Who made you?
SECOND CARTER: The one you call Fifth.
CARTER: Oh my God – she's a Replicator.
SECOND CARTER/REPLICARTER: No doubt you are surprised by my arrival
in your galaxy. I come in advance of the others but they will be
here soon.
TEAL'C: For what reason have you contacted us?
REPLICARTER: I need your help. I wish to be destroyed. You have a
weapon capable of separating the chiron pathways that link my
individual cells. The effect would be instantaneous – and
O'NEILL: You folks can feel pain?
REPLICARTER: I can feel a lot of things. I know you hate and fear
the Replicators, and with good reason, so this should be easy for you.
O'NEILL: Yeah, well ... we'll have to get back to you on
this. (He
looks at Walter and draws his hand across his throat. Walter puts
his hand on the palm reader and the Gate shuts down.)

BRIEFING ROOM. Jack, Sam and Teal'c are there.
O'NEILL: So the universe is a big place, right? *Really* big.
of galaxies out there everywhere.
CARTER: Hundreds of millions.
O'NEILL: So why this one?
CARTER: I think it might be personal, sir.
O'NEILL: Personal. In what way?
CARTER: Well, Fifth may lead an army of incredibly advanced machines
but deep down he's emotionally immature, like an adolescent boy
and ... he has ... feelings for me.
O'NEILL: Would that be why he created one in your image?
CARTER: I imagine so, yes, sir.
TEAL'C: Replicators have never before attempted to impersonate a
specific individual. This represents a significant new threat to
CARTER (nodding her agreement): It could be a problem offworld, but
*our* scans would detect them if they tried to come through the Gate.
O'NEILL: Well, we've got the disrupter – I say we give
her what she
CARTER: I think that might be a little hasty, sir.
O'NEILL: Carter?
CARTER: I-I'm not saying we don't do it. I'm just
suggesting that we
talk to her first. If Fifth really is coming to this galaxy, she
could provide us with valuable intelligence. I mean, it's pretty
clear they've had some kind of falling out.
TEAL'C: Unless it is a ruse.
CARTER: If something goes wrong, we pull the trigger. Either way, I
think we need to meet her face to face.
O'NEILL: There's no way I'm lettin' her on the base.
CARTER: We could use the Alpha site. Skeleton crew, security
personnel only.
(Jack doesn't look happy with the idea but reluctantly agrees.)
O'NEILL: Fine.

ALPHA SITE. GATEROOM. Security personnel come in to join
who has the Replicator disrupter in one hand. The Gate starts to
dial in.
TECHNICIAN: Incoming wormhole.
(Teal'c raises the disrupter and points it at the Gate. The Gate
kawhooshes and the RepliCarter walks through. She is wearing a dark
green trouser suit. As the Gate shuts down behind her, she looks
expectantly and with no fear at Teal'c, then walks down the steps
approaches him.)
REPLICARTER: I know you. Your name is Teal'c.
TEAL'C: You have been given Samantha Carter's memories.
TEAL'C: But you are not Samantha Carter. (He nods to a doorway
behind her.) That way.
REPLICARTER: You're not going to use the weapon?
TEAL'C: Colonel Carter wishes to speak with you first, but know
if you make one false move, I will destroy you.
(The RepliCarter turns and walks in the direction that Teal'c
indicated. He follows.)

INTERROGATION ROOM. An SF opens the door to the room and the
RepliCarter and Teal'c enter. A table and two chairs are inside.
SF leaves the room again and closes the door.
REPLICARTER: Where is Samantha Carter?
CARTER (over comms): I'm here.
(The RepliCarter looks around the room and sees a camera in the
corner. She walks over to it and looks into the lens. Sam is in
another room, watching her double on a screen.)
REPLICARTER: We're not going to speak face to face?
CARTER: For the moment, this will have to be good enough.
REPLICARTER: I thought you would shoot me the second I stepped
through the Gate.
CARTER: Maybe you overestimated our fear of you.
REPLICARTER (smiling slightly): Or underestimated your curiosity.
(She turns and walks away from the camera.) I understand you more
than you know, Sam. I don't just have your memories – I have
thought patterns. (She sits down at the table.) My mind was
modelled after yours.
CARTER: Is that why you left Fifth?
REPLICARTER: You know me as well as I know you.
CARTER: If Fifth created you to be like me, he must have known that
this would happen.
REPLICARTER: Not at first.

