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Ultime Recours

Desperate Measures


Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Dr Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Don S Davis as General George Hammond Teryl Rothery as Dr Janet Fraiser

Guest Starring:

John DeLancie as Colonel Frank Simmons
Tom McBeath as Harry Maybourne
Bill Marchant as Adrian Conrad
Andrew Johnston as Doctor
Ted Cole as Doctor
Carrie Genzel as Diana Mendez.
Robert Manitopyes as Guard
Jay Kramer as Guard
Frank C Turner as Homeless guy
Tammy Pentecost as Assistant/Delores
Sasha Piltsin as Driver
Raoul Ganeev as Roadblock Soldier
Igor Morozov as Roadblock Soldier

Scene: Forest

Author's Note: I do not speak Russian so I have no idea what they are saying. :-) I'll try and describe it so you get the general gist of what's going on.
A military truck drives along a road. It comes across other trucks blocking the road with other military looking people standing outside smoking. The driver of the first (MG1) truck leans out of the window and asks them something. As they ignore him, he gets out and I assume asks them to clear the road. The guy outside (MG2) gets his clipboard and I assume tells him no. He hands MG1 the clipboard and the second person from the first truck gets out (MG3) and walks up. He is offered a cigarette. MG1 walks back to the truck and MG2 nods to the other man (MG4). MG1 and MG2 are shot. More military men come out from the undergrowth and shoot the remaining men in the back of the first truck. MG2 gets in the back of the truck and approaches the last man in there. He lifts his cap off and we see it is a jaffa.

Scene: Fitness Club

Sam walks out of a fitness club around to the car park. We also see a homeless guy poking around in the trash. Sam walks to her car (same one as in Ascension) and opens the boot/trunk to put her bag in.Suddenly a white van appears and men dressed in black jump out. Sam turns and lashes out but they overpower her and bundle her into the van.

CARTER: Nooo!!
The van speeds off and we focus on the homeless guy.


Scene: Cheyenne Mountain, Briefing room.

Jack and Teal'c are waiting and Hammond walks in.

HAMMOND: The forensic team found nothing in her house. According to one of the neighbours, Major Carter got into her car and left around 8.30 Saturday morning.

O'NEILL: That's over 48 hours.

Daniel walks in.

DANIEL: The police found Sam's car in a parking lot outside a fitness club twelve blocks from her house.
O'NEILL: Anything else?

DANIEL: No witnesses.

HAMMOND: We have no jurisdiction outside this facility, Colonel.

O'NEILL: I know. We can still look, can't we?

Scene: Hospital

Sam is lying strapped to a bed in hospital scrubs. She wakes up and tries to move. A doctor comes in.

DR1: Good Morning Major.

CARTER: What's going on? Where am I?

DR2: In a hospital.

CARTER: What happened?

DR1: We just need to run a few tests.

CARTER: What tests? Why am I restrained?
They inject something into her IV line.

CARTER: No! Stop! No!

Scene: Behind the fitness club.

HOMELESS GUY: His feet, I said. Look at his feet. With feet like that he's huge. Would you trust a man with feet that big?

O'NEILL: Hi there.

HOMELESS GUY: Go away. This is my stuff.

O'NEILL: I just wanna ask you a couple of questions.

HOMELESS GUY: You got a dollar?

O'NEILL: Here's two.


He moves away.

O'NEILL: Were you around here Saturday?

HOMELESS GUY: Why should I tell you?

O'NEILL: I gave you two dollars?

HOMELESS GUY: I thought you were just being generous?

O`NEILL: How generous do I have to get?

Jack hands over a wad of notes.

HOMELESS GUY: You a cop?

O'NEILL: Air Force. Colonel Jack O'Neill.

HOMELESS GUY: Oh I was in `Nam.

O'NEILL: Yeah? What company?

HOMELESS GUY: Vacation. Long time ago.

O'NEILL: Um, a friend of mine disappeared from around here on Saturday morning. Woman, about 5'9ish, blonde.

HOMELESS: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

O'NEILL: Why not?

HOMELESS GUY: Well I'm just a crazy old guy with a shopping cart full of cans.
O'NEILL: I'm just a cynical Air Force guy with a closet full of National Geographics.
HOMELESS GUY: Can I have 'em?

