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Le Piège

SCENE: Opens on a sand planet. Stargate is active with a Prior standing before it. some Jaffa head towards him with there Staff weapons.

WOMAN: You show no fear Latal

LATAL: He is one man what is there to fear?

WOMAN: He promised retribution if we did not bow to their Gods upon his return.

LATAL: The Jaffa have shed too much blood to replace one false God with another. we have made our decision and we will tell him.

PRIOR: Sanctus of all Ori. sanctumus Ori. (chanting) *stops, as Jaffa open up staff weapons.*

LATAL: Have you come alone?

PRIOR: The Ori are with me always. you have read from the book of origin?

LATAL: We have.

PRIOR: What say you to the promise of the Ori.

LATAL: *glances at the other Jaffa* we will hear no more of false Gods. Go now and we will spare your life.

PRIOR: You speak for all?

LATAL: We do.

PRIOR: one way or another. this world will serve their purpose.

His Stick glows bright blue

LATAL: Jaffa!!

They open fire on him but shots are blocked by a personal force shield, he smacks his stick on the ground and the light gets even brighter as he shifts it forward, the Jaffa are thrown back and a blue shield starts to form around the area. The Prior begins chanting again.

CREDITS SCENE: Stargate Command. Control room. The Gate activates.

HARRIMAN: unscheduled offworld activation.

LANDRY: what have we got chief?

HARRIMAN: receiving a message sir. its text only *Text whizzes down screen.

Gate shuts down, Harriman frowns* It’s in Goa’uld. *looks up at Landry*

LANDRY: None of you folks read Goa’uld do you?

SCENE: On Base. Jackson, Mitchell, Teal’c and Vala playing basketball.

Aliens verses the Humans. Jackson passes to Mitchell it rebounds Vala grabbing it as Teal’c lifts her into the air and she drop the ball through the hoop.

VALA: Yeah! Woo!! *Teal’c drops her and they bop hips, Jackson and Mitchell laughing* You boys aren’t going to let people from two different planets beat you at your own silly game are you?

JACKSON: Silly game isn’t over yet.

MITCHELL: That’s my wing man *throws him the ball*

VALA: You need a new wing man *turns to Jackson*

JACKSON: I’m gonna kick your ass

VALA: *shaking hips* promises. Promises.

Vala tries to make a jump for the ball as Jackson throws it to Mitchell, Mitchell goes for the net but a slight push from Teal’c throws him off balance. The ball heads into Hallway where Landry grabs it and heads in.

Mitchell jumping to attention.

LANDRY: As you were colonel. Actually I was looking for Teal’c. we received a communicate from a Goa’uld named Nerous ring any bells?

TEAL’C: I am aware of his identity. *glances at Vala* He was a minor Goa’uld who served Ba’al for many centuries.

LANDRY: What can you tell me about him?

VALA: *Teal’c about to answer but she cuts him off* Honestly you don’t want to know.

LANDRY: Honestly I do.

VALA: Why?

LANDRY: What do you say we go with the idea that I’m in charge and I’ve asked a simple question?

VALA: hmm. *looks at Teal’c* Nerous defines avarice and gluttony, a simple answer?

TEAL’C: mmmm *nods* He is a Goa’uld known for his many…*thinks* appetites.

JACKSON: He’s also known as an inventor responsible for a host of Goa’uld technologies.


LANDRY: That’s when I started paying attention to him too…weird as it sounds he’s offering to work for us.

TEAL’C: Nerous is not to be trusted.

LANDRY: Funny…he had nice things to say about you. *throws the ball getting it straight through the hoop with a swish, he leaves*

SCENE: Briefing room. Teal’c and Mitchell sit on one side Vala behind them.

Jackson on other side reading the text.

JACKSON: …No, he really did. He said some very nice things. “I would consider it a great honor to meet the heroes of the Tau'ri, who brought the Goa'uld to their knees.”

MITCHELL: Yeah… that is nice.

VALA: *walks round table to Daniel’s side* No, he's disgusting. You can't honestly open the doors to a pathetic, minor Goa'uld, posing as one of the big boy's. *sighs* Well at least promise me you're intending on torturing him. *Daniel gives her a look*

LANDRY: We're setting him up in the VIP suite.

VALA: *surprised* No.


MITCHELL: Sir, if you don't mind my asking…



JACKSON: Well, according to his communicate, he's in possession of military intelligence *reads* of the utmost urgency.

LANDRY: Sounded like it was worth a listen.

MITCHELL: Still… Why throw in with us? Why not stay with Ba’al or work for some other Goa'uld?

LANDRY: Well…look at it in terms of optics. We must look like major players now.

TEAL’C: By defeating Anubis.

JACKSON: and… Most of the System Lords were killed by the Replicators, then we defeated the Replicators… *wave’s hand*

MITCHELL: *hint of sarcasm* Wow… we look cool.

