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Previously on SG1- Clips from Crossroads, The Serpents Venom, Double Jeopardy

A mother ship flies towards a planet. It's Vorash.

The Tok'ra tunnels.

TANITH: What is happening?

TOK'RA WOMAN1: Defence systems picked up a mothership entering orbit.

TANITH: We must evacuate immediately.

TOK'RA WOMAN1: We have expecting it.

O'Neill, Carter, Daniel, Teal'c and Jacob are ringed down.

O'NEILL: Hey kids! We're not parked in a red zone are we?

TITLES: Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill.
Michael Shanks as Doctor Daniel Jackson.
Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c.
Don S. Davis as General George Hammond

Guest starring: Carmen Argenziano as Jacob Carter/Selmak
Peter Wingfield as Tanith/Hebron
Peter Williams as Apophis

Jack, Teal'c and Jacob are walking through a tunnel.

TEAL'C: Tanith was surprised to see us.

JACOB: Uh huh. We didn't want to give him any warning.

O'NEILL: Doesn't suspect you're on to him?

JACOB: Not that we know of. We'll see soon enough.

TEAL'C: Of what do you speak?

JACOB: Well, thanks to the mothership you're so graciously lending us.

O'NEILL: Not me. Hammond. It was an order remember?

JACOB: Well anyway, we'll be able to move the Stargate to a new planet not currently on the Goa'uld map. We'll finally be able to ensure the security of a more permanent Tok'ra base. As useful as Tanith has been in relaying false information to Apophis, we can't afford to take him with us.

TEAL'C: What will become of him?

JACOB: We have a little surprise planned. Shall we?

They walk into a room.

TOK'RA WOMAN1: Colonel O'Neill. Teal'c. Allow me to welcome you and your team back to Vorash. High Counsellor Per'sus sends his greetings.

O'NEILL: Always a pleasure.

TANITH: I must say Colonel, I was most intrigued by your means of arrival.

O'NEILL: Yeah, it's a sweet ride. A little rusty but it's still got zip.

TANITH: How exactly did a Goa'uld mothership come into your possession?

O'NEILL: Well it was kind of a trade deal.

TANITH: How so?

O'NEILL: Chronus gave us his ship and he got what was coming to him.

TANITH: Really? Chronus is dead.

JACOB/SELMAK: Now that we have access to a mothership, we will be able to move our people and our Stargate as well and thereby establish a completely new and secure base.

TANITH: I don't understand. Why have I been excluded from such important information?

TEAL'C: The Tok'ra did not wish Apophis to be informed.

JACOB/SELMAK: We've been aware of your duplicity from the beginning. You deceived and then murdered the Jaffa Shau'nac. You took the host Hebron and you've been acting as a spy amongst us ever since.

TEAL'C: You have been used to channel disinformation to Apophis. He will most be most displeased when he learns the truth.

TANITH: This is absurd.

He tries to leave but is surrounded by Tok'ra with zats. He looks up at Teal'c and his eyes glow.

TANITH: You will never escape. The System Lords will hunt you down to the ends of the galaxy.

He walks off with the guards.

O'NEILL: That guy is a living cliché.

Teal'c walks to a cell containing Tanith guarded by two Tok'ra.

TEAL'C: I wish to speak to the prisoner.

One of the guards lowers the shield.

TANITH: I wasn't aware I was allowed guests. How kind of you to come visit me Teal'c.

TEAL'C: My presence here is not motivated by kindness. I am here to deliver your sentence as decreed by the Tok'ra High Council.

TANITH: Death I suppose?

TEAL'C: You are to be extracted from the host Hebron and left behind here on Vorash. If you are fortunate, you will die before Apophis discovers how you have been used by the Tok'ra.

TANITH: I am sure you would like to kill me with your bare hands as I did to your beloved Shau'nac. You of all would appreciate how much more satisfying it is to see the fear and pain in the eyes of your victim as they die.

TEAL'C: You took great pleasure in the murder of Shau'nac. But you must understand the price you paid. While Apophis was being diverted by your unwitting deception the Tok'ra were able to move freely through Goa'uld territory untouched. Rescuing stranded agents, freeing captured allies. Hundreds of lives were saved by the false information you spread. The Tok'ra owe you a debt of gratitude Tanith. Were it not for the relative ease with which you allowed yourself to be manipulated, Apophis may have eliminated the Tok'ra.

