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Between Two Fires

Remember, SNAKE HEAD means CAPS! ;)

CHRISTOPHER JUDGE VOICEOVER: Previously ... on Stargate SG-1 :

From Pretence:

The team walks thru the gate with Narim.

From Enigma:

OMAC: I am Omac ... Our world is called Tollan. I find it unbelievable that someone so primitive could decipher the gate ...

JACK: Did you say 'Primitive'?

From Shades of Grey:

TRAVELLE: You are, after all, the people who saved us from the Goa'Uld.

DANNY: Well, in that spirit, we'd like to arrange for a trade.

TRAVELLE: What would you like to trade?

DANNY: Technology.

TRAVELLE: (Voice over next scene) You know that is the one thing we can not give you.

From Pretence:

Narim is shown walking thru the CLOSED iris.

JACK: Cover!

Everyone runs for cover as the Goa'Uld shoot them from gliders. The Ion cannon is shown shooting the gliders ... and the mother ship.

From Enigma:

OMAC: (To Danny) Nerim was right about you ... perhaps, in time, we'll meet again.

He taps Danny's shoulder.

Fade into a dreary, cloudy day on Tollana.

NARIM: Though we should not morn the passing of our friend Omac, as much as we should celebrate his existence. He helped us thru one of the greatest challenges in our people's recent history. His efforts contributed to the rebirth of our great nation as it stands today. He'll always be remembered.

Travelle walks up to a podium, and passes her hand over it, lighting an eternal flame. SG-1 as well as several Tollan are gathered. The Tollin are in dress robes. Sam and Jack are looking DAMN! Good in dress uniform. ;)

SAM: (To Nerim) Very nice.

JACK: Very ... intimate.

Danny's in a yummy black suit and tie ... oh, my! ;)

NARIM: Counselor Omar was well aware that he had very few friends. He was not concerned with trivial relationships. In his testament, he asked that his memorial be attended by only those whom he respected.

DANNY: Uh ... no offence, but what are WE doing here?

NARIM: He may not have shown you much warmth or affection, but I can tell you, Omac had a great deal of reverence for all of you.

TRAVELLE: (Looking very lovely) As do we all. Colonel O'Neill. Please know that we have not dismissed all that you have done these last few years for Tollana.

JACK: Don't mention it. We appreciate everything you've done for us ... too.

TRAVELLE: If you are referring to our policy of not sharing our technology, I think renewing such a discussion would be suited for ANOTHER time and place.

Narim looks appalled that Travelle would even mention trade with the humans.

JACK: Really?

TRAVELLE: The Tollan Curia has recessed for a day of mourning out of respect for Omac. Would you consider returning tomorrow to agree with me?

JACK: (He and Sam share a look) Sure!

TRAVELLE: Thank you all for coming here. I look forward to seeing you again soon, Colonel. Narim, will you show our guests to the Stargate?

SG-1 follow Narim away from her. She walks up to some men, and nod. They leave.

JACK: (Walking, to Narim) Any idea what she's talking about back there?

NARIM: I was as surprised as you by her invitation.

TEAL'C: The chancellor seems to suggest the Tollan Curia may be willing to share their technology.

NERIM: I would seriously doubt that. She mearly said they would be willing to discuss it with you.

DANNY: You think she'd invite us back here if things were status quo?

NERIM: (The chevrons are heard activating) I am not on the Curia. I really have no idea what she wishes to see you about. (The gate opens) Have a safe trip home. (The men leave, Sam takes her time) Samantha? (He grabs her hand) I hope I will have a chance to see you upon your return.

Sam looks down on their joined hands. She looks into his eyes, in question. Narim's eyes open wide at her question, and he slightly shakes his head. She gets that he's silently telling her not to say anything. She looks at the Tollin joined there to see them off. (The ones Travelle sent) Their joined hands are shown again, and she releases his hand, closing hers over the device that he gave her.

Sam's Point of view traveling thru the gate is shown. She walks thru, taking off her hat.

SAM: Sir? (Jack turns in question) Narim just handed me this.

She opens her hand, and a hologram of Narim is shown coming out of the device.

HOLOGRAM: Samantha. I'm sorry I was not able to tell you this in person. I do not know who I can trust. Before his death, Omac gave me a warning, and I believe it to be true. Earth is in grave danger.



