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Le 4eme Cavalier de l'Apocalypse 1/2


SCENE: Jackson and Mitchell, walk down corridor after a long work out on the Basketball court.

MITCHELL: Nah…I'm just saying its pure ego…

JACKSON: Pure ego…I dunno…at that level of enlightenment? *throws towel over shoulder* I mean Arrogance is about pleasure…right?

Wallowing in the pride of ones achievements…

MITCHELL: well…you don't think that getting a whole galaxy to bow down and worship you is something to write home about?

JACKSON: no I'm just saying that ascended beings that I've met have pretty much all the satisfaction anyone could need they don't need to…lord it over us…like…they kinda look at us the way we look at bugs…insignificant…amusing…

MITCHELL: yeah no…


MITCHELL: yeah look I…i…i…get what you're saying but…*sniffs* damn…

*sniffs his arm pit, Jackson now doing the Same…* that…*sniff* that smell…is that you?

JACKSON: nope. Uh uh… *they pass Gateroom, SG team, just returned dressed in muck covered village clothes.* don't think so…

MITCHELL: Oh Barnes right…of course…I should of known that stench was you

BARNES: very funny Mitchell. Been undercover of P2X 885. 10,000 poverty stricken peasants only one fresh water well…

FISHER: Not to mention a 130 degrees in the shade…

MITCHELL: well…you might want to think about taking a shower before you debrief Landry.

FISHER: Right after Lam clears us.

JACKSON: Yeah lucky her.

FISHER: *grins* Maybe if we're lucky she'll give us all a sponge bath

BARNES: I wouldn't repeat that around the General, lt.

MITCHELL: I wouldn't repeat that around me.

FISHER: Sorry sir. *Mitchell glares, then he and Jackson head off*

BARNES: Let's go.

FISHER: Ok…seriously what's his problem…

BARNES: Aside from the fact that's a completely inappropriate comment? Lam is Landry's daughter

FISHER: Sir I'm sorry…I didn't

BARNES: Know when to Shut up Lt.

MITCHELL: *half way down corridor, shouts back* Hey… Colonel…How'd it go by the way?

BARNES: not good. 885's gone Ori. *heads off*

MITCHELL: Third planet this month.

SCENE: Dakara. Gerak sits in his "office" reading, Yat'yir enters.

GERAK: I asked not to be disturbed.

YAT'YIR: Forgive me…but he is here. *Turns to reveal a prior. Gerak stays clutching the book of origin…*

GERAK: Greetings.

PRIOR: Have you contemplated your destiny?

GERAK: I have read from the book…and I find it to be most…

illuminating PRIOR: oncaris and the river, and the people from the low valley were freed from the yoke of an iron serpent who ruled over them without mercy…you see this as more than mere coincidence?

GERAK: You suggested this prophecy?

PRIOR: Such is wisdom granted by true enlightenment and the road we all must take.

GERAK: Many Jaffa are without face…and direction… fed by the lies and betrayal of those who have enslaved us

PRIOR: You've been burned by evil…but do not let that keep you from the warmth and light of the eternal flame…let origin show you the way.

GERAK: I'm merely saying that uh…It may still take some time…for other Jaffa to see origin…as I have come to see it. But…I vow to spread the word of the Ori to all Jaffa. *Yat'yir stares disbelieving.*

PRIOR: Hallowed are the Ori

GERAK: Hallowed… are the Ori


SCENE: Briefing room, Jackson flicking through a file that's as thick as a book, rest of SG-1 seated at table, Landry walks out to them.

LANDRY: Colonel Carter. I've read your proposal

CARTER: and?

LANDRY: and…I'm not exactly sure what an aneurism feels like but… I suspect I'm pretty close.

MITCHELL: oh boy…I'm glad I'm not the only one…

LANDRY: can you put this in Laments terms?

CARTER: well simply speaking sir…based on the research that was done on Anubis' genetic experiment Khalek…we believe we may be close to developing…a technology that can inhibit a priors special abilities…

MITCHELL: are we talking about an anti prior gun here…because I don't remember *flick through file* seeing the word gun anywhere…in here…

CARTER: well…it wouldn't be a gun exactly…but that is kind of what made us think it was possible…

JACKSON: Because I was able to shoot Khalek while he was focused on defending himself from…*points at Mitchell*…you

CARTER: Which meant he wasn't omnipotent…

LANDRY: You think the Priors are the Same…

CARTER: We've identified specific potions of the brain that were active when khalek was using his unique abilities…

JACKSON: Now he had those abilities because he was at a much higher evolved state very close to ascension… now…we're hoping that the Ori are affecting the priors in much the Same way.