TANITH: All they have done is win a respite. Inevitabley the Tok'ra/ Tau'ri alliance will fall and so many others.

TEAL'C: Not by any action of yours. I will watch you die like all of the other false God's whose demise I have witnessed. Sokar, Seth, Hathor, Heru'er, Chronus.

TANITH: I am sure they died with more honour than Shau'nac. She cried out for you like a baby weeps for it's mother as I slowly extinguished her life.

TEAL'C: You are attempting to goad me into killing you, thereby avoiding the extraction process. I understand it to be excruciatingly painful for the symbiote.

TANITH: I am far more valuable to you alive than dead.

TEAL'C: The Tok'ra do not believe so and I am inclined to agree.

Teal'c walks out of the cell and the shield goes back up.

SG1's mothership.

Jack and Jacob are walking along.

JACOB: (To a couple of Tok'ra) You'll have to take that to the secondary cargo hold, we need to room for the Stargate.

O'NEILL: Hey! Don't scuff the walls. (To Jacob) I want this ship back the way we found it.

JACOB: We know Jack. I still don't think it's really necessary for you to be here.

O'NEILL: Sorry, not letting her out of my sight.

JACOB: My mission is to oversee the relocation of the Tok'ra base. What's yours again?

O'NEILL: Protect Earth's big fat asset. We've got about a thousand engineers and scientists just drooling to go through this thing.

JACOB: You really think that's wise?

O'NEILL: Don't start with me Jake.

JACOB: Remember when you tried to retrofit a death glider?

O'NEILL: Yes I have that memory.

JACOB: This is a vastly more complicated piece of technology.

O'NEILL: Which is exactly why we're loaning it to you in exchange for flying lessons.

JACOB: You know what I mean. You should really leave the ship with us.

O'NEILL: Not a chance.

JACOB: This is me talking Jack, Jacob not Selmak. You have no idea how dangerous this thing is.

O'NEILL: Hey! We were smart enough to steal it in the first place, which is more than the Tok'ra have been able to do.

JACOB: We don't operate that way.

O'NEILL: Well maybe it's time you took a more direct approach. The Tok'ra have been around for what, two thousand years? In all that time how many System Lords have you taken down?

JACOB: Oh yeah, things have certainly gotten better out here since you started killing Goa'ulds one by one. Lets examine the results, in each case more warlike Goa'ulds have stepped in to fill their place, there's more chaos than ever before. With the power Apophis now has we are on the brink of losing any chance of ever defeating the Goa'uld.

O'NEILL: At least we're doing something.

JACOB: Well we're doing something as well, maybe our plan is a little more long term but at least we have one.

O'NEILL: What plan?

JACOB: Undermine the Goa'ulds individual power and keep them fighting amongst themselves until we have a way of eliminating them. Once and for all.

O'NEILL: Go on.

JACOB: We're working on it Jack.

Tanith's cell.

He is guarded and starts to talk to the guard.

TANITH: You think you can save my host Hebron by separating him from me? I will not allow you to kill me. Hebron's life is in my hands. If I am to die he will die with me.

He closes his eyes and collapses. The guard speaks into a communication device.

TOK'RA GUARD1: The prisoner just collapsed.

A Tok'ra woman arrives.

TOK'RA WOMAN2: Lower the shield. Lower the shield! We cannot just stand by and allow him to kill the host.

The guard lowers the shield and goes in. The second guard raises his zat gun. The first guard takes his pulse.

TOK'RA GUARD1: He's already dead.

A hand then comes up to choke him.

Tok'ra Meeting room.

CARTER: We've finished loading the supplies onto the ship. It's time to start transporting your people up.

TOK'RA: We will begin immediately.

An alarm goes off and Jacob runs in.

JACOB: It's Tanith. He's escaped.

The surface of the planet.

Tanith runs over and starts to dig in the dunes. He pulls out a tiny long-range communication device that Cordesh used in The Tok'ra.

The surface of the planet.

Teal'c is surveying the desert. Jack and a few other Tok'ra are with him.

TEAL'C: Tanith could not have escaped through the Stargate. It has been heavily guarded the entire time.