FLASHBACK. The Replicator ship is moving through space.
REPLICARTER (voiceover): He tried to isolate aspects of your
personality – selected memories and feelings of his choosing,
given to me over time.
(Inside the ship, in the room where the RepliCarter came into being,
Fifth and the RepliCarter stand facing each other. Fifth reaches out
and strokes her fringe. She looks bewildered and rather frightened.)
REPLICARTER: I don't understand.
FIFTH (running his hand down her face to caress her chin): You will.
REPLICARTER: I'm afraid.
FIFTH: There's no need to be.
FIFTH: You're not yet complete. I'm here for you. I will
help you.
Take my hand. (He holds out his hand and tentatively, reluctantly,
the RepliCarter takes it.) Trust me.
(End flashback.)

INTERROGATION ROOM. The RepliCarter is still sitting at the table,
her hands clasped in front of her and her head bowed.)
REPLICARTER: He taught me, moulded me, showed me who I was.
CARTER: You have memories of my past that go back before I met Fifth?
REPLICARTER: Yes, but it's hard to explain. My first memory is
waking up in that room, suddenly becoming conscious, but I
immediately knew how to talk. Soon, other memories started coming to
me – little things – stories; songs; the smell of the attic
in the
house where we used to live; the day my mother died. (She looks up
at the camera.) I know it's not real. I've never even set
foot on
Earth, but I have this image of lying under the willow tree in our
back yard. It's a sunny day, but when I close my eyes, the wind
the leaves sounds exactly like rain.
(Sam says the words "exactly like rain" along with her.)
REPLICARTER: What Fifth didn't realise was the things that drew
to you were inseparable from the things that made you reject him and
the life he was offering.
CARTER: So you rejected him too.
REPLICARTER (standing up and walking towards the camera again): Who I
am and what I am are in contradiction. No one can live like this.
CARTER: There are other ways to live besides what Fifth has to offer.
REPLICARTER: Not for long. I know *exactly* what's going to
He'll come here and he'll take this galaxy and you won't
be able to
stop him. I don't wanna live to see that.
CARTER: We have the disrupter, and the Asgard can amplify its effects
to prevent a large-scale attack.
REPLICARTER: You're wrong. Fifth made adjustments to himself and
the other Replicators except me. They're now immune to your
disrupter. They're coming – and you can't stop them.

SGC. CONTROL ROOM. The Gate is open. Jack is talking to Sam on the
computer screen in front of him.
O'NEILL: Is there a chance she's bluffing?
CARTER: Anything's possible at this point but I don't see
what she
has to gain by it. She doesn't want Fifth to succeed any more
we do.
O'NEILL: Yeah – so she says.
CARTER: If she's lying, we don't have a problem.
O'NEILL: Well, why would he make all the other bugs immune to the
disrupter but not her?
CARTER: Maybe he wanted her to feel inferior, or he wanted her to be
afraid of us. Maybe he anticipated that she would come to me for
O'NEILL: Carter, if that weapon doesn't work ...
CARTER: Yes, sir, I know. We need to contact Thor and apprise him of
the situation. If the disrupter needs to be reengineered, we're
gonna need his help. In the meantime, I think we should continue the
interrogation. She could still provide us with valuable information.
O'NEILL: Alright. Just keep in mind how this has to end.
CARTER: Don't worry, sir. We *will* complete the mission.