CARTER: Dr Lee and I are working on a way of targeting and neutralizing those higher brain functions…using a field generator emitting fluctuating ultrasonic frequencies…

LANDRY: And my headache was just going away…

CARTER: I don't want to sound…overly optimistic sir…but I think we may be close to testing in a couple of days.

LANDRY: hmmm…I would like to report that something positive came out of that whole Khalek situation…

CARTER: Yes sir…

LANDRY: Keep me posted. *they all stand as he leaves…*

CARTER: *sits, small frown*…he didn't look too impressed…

MITCHELL: Oh trust me…anti-prior gun…would have gone down better…

CARTER: *takes a deep breath* yeah…

SCENE: Dakara, in the high council Chamber. Gerak addressing the council! Bra'tac's there!!

GERAK: if the Jaffa at Kalana had heeded the wisdom of the priors they would all still be alive today.

BRA'TAC: *stands* The Jaffa at Kalanna were defending themselves against the military incursion. The Ori were attempting to construct a means via which to invade our galaxy and attack us.

GERAK: they offered us the wisdom of the ages *tapping book of origin* and everlasting life…and we met that with Force *Teal'c enters*

BRA'TAC: were their actions not justified? Thousands of lives were lost.

GERAK: all the more reason why we should respect their power.

BRA'TAC: if you are suggesting we have no other choice but to acquiesce that would be cowardice. *Gerak heads for Bra'tac*

TEAL'C: Gerak!!

GERAK: *looks at Teal'c, then at Bra'tac, he holds up book of origin* I believe their intentions are pure. They offer us enlightenment…knowledge…salvation…all of these things can be ours if we have the courage to embrace our destiny.

KA'LEL: *stands* I believe a recess is in order. The council will deliberate on Gerak's proposal.

Gerak and the council members leave the chamber… Teal'c walks over to Bra'tac the two sit.

TEAL'C: I came as soon as I heard.

BRA'TAC: Gerak has proposed that the religion of the Ori should be adopted by all Jaffa

TEAL'C: as law?

BRA'TAC: *nods* to be taught to our children…its benedictions and traditions followed to the letter. Should it be ratified by the council all Jaffa have no choice but to accept the Ori as gods.

TEAL'C: true belief cannot be legislated. Surely the council must know this is beyond their purview.

BRA'TAC: but Gerak seems to have swayed many. He is convinced that the Ori represent the true gods we have all sort for generations…and that only by worshipping them can we finally find peace and enlightenment.

TEAL'C: then he is a fool and must be revealed as such.

BRA'TAC: Gerak is many things…but he is no fool Teal'c. because of us… too many Jaffa now know that the ancients of this galaxy will never offer us a quick path to ascension TEAL'C: still…the Ori are not the answer

BRA'TAC: no… but Gerak is old…as are many of the council… for them the Ori represent hope for life beyond that which we now know…for that reason alone this proposal will carry weight…

SCENE: Lee sits by his monitor as Carter walks over to her own

LEE: A couple of days?

CARTER: well…we'll just have to…roll up our sleeves and burn some midnight oil if we have to…

LEE: Midnight oil…why didn't you just tell him we'd come up with a viable mean of creating cold fusion while you're at it…

CARTER: …sure if you've got something *grins, winding him up*

LEE: *chuckles*…no…uh look…I mean…all we have is a bunch of uncorrelated data *Carter in background sticking in earphones* and…

and a theory…I mean I admit…it's a pretty…a pretty sound theory …if you pardon the pun *giggles to himself…* ultrasonic waves…ah…that's good…anyways its going to be a matter of months before we get…get it…

*as if realizing something* oh…I see…I understand… this is your first project back…from area 51…and you just…you just want to impress everybody *turns to face her* right…*trails off, Carter just getting on with her work* Can you hear me?!

CARTER: *looks up, pulls out earphones* what?

LEE: I…uh…i…no…right. Sleeves up and…working *turns back, Sam grins puts back in ear phones.*

We get a saturated shot from above as if someone watching her…

SCENE: Barnes lies in an isolation room hooked to oxygen to orderlies in hazmats standing over him, Landry and Lam in observation room LAM: It's colonel Barnes. About 3 hours ago he came in complaining of fatigue…about an hour after that…he could barely stand…high fever…

chest pain… respiratory distress…sound familiar?

LANDRY: you're certain it's the Same?

LAM: he's displaying identical symptoms as the people who were infected on 412. it's a prior plague. We have to find Lt Fisher.

SCENE: Peterson. Fisher sitting in a small crowd of airman listening to a speech given by General Hammond.