O'NEILL: Yeah, what by the same guys who were guarding him in the first place? (He turns to the Tok'ra) No offence.

TEAL'C: He is out here somewhere.

O'NEILL: Ahh well he's boned without water.

TEAL'C: The symbiote will sustain him for a considerable time.

O'NEILL: Big desert.

TEAL'C: I will continue looking.

O'NEILL: Keep in touch.

Jack and two Tok'ra move to go back into the tunnels.

O'NEILL: So how do you guys know where to stand anyway?

The Tok'ra tunnels.

Daniel comes to meet them.

DANIEL: Any sign of him?

O'NEILL: Nope, he's still looking.

DANIEL: You guys have been up there for hours already.

O'NEILL: It's a jaffa revenge thing.

Tok'ra meeting room.

Daniel and Jack walk in where Sam and Jacob are seated.

JACOB: It seems Tanith's been busy. We've received word from one of our operatives that Apophis has been given our location.

DANIEL: Guess he's trying to make up for the last few months.

JACOB: An attack fleet is being assembled.

O'NEILL: How long will it take him to get here?

JACOB: Less than a day.

DANIEL: We have to speed up the evacuation.

CARTER: We're gonna send them through the Gate.

O'NEILL: I thought we were gonna take 'em on the ship?

JACOB: Sam and I have come up with a new plan.

CARTER: If it works we may be able to wipe out a significant part of Apophis' fleet in one shot. This is a sun that Vorash is orbiting. It's a regular main sequence star with a core temperature of about 15 million degrees and enough hydrogen to burn for another five billion years.

O'NEILL: Yeah?

JACOB: We wanna blow it up.

O'NEILL: Wow..

DANIEL: That's err.

O'NEILL/DANIEL: Ambitious.

CARTER: Every star is a delicate balance between the explosive force of the fusion going on in it's core which tends to want to blow it apart and the gravitational force of it's mass which tends to want to crush it into a little ball. Now if we could disrupt that balance by suddenly removing some of the star's mass we could create an artificial supernova. The blast wave would expand at nearly the speed of light. It would destroy everything in this system within a matter of minutes.

DANIEL: Err.. How are we supposed to remove some of the star's mass?

CARTER: Well. err. this is going to sound a little crazy but we dial P3W 451, it's the planet where we encountered the black hole.

O'NEILL: Wow. That sounds a little crazy.


JACOB: We take the Stargate in the mothership and bring it as close to the sun as we can. Then we dial the black hole, enclose the Gate in a force field and jettison it.

CARTER: The suns gravity will pull it in, the force field will disintegrate and stellar matter will be sucked through that wormhole like water through a fire hose.

JACOB: It's likely the Gate won't last long but we figure it'll be long enough.

DANIEL: Excuse me, but wasn't the Gate on P3W 451 sucked into the black hole a long time ago?

CARTER: Not necessarily. That planet was probably ripped to pieces but it could take years for that matter to spiral into the event horizon especially given the time distortion.

JACOB: Either way we'll know as soon as we try to dial out. If we can't make a connection, we abort the plan and get the hell out of there.

O'NEILL: Well, let me think about this a moment.

JACOB: You're the one who wanted to take more direct measures Jack. The Council's already approved the plan. But it's your ship, which means it's your call.

O'NEILL: Still thinking.

CARTER: Sir, this solar system is completely abandoned and barren. Apophis' fleet is on the way. We may never have an opportunity like this again.

O'NEILL: Okay.

Tok'ra room.

Teal'c is sitting at a table. Daniel walks in.

DANIEL: Hey Teal'c. I've been looking for you. There's been a change in plans.

TEAL'C: I have been informed of Major Carter's plans.

DANIEL: So you understand then that there's nowhere for Tanith to run? This whole planet is going to be incinerated.

TEAL'C: If all goes according to plan, yes.

DANIEL: Well you don't think we can pull it off?

TEAL'C: I have great confidence in both Selmak and Major Carter.


TEAL'C: Twice I have had the opportunity to avenge the murder of Shau'nac. Twice I have let Tanith slip through my grasp. I have failed Shau'nac.

DANIEL: That's not true. You let Tanith live so the Tok'ra could use him and it worked. And now we're about to take down Apophis and the largest Goa'uld fleet ever assembled.