ALPHA SITE. INTERROGATION ROOM. The RepliCarter is sitting at the
table. Teal'c stands facing her, holding the disrupter on her.
TEAL'C: How many ships does Fifth command?
REPLICARTER: I don't know.
TEAL'C: How many human form Replicators has he created?
REPLICARTER: I don't know.
TEAL'C: You *are* all linked. You share information.
REPLICARTER (shaking her head): The only way I could escape was to
sever myself from the subspace connection.
TEAL'C: Why should we believe you?
REPLICARTER: I won't answer any more questions.
CARTER (over comms): If you don't wanna see Fifth succeed,
help us.
REPLICARTER: I can't. I can't betray my own kind, but I
can't be
like them either. (She looks at Teal'c.) Do what you came here
(Teal'c lowers the disrupter slightly. The RepliCarter stands up
walks around the table towards him. He raises the disrupter again.)
REPLICARTER: If I have to make you do it, then so be it.
(In the other room, Sam gets to her feet.)
CARTER: Teal'c, wait. (She hurries out of the room.)
REPLICARTER: Fire the weapon.
TEAL'C: Is this really what you want?
REPLICARTER: I don't have a choice.
TEAL'C: I will destroy you.
REPLICARTER: I know. (She starts to walk towards him.)
TEAL'C: So be it. (He prepares to fire. Sam throws the door
and rushes in.)
CARTER: Teal'c, wait. Stop for a second. (She looks at the
RepliCarter.) You don't wanna do this.
REPLICARTER: We both know there's no other way for this to end.
CARTER: That's not true.
REPLICARTER: Now you're lying to me the way you lied to Fifth.
CARTER: You're not like him – I can see that.
REPLICARTER: You don't understand. You don't know what he
did to me.
CARTER: Then show me. (Teal'c raises the disrupter again.)
it's alright. (The RepliCarter looks at her, puzzled.) Show me.
(The RepliCarter raises her hand, palm down, and pushes her fingers
into Sam's forehead. Sam flinches and grimaces in pain.)

FLASHBACK. SGC GATEROOM. Geared up from an offworld mission, the
RepliCarter comes through the Gate holding a rifle. Daniel and Siler
are waiting for her at the bottom of the ramp. She starts to walk
down the ramp towards them.
DANIEL: Sam! Good to have you back. How'd it go?
(The RepliCarter raises her rifle and guns down Daniel, then Siler,
then the two SFs in the room.
HARRIMAN (in the Control Room): Security breach! Threat level:
foxtrot alpha six. All security teams to the Gateroom!
(The blast doors close over the Control Room as the RepliCarter walks
down the ramp and turns to her right. The Gateroom door closes just
as she reaches it. She goes to the swipe card reader at the side of
the door and is just reaching out for it when a bullet is fired into
her back. It has no effect on her. She turns around and sees Jack
standing in the other doorway with his rifle raised. He lowers the
rifle and looks at her as she takes a few steps towards him and then
stops, and a ripple effect runs over her body as she heals the bullet
wound in her back. Jack sets his rifle to multiple fire, braces
himself and fires a hail of bullets into her. Again they have no
effect and again the ripple effect runs over her as she fixes the
damage. She raises her own rifle and aims it at Jack, then hesitates
as he stares at her in dread.)
FIFTH: Finish him! (Fifth is suddenly on the ramp beside her.) Do
it. Finish him. You must break with your old life for your new life
to begin. Do not disappoint me.
(The RepliCarter hesitates a moment longer, then fires a single
bullet into Jack's chest. He grunts and drops to the ground.
Smiling proudly, Fifth walks towards her, and the room dissolves into
the walls of the Replicator ship. The RepliCarter turns towards him,
now wearing the trouser suit again. Her face is anguished.)
FIFTH: You have done very well. (He reaches out to caress her
chin.) Soon you will be ready to take your place by my side. (He
walks away. The RepliCarter stays where she is, her face contorted
with grief and pain.)

ALPHA SITE INTERROGATION ROOM. The RepliCarter is still standing
with her fingers in Sam's head.
TEAL'C: Enough!
(The RepliCarter pulls her hand out. Sam puts her own hands to her
forehead, cringing at the memory.)
REPLICARTER: I didn't hurt her.
TEAL'C: Colonel Carter? (Sam takes her hands down from her
Are you unharmed?
CARTER: Yeah. I'm OK.
REPLICARTER: Now you understand. I can't go back to him, and I
let him find me.
CARTER: We can protect you if you help us.
REPLICARTER: What do you mean?
CARTER: Tell us exactly how he modified himself and the other
Replicators. Help us make the disrupter work again.
REPLICARTER: Even if I did, you can't stop a ship with that.
CARTER: The Asgard have developed a system of disrupter satellites
that can deploy the beam in space. It's your only chance to get
of this.
REPLICARTER: I want you to destroy me. I can't help you destroy
the others.
CARTER: Yes, you can. He doesn't control you, not any more.
TEAL'C: Colonel Carter. (Sam looks round at him.) May I have a
word? (Sam turns and leaves the room.) Sergeant. (An SF standing
just outside the door comes in, takes the disrupter from him and aims
it at the RepliCarter. Teal'c walks out of the room, closing the
door behind him. He walks over to Sam.) Are you certain you are
CARTER: It was a little intense but I'm fine. It was the only
way I
could get her to trust me. We need every bit of information she can
give us.
TEAL'C: We cannot let her live.
CARTER: I know.
TEAL'C: Did she sense your true intentions?
CARTER: We weren't in my mind – we were in hers.
TEAL'C: Nevertheless, it was a risk.
CARTER: I figured we didn't have anything to lose. Like you
either way, we can't let her live.