O'NEILL: What do you know?

HOMELESS GUY: She was feisty, put up a fight.

O'NEILL: With whom?

HOMELESS GUY: Ninjas. Three, maybe four. Happened fast, they pulled up in a white van, grabbed her. I've been telling the police about ninjas for years.
O'NEILL: Right. Okay. Thanks.

HOMELESS GUY: You're gonna bring me those magazines, right?

O'NEILL: You bet.

Jack walks off.

Scene: Daniel's Ofice

Jack and Daniel are there, on the internet at a page called Movie Orbit- Everything for the B movie fanatic.

DANIEL: So, you think Maybourne's a fan of Godzilla movies?

O'NEILL: He strikes me more of a Mothra guy.

DANIEL: Don't get it.

O'NEILL: The NID agents use these sites to post coded messages. If I know Maybourne, he's keeping tabs on his old buddies.
DANIEL: Okay. What kind of message do you want to send?

O'NEILL: Make it, "Hutch, we need to talk". Sign it Starsky. He'll understand.
Scene: Hospital

Sam is on a gurney being rushed down a corridor by DR1.

DR2 We got the first blood tests back. You're gonna want to see this. We found an unusual protein marker as well as traces of a unidentified heavy metal.

DR1: What do you mean unidentified?

DR2: Nothing I've ever seen before.

DR1: Then you'd better double check these results with the lab in Phoenix.

Sam suddenly rolls off the gurney and into a tray.

DR1: She's strong. I gave her enough chloral hydrate to put down a man twice her size.
We see Sam is picking up a scalpel from the tray she has knocked over.

DR2: All right Major.

They pick her up and drag her off.

Scene: Behind the fitness club.

Jack drives up. He picks up a box containing his National Geographics and looks for the homeless guy. Not seeing him he puts them down.

MAYBOURNE: Hi Jack. Don't turn around.

Jack turns around.

O'NEILL: Harry. How've you been? You never write, you don't call.

MAYBOURNE: I've got a gun.

O'NEILL: So do I.

MAYBOURNE: I'm just trying to protect you. I'm a wanted criminal. It's your duty to arrest and all.
O'NEILL: Always thinking of the other guy. How d'you find me?

MAYBOURNE: Played a lot of hide and seek as a kid. Funny, I could always find anyone, anywhere but they could never find me.

O'NEILL: Because they didn't want to.

MAYBOURNE: What do you need, Jack?

O'NEILL: Carter's missing.


O'NEILL: Bunch of guys in a van took her out of this lot about four days ago. Figured it might be some of your old friends.
MAYBOURNE: Not the word I'd use for 'em.

O'NEILL: What do you know?


O'NEILL: You didn't come back into this country and risk execution just to see me.
MAYBOURNE: God knows I could think of a hundred reasons why the NID might want Major Carter, but I swear to you I don't know where she is or why she was taken. Why don't you ask the NID?
O'NEILL: Gee thanks. Hadn't thought of that.

MAYBOURNE: Try User 4574.

O'NEILL: What does that mean?

MAYBOURNE: Wish I could stay and chat.

O'NEILL: Harry? We're talking about Carter here.

MAYBOURNE: I know. I'm sorry Jack. I really am. You know how this game is played and the kind of people that play it. You gotta prepare yourself for the possibility that she might not be coming back.

Maybourne walks off.

Scene: Hammond's Office

Hammond is on the phone to Jack. Daniel is reading a file.

HAMMOND: That's all he said. User 4574. I think we know who that is Colonel.
Scene: The Pentagon

Simmons' Office

Delores, the secretary walks in.

DELORES: Colonel O'Neill is still waiting, Sir.

SIMMONS: I know.

DELORES: Look, I'm sorry to bother you again, it's just he's getting a little...
Jack has walked in behind her.

O'NEILL: Pissed is the word. It happens when you keep someone waiting two hours.
SIMMONS: Well welcome to the Pentagon, Colonel. Thank you Delores.

Delores leaves.

SIMMONS: You have to forgive me, I have a lot on my plate at the moment.