LANDRY: Don't let it go to your head *looks at Vala as she laughs*

VALA: *reading file she swiped from Jackson* Have you seen his list of dietary requirements? *looks up, Jackson tearing the file from her hands, taking a better hold of it*

LANDRY: Already taken care of.

JACKSON: Ripened Traqeel eggs?

LANDRY: We’ve got eggs. I don't know if they're ripe or not… SG-3 is with him on a neutral planet, doing a security check as we speak. As soon as they give the green light, I want you to.... *gates activates*


Jackson looks at Vala whose shaking head in disbelief.

SCENE: Gateroom Nerous comes through with SG-3 flanking his sides. SG-1 are lined with Landry at the base of the ramp. Landry walks up ramp.

SILER: <Siler went offworld!!!> He’s clean sir.

LANDRY: Thank you Sergeant we’ll take it from here.

NEROUS: I am Nerous.

LANDRY: *bowing slightly* Major General Hank Landry. I'm in command of Stargate C--....

NEROUS: *in Goa’uld voice thing* yyyeess. *waves him off walking past him*

Yes, I'm sure you're a very important person and you had very important reasons to subject me to your security precautions. But to meet you. *walks up to Teal’c* To look upon the face of the one.

MTICHELL: *looks at Teal’c* The one what?

NEROUS: The one who inspired the great uprising, of course. oh The time of false Gods is at an end and no small part because of this man! *points at Teal’c, turns to Jackson* Nerous: Dr Daniel Jackson! It is rumored among the Goa'uld, that you alone defeated Anubis. Is that true?

JACKSON: *dumbfounded, Vala smirks at him* Where'd you hear that?

NEROUS: Oh, I hear everything. *laughs, heads over to Mitchell*

Mitchell: Ltd Colonel Cameron Mitchell. leader of SG-1.

NEROUS: but…you’re…you’re not


NEROUS: Will he be here?


NEROUS: *looks disappointer, looks at Mitchell again, walks over to Vala*

And….and…You… you're not even Colonel Carter, are you??! This isn't at all the way I imagined it would be.

LANDRY: Nerous, if you'd follow me to our Briefing Room. We have much to discuss.

NEROUS: Yes, yes. But first I must have sustenance. Have you met all my dietary requirements?

LANDRY: As much as humanly possible. *heads out*

NEROUS: *follows* oh Good, good, because I'm positively famished.

SG-3 carrying some of Nerous stuff, Sg-1 look between themselves, then follow

SCENE: Back on the Sand planet, a large number of Jaffa are firing on the large force shied around the prior and the Gate. Using both staff weapons and P-90s having no effect.

SCENE: Neruous’ Quarters. A lot of fine food is laid on the table, Nerous takes some grapes eating them

NEROUS: Mmmmm… No shades!! *turns to them* How is that possible?

JACKSON: It's a state secret, but we're willing to negotiate.

NEROUS: It’s impossible, but delicious. Mmmm. hhhmmmm. *clears throat, holds up hand* Still, *clears throat again, his voice goes to normal* still we have important matters to discuss. Don’t we?

Vala sits on the table and starts helping herself to some of the food.

MITCHELL: Your voice....just changed.

NEROUS: Oh, we don't have to talk that way. *Chuckles* This *Goes to his case, pulling something out* is a device that I invented. What you're about to see *places the object on the table, turning it on, a hologram appears above it, of a Planet* occurred nearly two day's ago. Now the free Yaffa who claim this planet called Kalana... *a bright blue shape appears on a small area of the planet*

VALA: *eating* What was that?

TEAL’C: The formation of an extremely large force field around the planet's Stargate.

NEORUS: Brilliant.

MITCHELL: And you're sharing this information with us, because?

NEROUS: Why are you so surprised? We joined forces to destroy the Replicators.

TEAL’C: I have no recollection of your participation. *Vala grins goes for more food*

NEROUS: Teal'c…You wound me. I was the one who figured out how to activate all the Stargate's in the galaxy at once! *silence* Didn't Baal mention that…. to you?

VALA: That is so like him. *eats, Teal’c giving her…a look, she motioned the food is good*

NEROUS: Isn't it though? It's alright. Your adversaries call themselves…the Ori.

LANDRY: We know all about the Ori.

NEROUS: Yes… well thus far I detect only a single individual, no doubt a Prior, inside the force field, but *turns off machine* it is expanding.

TEAL’C: Then it will soon be able to accommodate entire armies.

NEROUS: *sits* Yes… and further more, the Stargate itself has not shut down since it opened.

JACKSON: Wait a minute. You say this happened two day's ago?


MITCHELL: 38 minutes is the maximum time a Stargate can stay open.

That's a law of wormhole physics.

VALA: Not according to the Ori. *eats, Landry shooting her a look*

JACKSON: Which means that they have a power source which can indefinitely maintain a wormhole from another galaxy, plus this force field. A…a…a ZPM can't even do that.

TEAL’C: How are we to do battle with an enemy so powerful.

