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Heure H

804 - Zero Hour
Transcript par Suzanna -

Flashbacks to Abyss and Lost City 2.

Jack comes out of the elevator. Davies is waiting with a flask of coffee. He hands it to Jack.

*Five Days To Zero Hour*

Davies: Morning sir.

Jack: Walter.

Davies: At 0730 this morning, SG8 made scheduled contact from P6J-908. They requested permission to bring an alien lifeform back to base for further study.

Jack stops in his tracks.

Davies: Sir, it's just a plant! Your 0830 debriefing is SG2, regarding the mission to P8F-809. The folders on your desk, along with the personnel files you have yet to review.

Jack: How many do I have left?

Davies: All of them.

Jack: Right.

They go to the Briefing room.

Davies: Colonel Rodnell has asked me to show you some bunting samples, and Captain Corrigan is still waiting for you, on the buffet menu.

Jack: Bunting.

Three men are waiting in the Briefing Room.

Jack: John!

John: General

Jack: You are aware of the fact, that this is the most secure military facility on the face of the planet.

John: Well actually sir, there are still a number of issues to be resolved.

Davies: Ten Hundred hours sir.

Jack: Thankyou.

Jack goes into his office, to find another man waiting. He turns to call out the door.

Jack: Walter?

Davies: Sorry sir. General O'Neill. Mark Gilmore. He's your new administrative aide.

Gilmore: General.

Jack: Did I order one of these?....

Davies: No sir.

Jack: Do I need?....

Davies: Yes sir.

Jack: Civilian?

Gilmore: I've been an analyst at the CIA for the last eight years. Mostly background checks, but I did have top level clearance.

Davies: He was assigned by General Hammond.

Jack: Ah! Well, in that case, welcome aboard.

They shake hands.

Jack: How about if I give you a tour around?

Gilmore: Had one sir.

Jack: Dang!

Gilmore: It's very exciting, to finally see it all in action.

Jack: Hmmm.

Davies: General, your 0830.

Jack: Yes. You're here to assist me right?

Gilmore: Yes.

Jack: How about if you dive into those....

Davies: Sir, sir, sir. You really need to read the file yourself. Yeah, yeah.

Jack: Thankyou Walter. Does Mr Gilmore have?

Davies: Follow me.

Davies takes Gilmore, to his office.

Gilmore: Well, he's not like other Generals.

Davies: Actually, he's not like other people.

There are piles of papers in Gilmore's office.

Gilmore: I take it I've got some catching up to do.

Davies: Yeah, and those are just the files pertinent to today's agenda.

Gilmore: I'd better get started.

Davies: I can't tell you how happy we all are to have you here.

Gilmore: Thankyou SGT.

Davies: Really, really happy.

Gilmore uses the phone when Davies leaves.

Gilmore: I'm in position. No sir, he does not suspect a thing.


Jack and Davies, are in his office.

Jack: Nothing in peridot?

Davies: Well traditionally sir, this type of event, calls for red, white and blue.

Gilmore comes to the door.

Gilmore: Excuse me sir. General Hammond is on the phone, from the Pentagon, and SG1 is here, for the 1300 briefing.

Jack: Thankyou. Walter, I just don't have the decorating gene. Would you mind?

Davies: Yes sir.

Davies leaves and Jack picks up the phone to speak to Hammond.

Jack:Sir! General, how are you? I know sir, but everytime I open my mouth to say George, General comes out.

SG1 are in the Briefing Room with Gilmore. Jack joins them.

Jack: Ok.

Sam: General.

Jack: Colonel! You've all met?

Daniel: Yes actually, we know each others life stories.

Jack: Is that snippyness?

Daniel: Is that a word?

Jack: What have you got?

Daniel: A gate address, a planet formerly in Anubis' domain, that apparently Ba'al hasn't discovered yet.

Sam: We believe it may be home to an abandoned base.

Jack: And just chock full of abandoned weapons?

