Épisode 6

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Cet épisode est canon.
Épisode 6 (Saison 1 de Stargate Origins)

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[Eva finishes setting up the projector. Once the film starts, Serqet puts the blade of his spear to Brucke's throat. Aset and the nurse are also in the cell. The nurse holds the baby]

SERQET What is this?

BRUCKE If only you would see what... What I have to show you. There are those like me who'd make for a strong friend and ally.

LANGFORD Please. See what I have to show you. I come... as strong ally and friend.

ASET Enough. 

[Serqet removes his blade from Brucke's throat. Brucke nods to Eva to start the film. Eva does so and the film begins. We can see a propaganda film of the Nazi regime].

ASET Curious that so many follow this strange little man. 

[Serquet tries to chase the film with his spear, not understanding this technology].

ASET Serqet!

[Serqet stops]

ASET We desperately needs allies. We must be prepared. 

[Aset orders Serqet and the nurse to leave and is left alone with the earthlings. Aset approaches Brucke and studies him. Brucke smiles, confident. Aset raises her hand, it is adorned with jeweled sharp claws. She strokes her claws over Brucke's throat. Serqet comes back with an earth rifle. The humans become frightened and Aset shoots towards the ceiling. The humans cower on the ground, covering their ears and protecting themselves. Aset laughs]

ASET Tell me. Do the followers of this man... love and revere him?

LANGFORD This man, do they love and worship him?

BRUCKE They do, as they will worship you.

[Langford translates to Aset. Aset seems delighted with this news]

BRUCKE  I sense she is pleased, tell her there is more, So much more to see.

[Langford looks worried and wipes his forehead, his hands still tied.]


[Catherine wipes her forehead.]

CATHERINE I'm sorry about Wasif.

[She turns to James, he is sitting by the bed where Wasif lies unconscious.]

CATHERINE  I was only trying to...

JAMES Trying to do what? Get us all killed?

CATHERINE My father's out there, I need to do something.

[James stands up]

JAMES Nothing's stopping you, other than selfishness, armed guards, and having nothing that even resembles a plan.

CATHERINE I need to save him, he's all I have.

JAMES Is that what you think? Because that's simply not true. There are other people here for you, Cat. Do you understand?

WASIF Dear God, just kiss already!

[Wasif is conscious again. James and Catherine rush to his bedside]

CATHERINE How do you feel?

WASIF  Fine. 

[He looks under his sheet and sees that he is naked. He hides from the sheet quickly]

WASIF Where are my clothes?

[Catherine restrains herself from laughing]

JAMES Covered in blood. You were stabbed.

[Wasif straightens up and looks at his belly]

WASIF I was stabbed?Why? 

CATHERINE We were trying to escape.

JAMES It went badly.

WASIF  How do I not remember?

JAMES You...You were in a rough state, a magic stick saved your life.

WASIF Another magic stick?

JAMES Yes, it would seem... Catherine's father unearthed a doorway to a land full of magic sticks.

[Kasuf returns and lays down clothes for Wasif. Wasif dresses]


[Wasif looks at her proudly]

WASIF I know.

KASUF This is my outpost, Nosdevli. 

[Catherine puts her hands on Kasuf's shoulders.]

CATHERINE Kasuf, you need to let us leave.

JAMES  He doesn't speak English.

CATHERINE Okay. Well, at least I'm trying to communicate.

WASIF Whatever this place is, he is saying it is his.

CATHERINE You understand him?

KASUF You are our prisoners.

WASIF Yes, some of it. Sadly, I believe he just called us prisoners.

JAMES Of course he understands, he's Egyptian!

WASIF Yes, I am Egyptian.

CATHERINE Why didn't you say so earlier?

WASIF I thought it was fairly obvious.

CATHERINE Not that you'ren Egyptian, that you understand him!

WASIF  I only understand very little. A word here and there from Coptic. My grandmother spoke it.

JAMES Ooooh.

WASIF  Also, you are difficult to interrupt.

CATHERINE  He was saying before out there, "Qeesa?" What does qeesa mean?

WASIF  Qeesa? Qeesa, it means danger.

[Catherine puts her hands back on Kasuf's shoulders.]

CATHERINE  Kasuf. Qeesa.

[Two guards enter the tent, one of them leads Kasuf out.]

CATHERINE  No, wait, we were just...

[She tries to get out to call Kasuf back, but a guard blocks her way.]

GUARD #1 Seeg-ru.

WASIF  Be quiet.

CATHERINE  Don't tell me to be quiet.

WASIF  No, he is saying be quiet.

GUARD #1 You are to be held here until such time as we present you to Aset.

WASIF  Something about tonight.

GUARD #1 I said silence!

WASIF  Again, that means silent.

JAMES Let me try. We are...

[Second guard taps James on the head]

JAMES Damn it!

WASIF Why would you do that?

[Second guard taps Wasif on the head]

CATHERINE  No, enough. You, be...

[the first guard prevents the second from hitting Catherine].

CATHERINE You, seeg-ru. You think, we are qeesa? But you are wrong. If you do not let us leave, qeesa.How do we say father?

WASIF Try "yatu".

GUARD #1 Yatu?

WASIF We are looking for her father. 

CATHERINE A bad, bad man.

WASIF bad man.

GUARD #1 Bad man?

CATHERINE Yes, yes. Suy bah-yee.  Took my... yatu.

GUARD #1 This man is bad?

GUARD #2 bad.

[The guards put their spears on Kasuf]

CATHERINE  No, no. No.

[Catherine sits down, desperate. She shakes her shirt from the heat, and her collar goes over her blouse. The guards and Kasuf see it]

GUARD #1 The seal of Ra! Kasuf what have you done?!

[they kneel before Catherine].

KASUF Please, forgive me! I knew not that you are friends of Ra. And so I treat you very badly. 

[Catherine looks at her necklace]

KASUF Blame me! Me! Not my outpost! Blame me! 

[The guard makes a prayer in Catherine's direction]

JAMES What exactly did you say?

WASIF I believe they're apologizing.

[Catherine shows Ra's necklace to the guards]


[Aset inspects a pendant with the Nazi symbol]

ASET A sign of good luck and prosperity?

LANGFORD Not for everyone. She said she likes your pin.

[The film shows images of the Holocaust]

ASET Slaves? 

[Langoford nods]

ASET Thousands of years ago, you fought so hard to free your selves from servitude. Now, it would appear that your people are ready to serve us again. 

BRUCKE What is she saying?

LANGFORD I refuse to negotiate or translate for the rise of tyrants or Gods!

BRUCKE  Don't grasp at bravery now, Professor. It does not suit you.

[Brucke slaps Langford, Aset laughs]

LANGFORD Slaves. She needs more slaves.