HAMMOND: Narim gave you no other indication that something was wrong?

SAM: No, Sir. Everything was fine.

JACK: For a funeral.

DANNY: You have to admit, it was strange there was so few people there.

JACK: Hey, you knew him ... what's strange?

Danny grins in agreement.

SAM: Whatever he meant, I'd be willing to bet that Omac's warning had something to do with what Travelle wants to meet with us about.

HAMMOND: Agreed ... let's see what they have to say.


JACK: (To Danny about Travelle's place ;)) (Sarcastically) Cozy.

Daniel coughs to alert Jack of Travelle's presence. ;)

TRAVELLE: Colonel O'Neill, Doctor Jackson ... thank you so much for returning.

JACK: (After he and Danny share a look) Well, thanks so much for having us.

TRAVELLE: Are Major Carter and Teal'C not with you?

DANNY: They wanted to spend some time catching up with Narim.

TRAVELLE: Of course. Shall we get down to business. (The men smile) The Curia met this morning as I indicated, and the topic was the policy of sharing our technology with Earth. In an odd way, Colonel O'Neill, the unfortunate death of Omac has proven to be adventaceous for you.

JACK: Well, then I guess I'm both sad, and happy.

TRAVELLE: You've often expressed a strong interest in obtaining some of our technology.

JACK: You could say ... (Clear throat)

TRAVELLE: In the past, the prevailing beliefs of the curia has made such an arrangement impossible.

DANNY: I'm sorry. What does this have to do with Omac's death?

TRAVELLE: Some of the members Curia have been slowly changing their point of view about our isolationist ways. Recently, the balance of votes on these issues have been split. Omac strongly supported the Old Ways.

DANNY: And with his passing, those in favor now control the vote?

TRAVELLE: We would like to propose an exchange.

JACK: (Sarcastically) Ah, the sound of the other shoe ...

TRAVELLE: Please, Colonel! Have you ever heard of a political body acting soaly without concern for it's own needs?

JACK: (Danny looks at him, smiling) What do you want?

TRAVELLE: We originally chose this planet for our own new home because of it's natural supply of Trinium. However, our nation has grown much quicker than any of us anticipated ... And the resources have become depleted.

DANNY: (VERY Jack-Like! ;)) (Whispers) Always a good reason to reassess your isolationist ways!?

TRAVELLE: As I said, Doctor Jackson, (Jack is shown giving him a serious look, but we all KNOW he's proud of his little space-monkey inside. ;)) Politics have common threads where ever you go.

JACK: Ok, So, you need trinium ... why not just go get some? (She walks away.) (Quietly, to Danny) What'd I say?

DANNY: I don't know.

Travelle gets up on the podium, and something beeps. She dims the lights. Jack and Danny look at each other.

TRAVELLE: I have temporarily deactivated security in this room. Normally, everything is recorded, and I would like to speak confidentially without repercussions.

JACK: Off the record?

TRAVELLE: Yes. The truth is, Colonel, those councilers who opposed this arangement still have strong voices among our people.

JACK: So, the whole trinium thing is just an excuse to save face publicly?

TRAVELLE: We DO need it. Fact is, as you suggested, we CAN get it elsewhere if necessary.

DANNY: How much do you need?

TRAVELLE: Would you repeat that?

The lights come back on. Jack and Danny share a look.

DANNY: (Louder) How much do you need?!

TRAVELLE: Our scientists will work out the specifics, but given, we now HAVE an off-world mine, I am sure it's within your capeabilities.

JACK: Ok, uh ... in exchange, we get ...??

TRAVELLE: A Tollin Ion Cannon.

JACK: (He and Danny share a look) One of those big, honking, space gun that shoots ... Goa'Uld ships out of the sky?!


JACK: Cool. (He smiles at her)

Sam and Teal'C are sitting on a bench looking at the water.

TEAL'C: I have observed that Narim seems to have strong personal feeling for you.

SAM: I know. I ...It's just that ...

NARIM: Forgive me, Samantha, Teal'C. My duties have not allowed me to get away before now.

SAM: It's OK. You all right?

NARIM: Yes, I'm fine.

SAM: You look concerned.

NARIM: (Motions for them to walk) I apologize for having to send that message the way I did. There were so many extra security forces around yesterday, I really didn't know who I could trust ... except you, of course.

SAM: It's OK. Thank you.