Daniel: One could hope.

Teal'c: This device was procured from Jaffa, formerly loyal to Anubis. It should allow us access to the base.

Teal'c shows Jack, a device.

Jack: When's the next opening?

Gilmore:0800 tomorrow morning.

Sam: Tomorrow?

Jack: I got 14 teams out there.

Sam: I'm sorry. Operations protocol?

Jack: Is it?

Sam: Sir, the malp showed no indication of any Goa'uld activity.

Jack: I still want SG3 to cover your flanks.

Sam: It's just recon

Jack: All the more reason, it can wait another day.

The gate is activated.

\"Incoming wormhole!\"

Gilmore: SG5, and the representative's from Amorra, to discuss the pending trade agreement.

Jack: Oy! Love to stay and chat.

Daniel: Jack, if those rebel Jaffa know about it, it's only a matter of time before Baal knows about it.

Jack: One day Daniel. One day.

Daniel and Teal'c watch as the gate opens. The delegates come through the gate.

Daniel: Here comes one negotiation I'm glad I'm not part of.

Jack and Dr Lee are looking at the alien plant.

Lee: Exactly. 20 minutes ago, it was a seed.

Gilmore: Excuse me sir, if you don't mind me asking. Is it really wise, to be bringing alien lifeforms through the gate?

Jack: It's a plant.

Lee: Yeah, and besides, offworld teams follow strict safety protocols, in determining what to bring back to Earth. You know, if human kind is going to benefit from what we find out there, We have to be able to study it in controlled situations.

Jack: It's a plant.

Lee: I know, I know, and I know our mandate is to seek out new weapons and technology to defend the planet from our enemies, but wouldn't it be cool if we could exploit the wonders of the galaxy, for other beneficial purposes, like curing diseas, or, well, in this case, possibly solving world hunger.

Jack looks at his watch.

Jack: Speaking of which.

He leaves the room. The phone rings and Lee picks it up.

Lee: Doctor Lee speaking. General? They want you in the briefing room!

Daniel and Teal'c go to Sam's lab.

Daniel: Hey! You wanna get some lunch?

Sam: No, I'm fine.

Daniel: You just gonna sit around here all day and....

Sam: I'm not sulking.

Daniel: Working, gonna say working.

Teal'c: O'Neill merely believed that....

Sam: Guys, I'm fine.

Daniel: You know, you can hardly blame him for wanting to send backup. I'm sure it has nothing to do with....

Sam: I understand. He's just being cautious. Thanks guys.

They leave her lab.

Jack comes out of the elevator with Gilmore, to find Major Davis waiting.

Davis: General, if I might have a moment with you. We're completely stalled, the Amorans can't agree with each other, let alone us. They're like....bickering children.

Jack: Maybe they need a time out.

Briefing Room

Amoran#1: The plains of Goran, are sacred ground!

Amoran#2: To the plainsmen.

Amoran#1: I am a plainsman.

Amoran#2: I know.

Amoran#1: I take offence at that!

Amoran#2: Offence, now there's an idea.

Jack walks into the room.

Amoran#1: General, I think it might be better....

Jack: What do you say, we take a little break. All this negotiating, it's just exhausting. And you've been at it a whole....hour, already. We've prepared special quarters for you. You can relax, get a massage, room service. Whatever you need. Come on, I'll show you.

Jack takes them to their room.

Jack: Ha? Fella's. What do you think. Alright, so it's not the ritz, but we do what we can around here. Knock twice, when you're ready to talk like adults, alright?

He walks over to the door.

Amoran#1: Whoa! Wait General!

Amoran#2: You don't expect us to share one room?

Jack: No amicably, at first. But i have great hope, for you boys.

He slams the door shut, and locks it. He then gives the keys to the guard.

Amoran#1: You can't do this!

Jack: Nobody gets out.

Back in his office, he begins typing a letter.

