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Un Nouveau Monde

New Ground

Credit - a.k.a a.k.a
Martouf Marty a.k.a Stephanie

Starring -
Richard Dean Anderson - Colonel Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks - Doctor Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping - Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge - Teal'c
Don S. Davis - General Hammond
Teryl Rothery - Dr. Janet Fraiser

Guest Starring -
Richard Ian Cox - Nyan
Daryl Shuttleworth - Rigar

Written by - Heather E. Ash

Directed by - Chris McMullen

Scene: Another Planet. Two people - a male and female - are staring at the gate as the chevrons start locking. They look as if they have no clue what is happening.

Scene: Control Room

Technician: Chevron four locked.

Hammond comes in.

Hammond: Report

Sam: We just got our first hit with the cold address program - P2X- 416.

Hammond: Prepare the MALP.

Jack walks in.

Two people on other side looking more scared by the second at the gate as it dials.

Woman: We must leave, Nyan.

The gate activates and they dive out of the way. They get up and look at the gate confused. They walk towards it, cautiously.

Woman: Nyan! You'll drown!

Nyan: Doesn't feel like water.

Nyan pulls his hand in and the MALP that comes through makes him back away.

In the control room...

Daniel: What's up?

Sam: Cold dialing program made a positive hit on P2X-416.

Daniel sits next to Sam.

Daniel: Wonder why...

Sam: Looks like the locals have unburied the Stargate after the computer last dialed.

Jack: Now see, that's what I don't understand - how does a computer know how to do that?

Sam: It doesn't Sir. I created the cold dialing software to periodically redial cartouche Stargate addresses that hadn't connected the first time. This is our first hit.

Jack: Oh.

Sam: Receiving MALP telemetry... now.

See on computer screen landscape that has a beaten up flat clearly with mountains and trees. Basically like British Columbia. MALP looks, Danny looks. We see 'Nyan' and that... woman.

Woman: Nyan? What is it?

Nyan: I don't know.

Nyan walks out of MALP view.

Daniel: Could you uh... can you follow him?

MALP follows. Daniel puts on headset.

Daniel: Hello Nyan. Don't be afraid. Uh, uh... my name is Daniel Jackson.

View from other side half way through Daniel talking.

Nyan: Are you a mechanical life form?

Daniel: No. I'm communicating to you through that device.

Nyan: From where?

Woman: This is a trick. We must report this Nyan.

Nyan: No not yet.

Woman takes Nyan to the side.

Woman: (whispering) Why?

From Control Room...

Daniel: Sir, request permission to visit P2X-416?

Jack: Wait a minute...

Daniel: Jack they're obviously intelligent. Judging by their clothes and tools they appear to be close to our level of technology.

Jack: Has anyone seen a DHD in this transmission?

MALP looks for one. See Nyan and the other person talking, but no DHD.

Sam: He's right.

Hammond: Maybe you should take a Naquadah reactor with you so you can dial up the gate manually.

View from P2X-416 (nice name)

Nyan: (walking closer to MALP) Mallen (finally a name for the woman!) I believe we found the Gateway.

Mallen: There is no gateway. That is Optrican legend.

Nyan: Then how do you explain this?

Mallen: This could be very dangerous Nyan. Do you realize what this could mean? (Well we sure the hell don't)

Nyan: It would mean we were wrong. And the Optricans were right.

Daniel: (over the MALP) Nyan is it all right if we visit you?

Mallen: (whispering) No!

Nyan: Yes.

Daniel: Okay, we'll be with you shortly. Uh, try to stay close to that mechanical device I'm talking through. And try to avoid that splash you saw before. It's kinda dangerous.

Mallen starts running away.

Nyan: We will be waiting to welcome you Daniel.

Stargate turns off. Nyan sees Mallen running.

Nyan: Mallen! Come back! If you tell them they might kill whoever comes through! Mallen! (Oh yeah, couldn't have told the Heroes that could ya?)

Opening credits.

Wee! Little scene where they travel through the gate. The blue one with the spiral thing.

Scene: P2X-415. We see Daniel and Sam come through hauling a reactor, Teal'c and Jack follow. Gate shuts off. Sam and Daniel put down the reactor. Daniel goes over to Nyan.