TEAL'C: Did Omac not say any more about the danger to the Tau'Ri?

NARIM: All I know is what I said in the message. Omac seemed to be under great strain recently.

SAM: Which may explain why he had the heart attack.

Jack and Danny walks down the steps to the rest.

NARIM: Colonel O'Neill, Doctor Jackson!

SAM: What did Chancellor Travelle say?

JACK: She offered us an Ion Cannon.

NARIM: I don't believe it!

JACK: Neither did we!

DANNY: In exchange for some trinium.

NARIM: That's impossible! The Curia would never agree to that!

DANNY: Well, Apparently, Omac was the swing vote.

NARIM: But That goes against everything we've stood for!

SAM: Do you think this is what Omac was so worried about?

NARIM: Of course, it must have been. As you know, another world destroyed itself because we shared technology with them. That's why we have so strongly resisted sharing our technology with more primative societies.

JACK: You know, we prefer 'Less Advanced' if you don't mind.

NARIM: My appologies. You know what I meant. If used the wrong way, this Ion Cannon could lead to disaster.


A picture of an Ion Cannon is up on the wall.

SAM: The Ion Beam technology is very advanced. Unfortunately, it's so advanced that backward engineering one of these things for mass production is well beyond us. And that poses a bigger problem.

HAMMOND: How so?

SAM: Well, Sir. Even strategically placed in say ... Washington , D.C., one ion cannon provides very little range of defense coverage for a planet the size of Earth. Even if we could mobilize it, a fleet of Goa'Uld mother ship could still easily strike at will.

DANNY: Not to mention, the fact that the Russians might take issue with us having control of a SINGLE ion cannon.

HAMMOND: Our current relationship with them on these matters are tenious at best.

SAM: So, at this point, one ion cannon is likely to cause more harm than good.

HAMMOND: How many do we need to set up a proper protective net around the entire planet?

SAM: 38. Minimum.

JACK &DANNY: (Together) 38?!

SAM: To provide total global coverage? Yes, Sir. And that's not including back-ups.

JACK: Couldn't hurt to ask, Sir.

SAM: Sir, I feel obligated at this point to mention the fact that Narim is opposed to this exchange. He feels that Omac's warning is directly related.

HAMMOND: You believe the Tollin Council has alterior motive that do not represent our best interests?

JACK: Something's going on ... I just don't know what.

HAMMOND: I'm ordering you to proceed with the negotiations.

JACK: (Getting up) Ok.

HAMMOND: Colonel ... under the circumstances ...

JACK: IF you were going to recommend that I continue to be suspicious and skeptical ...

HAMMOND: ... I wouldn't waste my time.

JACK: Good thinking, Sir.

HAMMOND: Just remember this deal could change the course of our history.

JACK: So ... don't blow it?

HAMMOND: What you're sensing as trouble could be simple political wrangling.

JACK: I understand that.

HAMMOND: Or we ... could be walking into a minefield.

JACK: (Weary look) Thank you, Sir. These little chats of ours always bring me GREAT joy ... and serve to ... ease my mind.


Narim is walking, looking VERY worried.

NARIM: (To SG-1) Greetings. (To men escorting the team) Chancellor Travelle has asked that I personally escort them the rest of the way.

JACK: (Watching them leave) Is that true?

NARIM: No. I had heard you had arrived back on Tollana to meet with Chancellor Travelle again.

JACK: (Smiling as he says it) Yeah! Uh ... we're gonna ask for a whole whack of space guns.

NARIM: (DEAD Serious) This is much worse than I thought.

SAM: Narim, we understand why you're concerned, but those ion cannons could save Earth one day.

DANNY: (Jokingly) You're just gonna haveta trust our people won't blow each other up with it.

JACK: (Still joking) And if we do, we won't ... blame you, promise.

NARIM: (Serious as a heart attack!) You don't understand. Every Tollin has a small implant that monitors their health. (Puts a device on his wrist, it beeps) See? This is my current health data.

SAM: I'm assuming you're OK?

NARIM: Yes, Perfect health. However, I am overseer of Omac's personal property including this device which contains his health records. After our last conversation, I decided to do some checking. As you know, Omac died of a heart attack ...

JACK: Narim ... where are you going with this?

NARIM: Despite the fact that ... (He stops as some Tollin pass by) (After they pass, Narim continues quieter) Despite the fact that Omac looked like he was under great stress, he, too, was in perfect health.