TEAL'C: It will be a great victory.

DANIEL: That's right.

TEAL'C: And knowing what Apophis did to Sha're would you not trade it all for the opportunity to crush the life from his throat with your bare hands?

DANIEL: Well, I'd be lying to you if I said I'd never thought about it but that doesn't mean I'd do it, given a more rational option.

TEAL'C: In the future I will not be capable of such restraint.

SG1's mothership.

Jack, Daniel and Teal'c are walking down a corridor to the pel'tac.

CARTER: The last of the Tok'ra have been evacuated and the Stargate's been loaded into the cargo bay. We're good to go.

Jack turns and sees the throne.

O'NEILL: Oohh. Shotgun.

JACOB: Setting course for the sun. I'm picking up the fleet on long range scanners. At current speed they'll be here in 68 minutes.

CARTER: The timing has to be precise. Once we're close enough to the sun we'll slow to 5% light speed and release the gate. That should give us more than enough time to get away.

O'NEILL: How much advance warning is Apophis gonna have?

JACOB: They won't be able to detect the Gate on their screens and they won' know Vorash is deserted until they're in orbit. By then it will be too late.

Outside the Cargo Bay of Sg1's mothership.

Jack and Sam go to dial up the Gate.

JACOB (VOICEOVER): We're in position. Slowing to 5% light speed.

CARTER: Cargo bay's gravity generators at maximum. Initiating remote dialout sequence.

JACOB: Ready when you are.

CARTER: (To O'Neill) It worked. The Gate on P3W 451 is still active. Engaging force field. (She exhales)

O'NEILL: Summat wrong?

CARTER: No. I've just never blown up a star before.

O'NEILL: Well they say the first one's always the hardest. (Sam looks at him) They say that.

CARTER: Opening the cargo bay doors. Releasing the clamps. And the Gate is away.


JACOB: Gate trajectory on course. Alright time to go. Prepare for hyperspeed.

A goa'uld ship suddenly decloaks and starts firing.

DANIEL: What the hell's that?

Jack and Sam arrive.

O'NEILL: What the hell was that?

JACOB: We're under attack. Teal'c, weapons.

TEAL'C: Shields are inoperative.

JACOB: It can't be Apophis, it's too soon.

TEAL'C: Acquiring target. It is an alkesh. A goa'uld mid range bomber.

JACOB: It must have been cloaked.

TEAL'C: Weapons are charged. Returning fire.

JACOB: She's too quick. Here she comes again Teal'c.

O'NEILL: Jacob?

JACOB: We've lost main power. Hyperdrive is down. We're sitting ducks.

DANIEL: Why haven't they finished us off?

JACOB: They took a direct hit, they might be just as damaged as we are.

O'NEILL: Hey, whose 'they' anyway?

JACOB: I have no idea

TEAL'C: Tactical indicators are down.

O'NEILL: Weapons?

TEAL'C: Inoperable.

JACOB: I have to go check it out.

O'NEILL: Hey! Whoa! We've still got an enemy ship out there.

CARTER: Sir, when that Gate reaches the sun..

O'NEILL: It's not gonna make any difference if we get blown out of the sky.

JACOB: What do you want us to do Jack? We have no weapons or shields.

O'NEILL: Gliders. This ship's got gliders right?

JACOB: Of course.

O'NEILL: Teal'c.

Jack and Teal'c launch a glider.

TEAL'C: The alkesh has an significant advantage in both size and armaments.

O'NEILL: Hey nice pre-flight there.

TEAL'C: However we have superior maneouvrability.

O'NEILL: Alright there she is.

TEAL'C: Jacob was right. The ship appears to have been damaged.

O'NEILL: Let's put her out of misery. Powering weapons.

The ship then flies off.

O'NEILL: What the hell?

TEAL'C: They appear to have repaired their engines.

SG1's mothership

JACOB: Jack? What's happening out there?

O'NEILL VOICEOVER: They're breaking off.

JACOB: So let them go.


TEAL'C: O'Neill, the ship appears to be heading for Vorash.

O'NEILL: Ahh Teal'c?

TEAL'C: We must not allow Tanith to escape.