LAM: (voice over) and fast.

HAMMOND: in my many years of service I have met with many men and women in uniform around the world. Active guard and reserve both on the front lines and those here at home, and then as now…I am continually amazed by your courage…dedication and patriotism…our airmen…soldiers…sailors and marines are symbols of the pride and strength of this nation be proud of what you do…you make your nation stronger and our world safer. Thank you.

He steps down, the crowd stands clapping, all making their way over to Hammond to thank and congratulate him. Fisher makes his way through the crowd shaking hands of various people he knows…Just as he nears Hammond a van pulls up fast, and Hammond's aides and security grab him and put him in another car. Men is Hazmats exit the Van and head over to Fisher.

LIVEL: Back away…Back away…Lt Fisher?

FISHER: Yes sir…

LIVEL: you're gonna have to come with me immediately…*he's dragged to Van* come on back away… in here please.

SCENE: Lam and Landry walk down into hall from observation room.

LANDRY: You cleared SG-6 when they returned from 885.

LAM: I approved their clearance yes. We've been taking extra precautions…since the outbreak on 412 but…you can't test for a virus that you don't know exists…this strain has a completely different genetic makeup…and what's worse it seems to be mutating right before our eyes…

MITCHELL: *runs up behind them* Sir! They found Fisher…they're bringing him in…and everyone at the speech has been quarantined…

LANDRY: Barnes says he thinks Fisher was the one who made direct contact with the Prior.

LAM: Airman Ryan is showing early symptoms… Lt Brooks has been Quarantined as well sir. We have no way of knowing who Fisher may have come in contact with prior to leaving this base…or how far this thing has spread.

SCENE: Fisher stands at ease in isolation room, Lam and Mitchell stand in the observation room

FISHER: it was a couple of days before we left the planet…Airman Ryan and I went to morning prostration…the prior was there preaching.

MITCHELL: *hits intercom* you had no idea your cover had been blown?

FISHER: no sir… there was no way anybody from that planet could of known we were from earth…uh… the prior walked among us touching people on the head…it was some sort of benediction…

MITCHELL: uh wai-wait a minute he touched…*grabs intercom* sorry he touched you on your head?

FISHER: uh…I'm sorry sir… if I had realized it was so important I would have put it in my report.

MITCHELL: …*grabs intercom* that's alright Lt. Thank you. *lets go, to Lam* so how come he isn't sick?

LAM: I'm guessing it's because he's just a carrier…if he got sick and died from the virus…it wouldn't spread very far would it?

LANDRY: *enters* Colonel. Dr Lam. A word. *they head out*

SCENE: The three walking down steps

LANDRY: what have you got?

LAM: he's definitely patient zero.

LANDRY: ah…the team on site at Peterson just reported that two other people in the crowd at general Hammonds speech are displaying symptoms and have tested positive…the general himself is fine.

MITCHELL: that's good sir… what about the restaurant and gas station Fisher stopped at on his way into town?

LANDRY: the CDC has mobilized units to try and contain the situation they've sent out bulletins to every hospital and medical facility in the state… anyone showing plague symptoms will be referred to us.

MITCHELL: and do we have a cover story?

LANDRY: a new influenza that first appeared at St Francis medical centre two days ago…we're issuing a press release in hour. Colonel…

I'd like you in the field…following up on Lt. Fishers activities…

just to be sure.

MITCHELL: Yes sir *heads out*

LAM: You'll have to get scrubbed and stay in Hazmat on the outside…

MITCHELL: *waves* yes ma'am

LAM: twelve infected base personnel have been quarantined…four of them are showing early symptoms…now half of those people came in direct physical contact with SG-6 after they came back…however the rest of them didn't…which means we should assume the worse case scenario…

LANDRY: which is?

LAM: the virus may be airborne and persistent

LANDRY: so we have no idea how many people this will ultimately affect

LAM: no…

HARRIMAN: *on speakers* Unauthorized off world activation!!

LANDRY: what now?

LAM: Hey you wanted to be a General *heads off, Landry looking after her*

HARRIMAN: General Landry to the control room

SCENE: Landry enters control room. Iris is closed.

LANDRY: chief?

HARRIMAN: it's Teal'c sir. I've established a video link with him on Dakara.

TEAL'C: General Landry. Chief Harriman has informed me of the situation…may I be of any assistance?

LANDRY: not at the moment… we've restricted gate travel in and out of the base… for the time being…

TEAL'C: understood

LANDRY:… how did it go with the council… have they made a decision?

