Épisode 3

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Cet épisode est canon.
Épisode 3 (Saison 1 de Stargate Origins)

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[Langford finds himself on the other side, freezing. He wipes his forehead and blows on his hands to warm up. He blows and looks around to see where he is. The two soldiers walk through the gate with a cargo box. They speak in German. Eva walks through the gate with her camera. She looks cold too].

EVA I pray that was all captured. Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

[She asks the two soldiers to stand by to be filmed].

EVA  The camera, please wait.

[Stefan poses for the camera. Brucke walks through the gate]

EVA  Good. Look around. So beautiful. Yes. Put your other hand. Yeah! And walk that way. 

BRUCKE  Stefan. Eva.

[Eva positions herself and films Brucke]

EVA  A message for our Fuhrer.

BRUCKE  Only that I was right.

[He approaches her and touches her eyebrow with an amused smile that there is a little snow on it. He walks into the room, we see a DHD. The vortex deactivates and everyone turns their head towards it. We see a window with sand dunes and three moons in the sky. Langford touches the DHD]

BRUCKE  Exactly like the one we have in Berlin.

[Brucke slaps Langford's hand.]

BRUCKE  This must be how they open it without all that electrical nonsense.

[Eva continues to film him]

BRUCKE  The completed puzzle. Wunderbar.

LANGFORD  All this time, I was so convinced this was... just another Rosetta Stone. I can't believe it.

[Brucke pats Langford on the shoulder.]

BRUCKE Well, let's see who's home.

LANGFORD Who's home?

BRUCKE  Professor! Open your eyes, Professor. Does this temple look abandoned? These curtains, do you suppose they are naturally occurring?

[He pats his cheek]

BRUCKE  Unlike you, I am not afraid. Whatever God rules this place, I intend to meet him. Let's go.


JAMES Cut the engine, Cat. They'll hear us.

CATHERINE You can hear this thing from a mile away. Let it get a little closer.

[Wasif gets out of the car with his gun]

JAMES  Stay sharp, Wasif.

WASIF Yes. Sharp.

[Catherine and James get out of the car]

WASIF I thought there were going to be Nazis.

[They hear a flushing sound and point their guns at the noise. Heinrich is singing and holding a book. He notices the others and raises his arms in the air, causing the book to fall to the ground. We see that he is wearing women's underwear. Heinrich puts his pants back on.]

CATHERINE Get on the ground.

Heinrich kneels down but grabs Catherine's gun. She hits him hard between the legs]

CATHERINE  She's not quite what I expected.

[She hits Heinrich in the face and he falls down, unconscious]

JAMES  Yeah, she's great.

[Catherine notices the man's underwear.]

CATHERINE Are those mine?



LANGFORD Might I possibly be untied now?

BRUCKE  No. Lovely. This is my discovery.

[A crying baby is heard. The group sees a woman with a baby in her arms. She appears to be a queen. A servant is behind her]

BRUCKE Say something.

LANGFORD  I beg your pardon?

BRUCKE  Introduce us in ancient Egyptian.

[Langford begins speaking in ancient Egyptian]

LANGFORD Pleased. We meet you. We is...journeyed from a great...

BRUCKE I don't have time for this. Gunter, seize her. Seize her, now. Catch her.

[Gunter approaches the woman but she uses a goau'ld ribbon before Gunter can use his weapon. He falls to the ground. The other earthlings freeze. The other German soldier checks Gunther's pulse and signals to Brucke that he is dead with a nod. Immediately, Langford kneels down and bows his head, followed by Eva. She takes Brucke's hand and invites him to do the same. He obeys and kneels down. The goa'uld queen sits down on her throne]

ASET You were foolish to come here. 

[Brucke quietly tilts his head toward Langford to ask him to translate]

LANGFORD  The language of the pharaohs hasn't been spoken for 3,000 years. I was right. We have traveled into the past.

BRUCKE  No. I was right. Beings like her, they created the past.


CATHERINE  Thanks for the help, boys.