SAM: Well, people sometimes die of heart attacks ... without warning.

NARIM: Our implants are linked to a central system. If anything goes wrong, heath officers are dispatched immediately. Now, normally, maximum response time is under 5 minutes ... the night of Omac's death, it took them over 10 minutes.

SAM: What are you saying?

NARIM: That just doesn't happen ... the system is flawless.

JACK: NO! (Said Slowly) WHAT are you SAYING?

NARIM: (Loudly) Well, I believe ... (Stops, and looks around) (Continues quietly) I believe Omac may have been murdered.


DANNY: (To Travelle, who is looking at a block of trinium) Mind if I ask what you need trinium for?

TRAVELLE: Trinum is combined with a number of elements to create a compound that is used in various Tollin technologies.

JACK: Do you people practice being vague?

TRAVELLE: I will have this sample analized for purity. Then I will be able to give you the amounts we require for our exchange.

JACK: (Nervously) Yeah ... about that.

TRAVELLE: Have you reconsidered?

JACK: NO! No, no, no ... uh ... we just don't feel one cannon ... is gonna work.

DANNY: You see? One just doesn't go so for in protecting the entire planet.

TRAVELLE: Yes, that was discussed by the Curia.

JACK: Well, we've come up with a solution you may not have considered.


JACK : Give us more than ...


TRAVELLE: How many would you require?

DANNY: (Hesitently) Mmmnn ... 30 ...

JACK: (Right after Danny says 30) ... 8 ...

DANNY: 38 ... total ...

TRAVELLE: I see. Well, I understand your delima. Please. Give me some time to present your request to the Curia.

JACK: That went ...

DANNY: Well, mmn-hmn.


SAM'S VOICE: Greeting, Narim. Welcome home. <<GOD! Someone's obsessed! ;) >> Atmospheric control is active. Shall I prepare a mid day meal for you and your guests? << The faces are priceless! Narim just looks appaled that she's hearing her own voice . Sam's confused , looks at Teal'C, than starts grinning. And Teal'C! LOL! Teal'C cocks his head in confusion, then looks at Sam in question! LOL!>>

NARIM: No, thank you.

SAM: Narim ...

NARIM: Yes, Samantha?

SAM: ... is that my voice?

NARIM: I'm sorry. I ... was hoping you didn't notice.

TEAL'C: Colonel O'Neill asked us to find proof of Omac's murder. Should we not begin?

NARIM: I really do not know where to start. The fact is there hasn't been a murder among the Tollin for as long as I can remember.

TEAL'C: Is crime so uncommon here?

NARIM: There are occasional crimes of indiscretion which are duly punished, but, nothing even approaching the severity of murder. Our security system prevented it, which is why we're so reluctant to even suggest it.

SAM: This doesn't make any sense. Sure, the Curia disagreed with Omac over whether or not to give us your weapons, but do you really think they'd kill him over it?

NARIM: I don't know what to believe anymore, Samantha. (To Teal'C.) The records of all Curia meetings are public. We can read thru them right here.

TEAL'C: There appears to be much information.

NARIM: Yes. But as Samantha suggested there may be something in all this that will indicate the seriousness of the conflict between Omac and the other members.

SAM: Can you translate it for us?

Jack and Danny are sitting against a wall.

DANNY: You think Narim's right about Omac?

JACK: I think this thing's smelling worse and worse by the minute.

DANNY: Yet, but we're still willing to proceed.

JACK: Well, I think it's the only way we're gonna find out what's really going on.

DANNY: The question is : 'How far do we go?' .

JACK: Well, all we know is that these people MIGHT be willing to part with some VERY powerful weapons. I have No problem with that.

DANNY: Nor I. No surprise there.

JACK: At worse, some people disagree at some philosophical level that I don't even care to understand.

DANNY: And worse, they KILLED someone to make sure this WOULD happen.

JACK: Now, see? That make no sense to me.

DANNY: So, we push on BLINDLY, then.

JACK: Blindly, YES! But we still have our heightened sense of smell.

Jack looks up to see a Tollan guard.

GUARD: Chancellor Travelle is ready for you now.

They get up after sharing a look. Teal'C is on the computer back at Narim's house. Narim and Sam are on the couch on another computer.

