Épisode 1

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Cet épisode est canon.
Épisode 1 (Saison 1 de Stargate Origins)

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[A car drives quickly through the desert towards a busy and crowded archaeological site. The driver helps them out of the car before rushing ahead, trying to lead them to the center of the site. The girl and man, Catherine Langford and her father, hurry to catch up. Catherine has started looking at some smaller artifacts being catalogued on one of the side tables. She's fascinated by a gold necklace, on its chain is a gold pendant with an intricate design, including the symbol for the eye of Ra.]

LANGFORD Catherine, come.

[Catherine follows her father and the other men to another section of the site. Dozens of workers are using ropes to pull a large stone ring upright-the Stargate.]


[The Stargate is installed in the middle of a hangar.]

JAMES What is it, Cat?

CATHERINE We still don't know.

JAMES Metal?

CATHERINE Most archaeological finds from this period are stone, but not this one. My father believes it's melted meteorite.

JAMES  Ten years of research and you're still not sure.

CATHERINE  These things take time. And no more money means no more research. Not here, at least. 

[She fiddles with the necklace around her neck.]

JAMES  Well, I'm grateful for the mystery. Otherwise, our chance encounter at the market may have never come to pass.

CATHERINE  That would have been tragic.

[She puts her hands on his shoulders and approaches him. He becomes nervous.]

JAMES  I... Hum. I'm awfully excited to meet your father. He's a fine and fascinating fellow.

CATHERINE  You're cute when you're nervous.

[She tries to kiss him but they are interrupted.]

LANGFORD  It's true, young man. I am fascinating.

CATHERINE  Father, there you are.

LANGFORD  You said that a Captain James Beal would be stopping by to say hello, and... see our little sphinx here.

JAMES  Yes, sir. Pleased to meet you, sir.

LANGFORD  Pleasure is mine. Have you any money on you? To help with the cause.

JAMES  Well, I didn't...

LANGFORD  I'm pulling your leg. Will you be joining us for supper? I'll teach you how to write your name in ancient hieroglyphs.

JAMES  Sounds delightful.

LANGFORD  Excellent. My apologies for arriving so late, I was... Well, I was waylaid by a telegram. It seems our old friend Deitrich, my... partner in all this madness, won't be returning.


LANGFORD He was in Berlin dredging up backers for our work.

CATHERINE  What was his message?

LANGFORD  It is so odd.

[We can read on a telegram: "Doctor Langford, I regret to inform that our contacts in Germany have not come through as we had hoped. This will be my last missive. Goodbye dear friend."]

LANGFORD  Just a curt goodbye and nothing more. It's not how I imagined he would leave us.

JAMES  Maybe this really Is over.

LANGFORD  Well, I do hope you're hungry.

[Langford walks away, James and Catherine follow him.]

CATHERINE  He's actually a terrible cook, so beware.

JAMES  All right.

CATHERINE  Thank you.

JAMES  You think so?



[A menorah is on a coffee table. Catherine and her father are chatting, sitting on armchairs drinking red wine]

LANGFORD  He's very nice.

CATHERINE  Stop it. Yes, he is. Though, it's still all very new.

LANGFORD  And your eyes are still all lit up. Catherine, I hope you realize you don't have to leave Egypt on my account.

CATHERINE  I'm not. Owens, at the museum was so impressed with my cataloging of our Giza artifacts that he offered me a position.

[Her father stands up, bewildered by the news.  He clears his throat, she puts her glass on the table, annoyed.]

CATHERINE  I thought you'd be proud of me.

LANGFORD  No, Catherine. I am, but... our work, this is your legacy as well.

CATHERINE  You just said it was over. Where is the money coming from this time?

LANGFORD  Now, that's none of your concern, is it?

CATHERINE  It's none of my concern? I spent my entire childhood living your work. 

LANGFORD  And now you're being stubborn.

CATHERINE  You're being ridiculous and condescending!

LANGFORD  You never take even a moment to slow down and think before you act. You are just like your mother.