NEROUS: *silence* With my help? Every force field has a weakness and I'm confident that I shall find it.

Vala looks at Daniel shaking her head

MITCHELL: Sir, if this Intel is correct, it represents a complete change of tactics. We'll have to respond.

LANDRY: I agree, Colonel. But if this… Kalana is a Jaffa world, I'm not sure how this is our fight.

NEROUS: Not your fight? *stands* You engineered the downfall of the Goa'uld.

This is very much a galaxy of your own making....General. And you must take responsibility.

LANDRY: What would you have us do?

NEROUS: Attack them as quickly as possible with as much force as you can bring to bear. *Landry turns, Looking at Mitchell before returning his attention to Nerous* This is nothing short of an invasion, General. Like it or not, You’re in a state of war.

SCENE: Landry’s office. Landry on the phone to O’Neill

LANDRY: Jack…Jack…Jack! She practically invented the Mark 9 and you’re the one who thinks we should use the damn thing! Why are you wasting valuable time saying no? *pauses for O’Neill to talk.* I’ve read enough of your SG-1 mission reports to know that there were times when no one else but Samantha carter could have pulled your ass out of the fire. Well this is *in the background at the down we can see the outline of someone in dress blues* one of those times. *Landry turns to door, revealing Carter*

CARTER: Reporting as ordered sir.

LANDRY: ……Yeah…she’s standing right here. You’re a funny man Jack. *Carter Grins* very funny. *hangs up turning to carter*

SCENE: Control room, Teal’c, Jackson, Mitchell and Vala dressed up for a mission, Vala with a shawl round her neck, playing with the ends.

HARRIMAN: Chevron four encoded.

VALA: I promise you he’s lying

JACKSON: about which part?

VALA: All of it.

HARRIMAN: Chevron 5 encoded.

TEAL’C: Yet we have been unable to dial the co-ordinates to Kalana despite several attempts.

VALA: *Grabs Teal’cs arm* Goa'uld don't do anything for anyone, other than themselves.

HARRIMAN: Chevron 6 encoded.

MITCHELL: Maybe it's in his own interests to stop the Ori.

HARRIMAN: Chevron 7 still will not lock.

LANDRY: Alright, we've tried that long enough. Colonel Carter?

Jackson, Vala, Teal’c, Mitchell and Harriman walk over to Carter and Landry.

CARTER: We've revised the original plans slightly to expedite matters. The Prometheus is enroute and will rendezvous with us at P4C-452. We’ll proceed to kalana from there. Now considering their unique ability to maintain an active Stargate indefinitely and their force field capabilities… the President has authorized any and all means to complete the mission.

MITCHELL: Oh boy. *Mutters to Teal’c* And here I was trying to have a nuke free career.

CARTER: We've been developing something at Area 51, that General O'Neill believes will be our best chance to stop them. right here. right now.

VALA: But you don't agree?

CARTER: *licks lips, thinking of the best way to say it* I agree we have to try. I just don't think it'll be enough.

LANDRY: It's what we've got. Questions?

Vala quickly raises her hand, only for Jackson to grab it pulling it down.

MITCHELL: *looks* No sir. *Vala pulls her hand from Jackson’s*

LANDRY: Still no response from the Jaffa council?

TEAL’C: None as of yet.

LANDRY: Well, we can't wait for Gerak. We… proceed as planned. Chief. dial the gate!

HARRIMAN: Yes sir!

LANDRY: Move out!

They all head to the Gateroom, Landry taking his place behind Harriman as the gate is dialed.

SCENE: Gateroom, Gate opens.

JACKSON: Well, temporary or not, it's good to have you back. *Carter and Jackson smile at each other, Vala goes to lean against the back wall*

MITCHELL: How good is this? *Looks at Teal’c* got the band back together.

CARTER: *looks back at Vala, quietly* Uh so what's with the extra backup singer?

MITCHELL: Ah, she's good fun. Plus, we figured if Jackson were to....

TEAL’C: Die.

MITCHELL: Yeah that's the word. It would jeopardize the mission.

CARTER: when we spoke a couple of weeks ago, you said you thought the effects of the bracelets was wearing off.

JACKSON: well It was. I just didn't want to put it to a test from the other side of the galaxy, so....

VALA: *coughs, obviously been listens* Wow… Just dying to get rid of me now, aren't you?

JACKSON: No… not dying to...

VALA: Oh no…*straightens moving ahead of them* I know I'm not welcome here.

Despite all my efforts to try and fit into your little stargating club, you can all rest assured, that as soon as I can safely part Daniel's company without killing the both of us, I will. *winks, She starts up the ramp then stops, turns back* Oh… and you! *points at Landry in the control room* You will wish you’d listened to me when I said, letting the Goa'uld come here was a mistake! *takes end of shawl flinging it over her shoulder, heads up ramp through gate.*

LANDRY: Get to it and good luck!

