Épisode 2

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Cet épisode est canon.
Épisode 2 (Saison 1 de Stargate Origins)

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BRUCKE (in German) Power, we need more power!

[One soldier powers the stargate with the engine of his car, the other soldier turns the stargate. Eva films what happens]

BRUCKE Soon, all shall bear witness...

EVA  Wait. No, wait. The angle is better from over here. Okay, it's your best side.

BRUCKE This side?

[Brucke points to a scar on his face, not convinced]

BRUCKE  Are you sure?

EVA  And everyone has one side better than the other. Yup.

BRUCKE  You too? Wait, wait, turn.

[Eva stands in profile]

BRUCKE  It's the other side.

[Eva moves to the other side]

BRUCKE  Both sides are perfectly the same.

EVA  Okay, come. Come, come.

[Catherine and her father look on in disbelief. Brucke clears his throat and regains his seriousness]

BRUCKE  Commence with the final sequencing.

[The soldier in the car nods in German. We see that its engine is connected with cables to the Stargate. The other soldier turns the Stargate with all his might to position the chevrons]

LANGFORD  Please. Please, be careful.

BRUCKE  Quiet. No interrupting.

[Debris on the ground begins to shake]

BRUCKE  Soon, all shall bear witness to the great power, like no one has ever seen before. Waiting for someone like me to awaken it from its eons of slumber.

[The vortex activates, everyone crouches slightly in surprise]

BRUCKE  Beautiful!

CATHERINE  Oh, my God.

BRUCKE  Yes. Quite right, Fraulein. Gods, I suspect. With such technology, just think of the power they must wield. Imagine what they could have accomplished by now. Imagine what I will be able to bring back. For Hitler and for Germany.

[Soldiers make a Hitler salute]

SOLDIERS Heil Hitler!

LANGFORD This is madness.

BRUCKE No, this is genius. This is the future. This is a gateway to another world. Well, on the other side...

LANGFORD The other side? You can't be serious. There's no telling where this thing might take you.

BRUCKE  Did Columbus know? Magellan?

LANGFORD  This energy could kill us all.

[Brucke slowly approaches the wormhole]

BRUCKE Perhaps, yes. We should test it. Stefan.

[Stefan runs to join him]

BRUCKE  Are you ready to be a good servant to your Fuhrer?

[Stefan nods, they give each other a Hitler salute, then Brucke pushes Stefan's outstretched arm into the event horizon. Stefan screams, then looks at his hand, which has no wounds. Brucke takes his hand and shows it to the rest of the group]

BRUCKE  You see? Perfectly safe. Go get me the professor.

[Stefan goes to join the group. Catherine and her father begin to struggle]


CATHERINE  No. No, no. No, no, no. Let go of me!

LANGFORD Catherine! Stop, no stop! Please. Wait! Wait!

[Langford is led toward the wormhole and looks at Brucke]

LANGFORD  I'll do what you ask. If you give me your word as a man... that you will not harm her.

BRUCKE  I give you my word for that.

[Langford is brought closer to the wormhole, Catherine tries to defend herself, desperate]

CATHERINE  Your word means nothing to me!

[Langford is pushed into the vortex]


BRUCKE  Fear not. He's perfectly safe. I will be right behind him.

[Brucke speaks in German, Eva films. The other soldiers carry crates to the wormhole and go through the gate. Brucke moves closer to Catherine]

BRUCKE  Look at you. Coming so undone. I feel for you.

[Brucke touches a strand of Catherine's hair, she tries to run away from his hand in disgust. We see a close-up of her hair clip]

BRUCKE  Such energy, such potential.

[Brucke puts Catherine's top collar back on properly]

BRUCKE  And there you are, watching me unlock the great mystery you and your father couldn't.

[Catherine spits in Brucke's face. He is about to hit her but Eva intervenes]

EVA Wilhelm.

[Brucke refrains and wipes his face with a tissue]

BRUCKE  So sad. So pathetic.

[He caresses Catherine's face, we see that she is not well. He strokes her hair]

BRUCKE  There, now. You want to look nice on your father's big day. Auf wiedersehen.

[Catherine bites his hand hard, Brucke screams in pain and slaps her]

CATHERINE  Next time, I'll make you really bleed. There's nowhere on this Earth you can hide from me.

BRUCKE  Broaden your horizons, my dear. Earth is no place to find a God. My notes. If we fail to come back on schedule. Don't lose it. This book holds the key to open the gate.

HEINRICH Dr. Brucke, what should I do with her?

BRUCKE  Make sure she is safe at the embassy. You should smile, Catherine Langford. After all, you're finally in the presence of true discovery. Must be a good change.

CATHERINE  You're a dead man.

BRUCKE  I would watch what you say, lest you find yourself standing behind your father's grave. Remember, he's the only thing you have left.

CATHERINE  If he's all I have left, then I'll stop at nothing to find him.

[Brucke approaches the wormhole, touches it and is ecstatic. He passes through the gate and the Stargate deactivates. Catherine seems powerless. Heinrich gets into the car, Catherine is behind, still trapped]

CATHERINE  I don't suppose there's any way I can convince you to untie me?

[Heinrich turns to her with a smile]





[Catherine tries to remove her restraints, then hits Heinrich from behind. The man hits his head on the steering wheel. Catherine gets out of the car, pulls the soldier out and retrieves the notebook from his pocket]


[She starts the car]

EXT- 1938, NIGHT

[The moon is full in the sky]


[Two soldiers are sitting around a table in a tent. They are playing dominoes. An English flag hangs in the background]

JAMES Can I tell you something personal, Wasif?


JAMES  I never thought waiting would be a problem. Only now, she doesn't want to wait.

WASIF  I do not know, my friend. Love is not for me.

JAMES  You just haven't met the right girl yet, Wasif.

WASIF  If only others tired of saying that as fast as one tires of hearing it. 

[Wasif proudly places a coin on the game]

WASIF Check or fold?

[James puts down a coin as well]

JAMES Not so fast.

[James chuckles]

JAMES  All I'm saying is, love can happen when you least expect it.

[The headlights of a car illuminate them, the two soldiers draw their weapons, surprised. Catherine comes running towards them, her hands still tied]

CATHERINE  Top notch security, fellas. Relax, I'm American. 

[She picks up a bottle of alcohol and takes big gulps of it]

CATHERINE  Hello, James. Got a knife?