Daniel: Hello Nyan.

Nyan: You're... you're human.

Daniel: Yes. I'm uh... Daniel Jackson. The person you talked to before. This is Major Carter, Colonel Jack O'Neill, and Teal'c. We're from a planet called Earth. You all right?

Nyan: Then the legend is true...

Daniel: What, uh, what legend is that?

Nyan: The Optricans believe that humans were brought to this planet by aliens who traveled through a gateway. But during the Upheaval, the gateway was buried so the beings could no longer come through.

Daniel: What was the Upheaval?

Nyan: A period of violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions covering most of this continent almost 2000 years ago.

Sam: If the Stargate has been buried for that long, how did you know where to look for it?

Nyan: I was not looking for it. I was hoping to find a primitive settlement that was here before the Upheaval. I was hoping to prove the Bedrosian theory.

Jack: What's that?

Nyan: That human life was created on Bedrosia without a gateway.

Jack: Ah.

Sam: So this, this country is called Bedrosia?

Nyan: This continent.

Daniel: Then who are the Optricans?

Nyan: A rival continent.

Jack: Rival as in... what?

Nyan: We believe that we were created on this continent and they believe that their holy gateway is on this continent. Therefore we've been at war for decades.

Jack: Okay, Carter, you wanna make sure that reactor's all hooked up, just in case? You mind if I ask how close to the front lines we might be?

Nyan: A great distance. There is no need for concern.

Jack nods, looks at Daniel.

Teal'c (Who hasn't had a line yet) is looking around. He hears a noise and looks ahead and above. See three ships coming over to them. One goes left, other goes right, third keeps going straight...

Teal'c: O'Neill! (Points his staff towards the ship)

Nyan, Jack, Daniel look and see them.

Nyan: (Whispering) Oh no. (Aloud) We have to hide.

Jack: I thought you said they weren't around here?

Nyan: They're my people - Bedrosians.

Jack: Good guys?

Nyan: Those are not the first words I would use to describe the ones who approach.

Jack: Ah.

Nyan: We must run. Now.

Jack: Okay.

Sam: I need five minutes before I can be operational Sir.

Nyan: This way, quickly. (Runs away)

Jack: Screw it. Let's go. Come on.

Jack, Sam, Daniel all go to run but shield from the ship that is now over-head appears in front of them. Daniel goes for side but gets blocked. Sam goes for another side, fails. Soon they are completely surrounded. Jack fires his weapon at ship, causing no damage.

Teal'c fires staff from the bushes close by.

The shield slowly closes in and one by one they get touched and fall unconscious on the ground. Shield goes away. Teal'c runs deeper into bushes. He looks and sees another ship. He hides and waits.

Scene: Close by the Stargate

People inspecting the MALP, reactor, and some guys have weapons pointed. Zoom out to see that it's SG-1 - minus Teal'c - cuffed, and on their knees (gotta feel sorry for Jack with his bad knees).

Jack: Do you believe we come in peace?

Guy walks with weapon to Jack's side.

Jack: Got a commanding officer around here?

No answers from anyone.

Jack: Wow, though crowd.

Sam: What happened to Nyan?

Jack: I'd imagine he's saving his own butt right about now.

Scene: Bushes

Teal'c looks around. Hears noise, points staff in front of him. Sees a soldier guy with a weapon searching around. Guy slowly leaves. Teal'c hears twigs breaking behind him. Teal'c suddenly turns around and fires staff weapon at the local. At the same time, the soldier guy fires his weapon - hitting Teal'c right about at the eye. They both fall down. (Oh no!)

Scene: By Stargate - again on planet.

Doors to a ship open while SG-1 are still guarded. A guy with a limp (who will be known as Limp for a while) walks out, followed by two guys with weapons.

Limp: Mallen.

Mallen walks out of ship, followed by a woman... guard... person.

Limp: You said there were aliens here.

Mallen: Yes Sir. Those people came through the gateway.

Limp: No. They didn't. It's a trick.

See Jack looking around.

Limp: A contrivance.

Mallen: Perhaps. But one of those aliens is named Daniel. He talked to Nyan through the machine that came through the circle.

Limp: A shuttlecraft will take you to my base. (Nods to someone) We will question you on this matter further.