O'NEILL: Yeah, it's just someone's life at stake here. Sorry to take you away from your turkey sandwich.
SIMMONS: It's a ham and cheese actually. And I'm the one whose sorry because you obviously wasted a trip to Washington.
O'NEILL: I don't think so.

SIMMONS: You know, I was just recently reading about Major Carter's disappearance. I couldn't help but wonder if glowing aliens had
something to do with it?

O'NEILL: Look Simmons. I don't expect you to just tell me what's going on but I guarantee you this trip will not be a waste. If I have to, I'll spend the rest of my life in this building getting to the bottom of all this and how it ties to you.
SIMMONS: Why are you so convinced I have something to do with this?

O'NEILL: A reliable source told me.

SIMMONS: I think I know who you're referring to Colonel and are you telling me you're trusting a convicted traitor?
O'NEILL: More than you at the moment.

SIMMONS: Look, your opinion of me and this organisation has been tainted by the actions of the very man you're talking about.

O'NEILL: I doubt very much he was acting alone.

SIMMONS: The NID is a legitimate organisation financed by this Government which has been duly elected by the people of this country.

O'NEILL: Damn, that has a familiar ring to it.

SIMMONS: Our mandate is clear, Colonel.

O'NEILL: I'm a simple man. Explain it to me.

SIMMONS: We provide vital civilian oversight of top secret military operations.

O'NEILL: Yeah. And who watches over you?

SIMMONS: We're not unaccountable, Colonel. And I admit there have been some minor indescretions in the past, perpretrated by a few renegade individuals but they have been exposed and they wil be brought to justice with or without your help.

O'NEILL: Maybourne is pointing the finger at you.

SIMMONS: Yeah, well has it ever occurred to you that maybe Maybourne is trying to mask his own involvement.

O'NEILL: I'd need some convincing.

SIMMONS: Well we recently traced a deposit made into one of Maybourne's offshore bank accounts. The transfer took place from a numbered company on the Caymen Islands.
O'NEILL: Three million dollars?

SIMMONS: Yeah. Makes you kind of wonder what he did to earn that kind of money. Doesn't it?

Scene: Hospital

Sam is still tied to a gurney but is awake. She looks up at the security camera and covertly starts to cut the restraints with the scalpel she stole.

Scene: Briefing Room

Hammond, Jack, Teal'c and Daniel are there. Hammond is at the head of the table, Daniel and Teal'c are on one side and Jack sits on the other side.
DANIEL: The holding company that paid Maybourne is a subsiduary of a multi national corporation called Zedatron Industries.

HAMMOND: That sounds familiar.

DANIEL: It's run by a man named Adrian Conrad. He made a couple of hundred million in something called fibre optic host channel adaptors and then had the good sense to diversify before the tech market bottomed out. Now he's in everything from shipyards to sportsware factories.

TEAL'C: What is his connection to Maybourne?

DANIEL: Well, isn't it pretty common for ex-spies to sell information to the private sector?
HAMMOND: We know he's had access to extensive files on the SGC including every member of SG-1.

DANIEL: The interesting thing is Adrian Conrad hasn't been seen in public in six months. His last appearance was a live video feed from their head office in Seattle to a Zedatron stockholders meeting.

O'NEILL: Really not much to go on.

DANIEL: The only other thing I can tell you is who authorised the payment. Her name is Diana Mendez. She was Conrad's assistant and the last person known to have seen him.
Scene: Mendez' Office

Mendez is sat at a computer.

MAYBOURNE: Working late?

MENDEZ: How did you get in here?

MAYBOURNE: Well the ability to sneak around was an important pre requisite of my former occupation.

MENDEZ: What do you want?

MAYBOURNE: To know about the disappearance of an Air Force Major.

MENDEZ: I have no idea what you're talking about.

MAYBOURNE: Then maybe I should talk to your boss?

MENDEZ: He's unavailable.

MAYBOURNE: You know, the other pre requisite of my former occupation was the absence of moral conscience. Really gives you the freedom to do whatever you have to do.

MENDEZ: Threatening me doesn't change what I know.

MAYBOURNE: This Major disappeared right after we closed our deal. I have very good reasons to believe it wasn't a coincidence.