TEAL'C: they have not…but I have been told that they are leaning towards accepting Gerak's proposal despite our warnings…

LANDRY: doesn't sound good

TEAL'C: Bra'tac and I no longer believe this battle can be won through diplomacy alone…the council must know of our resolve by other means…

LANDRY: such as?

TEAL'C: we will travel to Chulak to meet with other Jaffa leaders who feel as we do…no matter what the council decides we will resist any alliance with the Ori.

LANDRY: so your fight for freedom may end up in an all out civil war.

TEAL'C: indeed.

LANDRY: let's hope it doesn't come to that. *Teal'c nods as Landry signals to Harriman to cut it. Gate shuts down*

SCENE: Gas and Bait Station. Mitchell in Hazmat suit talking to Landry via radio, Landry in office news on in background

MITCHELL: It's a self serve station sir according to receipts 22 people have used the pump that Fisher used…we're tracking down the folks that used credit cards but six used cash.

LANDRY: we've called in the national guard… I'm staying in touch with the governor…but it looks like we may need to close down the state Colonel.

MITCHELL: yes sir it's pretty bad… the attendants been put into quarantine…and it looks like he's got it.

LANDRY: that's not the news I wanted to hear. *we see attendant being taken away*

SCENE: Shot of entrance to Cheyenne Mountain… Loud Music hears. Lee sits playing large speakers on either side of him.

CARTER: *enters* hey!! HEY!! *turns it off*

LEE: *turns* what are you doing?

CARTER: What are you doing?

LEE: I'm testing frequencies…

CARTER: with *picks up Cd case* Dark pariah?

LEE: I can't hear a thing…*pulls out ear plugs.* Noise canceling technology.

CARTER: *sighs* how's it coming?

LEE: ah well… we all know our auditory sensors are a direct line to certain brain functions and we know that they respond differently to different sonic frequencies but uh…you know trying to achieve something as specific as isolating one small part of the brain that's like *shakes head* I mean its like uh…its like trying to uh…

do…something…that's impossible…

CARTER: *raises eyebrow* good analogy. *heads to her side*

LEE: *once again saturated shot, someone watching Carter* awww come on…I haven't slept *this time she looks up as if directly at it…as if sensing it* what?


LEE: no… I said it first. What…what are you looking at

CARTER: nothing… I think I'm just tired too.

SCENE: Mitchell in the restaurant Fisher went to.

MITCHELL: the waitress who served him, the cook the manager… they are all testing positive…we have fourteen customers unaccounted for.

Bulletins are being issued *outside we see several news readers with cameras and mics* on local and national radio and television.

LANDRY: the media is having a field day

MITCHELL: have you closed the state border sir?

LANDRY: too late for that colonel we already have reported cases in Utah, Kansas and New Mexico.

MITCHELL: damn that was fast.

LANDRY: faster than we can move…airports…bus stations… train stations…are all secure at this point…but more than one person seems to have gotten out…track'em down Colonel

MITCHELL: will do sir. *Landry puts down phone watching news*

NEWSREADER2: -headquarters safely…

NEWSREADER: Panicked citizens are demanding answers from authorities who have been clearly over whelmed by the speed and scope of the virus despite their best efforts the contagion continues to spread at an alarming rate. Of course keep it right here… we'll have the latest and breaking news on the hour every hour…we'll see you then SCENE: Lab LEE: this is going no where and my sleeves are up as high as they can go…

CARTER: perhaps if we tried a different kind of spread spectrum…in a combination of waves?

LEE: yeah but…uh ugh…look i…I'm sorry… the only thing I can confirm with any kind of certainty is that sleep deprivation definitely has an adverse affect on all brain function…*heads for door* uhm…I'm gonna go get some coffee do you want anything?

CARTER: No I'm good… *Lee heads off*

VOICE: You're so close.

CARTER: I know…*stops…looks behind her…a young buy stands there*

VOICE: Hello Sam…it's good to see you again. I've missed you…

CARTER: Who are you?

ORLIN: I had no choice but to take this form. It's me…Orlin.

SCENE: Orlin sits in an Isolation room, Carter, Jackson, Landry and Lam watching from observation room

LAM: as far as I can tell he's a normal human adolescent…

LANDRY: who claims he's an ancient who descended and taken human form…

CARTER: there really is no other explanation sir for how he could have gotten into the base…or know the things he knows…I'm pretty sure he's given us the key to finishing the anti prior technology Dr Lee and I were working on…

LANDRY: according to the mission report on your first encounter with Orlin…you two had uh…intimate relationship *small grin looking at her*?