NARIM: Shall we take a break?

SAM: Isn't there some way to narrow this down? Search the records for spacific topics?

SAM'S VOICE: Please indicate the topic of interest.

SAM: (Smiling) OK, how do we shut THAT off. (In reference to her voice)

NARIM: (Smiling) Voice system off. What do you want to search for?

SAM: Let's start with Ion Cannons.

NARIM: Ompay, search topic Ion Cannons last 6 months.

Narim looks at Sam. The camera goes to the screen, Jack appears.

JACK: Hello?

DANNY: Hello?

Narim rises and walks toward the door.

JACK: You sure this is the right spot?

DANNY: Directions he gave lead us here.

JACK: How do know this is Narim's house? They all look the same here.

Narim opens the door.

DANNY: Cause that's Narim.

JACK: (Smiles at Narim and a grinning Danny) You're good.

NARIM: Come in.

JACK: (To Teal'C) Whatcha reading' there fella?

TEAL'C: Tollin Curia records.

JACK: Don't wreck it for me.

SAM: What did Travelle say?

JACK: We got the guns.

NARIM: That can not be true.

SAM: All of them?!

DANNY: Over time as we deliver the trinium.

SAM: Wow!

JACK: What do you guys got?

SAM: Uh ... well, so far, not much.

Narim looks worried.

TEAL'C: Narim. Colonel O'Neill. (They walks over to him) This says 2 months ago, there was an unscheduled test of the Ion Cannons. And that Omac filed an official protest.

NARIM: Yes. I remember it well. We were supposed to have an evening meal together. Omac was late. He was VERY angry when he arrived. He spent the entire time ranting about the unfairness of random testing on the Tollan people.

DANNY: I don't understand ... why is this important?

SAM: Well, we're looking for indications of Omac's difference of opinion with the curia.

NARIM: (Stunned look) This can't be!

JACK: What?

NARIM: According to this record, the Curia meeting adjourned in the late afternoon. Omac came here straight from the meeting, I'm sure it was well into the evening.

SAM: So?

NARIM: That means there are at least 2 hours of notations missing from these records.

JACK: A slight omission?

NARIM: That's not possible.

SAM: Narim, if the curia could commit murder, they can certainly erase a couple of hours from the public record.

NARIM: You don't understand our laws! For the highest members of our government to deceive the people ... as strange as it may sound, it's an even more heinous crime than murder, it's ... (Pause) it's unthinkable. At the time, I thought it was strange that Omac would be so upset over an ion cannon test.

JACK: So, there's slightly more to it than that, huh?

DANNY: If the Curia wanted to cover up details of this incident ... why leave Omac's protests on record?

NARIM: Because an official protest of Tollin policy is filed with every level of every branch of the government. It would be impossible to erase it without a conspiracy of massive proportions reaching far outside the Curia.

SAM: So, whatever happened in the time missing from these records ... it could be why Omac was killed.

Everyone silently looks at each other.


HAMMOND: As far as what you told me, there seems to be an evil conspiracy among the Tollin Curia, who's apparent goal is to give us everything we've ever wanted. That makes no sense.

JACK: I said that.

TEAL'C: Perhaps the Tollin can not precure trinnium on their own as easily as they claim.

DANNY: Travelle did go to great lengths to convince us it was a face-saving exercise for peace and nay-sayers.

HAMMOND: Do we have any idea what the Tollins are gonna do with the trinium?

JACK: Lots and lots of very interesting and ... unspacific things.

SAM: Sir, we could try tagging the first shipment, see where it goes.


SAM: well, we introduce a barely detectable radioactive isotope. If the Tollins catch it and inquire, we say it a byproduct of the purification process, and we've been unable to eliminate it entirely.



Sam's looking at a monitor.

NARIM: And Travelle doesn't suspect you?

JACK: If she does, she's not letting' on.

DANNY: (Rather sarcastically) We're the primative, inferior race, why would she suspect us? <<Boy need to quit hanging out with Jack! ;)>>

SAM: The triennium's still moving. Right now it's 2 clicks south southwest of here.

NARIM: (Nervously) Do you realize what you've done by involving me in this?! Just KNOWING what you've done ...

JACK: Hey! You involved yourself in this when you sent us that warning.

NARIM: Warning you that your world is in danger is not the same as committing treason against my own government!