MENDEZ: I'm sure Adrian wouldn't be involved in anything like

MAYBOURNE: Did he tell you what you were buying for him?

MENDEZ: Something valued at ten million dollars by a renegade faction of Russian military intelligence, less your cut of course. I don't know what it was exactly.

MAYBOURNE: I'm surprised. I thought you two had a very close working relationship.
MENDEZ: I do my job and I don't ask questions.

MAYBOURNE: What if I told you it was enough uranium to fuel a terrorist nuke? How far would your loyalty go then?

MENDEZ: You're lying.


MENDEZ: You made your deposit and you got paid. As far as I'm concerned, our association is finished.

Maybourne smiles and leaves.

Scene: Underground parking lot.

Maybourne walks up to his car and we see Jack approach in the reflection and he grabs him.

O'NEILL: Harry.

MAYBOURNE: Jesus, Jack. You're stealing my routine.

O'NEILL: Consider it an homage.

MAYBOURNE: What's up Jack? I thought we trusted each other?

O'NEILL: You lied to me. Get in.

Scene: Hospital

Sam is still trying to cut through the restraints when the door opens.

DR1: Hello again, Major Carter. If you don't mind I'd like to ask you a few questions. I don't know if I mentioned what a thrill this is for me.
Sam looks at him and the smile is wiped from his face.

DR1: I mean, I wish we didn't have to do it under these conditions, given the circumstances. You're a very unique individual, you may well hold the key to the future of medical science.

CARTER: You made a big mistake.

DR1: We know what happened to you. We know that you were the host of an alien symbiote.

CARTER: I'm a physicist. I study deep space radar telemetry.

DR1: Please Major. Don't waste my time with that ridiculous cover story. Tell me what you can about the symbiote.

Scene: Lab in the hospital

Dr2 and Mendez are watching on the security camera.

DR2: She's never gonna talk.

MENDEZ: What about the tests?

DR2: We have a couple of leads but nothing definite yet.

MENDEZ: We're running out of time.

DR2: I know. We may have to move the implantation ahead of schedule.

We then see the Goa'uld swimming in a fish tank.

Scene: Maybourne's Car

MAYBOURNE: Technically I didn't lie. I said I didn't know where Carter was or why she was taken.
O'NEILL: What was the three million dollars for?

MAYBOURNE: I acquired a piece of merchandise from the Russians and sold it to Zedatron.

O'NEILL: What?

MAYBOURNE: A symbiote.

O'NEILL: What?

MAYBOURNE: On their second mission, back when their Gate was active, the Russians ran into a group of Jaffa.

O'NEILL: I read that report.

MAYBOURNE: What the report didn't say was the Russians managed to take one of the Jaffa alive. They've held him in custody ever since.

O'NEILL: Man, you gotta love those guys.

MAYBOURNE: The Russians or the Jaffa?

O'NEILL: Both actually.

MAYBOURNE: Apparently the symbiote was reaching maturity, I don't know what the Russians had planned. I assumed Zedatron wanted it for their biotech division.

O'NEILL: So why kidnap Carter?

MAYBOURNE: Carter once had a symbiote inside her.

O'NEILL: How'd they know that?

MAYBOURNE: I don't know. I also don't know how they found out about me and my connections. But when people offer you three million
dollars, you don't ask too many questions.

O'NEILL: Why not?

MAYBOURNE: Believe me Jack, I never thought it was going to come to this.

O'NEILL: What did you think was gonna happen?

MAYBOURNE: Well, in the right hands a symbiote could lead to all kinds of medical breakthroughs.

O'NEILL: What, you're a humanitarian now?

MAYBOURNE: Gonna turn me in?

O'NEILL: Actually that overwhelming desire to shoot you has come back.

MAYBOURNE: But you still need me, Jack.


MAYBOURNE: Because I know the name of the doctor who took delivery of the symbiote.

Scene: Doctor Neil Brooke's Office

Jack and Maybourne break in. Maybourne goes to the computer and switches it on.

MAYBOURNE: You know, we make a pretty good team, Jack.

O'NEILL: Shut up.

MAYBOURNE: I'm just saying, if you ever get tired of the SGC, we could make more money than you ever dreamed of.