Jack: Dear General Hammond. Wish you were here, and that I was not.

The phone rings.

Jack: O'Neill.

The next day, Jack gets out of the elevator to find Gilmore waiting for him.

Gilmore: Good morning sir. The delegates from Amora, are furious. They're demanding they be released, and say there's no chance the trade agreement will ever happen between our governments now.

Jack: Did they try the doughnuts? You made sure they were krispy kremes right?

Gilmore: Shall I release them and send them home sir?

Jack: Give them another day.

Gilmore: But sir I....

Jack: No coffee?

Gilmore: I'm sorry, I can get some.

Jack: What's next?

Gilmore: Well, Doctor Lee needs to see you right away, concerning the plant from P69-J08. SG1 and 3 are in the gateroom, preparing to embark, and it turns out that the red, white and blue bunting is unavailable.

Jack: No bunting?

Gilmore: They can get some blue and white. And mix in some red.

Jack: It just won't be the same.

He goes to the gateroom.

Sam: Sir!

Jack: Good morning people! I wish I was going with you.....

Daniel walks off

Jack: But I got a big day planned, tasting menu items with a buffet.

Sam: Have fun sir.

Jack: You know I will. Watch your backs.

Jack turns to Teal'c

Jack: Mind the curfew.

Teal'c bows his head. Jack watches them leave, and doesn't look happy, that he's being left behind.

SG1 and 3 come through the gate to a green forested area.

Sam: SG3 hold here.

Reynold's: Colonel?

Sam: Colonel

Reynolds:Boscombe and Peterson can watch the gate.

Sam:We're fine, simple recon, we'll stay in radio contact.

Reynolds: Scan the perimeter.

Dr Lee's Lab. The plant has grown out of control. There are leaves and vines all over the lab.

Lee: Well, the good news is, it hasn't eaten anybody yet.

Jack: Well thankyou Seymour.

Lee: Obviously we underestimated it's growth properties. It seems to respond really dramatically, to any kind of visible light.

Jack reaches around and switches the light off.

Lee: Yeah, well, I thought of that. I just thought you might like to see it.

Jack pulls a face and turns away.

Lee: Don't worry, we'll get it under control.Sir?

Sam, Daniel and Teal'c are looking around.

Teal'c: There are signs of recent Jaffa activity in the area.

Sam: Try the wrist device again.

Teal'c: I have tried it several times.

Sam: I'm getting some faint energy readings.

They're suddenly ringed up.

The leader of SG3 radio's Sam

Reynolds: SG1 leader, this is SG3 leader, come in....Peterson? You're with me! Boscall, if we don't make radio contact within ten minutes, dial Earth and report in.

An Al-kesh appears in the sky.

Reynolds: Take cover! Son of a bitch!

Jack's office. Gilmore knocks on the door.

Gilmore: Sir, Colonel Reynolds has dialled in from P2X-887. He's lost contact with SG1.

Reynolds talks to Jack via video link.

Reynolds: One Al-Kesh. It buzzed the gate and flew off. No sign of the enemy since that sir. I've been unable to make radio contact with SG1, going on 19 minutes. Requesting backup, and permission to begin searching.

Jack(To Gilmore): SG10 and 12. Back up on the way!

Reynolds: Backup on the way.

Jack and Lee are walking through the hallways, which are covered in leaves and vines.

Lee: We have to close down the entire level,seal it off. Not only does it have amazing growth properties, but it's proving extremely difficult to eradicate.

Siler is using a blow torch on the plants.

Lee: We think it's using the ventilation shaft to spread airborne spores.

The klaxons sound. Jack goes towards the gateroom and meets Reynolds coming out.

Reynolds: We looked everywhere. No sign of them I'm sorry sir.

Jack: You were there to watch their backs.

Reynolds: Yes sir. Colonel Carter insisted we secure the gate.

\"Unauthorised incoming wormhole\"

Jack goes to the gateroom

Davies: No IDC yet sir.