Guards take Mallen back into 'craft'. Limp and UNW - unnamed woman - and another guy head over to SG-1.

Limp: Either this Nyan fired at my craft or another Optrican is out there. (Stops walking) Either way I want them found.

Guard: Yes Sir.

Guard walks ahead of the other people.

UNW takes small container over to SG-1. She has a needle in her hands.

Jack: Okay. That's a needle.

Guy behind Jack zaps him with the staff looking type weapon. Needle goes in, needle comes out.

Jack: Ow!

UNW gets handed another needle. Goes over to Sam, needle goes in, needle comes out. Same with Daniel (Danny whumpers don't get the satisfaction of seeing it. Damn.)

Limp: Which of you in Daniel?

Jack: I'm in Command. Colonel Jack O'Neill here.

Limp: I am unfamiliar with that Optrican designation.

Sam: We're not Optrican. We're explorers from another planet.

Daniel: We traveled through the Stargate.

Limp: This type of psychological warfare simulating the Optrican gateway fallacy to undermine our most basic beliefs, will not work. (Huh? LOL.)

Jack: Yeah. I know that can be hard to believe. So why don't you let us show you how the Stargate works, and if you're still not convinces, we'll just take our stuff and go. Fair enough?

Limp looks at Jack, then at Sam.

Limp: Erect a quarantine field.

Limp walks away.

Jack: Hey!

(If you commercials when you were walking this, it would go to commercial right about now. Depending...)

Scene: Bushes. (Yay, again.)

Teal'c is lying on the ground; apparently unconscious Nyan comes by and touched him. Teal'c grabs his throat.

Teal'c: State your purpose.

Nyan tries to speak.

Nyan: ... Nyan... (Great! You know your name! Now, tomorrow we'll learn how to count!)

Teal'c left him go, giving him a little push, causing Nyan to fall on the solider guy that Teal'c killed. (Remember everyone?) Nyan is scared, gets up, and goes over to Teal'c. Helps him sit up. They hear a shuttlecraft and look around.

Nyan: We have to get away from here. (No... Sherlock...)

Teal'c: Where are my friends?

Nyan: Captured.

Teal'c: I will not leave my friends.

Teal'c moves h
is hands around, searching for something. Nyan: We can't get to them. Rigar (A name!) has set up a quarantine field. And as soon as he find the solider you killed...

Teal'c is still moving his hands around, looking for his staff, which is almost right next to him. Nyan finally gives the staff weapon to Teal'c. Teal'c gets up.

Nyan waves hand in front of Teal'c's face, getting no reaction.

Nyan: You're blind. (Nooo!!!)

Scene: By the Stargate.

Ship comes down and goes through the force field. Two guards are checking out the MALP. Others are digging.

Guard: They were starting to dig here.

Rigar - a.k.a Limp: Finish for them. I want to know what's in there.

Rigar heads over to the UNW (UnNameableWoman) from before.

UNW: I have the results from the blood analyses. There is a 98% correspondent. They are definitely human. But none of them are showing the particle match with the Bedrosian registry.

Rigar: Then that proves they are Optrican.

No answer. (LOL)

Rigar: Does it not? Say what you were thinking.

UNW: (Whispering) What if they are telling the truth? What is it is the gateway? And the Optricans were right.

Rigar: No. It's a lie.

UNW: But how can you be sure?

Rigar: I am sure because we have not spent our lives praying to a god who does not exist. And many of our people have not lost their lives fighting a meaningless war. I won't accept that. I have studied the book of Nefertum (I spelt it wrong, so, you can correct it if you want to) word for word. Cover to cover. It is the truth.

UNW: What if it's not?

Rigar: It is the truth. We began here. That device is a fabrication to fake the Optrican myth.

UNW: To what end?

Rigar: To sow the seeds of doubt among our people. To create dissension from within. I will not allow our people to have their faith to be attacked in such a cynical way. (Nicely said. Man he may be a jerk, but ya gotta give him credit with the way he can put together a sentence.)

UNW: What do you want to do?

Rigar: We will not allow the events that have transpired to leave this place.

UNW: Then we must find this Nyan and the forth... Optrican. (Awww come on! Be on SG-1's side!)