[Shocked, she gets up and leaves]

LANGFORD  Catherine!


[Furious, she sits down in front of a mirror and tries to calm herself by talking to herself]

CATHERINE  What're you doing, Catherine?

[Suddenly, a noise emanates from the shed. A car stops. Three Nazis approach, Langford looks at them, concerned. Nazis speak German among themselves. Catherine looks on discreetly]

NAZI #1 It is here.

NAZI #2 I don't believe this.

NAZI #1 It's really here. It's really, truly here.

BRUCKE Look, exactly like the hieroglyph.

[A Nazi woman approaches the Nazi leader and touches his arm]

EVA I'm so proud of you. Come.  Yeah.

[She asks him to sit in front of the Stargate and starts filming.]

BRUCKE  Behold, the gateway to history...

LANGFORD  Hello? Excuse me?

BRUCKE ...is finally...

LANGFORD  Please, stop. Stop. Please, stop. May I help you?

CHIEF NAZI My most sincere apologies. You must be Professor Paul Langford.

LANGFORD  I am, and...

BRUCKE My name is Dr. Wilhelm Brucke. Chief occultist to the Fuhrer. I feared we might never find you. Although, it is to be expected, since the world has forgotten you exist.

LANGFORD  I beg your pardon?

BRUCKE  Do you have any idea what you have uncovered here?

LANGFORD  We have some theories, yes.

BRUCKE  I come with more than theory.

LANGFORD  Looking through the prism of several dead languages...

BRUCKE  Have you ever seen this before?

[Brucke shows Langford a scroll]

LANGFORD  Where did you find this?

BRUCKE  I procured it from a felonious little spice dealer in Thailand two years ago.

LANGFORD  I don't understand.

BRUCKE  Surely, you are familiar with the recent theory of Einstein-Rosen bridges.

LANGFORD  I still don't understand.

[Catherine hides behind some crates and tries to approach the group]

BRUCKE  Too busy studying the ancient Egyptians?


BRUCKE  Forest for the trees, Professor.

[A Nazi deliberately drops an artifact that shatters on the ground]

BRUCKE  When I laid eyes upon this parchment, I knew I had found something truly special, which holds meaning beyond our world, of what we can only imagine, for now. Have you never wanted to take a step back, so you could look at it? Never imagined that this might be, say, a doorway?

LANGFORD  A doorway?

[Catherine loads a gun, hidden behind a car. Unfortunately a Nazi points his gun at her head]

NAZI #1 Evening, Fraulein. Why ever are you sneaking around so late at night?

CATHERINE  I was hoping to brush up on my German.

[She gives her gun to the soldier, keeps her hands up and is escorted out]

BRUCKE  You must be Catherine.

LANGFORD  Wait, no. Wait, wait, wait. Stop.

NAZI #1  Hands, hands!

CATHERINE I'm okay. I'm okay.

LANGFORD Okay, okay!

BRUCKE  Wonderful of you to join us.

CATHERINE What is this? Where is Deitrich?

BRUCKE  Poor Deitrich. Upon alerting me to your whereabouts, I'm afraid he was met with a disastrous difference of opinion in Berlin.

[Catherine struggles from the soldier's hands]

CATHERINE  Let go of me.

BRUCKE  Heinrich, there's no need for this weapon. Let's be civilized here. Stefan, Gunter, rope.

[Catherine and her father are tied with ropes around their wrists]

CATHERINE Let go of me! 

LANGFORD  Catherine, do as they say, please.

BRUCKE  Go finish preparations.

CATHERINE  Civilized, uh?

BRUCKE  Poor fool... All this time, completely oblivious to its true purpose, its true power. One only I comprehend. These symbols, in this order.

CATHERINE  Who are you?

BRUCKE  I'm the answer you have been looking for.

LANGFORD  And what do you plan to do with us?

BRUCKE  Patience, Professor. You will soon know. First, I will open our little doorway here. It is time to show you what I come this way to do.