DANNY: If your leaders are involved in something and they committed murder to cover it up, what you're doing is NOT treason!

NARIM: What I am doing is nothing!

JACK: Then help us!

NARIM: (Calmer) How?

Jack looks at Sam, who's looking back.

SAM: Tell us how to get into Travelle's office and access her computers.

NARIM: (Surprised) Why?!

DANNY: If there is a conspiracy, she's in on it.

TEAL'C: It was in fact Travelle that offered us the ion cannons.

NARIM: It's impossible! There's NO way!

JACK: Narim! Will you get your head outta your ASS?! (Narim looks at him) You started this!

DANNY: Your government is deceiving it's people. You said yourself, that's the most heinous crime you could think of.

NARIM: I should have reported this to the security office long ago.

SAM: But you can't! The Curia ultimately have more power.

TEAL'C: As a citizen, is it not your duty to investigate such a crime?

NARIM: The security systems prevent ...

DANNY: Travelle was able to turn them off in her office.

NARIM : Why would she do that?

JACK: So she could talk to us ... off the record.

NARIM: That is a severe violation of the government conduct code.

JACK: (Sarcastically) Gee, what a shock!

Narim thinks for a few seconds.

NARIM: There is one chance. Only the highest ranking members of the Curia would have access codes to the building where Travelle's office is located. Omac was among them.

SAM: And you have his personal effects?

NARIM: His code would be in the data device. You just have to deactivate it.

JACK: OK. Daniel, Carter. Go with Narim. Check out Travelle's office see what you come up with. Teal'C and I'll track the trinium. (To Narim) Um, that's the thing that lets ya go thru walls, right?


JACK: Gotta couple extra layin' around?

NARIM: (Shaking head) That would be a violation of ...

JACK: Good! How bout weapons?

NARIM: Colonel O'Neill ...

JACK: Just incase.

NARIM: You know our security sensors disable ...

TEAL'C: (Interrupting) The weapons carried by YOUR security forces remain unaffected.


NARIM: If this doesn't work ... security will be here in seconds.

Sam nods. He punches in the code. It works!

DANNY: Way to go, Omac!

NARIM: (At console) Here. This is a private communication sent to our chief of science and technology just after the meeting.

SAM: There was no random Ion Cannon test.

NARIM: It says a Goa'Uld ship entered orbit, and that the ion cannons fired in defense ...

DANNY: 'Ineffectively?!'

NARIM: I don't see how that could be! Our ion cannons have always been successful against Goa'Uld mother ships!

SAM: Maybe this Goa'Uld has developed shields to defend against them.

NARIM: That would be catastrophic! We have no other weapons capeable of defending.

SAM: Wait a second ... This makes no sense. It says: 'Despite their attack, the ship left peacefully.'

DANNY: (Sarcastically) yeah, right!

SAM: Why would a Goa'Uld mother Ship impervious to your ion cannons just leave?!

NARIM: There must be more. (He checks the records) No other records of communications mentions a Goa'Uld ship.

DANNY: It must have been discussed OFF the record after that.

SAM: Well, we know the ion cannons are useless if they won't defend against a Goa'Uld mother ships anymore.

DANNY: Which explains why Travelle was willing to give us as many as we wanted.

SAM: Let's see if we can find out what the trinium's being used for.

Jack and Teal'C are walking down a corridor. Jack has a machine of some sort. He stops Teal'C at a door.

JACK: (Holding up his hands) Hey! Looks like our trinium is in here.

TEAL'C: (Holds up his arm) Narim said for the device to work on both of us, we must hold hands, O'Neill.

JACK: (After a moments of nervous silence) I know.

Jack looks at Teal'C, who's staring at him. Jack hesitantly grabs Teal'C's hand, and they interlock their fingers. (I'm sure they're BOTH wishing Sam was between them! ;)) Teal'C just stares at Jack and at their joined hands in confusion. They walk thru the wall together. Teal'C looks around, while Jack looks down on their still interlocked hands. He pulls his hand away. Teal'C looks down, noticing they were still holding hands. They walk over to a weapon of some sort.

TEAL'C: This is unlike any Tollin device I have previously seen.

JACK: And whatever it is, I'm beginning to think they're gonna need a lot of em.

They show the open space of the room.

Narim is looking at a screen with an explosion happening.

SAM: Whoa!

NARIM: It's a weapon of mass destruction.