Rigar: Yes. And we'll find out what we can from the three we have in custody. Then we will dispose of them.

Rigar walks away. The Un Nameable Woman follows.

UNW: (muttering) Yes Sir.

Scene: A cave. (Nice.)

Nyan is escorting the blind Teal'c in.

Nyan: We come here for shelter. We also keep supplies here.

Nyan turns on a light.

Nyan: Are you injured in addition to your eyes?

Teal'c: I will be fine.

Nyan takes Teal'c over to the other side of the cave.

Nyan: You can sit here. Here.

Teal'c finds the spot and sits. Nyan looks in a container. He gets out a canister and gives it to Teal'c. Slowly opens it and drinks.

Nyan: It's water. It's amazing how one discovery could change everything. For years I have searched for proof that we were created on this continent by Nefertum.

Teal'c: Nefertum? Blue lotus blossom of Ra.

Nyan: He is represented in our text by a clue lotus blossom. But what is Ra? And how do you know about Nefertum.

Teal'c: Nefertum was an under System lord to the one named Ra, with whom I did battle.

Nyan: I do not understand. Nefertum was and is the creator of all of us. He created this planet and this great continent.

Teal'c: Correction - Nefertum was an alien who most likely brought your people through the Stargate as slaves many of thousands of years ago.

Nyan: That is what the Optricans say.

Teal'c: They are correct.

Nyan: Oh great Nefertum this is blasphemy. But if it is true it could change everything. I must show my colleagues at the research academy.

Teal'c: Can you be certain they would believe you?

Nyan: They are scientists as I am. They will realize they are wrong when presented with the evidence.

Teal'c: Your military has the Stargate under its command.

Nyan: Not the gateway. You are proof.

Teal'c: I will not be the proof. And I will not allow my friends to be imprisoned as they are.

Teal'c stands.

Teal'c: You must help me rescue them.

'Junior' - Teal'c's symbiote moves from within.

Nyan: Let me see.

Nyan moves to take a look, but Teal'c stops him.

Teal'c: Do not.

Nyan: You could have a serious injury.

Teal'c: I will be fine.

Nyan: I have something that will help. I'll bring it back with the other supplies.

Nyan scampers off, leaving blind Teal'c alone.

Teal'c: Nyan.

Teal'c tries to follow Nyan, hits cave wall, disturbing bat like animals. They swarm over Teal'c but he bats them off. (LOL.) Now Teal'c has a bite or cut on the back of his head. (Yay.)

Scene: By Stargate, but now we have a bit tent compound looking... thing. (Huh?)

Jack, Sam, and Daniel are in little metal caged. Jack sticks his foot out and touches the metal. Zap! Electrical charge in the cage. (Well, just getting better and better huh?)

Jack: That hurts.

Daniel: Well this day just keeps getting better and better huh...

Jack looks around.

Jack: Yeah.

Scene: Cave.

Teal'c has staff weapon in hand, prepared the shoot Nyan's head off - by accident of course. He hears some noises.

Scene: Inside 'structure' where SG-1 is being held. Rigar picks up radio that in on the table with all the other crap they carry around all the time. (Wow.) You can see three grenades, three GDOs, six clips for MP5, a MP5, two 9mm, three radios, two journals, three watches, three compasses, and much, much more! Rigar walks over to Jack after putting the radio down. Jack is in his cage, no Sam and Daniel, but two guards.

Rigar takes weapon from one guard and the two guards leave, just leaving Jack and Rigar in the room.

Jack: We should talk.

Rigar: Yes. Let us talk of your friend in the words.

Jack: I have no friends. In the woods or otherwise.

Now Daniel is in the cage instead of Jack.

Daniel: We're not spies. We're peaceful explorers. (Yes that's what we all say.) We traveled through what you call your gateway.

Switch to Sam.

Sam: Fine the Stargate but that's what we came through.

Rigar: All four of you?

Sam: All three of us.

Rigar: It is impossible for one to travel to other planets, much less through a circle of stone.

Sam: The Stargate isn't made of regular stone. If given enough power a wormhole forms within the circle that allows us to travel to other worlds.

Rigar: Wormhole?

Jack's turn.

Jack: Giant worms. Huge.