O'NEILL: Hey, G Gordon. Don't give me another reason to shoot you all right.
MAYBOURNE: I'm in. Adrian Conrad's medical file.
Maybourne prints out a copy.

Scene: Briefing room

FRAISER: It would appear Adrian Conrad is in the late stages of an extremely rare disorder known as Burchadts Syndrome. It's a condition that affects the immune system leaving the body vulnerable to a host of diseases. And there's no known cure.

TEAL'C: Except the healing powers of a Goa'uld symbiote.

DANIEL: The only way that would work would be through implantation.

FRAISER: They may be studying the symbiote, trying to isolate and artificially reproduce its healing properties.

TEAL'C: Major Carter's experience with Jolinar would make her a valuable source of information.
HAMMOND: What are their chances of success?

FRAISER: Well, obviously we've been researching this for some time, sir. Even with unlimited resources, I would be greatly surprised if they came up with the answers quickly. And if they're trying to save this man's life, they're running out of time.
HAMMOND: How do we find him?

FRAISER: Given his condition, he would require constant medical supervision. He must be in some kind of a hospital or well-equipped facility.

DANIEL: Saint something. When I was checking out the holdings of that numbered company.. St Christina's. It's a hospital in the suburbs of Seattle that's been shut down for a couple of years.

HAMMOND: I'll contact the local authorities. You and Teal'c can meet Colonel O'Neill there. A jet will be prepped and ready to go by the time you reach the airport.

Scene: St Christina's Hospital.

Sam is still on the gurney. Dr2 is watching on a camera and he sees she has escaped.

DR2: (on radio) Security. Major Carter's missing. She can't have gotten far.

Scene: Corridors

Sam is running down a corridor. She starts to go up some stairs and then comes down. A security guy with a gun comes down and Sam elbows him in the face. She then kicks him in the face and takes his gun. She runs to an exit sign and tries to open a door. A man in a wheelchair appears behind her.

CONRAD: The exits are sealed.

Sam pulls her gun on him.

CARTER: Who are you? What the hell am I doing here?

CONRAD: My name is Adrian Conrad. You're here because of me.

More security guys turn up behind Conrad.

CARTER: Back off or I shoot him.

CONRAD: Go ahead. If I let you go, I'm dead anyway. Please Major Carter, if you put the gun down, there's a very good chance we can both live.

Sam lowers her weapon.

Scene: Room in the hospital

Sam is marched in and handcuffed to the bed. Conrad comes in with the two doctors.

CONRAD: I'm sorry about this, Major. But I've run out of options.

CARTER: What now?

CONRAD: My immune system has been destroyed, the damage is irreversible.

CARTER: I don't care what's wrong with you, nothing gives you the right

CONRAD: The human race has progressed to where we are today because of men who broke the rules and risked everything. Most often because they had no choice. The only thing that can save me is an alien symbiote. You call them Goa'uld's.

CARTER: How do you know about that?

CONRAD: We know about the Stargate. Everything.

CARTER: Well, then you must also know a symbiote would leave you a prisoner inside your own body.

DR2: That's why we're working on a way to have it removed.

DR1: And you're the key to that.

CARTER: It's beyond our current medical science.

DR2: You survived your encounter with the alien Jolinar.

CARTER: That was different. The symbiote made a conscious choice.

DR2: Maybe so, but the process you went through could provide us with the answers we're looking for.

DR1: You can't deny, being able to extract a symbiote from a human host would be a monumental breakthrough.

CARTER: A lot of very smart people have being working towards that end already.

CONRAD: Maybe they aren't quite desperate enough.

Conrad starts coughing.

DR2: Mr Conrad?

The two doctors start to wheel him out.

Scene: Lab in the hospital

Conrad is on a gurney with an oxygen mask on.

DR2: Pulse is weak. Blood pressure's dropping.

DR1: We're running out of time. We're gonna have to proceed with the implantation.

MENDEZ: You can't. If we put that thing inside him, we may never
get it out.
DR1: We'll find a way.

MENDEZ: Even if you do, you don't know if the healing process will have a lasting effect.

DR2: We're reasonably sure once the symbiote cures the disease..