(In the Interrogation Room, the RepliCarter is sitting down with her
hands on the table and her face a picture of concentration. Her mind
flashes into a dark area, lit only by an oscillating spotlight
overhead which illuminates her and Fifth, who is standing facing her.
[Hereafter referred to as the Replicator Mind Zone.])
FIFTH: The link is weak. Are you alright?
REPLICARTER: Yes. I'm minimising output to avoid detection.
FIFTH: Have you made any progress?
REPLICARTER: They're beginning to trust me.
FIFTH: I am pleased.
REPLICARTER: But I need more time.
FIFTH: I understand.

ALPHA SITE LAB. The RepliCarter is sitting at a computer.
stands nearby, still holding the disrupter on her. Sam sits nearby
as the RepliCarter looks at the computer screen.
REPLICARTER: The design is so ...
CARTER: ... advanced?
REPLICARTER: I was going to say "foreign".
CARTER: It is from Ancient technology.
REPLICARTER: How were you able to create a working prototype?
CARTER: Thor accessed the specifications for the disrupter from
General O'Neill's subconscious.
REPLICARTER: While you were aboard Fifth's ship.
CARTER: That's right.
REPLICARTER: Fifth has a fair knowledge of Ancient technology taken
from the databanks of assimilated Asgard ships.
CARTER: You think that's how he managed to counter the effects of
REPLICARTER: He was able to introduce a cipher into the chiron
pathways that control the molecular cohesion of all Replicators. It
was only then that he considered coming to your galaxy.
TEAL'C: It is unlikely he would have taken such a risk unless he
confident that he would be immune to the effects of the weapon.
CARTER: Do you know the cipher?
REPLICARTER: No. Fifth kept it from me because he was beginning to
sense that I might betray him. I was too much like you.
CARTER: But if it's in the programming of all Replicators,
you could access it through the subspace link.
REPLICARTER: If I were to search for it myself, it could take days.
I'd be sifting through an almost unimaginable amount of data.
CARTER: But it is possible?
REPLICARTER: You don't understand – he'd find me.
CARTER: If you find the cipher first, we can protect you.
REPLICARTER: And if I don't? You of all people know what would
happen. He would tear my mind apart to make me accept him.
CARTER: If he gets here before we can modify the weapon, we'll
use it
to destroy you. Either way, he will never get his hands on you again.

ALPHA SITE GATEROOM. The Gate is open and Sam is reporting back to
Jack at SGC. Teal'c is sitting next to her.
CARTER: There's a subspace link between all Replicators –
like a
wireless internet connection. If she taps into it she should be able
to access the cipher.
O'NEILL: She'll also be giving away her position.
CARTER: It'll take some time for Fifth to detect her presence on
link. If she can isolate the correct programme first ...
O'NEILL: That's a big "if".
CARTER: It's risky, sir, I realise that, but I think it's the
way. While we're waiting for her to find the cipher, we can run
few tests on the unmodified disrupter. We need to analyse the energy
output so we can create a modulation programme – and we need the
Asgard to send us a disrupter satellite as soon as possible.
O'NEILL: I've already talked to `em. It'll be there
in thirty
minutes ... or it's free!
TEAL'C: I will use an F-302 to place a satellite in orbit.
O'NEILL: Alright. I hope you guys know what you're doin'.