A weapon is shown rotating.

DANNY: OK, where does the trinium come in?

NARIM: A trinuim is required to house a device that generates our phase shift technology.

DANNY: Are you saying this bomb is being made so that it can go thru anything?

NARIM: Theoretically, Yes. Of course, that must be it. This weapon is intended to replace the ion cannon in defense of our planet.

SAM: Sorry, Narim. That just doesn't add up. A Goa'Uld would never drop by just so you could check his new shield technology and then go away to give your people time to build a weapon to pentatrate it.

NARIM: What else could ...

The lights come on, and Travelle and gang walk in weapons ablazin'. ;)

TRAVELLE: Please. Lower your weapons, the building's full of security. (The guards disarm Sam and Danny) What do you think you're doing, Narim?

NARIM: What do you think YOU are doing ... Chancellor?

Travelle looks behind Narim ... to Tannith.


Sam and Danny look at him in disbelief. Travelle looks down in shame. Tannith does the glowing eyes thing. ;) Danny has a look like 'Uh-Oh!'

Jack walks into Narim's house, and is met with weapon holding guards.

JACK: Hello ... fellas.

One guard gets shot with a laser beam from off camera, while Jack shoots the other, looking at his weapon.

JACK: This is NOT a good sign.

NARIM: You are in league with a Goa'Uld!

SAM: His name is Tannith.

DANNY: Yeah, aren't you supposed to be DEAD?!

TANNITH: (He's so hot! ;)) IF YOU MUST KNOW ...

DANNY: I must.


SAM: (Sarcastically) It was nothing.


TRAVELLE: The others are being apprehended as we speak.


NARIM: (To Travelle) HOW could you DO this?!

TRAVELLE: I have done nothing alone, Narim. The Curia is acting in the interest of Tollana.

NARIM: You murdered Omac!

TRAVELLE: Had we not done what we did, there would be NO Tollana to speak of!


TRAVELLE: Rest assured, we will deliver as promised.

NARIM: You and the Curia are NOT in power to make such deals on behalf of the Tollin people! We would rather fight and DIE ... than trade our technology to the Goa'Uld!

TRAVELLE: I wonder ... would you be so QUICK to make that decision if you were in my place.

Narim is looking at Sam, who looks back. She looks down on his arm which has the walking thru wall thing, and gives him a silent signal which he gets. He presses the button which beeps, and he, Sam and Danny start to run. He backs up, while Sam and Danny create a diversion by stepping forward. Tannith catches Sam and Danny in his ribbon device sending them against the wall. NArim is able to jump thru the wall dodging a shot from a tollin's weapon.

TRAVELLE: After him! (Danny and Sam are laying on the ground, stunned) He WILL NOT get away!

Narim walks down some stairs, then under a tree toward his home. Teal'C grabs him. Narim's got his fists up in full fight stance. ;) Then he realizes who it is, and relaxes.

NARIM: How did you find me?

JACK: You're the one wearing gray.

Narim smiles.

TEAL'C: DanielJackson and MajorCarter?

NARIM: We were caught by Travelle and the Goa'Uld the Curia have ventured into a bargin with. I managed to escape with this. (Holds up his arm) But the entire security force of Tollana must be looking for me ... and you for that matter.

JACK: Uh ... back up to that Goa'Uld bargin part.

NARIM: The Tollin Curia made a deal with a Goa'Uld. His name is Tannith.

Teal'C's ears perk up. ;)

JACK: EASY Big Fella ... What kind of deal?

NARIM: This Goa'Uld's mothership has a new kind of shield this is impervious to our Ion Cannons. For the first time, Tollana is vunerable to attack.

JACK: There hasn't BEEN an attack.

NARIM: No, to prevent our destruction, the Curia has agreed to build weapons for the Goa'Uld.

TEAL'C: We have seen these weapons. There are a great many.

JACK: What exactly can they do?

NARIM: They are explosives of great power that utalize the TOLLIN phase-shift technology. They will be able to pastorate any solid matter prior to detination.

JACK: Like ... and iris?

NARIM: As you've witnessed before, I've used our technology to walk right thru the barrier that protects your planet's stargate.

GUARD: (To Travelle) We've been unable to locate them thus far. Our efforts continue.

TRAVELLE: Use Narim's health implant to locate him.

GUARD: But that would be in violation of ...