Daniel turn.

Daniel: Wormhole is just an expression. It has nothing to do with worms. It's a tunnel through space.

Rigar: And how is this illusion of water created that I have heard described?

Daniel: Well, you're right in that. It is an illusion. It's not actually water.

Rigar: Then what is it?

Jack: Magic.

Sam: It's an event horizon created up of quantum particles that form a wormhole.

Daniel: An alien race... the Goa'uld. Used the Stargate to transport humans from earth.

Rigar goes to get the weapon.

Daniel: ... which is how your people ended up on Bedrosia-

Rigar zaps Daniel with the weapon. (Hehe... Danny whumping.)

Rigar: My people began on Bedrosia as did yours. We were all created by Nefertum.

Daniel: Nefertum? Son of Sakhmet, "Blue lotus blossom"? (If they sat that one more time, so help me.) That's who you believed created you?

Rigar: Yes.

Daniel: Well he must have been a Goa'uld.

Rigar: A what?

Daniel: An alien. He must have transported your people through the Star-

Daniel gets zapped again by Rigar's weapon. Danny looks pissed.

Scene: Cave

(Ah!) Teal'c has his hand in his pouch. Yeah, juniors. Nyan comes back.

Nyan: What are you doing?

Teal'c takes his hand out.

Nyan: You're an alien.

Teal'c puts his shirt back on.

Teal'c: Come no further.

Nyan: But I though you were all human.

Teal'c: Speak of it no more.

Nyan: What are you?

Teal'c: As I have said, speak of it no more. I did not believe you would return.

Nyan: You are the most important thing that has ever happened to my planet. All though I have not decided yet whether it is a good thing or bad. I brought something for your eyes. It is a healing device, among other things can regenerate the visual nerve. It will help most of your sight return in a day. Of course it is designed for human so how you will respond is-

Teal'c: I have no need for it. My sight will return on its own.

Nyan: Because you're an alien?

Teal'c: The others are human. I am a Jaffa. I possess within me a symbiote that accelerates healing.

Nyan: Forgive me, but you do not appear to be healing at all.

Teal'c: My symbiote was severely damaged by my own staff energy blast. It must first heal itself.

Nyan: How long will that take?

Teal'c: It could be days.

Nyan: Could it not die itself?

Teal'c: It is possible.

Nyan: And if that happens?

Teal'c: Then I too will die.

Scene: 'Prison Tent'

Jack and Sam are in cages, can't see Daniel. Jack hears a noise and looks up.

The woman - UNW - and 'guards' come in.

Jack: Problem?

They zap Daniel once with weapon and take him away.

They drag him outside where some people are looking at something on the ground.

Rigar: Move!

They move out of the way.

Rigar: Explain.

Daniel looks and sees the guy Teal'c killed.

Rigar: Explain!

Daniel: I can't.

Rigar: There is a forth. He did this.

Daniel: No there isn't. I don't know how this man was killed.

The guards pull Daniel over to the other location, and drop him on his knees.

Rigar: Explain this.

They all look at the DHD that is mainly buried. Only the top is dug up.

Scene: Cave. Nyan is sitting on container, Teal'c is sitting on edge.

Teal'c: What do your people intend to do with my friends?

Nyan: They are evidence that everything my people believe in is wrong. That everything my enemy believes is right. That is not an easy thing for military minds to digest.

Teal's: They then will kill my friends. Destroy the Stargate and deny that this event ever occurred.

Nyan: Probably.

Teal'c: We must soon depart.

Nyan: To do what?

Teal'c: Rescue them.

Nyan: You're still blind.

Teal'c: I will manage.

Nyan grabs the staff weapon away from Teal'c.

Teal'c: Nyan!

Nyan: You will?

Nyan give the staff back.

Nyan: I will not be part of a suicide mission.

Nyan picks up the healing device.

Nyan: This device only works within the first 30 hours. Do you want my help or not?

Teal'c: You wish to use me to further scientific aspirations do you not?

Nyan: You are proof that my theories have been wrong.

Teal'c: Then perhaps you would be better of in I were no longer alive.

Nyan: Teal'c. I'm a scientist. If I find evidence that my theories are wrong, it's as exciting as if they were correct. Scientific advance in either direction is still an advance.