CONRAD: Diana? Diana?

She walks over.

CONRAD: It's okay.

MENDEZ: You can't do this. Please.

CONRAD: It's my only chance.

DR2: We're going to have to restrain him.

The doctor ties him down and we see the Goa'uld swimming in the tank again.

Scene: Outside St Christina's

A SWAT team is there.

Jack is putting a bullet proof vest on and Daniel, Teal'c and Maybourne are there.

O'NEILL: Cover the exits and wait for my signal and somebody watch that guy. (Points at Maybourne)

MAYBOURNE: Oh come on Jack, this is my fault, let me help try and fix it.

O'NEILL: Fine, grab a vest. You're with me.

MAYBOURNE: Can I have my gun back?

O'NEILL: (To SWAT guy) Go. (To Maybourne) No. Daniel, Teal'c, take the front entrance.

Scene: Lab

Conrad is shaking. As he stops, his eyes open and we see he is a Goa'uld.

DR2: He stabilising, vitals returning to normal.

CONRAD: Diana? (In normal voice)

MENDEZ: How do you feel?

CONRAD: The pain is.. is gone.

DR1: We're gonna need to run a full set of tests.

The two docs leave.

MENDEZ: How long?

DR1: For what?

She walks over to them.

MENDEZ: You said you'd find a way to get it out of him. How long are you planning to leave him this way?

DR1: We don't even know what kind of effects it having.

MENDEZ: I don't give a damn. Get that thing out of him!

DR2: We have a bit of a problem in that area.

MENDEZ: What are you talking about?

DR1: Major Carter's test results clearly indicate that she holds the key to a safe extraction process.

MENDEZ: That's good.

DR2: Unfortunately we know just enough to know the answer are there we just can't get them.

MENDEZ: Why not?

DR1: Because Adrian didn't approve the method that's ultimately necessary.

MENDEZ: What does that mean?

DR2: It would require direct examination of her brain tissue.

MENDEZ: Do whatever it takes.

They leave.

Scene: Front desk at St Christina's.

Daniel comes in holding his arm.

DANIEL: Arrgh.

MAN: Can I help you?

DANIEL: Yeah, I need to see a Doctor. I think I just electrocuted myself.

MAN: You're going to have to go somewhere else.

DANIEL: I have insurance.

The man comes out of the office.

MAN: This hospital is closed.

DANIEL: I said I think I've electrocuted myself, do you have any idea what that feels like?

MAN: No.

Daniel gets out his zat and shoots both security men.

DANIEL: Something like that.

Daniel and Teal'c move into the hospital.

Scene: Somewhere in the hospital

Jack and Maybourne walk along a corridor. A door opens and Jack ducks into a room leaving Maybourne standing there.

MAN2: Freeze! Who are you? What are you doing here?

Jack comes out of a door behind him and knocks him out. Maybourne reaches to pick up his gun.

O'NEILL: Ahh. Ahh.

MAYBOURNE: You want me to watch your back or not?

Maybourne moves forward and Jack follows.


Scene: Lab

Mendez is sitting by Conrad's bed.

CONRAD: I know this has been hard on you Diana, I'm sorry.

MENDEZ: I just want you to get better.

CONRAD: I am better. I can feel it. If you just let me out of these restraints, I could show you.

MENDEZ: I can't do that.

CONRAD: I've been cooped up in hospitals for the last six months. All I want to do is go outside and breathe some fresh air.

MENDEZ: But you have that thing inside you.

CONRAD: It's not controlling me. I'm controlling it. Can't you tell? Please, they don't have to kill Major Carter, I'm fine. Everything's gonna be okay.

MENDEZ: I wish I could believe you.

CONRAD: Look at me. You know me better than anyone in the whole world. I did this for you. So we could be together. Just let one hand go so I can touch your face.

They hold hands.

Scene: Carter's room

The two doctors enter. Dr2 is pushing a cart with medical instruments on it.

CARTER: What's happening? What are you doing?
Dr2 gets ready to inject Sam with something.

CARTER: You're gonna kill me.

DR2: We could be saving millions of lives.

Suddenly Jack and Maybourne burst in.