TRAVELLE: ... DO IT! (To Tannith) Tell your master we will make the delivery on schedule. (Tannith gives her a lovely smile)

SAM: Excuse me ... your MASTER?!

DANNY: (Rather sarcastically) Well, you didn't think he could do this by himself ... did you?

SAM: Apophis dead, fresh out of an escape pod ... of course he would have to ally himself with someone more powerful wouldn't he?

DANNY: So, who you takin' orders from now?

TRAVELLE: Apparently the one he serves has no name.


TEAL'C: We must not allow Tannith to get these weapons.

JACK: I know.

NARIM: What could we do?

JACK: Destroy them.


JACK: You tell me.

NARIM: Travelle's right ... it's not so easy when the fate of your planet is in your own hands.

JACK: Narim ...

NARIM: Look, The Goa'Uld will attack Tollana if the delivery is not made ... You are ASKING me ... to destroy my own world!

JACK: I am asking you not to destroy Earth and God knows how many other planets to save your own ass! I'm asking you to do the right thing, and you know it!

Narim thinks about it.


TRAVELLE: We are ready to make the first delivery.


TRAVELLE: I assure you, it has been tested and each weapon is fully ...


Jack and Teal'C go to one of the weapons.

JACK: Do you have ANY idea what you're doing?

TEAL'C: (Activation noise is hear) None.

Guards come thru the walls with guns. Jack smiles and puts his hands up.

JACK: Good enough.

DANNY: (To Travelle) You know exactly why you were building these devices and what they would be used for.

SAM: You just didn't expect them to make you pull the trigger.

DANNY: The Goa'Uld have no choice. Earth is a protected planet. They can't do it themselves without having to deal with the asguard.

TRAVELLE: I had no choice either.

SAM: Yes, you did.

Door opens, Jack and Teal'C walk in.

JACK: Hi, Kids!

GUARD: They were captured trying to sabatage one of the weapons. We found this on them.

TRAVELLE: Narim's heath implant ... what have you done to him?

JACK: Nothing. However, while these guys were chasing us ...

TEAL'C: ... Narim was able to move freely.

An Ion cannon is shown shooting a building.

The room shakes.

TRAVELLE: Leave them! COME!

JACK: Where you guys goin'? (Walking toward door) Hey! (Touches door, and gets shocked) OWW! DAMN!

Narim walks thru the wall. Sam and Danny stand. Narim smiles at Sam, who smiles back.

NARIM: If they haven't already, The Goa'Uld will soon realize we no longer intend to honor our end of the bargin.

The room shakes.

JACK: Uh, hey! We should go!

They head toward the door. Next scenes is people running and screaming outside.

NARIM: You must hurry straight to the stargate.

SAM: Aren't you coming with us?

NARIM: My actions have forced my people in a battle we may very well loose. The least I could do is stay and fight with them.

JACK: (Shakes his hand) Good luck. (He, Teal'C and Danny run away)

SAM: I hope this isn't good-bye.

NARIM: (Looks at her, pushes her away) Go! (She runs up the stairs.)

Narim has a knowing look on his face. Sam turns to look at him. He smiles and nods his head. She turns to leave, and he is shown with the knowing look on his face, standing there with building exploding in back of him.


HAMMOND: (Looking out the window to the gate) So, we can reasonably assume the Goa'Uld did not get any of these weapons.

JACK: We can only hope.

HAMMOND: What about these new shields?

TEAL'C: The Goa'Uld do not share technology.

SAM: Well, Whoever Tannith is now working for ... these shields now give him a decided advantage.

HAMMOND: Teal'C? Any idea who it might be?

TEAL'C: None, General Hammond.

HAMMOND: I supposed we have to rest assured that who ever it is, as still afraid of confronting the asguard or they would have attacked Earth themselves.

DANNY: For now.

DAVIS: (Over intercom) Incoming communication! (Hammond leads the way down to the control room.) We're getting a direct transmission from a Tollin long range communication device.

NARIM: (Garbled transmission) It isn't good at all ... Stargate destroyed ...

SAM: Narim.

NARIM: All defenses failing ... our ships attempting to escape are being shot down ... we just want you to know that ... (Static)

DAVIS: I'm sorry, Sir. That's it. The transmission just died.

Sam looks away on the brink of tears. Jack looks at her sympathetically.


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