[Catherine is finally untied. She kicks Heinrich, grabs his pants and puts him in the car]

JAMES Care to explain what's going on? You said there was a whole group of Nazis.

CATHERINE  There were, and they left.

WASIF  With your father.


JAMES  I don't get it.

CATHERINE  They went through that.

[She points to the Stargate with one hand].

JAMES Through that?

WASIF  Then, where did they go?

[Catherine runs to the generator]

CATHERINE  Can you help me, please?

JAMES  Catherine! Are you feeling all right?

CATHERINE  I feel fine. I know this sounds crazy, and if this doesn't work, then I will freely admit that I'm crazy. But it will work. So, please, help me.

JAMES What can I do?

[She points out what the two men should do].

CATHERINE  Okay, hook those cables up. There are seven symbols. We need to arrange them in correct sequence by sliding that inner ring. That'll open this thing.

WASIF   It looks open to me.

[James does something to the car]


[James joins the others]

CATHERINE  You said you would help me. Make him help me.

JAMES  Wasif, please! Humor her.

CATHERINE  Don't you dare humor me, okay? Please, help me.

[Washif finally follows Catherine's lead]

CATHERINE  All right.

[Catherine looks at the notebook and points to the correct symbols.]

CATHERINE  Okay, James, the one by your left foot, that one there. You need to move that one that looks kinda like a "Y," clockwise. Okay, good.

JAMES  Now what?

CATHERINE  We need more power.

WASIF  Where do we get that?

CATHERINE The car engine. They were revving it before.

[Catherine will turn on the car's engine. A chevron locks]

WASIF Oh, my God, it's moving.

CATHERINE It's supposed to do that.

JAMES  Think I get it.

CATHERINE We're looking for... I don't know how to describe it. Just keep moving it around. James, nine o'clock.

[Another chevron locks]

CATHERINE  Wasif, the one by your right foot. Move that clockwise. At seven o'clock. You need to turn that counterclockwise. This one, it needs to go all around. James, just... Just keep spinning. Wasif, the one with the hourglass.

WASIF  This is actually a bit fun.

CATHERINE  Yes. There's one more. A pyramid with a circle on top.

WASIF  Hear that? What is going on?

CATHERINE  Okay, move out of the way.

[Wasif and James move away from the gate. The wormhole activates. Catherine smiles]

CATHERINE That's it.

JAMES What the bloody hell is that?

[Catherine signals to follow her and approaches the vortex. Wasif steps back.]

CATHERINE Come on. Let's go.

WASIF No. Thank you.

CATHERINE  You said you would help me.

JAMES Yes, but...

CATHERINE Just look at it.

JAMES I am looking at it.


JAMES I'm sorry. This is insanity.

CATHERINE My father is on the other side.

JAMES The Nazis really took your father through that?



CATHERINE  I don't know. A weapon, some technology, and maybe... That Brucke?

He was so smug. He gloated about bringing something back for Hitler and for Germany.

JAMES What say you, Wasif?

[Wasif pushes Catherine and James aside with both hands to get past them]

WASIF Goddamn power-hungry Nazis!

JAMES There's your answer.

[The group approaches the vortex. James puts his hat back on properly.

JAMES Once more onto the breach.

WASIF  Yeah.

[James and Wasif look at each other but... don't move]

CATHERINE Oh, come on!

[Catherine pushes Wasif into the vortex]

JAMES That was completely unnecessary.

[Catherine faces James and looks at him.]

JAMES  He wanted to go. Whatever happened to "ladies first"?

CATHERINE Oh, please. And have you chickened out?

JAMES  I'm insulted. You have no idea what's waiting for us on the other side of this thing.

CATHERINE My father is there!

JAMES I know. So is Wasif.


JAMES I'm here.

[Catherine puts both hands on James' face and kisses him.]

JAMES That was unexpected.

CATHERINE  You never know.Might not get another chance.

JAMES Why would we never get...Ouaaah!

[Before he can finish his sentence, Catherine pushes him into the vortex. She finds herself alone and looks at the event horizon. She runs a hand through it, then closes her eyes and goes in. She opens her eyes and passes the stargate]