MITCHELL: right, let's do this. *SG-1 head through the gate*

SCENE: Aboard Prometheus Colonel Pendergast meets SG-1. Carter and Mitchell saluting

MITCHELL: Request permission to come aboard!

PENDERGAST: Shaft…Welcome back to the Prometheus.

MITCHELL: Thank you Colonel

CARTER: Shaft?

MITCHELL: My call sign. Cam. Shaft.

CARTER: *stops thinking* Oh.

VALA: Yeah. Disappointing, isn't it?

PENDERGAST: *on phone* Flight Deck, this is Pendergast. SG-1 is aboard.

Engage hyper drive and proceed to kalana at best possible speed. *puts down phone*

CARTER: Is the mark nine ready to go?

PENDERGAST: Standing by for your systems check. I hear you're in a hurry.

TEAL’C: You heard correctly. *They all head for the elevators, Jackson and Vala trailing behind*

VALA: What is a mark nine, exactly?

MITCHELL: It's also known as a gate buster.

VALA: mmm. *all stop in front of elevator, turns to Jackson* Sounds big.

MITCHELL: Some might say, too big.

VALA: Really? *fiddles with the end of her Shawl* I've always thought there's no such thing.

JACKSON: *clears throat* Vala this is a military vessel? *pulls shawl off from round her neck*

VALA: I know darling <could be Danny….nah> I've stolen it before.

JACKSON: well… Just try to be uh.... *elevators open, the other head in*

VALA: My charming self?

JACKSON: yes…just a little less talk a little more shut the hell up.

Jackson heads to elevator, Vala follows pulling on her pig tails. Prometheus jumps into Hyper space.

SCENE: Landry enters Nerous’ quarters. He’s sitting eating and drinking.

NEROUS: General!! Join me for a glass of wine! It's from a place called France.

LANDRY: I'm on duty.

NEROUS: What is this? This is exquisite. *holds it up* What is it?

LANDRY: Chicken!

NEROUS: Chicken?

LANDRY: It's a rare delicacy among our people.

NEROUS: Mmmm. It's exquisite. I want more chicken! More chicken! *They both laugh*

LANDRY: I'll try to pull some strings. Nerous… this arrangement is only going to work if you actually do something to help with this problem.

NEROUS: I was working. I…I…-I I was deep in thought when you walked in.

LANDRY: Ye ha ha, I can see that.

NEROUS: You don't trust me!

LANDRY: Course I don't trust you.

NEROUS: *activates hologram* Now. Here is the latest transmission from my satellite… As you can see, the force field continues to expand in phases and as it does so, it weakens considerably.

LANDRY: Enough to penetrate with our beaming technology?

NEROUS: Yes, wi-wit-with those nuclear devices that you were talking about.

LANDRY: Or SG1. They could talk to this Prior. face to face.

NEROUS: Why? Wh-why would they do that?

LANDRY: We resort to force… only when necessary.

NEROUS: Oh, I assure you it will be. It will be, General. An-and with the most powerful weapons in your arsenal.

LANDRY: I'll forward this new information, directly to Prometheus, and uh… I'll see if I can arrange for more chicken. *claps him on the back leaving*


SCENE: The Prometheus leaves hyperspace and moves into orbit the planet. On the Bridge.

MARKS: Sir… we received an encrypted data burst from Stargate Command the moment we came out of hyperspace.

PENDERGAST: Decode it immediately. we picking up any other weapons in the system?

MARKS: Negative sir.

MITCHELL: Can we get a closer look at the surface?

CARTER: *moving to the vacant seat to PenderGast’s left* You can already see the extent of the incursion with the naked eye.

VALA: *looking at the screen* My God, it's enormous! *Jackson instantly looks at her, she eventually glance up at him, knowing what he’s thinking*

Not everything I say is innuendo

JACKSON: We can all see, *grasping her shoulders and moving her away* thank you.

CARTER: It's increased by almost 900% since our original Intel.

TEAL’C: What of the Jaffa, Colonel Carter?

CARTER: *pokes some buttons various beeping sounds* sorry Teal'c. I'm not detecting any life signs outside of the force field.

MITCHELL: *Walks over* Inside?

CARTER: Just one.


CARTER: I don't know how he's managing it. According to these readings, the atmosphere inside the field has become toxic. Probably as a result of the Jaffa weapon's fire on the force field.

PENDERGAST: Send a subspace message to Stargate Command. We are over the enemy beachhead.

SCENE: Shot of the Prior, chanting the ground and air thick with smoke.

SCENE: In a Cargo hold. Four space suits are lined up waiting for sg-1.

Teal’c checking his. While Vala plays with the hand of her own. Mitchell reading Manual on Mark 9.

JACKSON: You do realize that no matter how nicely we ask them, they're not all that likely to stop.

VALA: Then why are we going down there?

JACKSON: Well you're going cause I'm going.

MITCHELL: And we're going because we have orders.

VALA: Thanks to Nerous. Doesn't that alarm anyone?