Teal'c: You sound like Daniel Jackson. Do what you can.

Nyan aims the healing device towards Teal'c's eyes and activate it. A continuous ray of light goes into Teal'c's right eye.

Nyan: Pain is the nerve regenerating. Only a moment.

Finally Nyan turns it off. Teal'c grabs his eyes in pain.

Nyan: While I was out I went to a place where I could look upon Rigar's camp. Your friends are still there. Rigar's men have dug up a smaller device that looks related to the gateway.

Teal'c: The DHD. Perhaps circumstances have become more favorable.

Teal'c moves his eyes. Now instead of being blind, his vision is blurry.

Teal'c: There. There I see a light there.

Nyan: Yes. Good. Then it works on your kind.

Teal'c: But I can only see a faint light.

Nyan: That was only the first treatment. We will do it as many times as necessary. There's no guarantee but it should help.

Teal'c: Then do it.

Nyan: We must wait between treatments or we will do damage rather then good.

Scene: Prison Tent.

Guards just bring Sam and Jack back in. Daniel is in his cage; while they put the other two back. Rigar gets a zat.

Sam: Daniel, you okay?

Daniel just gives a sad, cute look. (Aww...)

Jack: Hey Re-gar. You know that "we come in peace' business? Bite me.

Rigar: You have one last chance.

Daniel: I do not know how that man was killed. We are not Optrican spies.

Rigar zats Sam. Sam hits the back of her cage then falls forward. Daniel looks POed.

Rigar: Is there another one of your people out there?

Daniel: (sounding like an automated message with a monotone voice) I don't know how that man was killed. We are not-

Rigar zats Jack. Jack hits the side of the cage and stays there, slowly getting electrocuted.

Daniel: No there is not another one of my team out there turn it off!

Rigar: What's he look like?

Daniel: Turn it off! You'll kill him!

Rigar: No, you will kill him.

Daniel looks mad. Hear a chevron lock into place.

Rigar looks at Jack. He takes the weapon and uses it to turn the electrical current off. He leaves with the zat as the Stargate continues to dial.

Outside, chevron... four locks into place. Rigar and still nameless woman go outside. Chevron five locks in and the two people stop. They continue. Chevron six - they stop.

On the other side of the gate we see Hammond in the control room.

Technician: Chevron seven-locked Sir. Wormhole engaged.

Other side: Stargate goes 'kawoosh' and the people almost fall down. Rigar and woman look scared, or amazed.

On Earth:

Technician: Ready to transmit signal Sir.

Hammond: SG-1. This is General Hammond. Come in.

As Hammond speaks, we see from inside the prison tent. The guard hears Hammond over the radio.

Hammond: I repeat, SG-1, this is General Hammond. Come in.

The guy leaves with a radio. Daniel looked worried, yet surprised.

Outside Rigar and others are staring at the event horizon.

Rigar: This is not a gateway. This is a trick.

Guy with radio gets outside to Rigar.

Guy: Rigar Sir.

Gives him radio.

Hammond: SG-1, please respond. SG-1 please come in.

Rigar: Who is this?

Hammond: This is General Hammond of the SGC. With whom am I speaking?

Rigar: The one who holds your people.

Hammond: I want to speak with Colonel O'Neill now.

Scene: Cave.

Nyan is using the healing device on Teal'c's eyes again. He stops and Teal'c once again grabs his eyes.

Teal'c: Our objective is to free O'Neill and the others. We will lay down cover fire to enable one of them to dial the Stargate.

Nyan: Getting inside the camp is going to be our first problem. The quarantine field is only penetrable by shuttlecraft.

Teal'c: An obstacle easily overcome.

Teal'c looks at his hands. They are blurry, but not a much as the light was before.

Teal'c: My vision has improved.

Teal'c gives Nyan as zat.

Teal'c: You may use this to defend yourself.

Nyan: I've never used a weapon before.

Teal'c: I am confident that you will learn quickly.

Teal'c picks up his staff and gets up.

Teal'c: We must depart.

Teal'c walks ahead almost into Nyan. He turns left and almost hits a wall. Finally Teal'c finds his way and leaves. Nyan follows.

Scene: Right by the Gate.