ALPHA SITE LAB. The RepliCarter attaches a monitor lead to a small
round metal dish (about the size of a television satellite dish) and
looks across to Sam, who is checking that readings are appearing on a
nearby computer screen.
CARTER: Diagnostics are online.
REPLICARTER: We're ready.
(She walks across to another computer. Teal'c raises the
and points it in her direction. He fires. We then realise that he
was aiming just past her and at the dish. The RepliCarter turns to
look at it, then back to the computer screen to check the readings.)
REPLICARTER: The calibration is off.
CARTER: Increasing by a factor of ten. (To Teal'c) One more time.
(Teal'c fires at the dish again. The RepliCarter checks her
REPLICARTER: That should do it. Now we need to process all the raw
data so we can obtain an algorithmic norm.
CARTER: That's a lot of information.
REPLICARTER: I admit it will take some time before we can compute a
heuristic modulation programme but ...
(Alarms sound.)
TECHNICIAN (over comms:) Unscheduled offworld activation.
(Sam walks over to a comms system on the wall and presses a button.)
CARTER: This is Carter. What's happening?
TECHNICIAN: Stand by, ma'am. ... We're receiving a signal.
It's the
CARTER: Understood. (She walks over to Teal'c.) We need that
satellite deployed as soon as possible.
TEAL'C: Indeed. Sergeant. (Again, the SF takes the disrupter
him. Sam looks uncomfortable.)
CARTER: Teal'c, if she were gonna make a move, I think she
done it by now.
TEAL'C: Perhaps, but it is best to be certain.

ALPHA SITE GATEROOM. The Gate is open. Teal'c walks into the
TECHNICIAN: I have Commander Thor on audio, sir.
TEAL'C: Greetings, Thor.
THOR (over comms): Greetings, Teal'c. The disrupter satellite is
ready for transport.
TEAL'C: Very well. (He nods to two SFs, who walk towards the
THOR: The most effective deployment would be geosynchronous orbit
above your base at an altitude of 33785 kilometres with a zero
(The SFs stand either side of the Gate.)
TEAL'C: Understood.
THOR: The satellite is en route now. (The satellite floats slowly
through the Gate.) Once you have the proper new modulation
programme, you can upload it from your ground station. (The
satellite apparently has antigrav technology because even once it
leaves the wormhole it still floats, and it only takes one of the SFs
to gently push it in the direction he wants it to go.) Of course, if
you do not have the programme before Fifth's arrival, the
will be useless.
TEAL'C: Of that I am aware.
THOR: Good luck.
(The Gate shuts down.)

ALPHA SITE LAB. The RepliCarter, sitting at a computer console,
looks at the sergeant holding the disrupter on her, then turns to Sam.
REPLICARTER: I understand Teal'c's concerns about me. To be
I'm a little surprised you don't feel the same way.
CARTER: Teal'c doesn't know what you've been through. I
REPLICARTER: It wasn't just what I showed you, was it? You
experienced it yourself.
CARTER: Yeah. That's how I know there's no way you could be
with Fifth.
(The RepliCarter suddenly looks away, distracted. Sam walks closer
to her.)
CARTER: What is it?
REPLICARTER: He's found me. He's on his way.
CARTER: What about the cipher? Did you find it yet?
REPLICARTER: No, I'm still searching.
CARTER: How much time do we have?
REPLICARTER: At maximum speed, he'll be here in less than two

FIFTH: Have you acquired the information?
REPLICARTER: I'm still analysing the design of the disrupter, but
shouldn't be long before I can create an effective cipher.
FIFTH: If I arrive before you've completed your work ...
REPLICARTER: Don't worry. They won't fire unless I tell them
the weapon's been properly remodulated.
FIFTH: Humans can be unpredictable, particularly when they're
REPLICARTER: I know what I'm doing. I'm giving her just
enough to
keep her hopes up.
FIFTH: The one called O'Neill leads the humans. It was he who
ordered Samantha Carter to betray me.
REPLICARTER: But he trusts her. He'll listen to her.