CARTER: Well, our government believes we need to send the Ori a message.

TEAL’C: Indeed. The Ori need to be made aware that they are not welcome.

VALA: *looking a Jackson* Well some of you are certainly expert in getting that message across. *looks at her*

PENDERGAST: (on radio) SG1 this is the Flight Deck. My people are expecting an expansion phase to occur anytime in the next few minutes.

Shot of flight deck

CARTER: Understood.

Jackson heads over to his space suit

CARTER: If Nerous is correct, we should be able to punch through with our transport beam.

VALA: And if not?

MITCHELL: Then we're all dressed up with nowhere to go.

CARTER: Your return window will be roughly 16 seconds, once on the surface.

After which time, you'll be committed until the next expansion phase in about half an hour. I'll be monitoring from the bridge.

MITCHELL: Thanks. Let's do this. *they both insert their keys in the Mark 9*

CARTER: Stand by mode in 3, 2, 1, mark. *they both turn keys* Good luck.

Carter head back to bridge as the team get into their suits.

SCENE: SG-1 Beams down to the planet, inside the force shield with Mark 9

MITCHELL: *turns keys again hitting a button* Set. The weapon is now in mode 2. We are go till the next window.

They all start to make their way to the prior.

JACKSON: How can he breathe?

TEAL’C: Perhaps he has a personal shield of some kind.

MITCHELL: Nice. *prior still chanting* Yo. My name is Lt Colonel Cameron Mitchell.

PRIOR: I know who you are.

JACKSON: Yeah *points* he just told you his name.

PRIOR: I also know you will do everything in your power to stop us.

MITCHELL: Obvious.

PRIOR: You will fail. The Ori are more powerful than you.

MITCHELL: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… here's the thing… We're not here to talk to you. We're here to talk to the guy's you take orders from.

PRIOR: The Ori… are all seeing.

MITCHELL: Great! In that case…We have in our possession a mark nine naquadriah enhanced nuclear warhead, which was designed solely for the purpose of vaporizing Stargate's and anything else in a 100 mile radius… If you attempt to disable this warhead, physically, electronically or otherwise, it will result in an immediate detonation. Now we have a number of these God awful things at our disposal and we will not hesitate to use them if deemed necessary. If you do not disengage the Stargate within 30 of our *makes bunny sign with hands, Jackson has to do a double take* Earth minutes, we will shut down the gate for you. *look at Jackson* Go ahead.

JACKSON:… *Unsure, Mitchell waves* Uh… we know who and what you are and want no part of what you have to offer. If you attempt this on any other planet in this galaxy, we will find you and we will fight you.

MITCHELL: That's it? *Jackson Nods* I just gave him 30 minutes. *they all stand there a few close ups on each Vala Grinning, Mark 9 beeps* 29 minutes.

*they all turn huddling*

JACKSON: Earth minutes.

MITCHELL: Yeah, I've always wanted to say that.

VALA: Well, now you have.


PRIOR: *chanting*

MITCHELL: Sure hope they shut down that gate before we have to set this thing off.

TEAL’C: That would appear to be highly unlikely, Colonel Mitchell.

VALA: I know. It's naive, even for you.

MITCHELL: Detonating the largest warhead ever built by man is not exactly the historical footnote that I had in mind.

JACKSON: Not to mention the guilt you're gonna feel for vaporizing a perfectly good Stargate.

MITCHELL: *points at the prior* And that guy.

VALA: oh, he's probably looking forward to it.

MITCHELL: Hey Prior! You understand that you're within a 100 mile radius and that personal shield ain't gonna help you.

PRIOR: Death is only the beginning of the real journey.

JACKSON: Sounds familiar.

PRIOR: It should sound familiar, Doctor Jackson. When I die, I will ascend.

It is the promise of the Ori.

TEAL’C: Even if you fail your task?

Suddenly there are great flashes of Light, like lightning.

MITCHELL: What the hell is that?

SCENE: 3 Hataks leave hyper drive firing on the force shield. On the flight deck of Prometheus.


MARKS: There was no warning sir. They started firing, the second they came out of hyperspace…

PENDERGAST: It's damn fortunate they're not firing at us. Open communications. To Jaffa vessels, this is the Earth ship Prometheus. We request that you hold your fire we have people down there! *no answer hataks keep firing* I repeat! SG1 is on the planet attempting to negotiate an Ori withdrawal. Cease fire now!

SCENE: Back on the surface

TEAL’C: The force field is being fired upon by Hatak vessels.

MITCHELL: Why are they doing that?

VALA: Can we get them to stop doing that?

MITCHELL: oooooh, this could be bad. The mark nine's fuse in mode 2 is a wee bit twitchy. *heads over to Mark 9*

VALA: You mean, it could go off?


SCENE: The Hataks stop firing

CARTER: They stopped firing.

MARKS: Sir. The force field is entering an expansion phase ahead of predicted time.