Rigar: Tell me, how does this trick work? Is it some sore of projection?

Earth wise...

Hammond: I assure that what you are seeing is real. Now please, let me speak to Colonel O'Neill. (To technician) Try to pull up the MALP.

In the prison tent Daniel is sitting there while Sam and Jack are out cold. The camera on the MALP starts moving.

By Stargate:

Rigar: From where do you broadcast? Are you in Optrican or within Bedrosian borders?

In the prison tent, Daniel notices the camera and starts waving his hands, trying to get SGC's attention.

Earth side...

Hammond: Once my people are returned I will be happy to discuss an exchange of information with you.

Hammond looks at a monitor and sees the cages, and Daniel waving. They zoom in on Daniel.

Hammond: See if you can get a clear line of site on O'Neill.

In the prison tent...

MALP starts trying to move around, not with much progress.

By the Gate:

Rigar: You will send the plans for this device.

The nameless woman hears something and looks towards the tent. Sees a lump hitting the side over, and over.

Rigar: You will send the coordinates of your position, and when you have exposed your entire fraud, I will consider sparing your operatives lives.

Rigar turns and sees the UNW and two guards head to the tent. He follows.

In the prison tent the MALP continues to move around. Daniel is trying sign language. He's trying to say something like, 'They have weapons out there.' Door to tent opens and part of four comes in.

On Earth, through the monitor they see Daniel is giving the 'cut off', 'stop', 'end', or 'dead' sign. Hammond looks worried.

Rigar and UNW get in and look around. Rigar looks at the MALP.

Hammond: You will return my people immediately, is that clear?

Jack and Sam start coming to. Daniel has the look on someone who's in trouble. (Bad Danny... LOL.)

Hammond: Do we understand each other?

Rigar looks at MALP camera.

Through the monitor on Earth we see Rigar.

Rigar: If you attempt any sort of rescue, I will kill your people.

Rigar shoots the camera with the zat. Transmission is interrupted.

Technician: Lost all MALP telemetry Sir.

Hammond: Shut it down.

Gate shuts down and Hammond looks very worried.

Meanwhile, back at the Prison Tent...

Rigar throws radio back on the table. He shuts the zat and throws it down.

Rigar: Call in a transport shuttle. I want them moved to a more secure facility. Put them away until it gets here.

Guards head over to them.

Scene: Outside... Somewhere.

c and Nyan are walking through the woods. They find a big rock and an open spot. They hear shuttle and hide behind the rock. Teal'c fires at the shuttle and misses. The shuttle lands.

Nyan: Are you sure I should be the one to do this?

Teal'c: You will perform well. I am certain.

The doors to the shuttle open and out walk two guards. Nyan zats one of them. The other one fires his weapon and Nyan ducks. Teal'c fires staff and misses. Nyan then zats the guard once. Teal'c and Nyan steal the guards' weapons.

Nyan: Stun don't kill.

They run into the shuttle and the doors close.

Scene: Outside tent on planet.

Lots of guards outside. Rigar and more guards come out of tent.

UNW: Transport shuttle will be here any moment Sir.

Rigar: I will accompany the prisoners back to the base. You will remain here to guard the ring. Be sure-

They look up to see the transport shuttle flying like one of those drunk pilots would have been flying if they didn't get arrested. It hits a little ridge and crashes. Nyan runs out.

Nyan: Help me! Help me! He's out there, in the forest!

Nyan gets on his knees in front of Rigar, begging. UNW pulls him up.

Rigar: Who is out there?

Nyan: The alien. He killed the soldiers then he tried to kill me with his lightning weapon. But I got away and came here.

Rigar: Take the shuttlecraft. Find him!

Two soldier run off and into the shuttle.

Rigar: Put him under guard.

They take Nyan away. Rigar looks and sees the shuttle still there.

Rigar: Tell them to launch. Now!

UNW: Yes Sir.

UNW walks over to the shuttle.

UNW: Why haven't you launched this craft?

Teal'c comes to the doors and shoots UNW with one of the locals' own weapons. Firefight starts. Teal'c shoots the one guarding Nyan. Rigar runs into a tent. They keep firing.... And firing.