CARTER: Uh…well…*very uncomfortable* we did….but…uh…he didn't look like that…he was…

LAM: Taller? <so wants to laugh!>

CARTER: *small smile* he was a grown man.

LANDRY: well…so why come back as a boy this time?

CARTER: he said he had no choice sir…he had to take younger form in order to preserve as many of he ancient memories as possible…

JACKSON: the knowledge he possessed as an ascended being was too massive for a normal human brain to handle… we're guessing that having a younger brain gave him a slightly better chance of retaining the knowledge a little longer…

LAM: that makes sense actually…the neural make up of his still developing mind has a potential for better memory retention than that of an adult.

CARTER: ultimately sir he says that he will lose most of the knowledge…sir I think he's taking a huge risk just to be here…we should at least here him out…

LANDRY: mmhmmm….

SCENE: Briefing room.

JACKSON: I'm sorry…but aren't you breaking some major cosmic rules here I mean…why did the others let you go without wiping your memory clean?

ORLIN: honestly I don't really know…I guess enough of them felt that it was necessary for someone to step out of line and warn you…

LANDRY: I'm assuming you're talking about the Ori. We're already aware of the threat they pose…

ORLIN: believe me you don't know everything. Along time ago the Ori and the Alterrans were one society…human on an evolutionary path to ascension…but a philosophical division grew…the Ori grew more and more fervent in their religious belief. The Alterrans for lack of a better way of putting it believed in science… The Ori tried to wipe them out.

JACKSON: so instead of going to war…the Alterrans built a ship, left their galaxy and came here…we know that both the Alterrans and the Ori eventually ascended and that the Ori passed on their religion called Origin to the next evolution of humans they created.

ORLIN: yes…but the central promise of the religion…everything the Origins follow…devote themselves to…is a lie.

JACKSON: …are you saying that the Ori don't offer their followers ascension?

ORLIN: no…most certainly not…then they'd have to share…

LANDRY: Share what?

ORLIN: The powers they sap from those who worship them…

CARTER: well how is that possible? …I mean are you saying there's a real physical transfer of energy to the Ori that occurs simply through a human beings belief in them?

ORLIN: simply is not how I would put it. Its quite complicated but possible…and for it to have a measurable effect it requires massive numbers of humans relinquishing their will…nevertheless It is one of the main reasons the ancients have so strongly believed in strict non interference in the lower planes.

JACKSON: because the temptations to manipulate and malign lower life forms into the some order for your own purposes can result in exactly this type of abuse and corruption…

ORLIN: The Ori empower themselves by sapping the life force of those willing to surrender themselves to them.

JACKSON: unknowingly… and this promise of salvation in return?

ORLIN: leads to nothing but death of the most meaningless kind.

JACKSON: because there's no conscious effort to achieve enlightenment without being spoon-fed by the Ori.

CARTER: do the priors know this? I mean are the complicit?

ORLIN: no. they are merely pawns. The more worlds the priors convert…

the more powerful the Ori become. they must be stopped

LANDRY: why don't the ancients…uh…Alterrans…whatever you call yourselves now… why don't you stop them?

ORLIN: I am one of them no longer. And even if I is unclear whether such action could result in victory…nor is such an endeavor at that level necessarily the next best step to further enlightenment. All I can say for sure is that if this galaxy was to succumb and bow to the Ori… it would be very bad for everyone.

SCENE: Gerak walks into his Office the Prior waits for him by the window

PRIOR: You have spread the word of the Ori well Gerak

GERAK: I believe that their wisdom was worthy of my efforts.

PRIOR: and yet such wisdom still falls upon deaf ears. A group of unbelievers…Jaffa… who would stand against your leadership and the Ori are meeting as we speak on Chulak GERAK: the true belief cannot be forced upon others…the offering of origin speaks for itself. I believe that in time they will come to believe that this is true.

PRIOR: as you have said. The Jaffa are strong willed…you are a people that understands the nobility of bloodshed…the necessity of sacrifice…

GERAK: what would you have me do?

PRIOR: go to chulak…Mark it as a last place a Jaffa would ever defy the power of the Ori and destroy all those who will not walk the path to enlightenment.

SCENE: Landry, Orlin and Carter stand in the observation room, overseeing an isolation room with several infected Airman.

LANDRY: we're hoping that as long as you're here…you may be able to help us.

ORLIN: I no longer possess the power to simply cure this plague as I could have as an ascended being however with the knowledge I still retain I believe I can synthesize a cure using your medical technology…

CARTER: you built a Stargate in my basement from spare parts from a toaster

ORLIN: *smiles* actually this will be a little harder than that…

SCENE: Gerak's office, he hands over some documents to Yat'yir, who begins to head off then turns back.