PENDERGAST: This is Pendergast. I want SG1 brought back onboard as soon as we can beam them through the force field.

SCENE: On surface

PENDERGAST: (on radio) SG1. Prepare for immediate extraction.

Mitchell grabs remote pushing button

MITCHELL: The weapon is now in mode 1. Prometheus, we are ready for beam up.

Prior! Last chance!

The Prior turns to face the gate, the team are beams up

SCENE: Communication between Gerak and the Prometheus

GERAK: I am Gerak, of the free Jaffa. Why have you come here?

Carter, hesitates but Pendergast motions for her to go ahead.

CARTER: It's an honour to speak with you sir. My name is Lt Colonel Samantha Carter.

GERAK: By insisting that we cease fire on the enemy stronghold, you've allowed it to expand even further and we've lost the element of surprise.

CARTER: …And quite possibly saved the lives of SG1.

GERAK: I ask you again. Why have you come to this world?

CARTER: We have reason to believe that the Ori are attempting to use this planet to stage a full scale invasion.

GERAK: And you hope to repel this invasion with words? *Sg-1 step on to bridge* There is more to this.

TEAL’C: Words are often the most powerful weapon of all Gerak. The old ways will not stop an adversary as powerful as the Ori.

GERAK: So you said in your message to the High Council, Teal'c.

Teal'c: To which we received no response.

CARTER: We had no choice but to act on the information we had.

GERAK: And how is it that the Tau’ri received this information even before the council?

JACKSON: Uh… how we got this information is not important. What is important is that we stand together as allies, in the face of our common enemy.

SCENE: On surface, Mark 9 still going. Prior walks over to Gate. He places his hand on the outer ring.

SCENE: Prometheus.

GERAK: You said you've come to fight.


GERAK: I dispatched a scout… in a cloaked cargo ship. He tell's me you have done nothing.

MITCHELL: We're sending the Ori a message which they should receive in about ten seconds.

PENDERGAST: Shields to maximum! *Alarms start* Gerak, I suggest you give the same order aboard your ships. There will be a blast wave.

GERAK: Jaffa! *screen closes*

MITCHELL: Five seconds

The Prior holds his hand on the gate staring into the watery surface. The Mark 9 detonates.

From space a blast from the centre of the shield is seen but the shield expands out fast.

MARKS: Sir, the force field went into another expansion phase just as the bomb detonated. *looks at Pendergast* And it's a big one.

SCENE: Onboard Gerak's ship

GERAK: What is happening?

SCENE: Prometheus

TEAL’C: The force field continues to expand.

VALA: It isn't supposed to be doing that, is it?


VALA: Why is it doing that?

JACKSON: I don't know.

VALA: What are you gonna do about it?

JACKSON: *quiet Angry* shut up.

CARTER: That was a multi gigatonne detonation. There's just no way.

JACKSON: Maybe the gate was destroyed.

MITCHELL: No. If the field is still expanding, the gate still has to be active.

CARTER: The environment inside the field has been turned into super heated plasma. Makes it impossible to get a reliable reading.

Gerak appears on the screen

GERAK: And this is your message to the Ori?

VALA: Pithy, wasn't it?

TEAL’C: We struck the enemy with our most powerful weapon.

GERAK: And yet their force field grows.

TEAL’C: That was not our intention.

GERAK: The beachhead must be destroyed. If you are truly our ally, you will join us in this attack. If you do not, your ship will become our next target.

The Hataks open fire once again.

PENDERGAST: The detonation did weaken the force field… Our combined weapons fire might just finish the job.

TEAL’C: If it does not, we will soon be engaged in battle with Gerak's forces.

CARTER: We just don't have enough information. Until I can explain how they're keeping the gate open or powering a force field this large. *to Mitchell* It's your call.

VALA: *raises hand* I say we run away and rethink the whole thing.

MITCHELL: *walks round* Open up with everything we've got.

PENDERGAST: Bring the main rail gun online. Commence firing. Launch missiles

Screens show force shield expanding but weakening.

PENDERGAST: Is the fire having any effect?

MARKS: Force field is definitely strength.

CARTER: But it's still expanding at a faster rate than it's weakening.

JACKSON: It's almost enveloped the entire planet. What happens then?

CARTER: *after a minute* Dammit!

VALA: What?


CARTER: *to Mitchell* Colonel, we need to cease fire now!

MITCHELL: *to Pendergast* Now!

PENDERGAST: *to Marks* Do it!

CARTER: The greater the intensity of our weapons fire… the greater and more frequent their expansion phase is… There is a direct correlation. They're using the energy of our own weapons to build their beachhead.

VALA: You mean they planned this? *looks at Daniel in an I told you so way*

CARTER: There's no way to project the necessary power through a Stargate, across galaxies. So they designed a force field that could be powered by our own weapons.

TEAL’C: The Ori knew the Jaffa on Kalana would defend their home world and others would follow.

JACKSON: And Nerous made certain we'd join in.