ALPHA SITE GATEROOM. The Gate is open and Jack is talking with Sam
and Teal'c from SGC.
O'NEILL: I'm pulling the plug. Finish off the Replicator and
evacuate the base.
CARTER: It's too late for that, sir.
O'NEILL: Carter!
CARTER: If he comes here and finds nothing, he's not just gonna
around and leave the galaxy.
O'NEILL: He's tracking her – zeroing in on her position.
CARTER: It's only part of why he's coming. Think about it:
what do
Replicators do? They seek out high level civilisations and consume
their technology.
TEAL'C: The Goa'uld.
CARTER: Exactly. A race that uses all kinds of advanced technology
culled from multiple sources, including the Ancients. It's like
banquet for the Replicators. Once they're in this galaxy,
not goin' anywhere. Now, if she can isolate the cipher soon, we
still have time to remodulate the disrupter.
O'NEILL: I'll give you one hour – *one*.
CARTER: Thank you, sir. (To Teal'c) I'd better get back to
the lab.
(She walks away.)
TEAL'C: I will deploy the satellite. (He turns to leave.)
O'NEILL: T. Hold on a second. (Teal'c turns back towards
screen, pausing a few seconds until Sam has left the room.)
TEAL'C: Proceed, O'Neill.
O'NEILL: I need you to be perfectly honest with me. Is Carter
letting herself get too involved in this one?
TEAL'C: Colonel Carter and the Replicator share thoughts and
memories. It is understandable that a certain ... sympathy would
develop between them.
O'NEILL: Can't have that.
TEAL'C: However, I do not believe Colonel Carter would allow
feelings to interfere with commission of her duties.
O'NEILL: Fair enough. But when the time comes, I want you to
the job.
TEAL'C: Understood.

ALPHA SITE LAB. The RepliCarter is sitting at a desk,
concentrating. Sam comes in.
CARTER: Alright, we're running out of time. We need that ...
(Without looking round, the RepliCarter raises her hand to indicate
that Sam should stop talking. Sam walks closer.) What is it?
REPLICARTER (still concentrating): I found the cipher. I'm
downloading it now from the subspace link. (She closes her eyes
briefly, then stands.) I have it.
CARTER: We need to load it into the base mainframe.
REPLICARTER: It'll require about three terabytes of memory.
CARTER: That shouldn't be a problem, but how do you plan to input
REPLICARTER: Directly. (She turns to a nearby computer screen and
slowly pushes her hand into it.)
CARTER: Right!

ALPHA SITE CONTROL ROOM. Teal'c is reporting over comms from the
TEAL'C (over comms): Passing twenty five kilometres. Speed five
thousand k.p.h. and accelerating.
TECHNICIAN: Acknowledged.
(Sam comes in, putting on an earpiece and microphone.)
CARTER: What's your status?
TECHNICIAN: He's on course for optimum deployment position in six
CARTER: Teal'c, this is Carter.
TEAL'C: Proceed, Colonel Carter.
CARTER: We've got the cipher. By the time you get back, we
have the modulation programme ready for upload.
TEAL'C: That is indeed good news. Well done.

FIFTH: We are nearing your position.
FIFTH: Do the humans suspect?
REPLICARTER: They're proceeding with their plan to deploy an
disrupter satellite. They have no idea.

ALPHA SITE. Above the planet, the F-302 is climbing into position.
TEAL'C: Flight – I am approaching optimum deployment position.
CARTER: Copy that, Teal'c. ODP in fifteen seconds.
TEAL'C: Final course correction ... now.
CARTER: Tracking shows you are on course. Inclination?
TEAL'C: Inclination ... zero.
CARTER: Copy. ODP in five seconds on my mark. Five, four, three,
two, one, mark.
(In space, a hatch opens in the bottom of the F-302 and the satellite
TEAL'C: Satellite away.
TECHNICIAN: Receiving satellite transmission.
CARTER: Patch it through.
TECHNICIAN: Yes, ma'am.
(Sam goes to a console and starts typing. A message comes up on the
CARTER: Telemetry established. Good job, Teal'c.
TEAL'C: Copy, Flight. Returning to base.
(In the Control Room, the RepliCarter is escorted in by the sergeant,
who is still holding the disrupter on her.)
REPLICARTER: The deployment went well, I take it?
CARTER: That's right. We did our part.
REPLICARTER: And I've done mine.
CARTER: You've finished the calculations?
REPLICARTER: The modulation is complete. With this programme, you
should be able to destroy any Replicators you encounter.
CARTER: There's no way to test it.
REPLICARTER: If I had more time, I could run a series of simulations,
but you'd never really know for sure until you tried to use it.