Teal'c takes cover in shuttle. Nyan takes zat he has hidden in his clothes and joins in the fight. Nyan kills a guy, stuns another. Teal's keeps firing.

Nyan grabs a few of the Bedrosian weapons and goes into the prison tent where everyone is wide and awake.

Sam: Nyan...

Nyan uses the end of the weapons to unlock Sam's door. Sam gets out. Nyan gives her a weapon.

Nyan: Hit the side button to shoot long range.

Daniel: Where's Teal'c?

Nyan unlocks Daniel's cage.

Nyan: He's outside.

Nyan unlocks Jack's cage. Jack kicks the door open.

Jack: Daniel, dial us up. We'll lay cover.

Daniel puts on his glasses and follows the others outside.

Teal'c keeps on firing, killing, and stunning. Jack opens the door and fires the sat. (Not like he shot anyone) Jack zats a few, while Sam and Nyan start firing.

Daniel runs to the DHD and starts dialing while everyone else fires weapons. Daniel dodges a few, but Jack shots the perpetrators. Firing continues, Daniel finally gets the gate open.

On Earth...

Technician: Unidentified traveler.

Hammond: Close the iris.

The iris closes.

Technician: I'm not receiving a GDO code Sir.

On the planet Teal'c being the only one smart enough to have a GDO enters the code.

On Earth, the computer has the flashy name 'SG-1' there of being the code.

Technician: It's SG-1 Sir.

Hammond: Open the iris.

On Planet...

Teal'c: GO!

Guys fire at Teal'c, but he hides deep in the shuttle. Daniel runs to the gate and jumps through to Earth. (Ouch. That landing must hurt; even through we don't see it!)

Jack: Go!

Sam runs and goes through.

Jack: Nyan, can you cover me?

Nyan: I will.

Jack runs to shuttle, almost getting shot. He turns around when in the shuttle and shoots the guy who fired at him. Jack almost shoots Teal'c.

Jack: Teal'c! Gaah! You look a little rough there Teal'c.

Rigar comes out of the tent with a weapon. Two more shuttles are heading towards their location.

Jack: We ready to go?

Teal'c nods. They pause for a second.

Jack: All right... Go.

Jack starts blasting away with the zat. Nyan runs to the gate with them but gets shot by Rigar. Jack sees Rigar. Rigar takes a deep breath and aims the weapon at Jack. Jack shoots Rigar with the zat once.

Jack: Teal'c!

Teal'c helps Nyan up.

Teal'c: He is coming with us O'Neill.

They all run to the gate as one of the two incoming shuttles start firing at them. They get through the gate.

Teal'c: General Hammond he is a friend.

Hammond: Stand down.

Nyan and Teal'c basically fall down.

Jack: A little help here.

Janet and two nurses run to the ramp and start to assist. Teal'c doesn't look good and Nyan passes out.

Scene: Infirmary. Teal'c is nicely in the bed.

Fraiser: Well Teal'c all I can say is Junior is one resilient little guy.

Nyan: Who's Junior?

Nyan has a small bandage on his forehead for a cut.

Teal'c: It is the name Colonel O'Neill has given my symbiote.

Fraiser walks off to Nyan. Sam, Jack, and Daniel walk in.

Sam: Do how are you feeling?

Jack signals guards to leave Nyan's bedside.

Teal'c: Greatly improved Major Carter. Thank you.

Jack: Here's some good news. The Air Force has agreed to get you refugee status. Which means you can stay here with us, if you'd like.

Nyan: What would I do here?

Daniel gives Nyan a small, book kind of shaped box.

Daniel: Well I think we have a little job for you Nyan. If you're interest, I have a back of ancient artifacts gathered from previous missions, and I could use a research assistant. It would also be great way to learn about the history of your ancestors.

Smiles from Nyan, and from Sam.

Fraiser: But for now you both need to rest.

Jack: And we'll leave you to that.

Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Janet leave.

Nyan: Thank you Teal'c.

Teal'c: You have saved my life as well the lived of my friends. It is I who should thank you.

Nyan: I still wish I could show you to my friends in the science community. They would have been fascinated.

Teal'c: Perhaps one day the situation on your planet will improve. And you will get this opportunity.

Nyan smiles, and Teal'c goes to sleep.

The End!

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