MITCHELL: Which means he's working for the Ori.

CARTER: The mark nine gave them almost 70% of the power they needed to envelop the entire planet.

MITCHELL: Oh yeah, we've been set up.

VALA: *sarcastic* What a complete shock! *Jackson looks at her, she nods, making a zipping motion* won't say another word.

TEAL’C: Gerak's forces must also cease fire.

PENDERGAST: Open communications.

JACKSON: Too late.

The final area of the Planet is covered with the force field

CARTER: *beeping sounds* I'm reading activity on the surface.

A shot of the Stargate on its side. Several objects exit the gate at High speed.

CARTER: We've got incoming. Three objects and counting. Bearing 180. Rising from the planet's surface from the coordinates of the Stargate and accelerating.

PENDERGAST: Shields to maximum

Gerak appears on screen

GERAK: Why have you ceased fire?

TEAL’C: We have reason to believe our weapons may power the enemy force field.

GERAK: Impossible!

CARTER: that's what I thought, but it's the only explanation.

JACKSON: Gerak, they used both of us!

MARKS: Multiple contacts on multiple bearings, sir.

MITCHELL: What the hell are they?

CARTER: They are about ten meters long. But sensors read no internal space, no life signs aboard.

PENDERGAST: rail guns to defensive fire mode! Stand by launch fighters.

MARKS: One of them is on a collision course.

CARTER: I can confirm that. 1000 meters… 500.

PENDERGAST: Sub-light engines to emergency thrust. Brace for impact!

One of the hataks is destroyed, as the pieces zip upwards, the Prometheus taking several hits, shield holding. Flashes and shakes on bridge

WOMAN: *in background* Thermal levels rising

PENDERGAST: Damage report!

MARKS: There's a hull breach on the hangar deck. Shields are down to 20%.

PENDERGAST: Return fire. All positions.

CARTER: Sensors are down.

PENDERGAST: Take us out of orbit…… We can't stay here.

SCENE: Nerous’ Quarters most of the food is eaten. Landry storms in with Several SFS.

LANDRY: I wanna know what you sent my people into.

NEROUS: General, I've been expecting you… You know…*wave’s egg* These eggs, they're not properly ripe. *moves to eat it, Landry knocking it out of his hand*

LANDRY: I asked you a question! Sergeant! *SFs point weapons at Nerous*

NEROUS: Oh. They say all good meals come to an end…… I assume, General, that by now, SG1 has reported that the Ori, the closest thing to true God's in the entire universe, have successfully established a permanent foothold.

LANDRY: What did you do?

NEROUS: Oh, it's not what I did. General. What I have done pales in comparison to your contribution. And by now… the force field has almost entirely enveloped the planet. Which makes them unstoppable. *Goa’uld voice*

And we couldn’t have done it without you.

SCENE: On board Prometheus. Gerak on screen.

GERAK: Two of my ships have been destroyed and my own flagship has been damaged. We must withdraw.

TEAL’C: We too have suffered damage, Gerak, but the battle is not yet over.

GERAK: Our sensors tell us that the planet has begun to collapse. I cannot tell you to what extent. If you choose to remain to find out, know… that your actions… will be watched.

JACKSON: Hey! We're on the same side here!

GERAK: We… shall… see.

He takes off

MITCHELL: What is he talking about?

VALA: He’s leaving.

CARTER: We've got the sensors back up, but we're gonna have to get closer to the planet to find out.

PENDERGAST: Right, bring us about. Take us back into the system.

CARTER: Ok, I've got a fix on the planet. Looks like Gerak was right.

According to the sensors, it's diameter has decreased by 16%.

VALA: Planet's don't shrink, in my experience.

On screen, next to planet, some debris Sam does a close up.

CARTER: Ah, there's something else. *Jackson and Mitchell flank her sides*

MITCHELL: What is that?

JACKSON: A ship?

CARTER: It's hard to say. Whatever it is, I think it's composed of the objects that came through the Stargate.

A shot of the Prometheus moving up towards the objects that are beginning to form a large ring, with a few pieces still needing to be placed.

JACKSON: Doesn't that look an awful lot like a…uh…

MITCHELL: Yeah, it does.

CARTER: In fact, I think that's just what it is.

JACKSON: No, it can't be, cause I was gonna say, Stargate.

CARTER: Try supergate. I estimate it's about 3 to 400 meters across.

TEAL’C: Large enough a passage of their entire Armada.

VALA: *walks over to Marks side* It's incomplete. There's still time.

JACKSON: Time? Time to do what? everything we've done has just made things worse.

MARKS: The planet's diameter has now decreased by up to 50% and it's accelerating rapidly.

CARTER: I think I know why. Only one thing in the universe could power a gate that size. It's also the only thing that could allow them to keep the gate open this long. And there's one on the other end.

JACKSON: A black hole.

CARTER: That's what the force field was for. It wasn't meant to keep us out, it was designed to collapse the planet into one micro singularity.