A hologram of Baal appears. The guards raise their guns, but Jack is calm.

Jack: Stand down boys. And what do you want?

Baal: I have your friends.

Jack: And?

Baal: I propose an exchange.

Jack: For what?

Baal: Not what, whom.

Jack: Whatever.

Baal: Camulus.

Jack: Who?

Baal: I'll transmit the gate address. You will send him to me, if you want to see your friends again.

Jack: I'll think about it.

Baal: You have one day.

Jack: Is that one Earth day? Or....

The hologram disappears

*Three Days To Zero Hour*

Jack is coming out of an elevator. Gilmore is waiting for him with some coffee.

Gilmore: Nothing to report from teams in the field. The rebel Jaffa and Tokra. No-one seems to have any info on SG1, and as ordered Camulus is being transferred here from the facility where he was being held. He should be here shortly.

Reynolds is in Jack's office.

Reynolds: Even if we did comply and send Camulus to the address Baal transmitted, we can't risk opening the iris here to let SG1 through. This could all be a trick to get us to do just that.

Jack: Any type of exchange would have to involve a stargate on another planet. I made some suggestions. Are you really considering turning Camulus over to Baal?

Jack: It's on the table.

Gilmore is in the doorway. He knocks and Jack gestures for him to enter.

Gilmore: He's here.

Jack: Colonel, have your team ready.

Reynolds: Yes sir.

Jack leaves the room

Gilmore: Isn't it already too late?

Reynolds: General O'Neill was once captured by Baal. He was tortured, killed, and brought back to life by using the sarcophagus more times than you could care to imagine. SG1 never gave up then, and General O'Neill won't now. There isn't a man or woman on this base, that would.

Camulus is on the base. Jack goes to talk to him.

Jack: Baal has three of my people, and he's offered up an exchange.

Camulus: For me.

Jack: Any idea why?

Camulus: There are many possible reasons.

Jack: Pick one. Nothing? You offered to help us if we granted you asylum.

Camulus: I did not expect to be treated like a prisoner.

Jack: You're a Goa'uld.

Camulus: What are you going to do?

Jack: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn you over.

Camulus: Baal cannot be trusted.

Jack: Yeah.

Camulus: No matter what you do. He will never return your friends to you.

Camulus is being escorted through the hallway, with Jack and Gilmore following.

Gilmore: I thought you were just going to question him.

Jack: He didn't have the right answers.

Gilmore: General, this goes against official policy regarding prisoner exchanges.

Jack: He's not a prisoner. He requested asylum. I'm ungranting it.

Gilmore: You could be courtmartialled.

Jack: You know, if it gets my team back, I don't care.

Gilmore: You know it won't. You're sacrificing him for nothing.

Jack turns and walks into the gateroom.

Jack: Go, go, go.

Gilmore goes into the control room. The gate opens. Jack leads Camulus up the ramp.

Jack: Let's take a walk, you and me.

They stop just before the event horizon.

Jack: I've done everything I could. It's up to you. One last chance.

Camulus: In spite of what you think. I am not a coward.

Jack: I think you are.

Camulus turns towards the event horizon.

Jack: Well it was worth a try. Take him back to his cell.

Gilmore turns to Davies.

Gilmore: It was a bluff?

As Jack is waiting for the elevator, Gilmore approaches him.

Gilmore: You could have told me sir. How can I do my job if you don't trust me.

Jack: Not my problem.

Gilmore: Wait, wait, wait. Camulus would like to talk to you.

Jack goes to see Camulus.

Camulus: I cannot stay here. If Baal is truly so determined to have revenge, he won't stop at this. It is not safe for you to harbour me anymore.

Jack: So what?

Camulus: I am saying I am willing to leave.

Jack: Out of the goodness of your heart?

Camulus: Of course not! When I asked for asylum, I did not expect to rot in a cell for the rest of my life.

Jack: Well work with me. Give me something! I'll see what I can do.