YAT'YIR: Gerak…the battle at Kalana…I lost a cousin there…

GERAK: mmm. It does still haunt me today…but it does not cause me to doubt my decision… *opens book of origin*

YAT'YIR: I have read from the book of origin…searched for the wisdom you speak so highly off…and I do see fables meant to fill a soul bereft of hope…with purpose…stories of morality and righteousness.

GERAK: and this is not worthy of your respect? *holds up book*

YAT'YIR: so are the traditions of the Jaffa. Are we just suppose to abandon all that we are?

GERAK: no. *stands walking around desk* but if you are to look really deeply you will find that everything that we want…is in here.

Everything that we've ever desired is in here. *hands him book*

SCENE: Several scientist all in Hazmats are all working. Orlin (also in Hazmat) sits at his own desk. Carter enters

CARTER: how's it going?

ORLIN: basically I know what I need to make…I just don't have any of the right materials or tools.

CARTER: this is best we have… I can get you a toaster if you need it.

ORLIN: not unless they're hungry for toast.

CARTER: Waffle iron? *he shakes head* look I hate to be pushy but do you have any kind of time frame on this?

ORLIN: honestly time from your perspective is not something I'm all that used to dealing with…

CARTER: is there anything I can do?

ORLIN: you can keep me company.

CARTER: *nods* right…

SCENE: Control room. Landry watching News

NEWREADER: Hospitals are struggling to cope with the in flow of people who suspect they may have contracted the virus…

HARRIMAN: sir I have colonel Mitchell on the line for you

NEWREADER: as a result crowded waiting rooms are now serving to expatiate an already difficult

LANDRY: *turns off TV* put him on speaker. What have you got Colonel?

MITCHELL: *On airstrip* sir we have a problem…looks like one of the people who used the Gas pump Fisher touched got on to a plane before the Quarantine went into effect…

LANDRY: to where?

MITCHELL: it's bad. He caught a flight to Denver…with connections to Chicago and New York. Sir I'm afraid we've lost control of the situation.

SCENE: Commissary. Carter and Orlin are grabbing some lunch they walk over and sit at table

ORLIN: I have to admit its nice being out of that uncomfortable suit for a while…I know I'm vulnerable now as a Human. Yet I still can't get my head around my own frailty…

CARTER: well you've been at it nearly nine hours straight…you need something to eat.

ORLIN: I am hungry. maybe it's just me… it has been a while since I experienced human senses *picks up sandwich* but…this food doesn't smell very good.

CARTER: that because it's not very good…

ORLIN: *he eats* I remember eating pretty well the last time I did this.

CARTER: …this is a one way trip for you this time isn't it? the others… they're not gonna help you ascend again are they?

ORLIN: no I don't think so…I know it must be kind of weird…my appearing this young…

CARTER: a little…but I understand…*eats*

ORLIN: my only regret in all this is that human social conventions preclude us in showing affection the way I wish I could…

CARTER: *stares, swallows* excuse me?

ORLIN: my feelings haven't changed for you since we last saw each other Sam…maybe in a few years…

CARTER: ahh…

ORLIN: its okay we don't need to talk about it any further…I just wanted you to know that…taking human form at this age…while necessary didn't come easy because how I knew I would feel being here with you again. *she looks down, uncomfortable, he eats* is it me? Or is this food not very good?

CARTER: are you making a joke?

ORLIN: no it has been a while since I tasted food but this seems terrible.

CARTER: we just talked about that.

ORLIN: oh right… I'm sorry. I'm used to hearing my own thoughts in my mind…and…sometimes it's hard to distinguish which…which ones I say out loud. … did I tell you I still have feelings for you?

CARTER: Yeah…thank you…yeah we don't need to go into that again.

*pokes food a bit more then decides she can't eat*

SCENE: Jackson and Landry walk down corridor, to enter an operations room

JACKSON: 5,000 confirmed cases of infection…now the bulk of those are from the Colorado springs and Denver areas…

LANDRY: what about New York and Chicago?

JACKSON: 45 new cases been reported in Utah…32 in new York. And 20 in Chicago and now 20 is San Diego

LAM: *walks over* The countries in a panic.

LANDRY: the presidents preparing an address. What the hell happened to JFK and salt lake…the CDC had the Manifest and the names of the flight crew…

JACKSON: and because we moved fast most of those passengers were quarantined a few still remain unaccounted for…they're doing the best they can to track them down now…

LAM: we're now hearing about cases in new locations…every hour now as opposed to 3 or 4 a day.