CARTER: Well, this is how they can create a wormhole that can span such a vast distance. With a black hole at either end they can maintain an open wormhole indefinitely.

MITCHELL: uh… Fine, fine. How do we stop it?

VALA: I have an idea. If we could *points* put---

JACKSON: The next idea that anybody comes up with, has to be outside the box! *Vala clamping on her temper*

CARTER: Ok, the gate is composed of individual units. Uh…uh…There must be some kind of energy linkage between them. Like uh… like a chain.

VALA: Exactly! So we…

MITCHELL: So we need a big ole set of bolt cutters. *Vala gives up*

JACKSON: Oooh! Too far outside the box. Get closer to the box!

Vala shakes head, jogs off down the corridor, she keeps on going.

CARTER: Planetary collapse is speeding up exponentially. I estimate singularity formation is minutes away and there will be a significant shockwave. Whatever we're gonna do, we have to do it now.

MARKS: Sir? Someone has just activated the ring transporter.


JACKSON: *looks round, registering Vala’s absence* Oh no.

SCENE: Cloaked cargo ship. Rings activate, Jaffa goes to inspect. He enters and Vala Zats him, beaming him to the Prometheus. She heads to the pilots seat.

VALA: Hey! Don't leave without me.

JACKSON: (on radio)Vala! Where the hell are you?

VALA: Oh, you care now!


VALA: I'm aboard the cloaked cargo ship that Gerak left behind to watch us.

JACKSON: How did you find it?

VALA: Good guess? Look, the tones are set a certain way. Rings seek out the nearest set, which happen to be aboard this cargo ship, cloaked or not.

*pokes at various buttons*

JACKSON: What are you doing?

VALA: Trying to help, Daniel. Someone had to do something and you wouldn't listen. Actually, I got the idea from Colonel Carter. The objects are being held in some sort of energy field like links in a chain and I intend to take the place of the last link.

CARTER: Vala, when that singularity forms, there will be a powerful shockwave. The cargo ship won't survive.

VALA: I'm counting on it. I'll ring back before it hits. Then you can all thank me immensely.

Vala, decloaks the ship and moves it toward the objects.

PENDERGAST: Shields to maximum.

CARTER: She's running out of time.

SCENE: Vala move the ship into an empty spot creating a huge surge.

VALA: Alright.

SCENE: Back on the Prometheus

CARTER: It's working. She disrupted the energy field holding the objects in place. *Shot of objects* The singularity is forming. *Planet shrinks*

Vala hurries towards the rings, the Ship shaking losing her balance but she makes it. Hitting the buttons. Rings activate. The Planet disappears and shock wave is sent out destroying the objects and cargo ship.

SCENE: Prometheus. Everyone cheers.

CARTER: She did it. The gate's been destroyed.

JACKSON: *staring* Did Vala make it back onboard?

MARKS: Negative sir.

Jackson, bites lip, swallows and then his legs give out beneath him, Mitchell grabbing him

MITCHELL: Jackson! Infirmary

CARTER: Get a message to Stargate Command. The Ori beachhead has been destroyed.

SCENE: Nerous is being held in a room, his hands cuffed together. Landry enters

NEROUS: There's still time to repent, General. The Ori are forgiving.

LANDRY: That won't be necessary. SG1 has destroyed the Ori beachhead.

NEROUS: *laughs* You're lying.

LANDRY: I'm not.

NEROUS: I’ve witnessed their power, General. Power that will one day be mine. And if what you say is true, you have merely forestalled the inevitable… And… when you put me to death for what I have done, I shall ascend.

LANDRY: …you will descend to a small dark room in the basement of Area 51 and you'll stay there till you come up with a defense against the Ori. That was our deal.

NEROUS: *frowns, laughs* what would possibly compel me to do that?

LANDRY: Hunger. *takes the smile right off nerous’ face. They all leave*

SCENE: Teal’c, Mitchell, and Carter walking toward infirmary aboard Prometheus.

MITCHELL: You know, these Ori are just going to try it again.

CARTER: Probably.

MITCHELL: Sam, we could sure use someone like you on the front line. Just think about it. *he heads off ahead*

MITCHELL: Hey, Jackson!

JACKSON: *wakes* Sorry, I keep falling asleep.

CARTER: Well, it's better than the alternative.

CARTER: You're lucky the bracelet's affect was wearing off.

JACKSON: Yeah, lucky me.

TEAL’C: Vala Maldorran will be mourned.

CARTER: I've been going over the telemetry from the last few seconds before the formation of the singularity. A matter stream left the cargo ship just before it exploded. I mean… There's at least a slight chance that it was pulled into the singularity.

JACKSON: So you're saying she could be alive, somewhere in the Ori home galaxy.

CARTER: It's possible.

JACKSON: *looking hopeful* Well…We wanted to send them a message.

The Boys all grin slightly. Sam a little less understanding. Daniel lies back smiling.

The End

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