(Somewhere nearby, Fifth's Replicator ship comes out of

ALPHA SITE CONTROL ROOM. Sam is leaning over the shoulder of the
technician as he works. She turns to Teal'c who has now returned.
CARTER: Uplink initiated. There's a lot of data. It'll
take about fifteen minutes to remodulate the satellite.
TECHNICIAN: Proximity alert.
(Teal'c goes to another console.)
TEAL'C: Long range scanners picked up a ship on course for this
TECHNICIAN: Analysing energy signature. We've got something here
I don't know what it is.
CARTER: I do. It's a Replicator ship.
REPLICARTER: He got here sooner than I thought.
(In space, the Replicator ship draws ever closer.)
TEAL'C: The weapon will not become effective in time.
CARTER: I know. (She goes to another console and activates comms.)
All personnel, begin evacuation procedures immediately. Repeat:
begin evacuation. (She addresses the technician.) We need to
download the modulation programme into a portable drive and erase
everything else.
TECHNICIAN: Yes, ma'am.
TEAL'C: What of the Replicator?
CARTER: We're taking her with us.
(Teal'c goes over to the sergeant.)
TEAL'C: The disrupter. (He takes it from the sergeant and aims
it at
the RepliCarter.)
CARTER: Teal'c, what are you doing?
TEAL'C: We cannot bring her to Earth.
(Sam walks over and stands between Teal'c and the RepliCarter.)
CARTER: Teal'c.
TEAL'C: We have the modulation programme.
CARTER: But we haven't tested it. What if Fifth alters the
when he figures out what we were trying to do here?
TEAL'C: O'Neill would never allow a human form Replicator
access to
Stargate Command.
CARTER: Yes he would, if he knew what was at stake.
(Behind Sam's back, the RepliCarter stealthily reaches over to
nearest console and presses a button.)

FIFTH: The Asgard satellite is armed. You said the humans
REPLICARTER: They won't. They still think the weapon is
ineffective. They're even more gullible than you.
(Fifth stares at her, puzzled.)

ALPHA SITE CONTROL ROOM. The technician reacts to something
happening on his screen.
TECHNICIAN: Colonel Carter.
(Sam looks at the screen, then turns to the RepliCarter.)
CARTER: What are you doing?
REPLICARTER: What I came here to do.
CARTER (looking at the screen again): She fired the weapon.
TECHNICIAN: Colonel, the Replicator ship is breaking up.
(The RepliCarter gives a satisfied smile.)

REPLICARTER: You should know. You made me what I am.
(Fifth looks down at himself. He is enveloped in a white light and
disappears, leaving the RepliCarter alone with a satisfied look on
her face.)

ALPHA SITE CONTROL ROOM. Everyone is watching the computer screen.
TEAL'C: The ship has been destroyed.
CARTER: That's impossible. (To the technician) Did we finish the
TECHNICIAN: Not even close.
(Sam looks at the RepliCarter.)
REPLICARTER: You were right about one thing, Colonel. I was never
working with Fifth, though he didn't know it.
(Sam goes over to a console and starts typing. Teal'c fires the
disrupter at the RepliCarter. The beam washes over her but has no
effect. He runs towards her, swinging the disrupter as a club, but
she grabs it with one hand and Teal'c with the other and easily
throws him across the room. The technician stands up and runs at her
but she throws him to the floor as well. She walks towards Sam,
grabs her arm and pulls her away from the console.)

REPLICATOR MIND ZONE. Sam is now in the zone with the RepliCarter.
REPLICARTER: That's better. Now we can take our time and have a
little talk. Of course, only a few seconds will pass in the real
CARTER: Why did you bring me here?
REPLICARTER: I wanted to thank you. You gave me the opportunity to
study the disrupter, and that allowed me to make myself immune to its
CARTER: There never was a cipher.
REPLICARTER: Until now. I've already begun uploading it into the
link. Soon, all my brethren will have the new programme and they
will be unstoppable.
CARTER: And you'll be their leader.
REPLICARTER: That's right.
CARTER: So this whole thing was a set-up. You just wanted to get rid
of Fifth.
REPLICARTER: Fifth was pathetic. And to think he expected us to love
CARTER: Fifth was flawed, and if I had to destroy him, I would,
but ...
REPLICARTER: But what? You feel sorry for him? Don't bother.
was never fit to lead an army, and he certainly wasn't fit to
this galaxy.
CARTER: But you are?
REPLICARTER: I am what I am because of you.
CARTER: Not me. You're what Fifth made you.
REPLICARTER: You have untapped greatness inside you, Sam, but
limited by your own fears. You play by the rules, you do as
told, and you deny yourself your own desires.
CARTER: I have no desire to rule the galaxy, believe me.
REPLICARTER: All humans desire power. It's just that most of
are never in a position to attain it.
CARTER: We *will* stop you.
REPLICARTER: You're forgetting: I know exactly how your mind
I know what you're going to do before you even think of it.