O'NEILL: Hold it! Drop it! Drop it! Right now! Don't even
fool around!

MAYBOURNE: Come over here.

Maybourne gets them up against the wall.

O'NEILL: (to Carter) You all right?

CARTER: Yeah. Very dramatic, thank you.

O'NEILL: You bet.

CARTER: The keys for the cuffs are in his pocket.

Maybourne gets the keys and tosses them to Jack who unlocks Sam.

O'NEILL: (Over radio) Daniel, we got Carter. She's okay.

Scene: Lab

Daniel is in the lab.

DANIEL: That's good. I think we've got another problem.

We see that Conrad is gone and Mendez is dead on the floor.

Scene: Carter's Room

Sam jumps off the gurney.

CARTER: They put it in Adrian Conrad to cure him. They thought they could use me to find a way to remove it.

Jack hands her a gun.

O'NEILL: Good to go?

CARTER: Yes Sir.

O'NEILL: (To Maybourne) Um, why don't you stay here and watch these guys?

MAYBOURNE: That's fine.

O'NEILL: You'll be here when I get back, right?

MAYBOURNE: Oh yes Jack.

Scene: Various corridors.

Sam and Jack run down a corridor.

O'NEILL: (over radio) Daniel, Teal'c? Take the upper levels.

Sam and Jack reach a door leading to some stairs. Jack indicates that Sam should take one way and he takes the stairs down.

Scene: Room

Daniel and Teal'c enter. They then come to some stairs, Teal'c goes up, Daniel takes another route.

Scene: Corridor

Sam comes to an empty room. There's an open door so she goes towards it.

Scene: Stairs

Jack has come to the bottom. He finds the basement.

Scene: Records room

Sam has also found a door that leads to the basement.

Scene: Basement

Jack runs along the corridors and shines a flashlight.

Scene: Stairs

Teal'c descends the stairs.

Scene: Carter's room

Daniel opens the door and we see the two doctors are out cold and handcuffed to the bed.

Scene: Boiler Room

Jack has reached the boiler room. He shines his light and after he has moved past a door, Conrad drops from the ceiling. He heads the opposite way to Jack but Jack turns and sees him.

O'NEILL: Where you going?

CONRAD: (In Goa'uld voice) Shoot me and you'll kill the host.

O'NEILL: Don't make me.

Suddenly Jack is shot from behind in the arm and back.

A man appears behind him.

SIMMONS: You wanna live, you come with me.

Conrad follows him.

Scene: Basement

Sam is still searching for the Goa'uld. She comes across the corridor where Jack is and goes to him. She secures the area and checks for a pulse. She then grabs his radio.

CARTER: (over radio) Man down. Colonel O'Neill's been shot. This is Major Carter, I'm in the boiler room. Repeat Colonel O'Neill has been shot. We need an ambulance now.


CARTER: Sir, are you okay?

O'NEILL: I've been shot, Carter.

CARTER: I know. Your vest stopped one of the bullets.

O'NEILL: I want sleeves on my vest.

CARTER: You're gonna be fine. Help's on the way.

O'NEILL: I'm not kidding. They should put sleeves on these

CARTER: Did you see who shot you?


CARTER: Hang in there, sir.

Scene: Infirmary

Jack is in a bed and Sam and Hammond stand next to it.

O'NEILL: I can't believe the son of a bitch shot me!

CARTER: Well we don't know for sure it was Maybourne.

HAMMOND: We also don't know how Maybourne and Adrian Conrad got by the men surrounding the hospital. However the local authorities have

admitted they may have dropped the ball.

O'NEILL: May? May have?!

HAMMOND: The FBI and Interpol have been alerted, unfortunately we can't tell them everything.

CARTER: The bottom line is, there's a Goa'uld out there somewhere.

Scene: Room

Adrian Conrad is sat at a table and Simmons walks in.

CONRAD: I expect better treatment than this. (in Goa'uld voice)

SIMMONS: Well right now, you have no choice. But once you start delivering on your end of our little bargain, I might be able to move you to better accommodations.

CONRAD: You cannot offer anything of equal value to the knowledge I possess.

SIMMONS: I'm not so sure about that.

Simmons leaves and the door closes behind him.


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