LANDRY: what about casualties?

LAM: there are only 8 people dead so far… 5 of them are SGC personnel.

LANDRY: so far?

LAM: I say so far because of the reasonably long incubation period…

again this virus was designed to avoid detection and for maximum spread capability…and we know its deadly…so with over 5.000 people affected and no effective treatment as of yet. That number of casualties will climb very quickly… very soon

SCENE: Landry and Jackson enter Landry's office, where Carter and Mitchell are waiting.

LANDRY: Colonels. Please tell me something good is happening somewhere…

CARTER: Dr Lee has finished the anti prior prototype…

JACKSON: course without a prior on hand…

CARTER: it does need to be field tested but we think we have a good reason to try it.

LANDRY: how's that?

CARTER: Orlin seems to have hit a dead end with his work on a cure…

he says there's a vital component missing

LANDRY: I told you…anything he needs

MITCHELL: What he needs is a blood Sample from the prior who infected Lt Fisher.

CARTER: Orlin thinks the Prior essentially manipulated his own DNA to create the Virus…now it mutated several times since then but he still thinks having the root DNA that was based on may help.

LANDRY: you're talking about using an untested technology to try and capture a prior…

MITCHELL: no… not just any prior… the prior who infected Fisher…

using was our Intel from our friends on the Sodan planet who led us to 885 in the first place… and apparently their expecting the Same prior back there tomorrow.

LANDRY: and you're sure they can be trusted? As far as we know the Sodan are the ones who blew SG-6s cover…

MITCHELL: I don't believe that sir.

LANDRY: It seems awful risky…given that Orlin doesn't even sound positive this will help him…

JACKSON: Orlin's attempt to find a cure might not be the only reason to do this

CARTER: he thinks the priors don't know the truth about the Ori.

JACKSON: maybe if we…enlighten them for a change…

LANDRY: *chuckles* you want to try and turn this Prior…

JACKSON: well maybe not on a complete 180…but he might give us something…especially once he finds out his gods aren't going to Ascend him.

LANDRY: if he believes you.

JACKSON: Won't know until we try…sir

CARTER: in the mean time we can at least get a blood Sample…

SCENE: Carter, Mitchell, Jackson and Lee are standing over anti prior prototype

MITCHELL: so how does it work assuming it actually does…work

LEE: *small laugh* you know I keep telling myself that one of these days I'm gonna do something that actually gets me a little respect around here--

JACKSON: We're all waiting for that day Bill.

CARTER: theoretically once activated the device will admit an omni directional ultra sonic field.

LEE: and that will prevent the Prior from accessing the highly evolved area of his brain that gives him the superhuman abilities

CARTER: *Jackson picks up Lees mug of coffee sniffing it* of course we're presuming that the staff weapons *Jackson gives Lee a look which he ignores * the priors carry are also mentally activated…and will also be neutralized.

MITCHELL: while we're at it…why don't we just assume…that I can fly…

LEE: oh Actually I've been working on a theory---

CARTER: you said yourself that it would be risky

MITCHELL: yeah yeah yeah I know I said that but…the more I'm hearing the more its crossing over into crazy. Don't get me wrong I like crazy…that's why I asked for this job.

CARTER: one more thing…there's a range of frequencies programmed into the emitter. If one doesn't work at first…try the others.

SCENE: A Hatak comes into Orbit of a Planet…Chulak.

ARON: even in the Kalchak region commits to our cause we'll still be outnumbered in ships and armies. Nearly 6 to 1

BRA'TAC; hopefully no shots will ever be fired…

ARON: you believe our mere willingness to battle are brothers will force the council to hear us

TEAL'C: the council is lost. It is the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters that will take notice. They must be made aware of the threat the Ori pose

BRA'TAC: *A Jaffa enters whispers to Bra'tac* if he is unarmed…let him enter. *Gerak enters*

TEAL'C: you are not welcome here *Bra'tac holds him back*

GERAK: the powers of the Ori cannot be denied. I have come to beg you to cease this madness or be destroyed…

TEAL'C: by whose hand?

GERAK: my hatak is in orbit above this planet.

BRA'TAC: you would murder your own brothers and sisters? Innocent children…for choosing the life of a free Jaffa

GERAK: you leave me no alternative…you have been warned *leaves*

SCENE: Orlin working at Laptop. Carter enters as he rubs his eyes.

CARTER: what are you doing…I thought you were going to get some rest?

ORLIN: as soon as I finish the DNA re-sequencing program…that way when we get the Sample from the Prior we can plug in the strand and we'll know if it's going to help.

CARTER: …Orlin…you've already done it.