Camulus: I can tell you of a planet, where there is a device created by the Ancients.

Jack: What's it do?

Camulus: I do not know. I never could discover it's secrets. Perhaps you can.

Jack: You think this is what Baal's really after?

Camulus: While I never disclosed it's location. I made the mistake of bragging that I'd found the device, at a meeting of the System Lords.

Jack: Hard to believe, you bragging.

Jack is in his office. He continues to type his letter to General Hammond.

Jack: I knew it wasn't easy for you. But had I known what it was really like, I would have tried to be less of a pain in the ass. At least I would have tried harder.

\"Unscheduled Offworld Activation\"

Jack is in the control room

Jack: Walter?

Davies: Receiving SG3's IDC sir.

Jack: Open it.

Davies: Yes sir.

SG3 come through the gate.

Reynolds: Just like you said sir. Some sort of Ancients device, the size of a large room.

Jack: Any idea what it does?

Reynolds: I'll leave that up to the tech guys. But I can tell you this. I know why I couldn't turn it on.

Briefing Room

Reynolds opens a case which contains a ZPM

Reynolds: It wasn't plugged in.

Gilmore: What is it?

Jack: It's a ZPM

Gilmore: What is that?

Lee: A Zero Point Module. It's an Ancient power source that draws it's energy from subspace

Reynolds: It's the only thing powerful enough to activate the Ancient defence weapons that SG1 found down in Antarctica.

Reynolds: The one we have is pretty much dead.

Lee is taking some readings from the ZPM

Lee:Well, this one sure isn't.

Gilmore: How good is it?

Jack: Well, I'm going to have to do some more detailed analysis, but these preliminary readings indicate at least 50% capacity.

Gilmore: Well that's good, isn't it.

The lights go out.

Lee: Excuse me

Jack: It's that damn plant.

Davies is in the control room. He phones Jack.

Davies: We've lost power to all control systems....Yes sir!

Jack takes the elevator and goes to see Lee.

Jack: We paid the electric bill. I checked.

Lee: The plant is in the wall. It's interfering with power and communication lines.

Jack: There's no light in the walls.

Lee: I know, but as long as any part of it is exposed to light, then it seems like it can feed the unexposed areas. I'm recommending that we keep the whole base on minimal emergency lighting. Just until we get the problem under control.

Jack: How long?

Lee: Well, that's a little difficult to say, because first we have to figure out how to get the problem under control.

Jack checks out what's going on in the control room.

Jack: Where are we?

Davies: Well the dialling computers offline.

Siler: There must be a circuit board that got fried, when we tried to restore power to the system.

Davies: Incoming wormholes will connect, and we still can receive radio communication and IDC's, but....

Jack: The iris?

Davies: Manual control.

Jack: What about dialling the gate? Manually.

Siler: Um, that's a problem. The inner ring seems to be locked in place. We tried disconnecting the control interface, but....

Davies: There was a gate diagnostic running, when the power went down. It could be something to do with the commands being exchanged, at the time.

Jack: Bottom line.

Davies: We can't dial out.

Jack: Ok

Two Days To Zero Hour

Jack is sleeping. Gilmore enters the room, and shakes him awake.

Jack: What?

Gilmore: Sorry to wake you sir.

Jack: It feels like it's been ten minutes.

Gilmore: It has. There's an incoming wormhole. Baal wants to talk.


Jack: Baal. Sorry to keep you waiting. Just taking a little nap.

Baal: The deadline has passed.

Jack: Yeah look, we're having a little technical difficulty here.

Baal: Are your friends lives, meaningless to you?

Jack: Hey! This is not a stall tactic. I would have called you sooner, but we can't dial out at the moment.

Baal: Why not?

Jack: Well I'm not really sure. Here's some irony for you. Carter? Have this thing fixed like that!

He clicks his fingers.

Jack: No offence there Siler.

Siler: None taken sir.