O'NEILL: (To Jacob) Teal'c thinks the ship might be going to pick up Tanith.

JACOB: That makes sense Jack. He probably had his ship waiting in a nearby system to hold time. That's why they got here so fast.

O'NEILL: Yeah well seems we're going after him.

DANIEL: It's a jaffa revenge thing.

CARTER: Sir, you only have a little more than an hour.

O'NEILL: Ahh Carter relax. We'll be back in plenty of time. Right Teal'c, we'll be back in plenty of time? Buddy? Pal? Oh God.

SG1's mothership

JACOB: Sam. I'm gonna need your help with the hyperdrive. Dr. Jackson, you have the pel'tac.

DANIEL: Ahh what, what, what exactly does that mean?

JACOB: We'll stay in touch.


TEAL'C: Target is in range.

O'NEILL: Weapons locked. Here we go.

The alkesh starts to fire back.


Tanith walks onto the dunes to await the alkesh. When he see the fire fight going on he runs.

The glider keeps firing and hits the back of the alkesh which starts to explode.

O'NEILL: Pull up Teal'c. Teal'c pull up!

The alkesh explodes.

SG1's mothership

The pel'tac.

O'NEILL: Mayday, mayday. We are SO going in.

DANIEL: Jack can you hear me? Jack I'm not reading you, what's happening? Jack?

Down in the power room of the mothership.

JACOB: Main power's back on line. Weapons and shields are operational.

CARTER: What about the hyperdrive?

JACOB: The control circuit is fried. The engines themselves are fine but we'll have to re route through secondary systems.

CARTER: Well how long will that take?

JACOB: We'll have to move fast.


CARTER: Go ahead. DANIEL: I just got a mayday from Jack.

CARTER: What's going on?

DANIEL: I don't know, I lost the transmission.

CARTER: Hang on. (To Jacob) We have to go back for them.

JACOB: We can't. Not now.

CARTER: Why not? We have sub light speed.

JACOB: I know but I'm the only one that can fly this ship and I have to stay here and make these repairs.

CARTER: Well I'll do them.


CARTER: We're not leaving them behind. You can talk me through it.

JACOB: Okay. You can start by pulling out the burnt crystals.


The glider has crashed but Jack and Teal'c have got out. They are climbing up a dune.

TEAL'C: The propulsion system and communication array have been damaged beyond repair.

O'NEILL: Ah that's good because according to my calculations we are roughly in the middle of. nowhere. Give or take.

TEAL'C: The cruiser was on its way to pick up Tanith. Therefore we cannot be far from the Tok'ra base. If we can make it there, Major Carter and Daniel Jackson can ring us aboard the mothership.

O'NEILL: You're assuming they're assuming we're alive and they're coming back for us of course.

TEAL'C: Care to make a wager O'Neill?

O'NEILL: On which part?

TEAL'C: I believe it is this way.

O'NEILL: This is SO the last time I help someone move.

SG1's mothership.

The pel'tac

JACOB: Good the tactical display came back on line.

DANIEL: Yeah, I think we have a problem here. I figure that flashing wasn't good news, and the fact that in Goa'uld it says Warning, Warning.

JACOB: It's Apophis. He's here. He's a little ahead of schedule. The other ship must have warned him to pick up the pace.

DANIEL: What are you doing?

JACOB: Retreating.

DANIEL: Yeah, what about Jack and Teal'c?

JACOB: Apophis' ships are taking up attack positions around Vorash, he'd destroy us before we even got close. I'm not going to abandon them Daniel. We need to buy more time. If we move around behind the sun, the fleet won't spot us.


O'NEILL: Ah this is a bad idea. I said that remember. Remember I said, General this is a bad idea.

TEAL'C: I remember O'Neill.

O'NEILL: Let the Tok'ra get their own ship I said. They don't share with us, why should we share with them?

TEAL'C: I remember.

O'NEILL: Yep, that's what I said.

TEAL'C: How much time remains before the sun explodes O'Neill?

O'NEILL: Huh, oh 45 minutes.

TEAL'C: Then at least we have prevented Tanith from escaping.

O'NEILL: Yes, at least we have that.

Vorash rings

Two jaffa ring down to meet Tanith.

JAFFA1: Apophis sends his greetings and bids you welcome upon his vessel. He is grateful for your service.