ORLIN: what?

CARTER: the sequencing program…you finished it a couple of hours ago. You were gonna get some rest…

ORLIN: i… was on my way… and… I felt like I had forgotten something.

CARTER: Orlin?

ORLIN: its okay…I'm just tired

CARTER: no you're not…I want you to go see Dr Lam.

ORLIN: I think she has enough to deal with right now.

CARTER: Orlin… you're our best hope for finding a cure… we need you to be ok…

SCENE: The hatak still in orbit, on the bridge

YAT'YIR: I have them targeted… should I open fire?

Gerak sits…unsure.

SCENE: Back in Gerak's office. Gerak returns the prior is already there.

PRIOR: the only true darkness lives in the hearts of those who will not follow the Path. Otherwise there is always some measure of light…

and where there is light the Ori see all!

GERAK: I spared their lives because I believe they will soon see.

PRIOR: you defied me. We do not serve the Ori at our will…

GERAK: you cannot win the hearts of the Jaffa by needlessly spilling the blood of the innocent.

PRIOR: we are mere mortals…we cannot begin to question those with the knowledge and understanding of the infinite universe… if a few Jaffa must give their lives so that all Jaffa from now until the end of time can find true enlightenment…then who are you to stand in the way?!

GERAK: would you forgive me?

PRIOR: ask me not for forgiveness… I sense your doubt Gerak… but fear not the Ori do not require blind obedience…they will show you their power. *he raises staff and a blinding light grows from it.*

SCENE: Ori world!

GERAK: where are we?

PRIOR: your physical form remains on Dakara…the power of the Ori have brought your mind here to Celestis…City of the Gods. …come.

They head to the big room with the Fire.

DOCI: *opens Gates, Gerak enters…* Hallowed are the Ori

SCENE: Jackson, Mitchell and an SG team walks through forest, Jackson raising weapon at the first sounds he hears

MITCHELL: *laughs* Relax Jackson. I spent two weeks with these guys…

you've got nothing to worry about…

JACKSON: well considering what happened the last time we were here…

you'll forgive me if I'm a little cautious…

MITCHELL: we'll be fine.

Several Jaffa appear out of no where…easily disarming Jackson and the other Men Mitchell puts up more of a fight but ultimately loses.

JACKSON: we still fine?

MITCHELL: Yeah we're fine…

JACKSON: good just checking

SCENE: Orlin sleeping in infirmary Carter and Lam looking at his brain scan

LAM: it's the most active scan we've seen since Khalek… that device you brought back Anubis' genetic lab shows his actual synaptic interaction

CARTER: and?

LAM: looks like pockets of cells are just shutting down. I can't say for certain but I can hazard a guess…they're wearing out from extremely unnatural overuse.

CARTER: well he said he would lose the memories eventually…the human brain isn't meant to hold that much information…

LAM: this looks worse than that *hits a key* it's like the cells are literally dying because they can't handle all the synaptic activity.

CARTER: what?

LAM: hey This is way beyond my experience…

CARTER: Still.

LAM: as you said…the human brain wasn't suppose to be used this way.

I don't know if it's conscious or not…but it's possible he's trying to hold on to the knowledge

CARTER: and holding on to that much knowledge is causing brain damage.

Lam Nods…Carter closes her eyes and then they both look at Orlin

SCENE: Operations room LANDRY: *on phone* That's right…have him to contact me as soon as he lands…we're tracking a new outbreak in Florida *hangs up, Harriman walks in* Walter

HARRIMAN: *passes him letter* sir…just received a communicate from the white house

LANDRY: *reads, turns to everyone in room* Can I have your attention please…at last count we have reports of over 8,000 people affected in 13 states. As a result of these numbers…as of 0800 this morning the president has ordered that all borders in the United states be closed until further notice… all inbound planes and ships and other traffic will be ordered to divert to alternate destinations…our country is now entirely…under quarantine.

SCENE: High council Chamber Teal'c stands in the center, he throws down the Book on the table. Each member has their own copy

TEAL'C: you cannot ratify this proposal until all members of this council have been heard from. So far six re-

YAT'YIR: you merely seek to delay the inevitable WOMAN: if and when all Jaffa wish to embrace the Ori then we shall act accordingly

YAT'YIR: if our brothers refuse to accept origin into their hearts then they seal their own fate. We cannot turn our backs on our own salvation because of indecisiveness

GERAK: and they will see their way…*enters, with a prior staff in one hand and book in other* to the path*they all stand in shock, his eyes and face look much like the priors* it is the destiny of all Jaffa to follow…Origin.


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