Jack: So, why don't you just send her on through. Before you know it, you'll have ole camelass back in your grubby little mitts.

Baal: You dare mock me.

Jack: Baal, come on. You should know. Of course I dare mock you.

Baal: You have one more day.

The hologram disappears.

Gilmore: Is it really wise to provoke him?

Jack: It's what I do.

Davis and Reynolds are in Jack's office.

Davis: Over two years ago, the Tokra provided us with the formula to the Goa'uld poison, they developed. We've been modifying it. Manufacturing as much as we can, as a defensive action, in the event of another attack on Earth. Area 51 is confirming that there is currently enough to negate a sizeable enemy force.

Reynolds: We think we can effectively neutralise and invade three Goa'uld occupied planets.

Davis: Now the poison is non persistant, so there would only be a limited time before potential re-inforcements become a factor.

Reynolds: And determining which of Baals planets to target, is still an educated guess.

Davis: We're still gathering intel on exactly where SG1's being held.

Jack: Is this poison to kill Jaffa, as well as Goa'uld?

Davis: That's right.

Jack: How many casualties are we talking about?

Reynolds: Thousands. Tens of thousands.

Jack: So it's not really a rescue plan. It's a full scale attack.

Reynolds: That would most certainly provoke a reaction. Possibly another attack on Earth.

Davis: But, considering the fact that we now have a ZPM to power the Ancient defences....

Gilmore knocks on the door.

Gilmore: Sorry to interrupt sir, but Camulus is insisting that he speak with you again.

Camulus is angry

Camulus: Did you not find something of value, on the planet of which I spoke?

Jack:Oh yeah, we did.

Camulus: Then why have you not released me? Or do you still believe you can trade me for your friends.

Lee explains to Gilmore, his latest plan for getting rid of the plants.

Lee: Gamma radiation seems to work. We're preparing to deliver a strong enough level to the entire base all at once. Now, non essential personell are gonna have to be evacuated. Everyone else is going to have to wear protective suits. You have to get General O'Neill to sign off on this, right away.

Gilmore: You know, he hasn't slept in over two days.

Lee: Yeah, that's why I'm asking you to do it.

Gilmore: Right

Jack and John are walking in protective suits

John: I'm cancelling the Presidents visit.

Jack: Really? Why would you do that?

John: I'm surprised you can joke at a time like this.

Jack: That's pretty much all I can do at the moment.

John: Your flagship team is in the hands of the enemy. You can't dial the stargate. The base is overrun by an alien plant.

Jack: We did find a ZPM.

John: True

Jack: Give it another day.

John: You think you can get everything resolved by then?

Jack: Wait a minute. I think there's a joke in there somewhere.

They get into the elevator.

Jack: Got nothing!

Jack is in his office, and continues to type his letter to Hammond. The power is off.

Jack: And so, I regretfully submit my resignation. And to be clear, the regret is not so much about the resigning part, but the fact that I was deluded enough to think I had possessed even one iota, of the ability needed to fill your sizeable and shiny shoes.

The power comes back on. Gilmore knocks on the door.

Gilmore: Doctor Lee just called down sir. He feels confidant the plant has been fully eradicated.

Jack: I wish I did.

Gilmore: Oh, and the dialling computer's back online.

Camulus is taken to the gateroom. Jack and Gilmore are in the control room.

Davies: Chevron 4 encoded.

Gilmore: You're releasing him?

Jack: I made a deal. We got a ZPM.

Gilmore: Look, I know we can finally dial Pegasus again, and still defend Earth if we have to, but....

The phone rings.

Gilmore: Control room.

He turns to Jack

Gilmore: It's Doctor Lee, he say's it's important.

Jack: Yeah. Abort the dialling procedure.

Jack arrives at Lee's lab. The ZPM is glowing.

Lee: It basically shouldn't be glowing like this.

Jack: What is it?

Lee: Well it's funny really.