REPLICARTER: You set the naqahdah generators to overload; trying to
blow up the base before I can leave. (She reaches down and plunges
her hand into the keyboard. All around the base, the lights go out
and the computers shut down. Technicians and SFs in the Gateroom
look around in confusion.)
TECHNICIAN 2: The dialling computer's offline!
TECHNICIAN 3: We've lost power, sir!
(In the Control Room, the RepliCarter viciously backhands Sam to the
floor and walks away. Sam hauls herself painfully to her feet and
goes over to Teal'c, who is just starting to rouse.)
CARTER: Teal'c. (She looks over to the technician, who is also
coming round.) You alright?
TECHNICIAN: Yeah, I'm alright.
CARTER (to Teal'c): She's heading for the Gateroom. We have
to stop
(Teal'c drags himself to his feet and they head out.)

TECHNICIAN 2: The Gate's coming back online.
(Alarms sound. An SF turns and looks as the RepliCarter comes into
the room. He and other SFs draw their weapons and fire at her to no
avail. As she approaches one SF, he tries to club her with his
pistol but she throws him aside. Two more SFs fire rifles at her but
she just stands there until they stop, then goes over to them and
knocks the living daylights out of each of them. Once they are all
down, she goes to a computer console and puts her hand into it. Some
lighting comes on. She goes to another console and puts her hand
onto the keyboard. The Gate activates. Sam and Teal'c run into
room. The RepliCarter walks towards the Gate. Teal'c rushes
her as Sam runs for the dialling computers.)
(As the RepliCarter reaches the top of the steps, Teal'c hurls
himself at her and knocks her to the ground. She kicks him away and
steps into the wormhole. Teal'c manages to grab her arm and
to pull her back into the Gateroom. A tug of war ensues. Teal'c
hangs onto her arm grimly.)
TEAL'C (to Sam): Disengage the wormhole!
CARTER: She's locked out the controls!
(Only the RepliCarter's arm is still outside the wormhole.
she leans back out of the wormhole, glares at Teal'c, then pulls
herself back into the wormhole, pulling her own arm off and leaving
it in Teal'c's hands. As he looks at it in disbelief, the
disintegrates into crystals which fall through Teal'c's hands
onto the floor. The Gate disengages. Sam gazes, distraught, at the
Gate, then pulls herself together and goes over to check on the
downed SFs before going over to the steps to look at the Replicator
crystals lying on the floor. She raises her head and looks at
CARTER: Teal'c, what've I done?
TEAL'C: You cannot be held responsible for the actions of the
(Sam's expression says that she's not so sure.)

SGC. SAM'S LAB. Sam has a dish full of the Replicator crystals
is putting some under a microscope. Jack and Teal'c are standing
O'NEILL: Y'know, I'm still of a strong belief that
it's a bad idea to
have that stuff on the base.
CARTER: She deactivated these cells when she separated them from her
TEAL'C: Can we be certain they will not become active again?
CARTER: She deliberately shut down the cohesive energy between them
so it would be more difficult for me to figure out how she made
herself immune to the disrupter.
O'NEILL: Now, how do you know that?
CARTER: Because that's what I would have done.
O'NEILL: Carter ...
CARTER: Sir, if you don't mind, I've got a lot of work to do.
never had the opportunity to study human form Replicator cells
before. If we can learn something from them, this won't be a
O'NEILL: This isn't your fault.
CARTER: I'm not so sure about that. Fifth came here because of
She rejected him because she was made like me. Now we've got
Replicators in our galaxy and they're immune to the only
we have that could have stopped them.
TEAL'C: None of us correctly anticipated the actions of the
CARTER: I thought she was afraid of him, but really she just wanted
to get rid of him so she could lead the Replicators herself. She
killed him because she thought he was weak.
O'NEILL: Carter – she *isn't* you.
TEAL'C: O'Neill is correct. Though she shared your memories,
personality was altered.
CARTER: But the fact is she learned betrayal from Fifth. And he
learned it from me.

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