TANITH: There may still be one more thing for which he can be grateful.

SG1's mothership

CARTER VOICEOVER: Okay, now what?

JACOB: Replace the last two crystals. The whole panel should light up and you should hear a hum.

CARTER: Humming away. Hyperdrive's on line.


O'NEILL: Yeah, should be around here somewhere.

TEAL'C: Indeed. The rings are centred here.

O'NEILL: So, now what?

Jaffa No.1 shoots Teal'c in the back with a staff weapon. He falls and Jack runs for cover. Turning he then shoots Jaffa No. 1. Jaffa No.2 shoots Jack with a zat. Jack falls but doesn't pass out and shoots Jaffa No.2. Jack then sees Tanith standing by Teal'c and shoots him as the rings take him down with Teal'c.

SG1's mothership

Sam comes into the pel'tac.

JACOB: The Stargate just entered the sun.

CARTER: We only have 27 minutes before it goes supernova. Why aren't we heading back to Vorash?

JACOB: Apophis is already there, there's no way we're gonna get near that planet.

CARTER: But we have to do something.

JACOB: Apophis wants the Tok'ra, so let's give them to him.

Apophis' Mothership

APOPHIS: You are injured?

TANITH: I will be fine.

APOPHIS: Where are the Tok'ra?

TANITH: The attempt to stop their ship was thwarted however I have managed to procure a gift which will make the journey seem worthwhile.

APOPHIS: The shol'va. You have done well.

SG1's mothership

JACOB: Remote guidance engaged. Launching gliders.

The gliders are launched.

Apophis' mothership JAFFA: Lord Apophis. Scanners have picked up a fleet of gliders moving out from behind the sun.

APOPHIS: Surround them.

JAFFA: The fleet is on course. They are heading out of the system. Speed increasing.

SG1's mothership

JACOB: He's taking the bait. The fleet is leaving Vorash.

Apophis' mothership

JAFFA: We are approaching the enemy ships. My Lord, there are no life signs, the ships are unmanned.

APOPHIS: A trick.

JAFFA: Sensors are picking up a ha'tak now approaching the planet.

SG1's mothership

JACOB: Less than 4 minutes before the sun begins to supernova.


DANIEL VOICEOVER: Jack, come in. Jack, come in.

O'NEILL: Yeah, I'm here. Hey, thanks for checking in.

DANIEL VOICEOVER: Yeah, we had a little trouble avoiding Apophis' fleet. Are you in position to be ringed up?

O'NEILL: Yeah, I s'pose. I don't know.

DANIEL VOICEOVER: Jack if you're not in position.

O'NEILL: Daniel just get me the hell out of here will ya?

SG1's mothership.

JACOB: We gotta get out of here.

CARTER: If my calculation were correct.

The sun goes nova early

Apophis' mothership

APOPHIS: Arm the weapons.

JAFFA: My Lord.

Apophis' ships are being wiped out.

SG1's mothership

JACOB: Engaging hyperdrive.

SG1 are in hyperdrive.

Suddenly they are thrown out.

CARTER: What just happened?

JACOB: We must have caught the tail end of the blast wave. It knocked us off course.

Jack and Daniel walk in.

CARTER: Sir. Where's Teal'c?

O'NEILL: I'm not sure. I think he's dead.

JACOB: If Apophis has him.

CARTER: We have to go back.

JACOB: That may not be possible Sam. The navigational computer isn't recognising any of the star patterns. According to these readings we've travelled over 4 million light years.

CARTER: That's impossible.

JACOB: We're not even in our own galaxy anymore.

CARTER: Well the explosion must have somehow affected the subspace window created by the hyperdrive.

O'NEILL: Wait a minute, what are you saying, we can't get back?

JACOB: I don't know. The ship isn't normally capable of going so fast.

O'NEILL: It only took us a few seconds to get here.

JACOB: Given our current position, and maximum hyperdrive speed, it's gonna take us 125 years to get back. Long range sensors are picking up another ship. It's Apophis..



First Guard: Malik McCall
Red Jaffa: Kenton Reid
Apophis' Red Guard: Paul Norman
Tok'ra #1: Kirsten Williamson
Tok'ra #2: Anastasia Bandey

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