Jack: I like funny.

Lee: No, this isn't the good kind of funny. I think it was the gamma radiation we used to kill the plant, that revealed this.

Jack: Revealed what?

Lee: It illuminated a substance, foreign to what we know to be the normal molecular make-up of a ZPM.

Jack: And?

Lee: Well, we managed to scrape some microscopic fragments from the casing, and run some tests. You're gonna want these.

He hands Jack some goggles.

Lee: This is what happens, when you introduce a constant electric charge?

An empty tray explodes.

Jack: The ZPM is boobytrapped?

Lee: We were gonna send it to Antarctica. Can you imagine if someone had taken it and plugged it into the chair in the Ancient Outpost? I can't even imagine the magnitude of the explosion. A charged ZPM detonating that? I don't know. I mean, it could have destroyed the whole planet.

Gilmore: That's why Camulus was so eager to leave.

Jack: Can you undo it?

Lee: Well, you know we haven't actually....

Jack: Yes or no?

Lee shakes his head.

Camulus is questioned by Jack

Camulus: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Jack: When you couldn't figure out what the Ancient device was for, you tampered with the power source, so nobody else could.

Camulus: I did nothing of the kind.

Jack: Cammy.

Camulus: Worth a try.

Jack: Here's the deal. How would you like the chance to kill Baal?

Camulus: In exchange, you want me to use the Ancient device to trade for the lives of your friends.

Jack: Exactly.

Camulus: Amusing

Later in the gateroom. The gate is activated. Jack hands Camulus the ZPM.

Camulus turns to Reynolds

Camulus: Coming with me?

Reynolds: We're taking you to another planet first. We'll wait for SG1 there.

They go through the gate.

Later, Jack returns to the gateroom

Davies: Receiving SG3's IDC sir.

Jack: Open it!

SG3 come through the gate.

Jack: You're late.

Reynolds: We thought we'd give it an extra hour sir. We knew it was a long shot.

Jack: Thankyou Colonel. Dismissed.

Jack is typing, in his office.

*One Day To Zero Hour*

Gilmore knocks on the door.

Gilmore: Sir, Colonel Reynolds would like a moment.

Jack: Fine.

Gilmore: He's in the gateroom sir.

Jack goes to the gateroom. Many teams are gathered there.

Jack: What's going on?

Reynolds: General, we just wanted you to know. Whatever you decide. We're behind you 100%. You just need to give the order, and we're ready to go.

Jack: I know you are Colonel. Thankyou. All of you. Dismissed.

Jack goes to the locker room and get's changed. He closes his locker and see's Teal'c and Daniel's names on the two next to his. He leaves and walks through the hallways to the elevator. Siler walks past.

Siler: Goodnight sir.

Jack: Goodnight Siler.

As the elevator doors are closing, the klaxons sound. He puts his arm in the door, to stop them from fully closing.

\"Unscheduled Offworld Activation!\"

He runs towards the control room.

Gilmore: It's SG1's identification code. Sgt O'Brian transmitted a whole signal back through the gate and is awaiting your instruction.

Control room

Jack: Brian?

Brian: We have audio contact sir. It's Colonel Carter.

Jack: Carter?

Sam: We're under heavy fire, now open the iris.

Jack: Negative

SG1 are being fired upon by Jaffa

Jack: You re-route

Sam: Negative, the DHD is no longer accessible

Daniel: Jack what's going on?

Jack: You've been in enemy hands. You know the protocol. We have no way of knowing if your iris code is secure.

Daniel: What the hell are you talking about!

Jack: You were captured by Baal.

Daniel: Baal? We're on P2X-887. We were trapped in Anubis' super base. When we came out we had Jaffa waiting for us at the gate.

Teal'c turns to Sam

Teal'c: It appears these Jaffa are loyal to Baal.

Sam: Sir, the gates gonna shut down and we won't be able to dial out again.

Jack pauses for a moment.

Jack: Open it.

The gate is opened.

Jack: Clear.

Staff blasts hit the gateroom. SG1 run through the gate.

Jack: Nice.

He walks into the gateroom

Jack: Hey guys.

Sam: Thankyou sir.

Jack: So trapped in secret base, all this time. Go figure.

Teal'c: The wrist device allowed us access.

Daniel: We couldn't get back out.

Sam: You thought Baal had captured us?

Jack: That's what he said.

Sam: How did he even know we were missing?

Jack: Reynolds saw an Al-kesh.

Daniel: Baal must of had his Jaffa looking for the base.

Sam: Probably intercepted any radio chatter.

Teal'c: That would explain the ambush.

Sam: Baal's Jaffa couldn't find the base, but they figured, if we turned up.

Jack: It's a great story. More importantly. Did Anubis leave anything cool behind?

Daniel: Not really, no.

Jack: Nuts!

Sam and Jack meet up in the hallway, the next day. Sam is in dress uniform.

Jack: Colonel Carter. How are you?

Sam: I'm good, thanks for asking. You're not going to dress for the occasion sir?

Jack: Well you know me, I love dressing up. I was just on my way.

Sam: Sir, I wanted to talk to you....

Jack: Carter. Your evaluation is done, and I think you'd be very pleased.

Sam: Really?

Jack: You had doubts?

Sam: Honestly? I was wondering whether you were completely confident in my leadership skills.

Jack: Aren't you?

Sam: I've been second guessing myself, for ordering SG3 to remain at the gate.

Jack: Oh, phshaw! Standard recon. Your tactics in dealing with the ambush, perfect. You should read what Teal'c and Daniel wrote about your conduct under fire.

Sam: Can I?

Jack: No.

Sam: Damn!

Jack: Teal'c said you were an animal.

Sam: Such an exaggerator.

Jack: Yeah. Isn't he. Well, this is where I go to take off the clothes I prefer, and don the clothes I abhor.

Sam: Ah sir, quickly. I was wanting to talk to you about something else. I was reading Doctor Lee's report about the tainted ZPM? I think he may have underestimated the explosive potential. It could have actually destroyed the entire solar system.

Jack: What's the difference?

Sam: Well my point is, if we figured it out, so could Baal. He could use it as a weapon against us.

Jack: All true Carter. Which is exactly why I didn't give Camulus the tainted one.

Sam: Sir?

Jack: I gave him the dead one. It's worthless, right?

Sam: Baal's gonna be pretty pissed at Camulus.

Jack: Yeah.

*Zero Hour*

Jack is in his office. Gilmore enters

Gilmore: General, the President's motorcade is through the gates. He should be getting on the elevator momentarily. Sir, I think you should know, I'll be leaving tomorrow.

Jack: Really?

Gilmore: Yes sir. The truth is, I've been here on a temporary special assignment, from the President.

Jack: Oh?

Gilmore: Sort of a civilian audit, if you will.

Jack: Of the SGC?

Gilmore: Of you.

Jack: I know.

Gilmore: You do?

Jack: General Hammond told me.

Gilmore: Well he wasn't supposed to.

Jack: Well don't tell anyone.

Gilmore: Well,um, then you know that the President wanted to make sure that you were settling in before he came and shook your hand and fully endorsed you as the leader of this base.

Jack: Uh-huh.

Gilmore: Obviously he's here, so..What I mean is, I just want you to know how much respect I have for what you do here, and to you.

Jack: Thanks. Shall we?

Jack gets his jacket on.

Jack: Oh by the way. Did you let those Ameron delegates go?

Gilmore: I did sir, yes. Major Davis said they seemed much more willing to negotiate now.

Jack: Do you think they liked the fruit basket?

Gilmore: I think so sir

Jack: Good. I put a lot of thought into that.

They leave the room.

The camera pans in on Jacks resignation letter. Above his signature are the words: Never Mind.

The End

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