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Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Dr Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Don S Davis as General George Hammond
Teryl Rothery as Dr Janet Fraiser

Also Starring:

Tom McBeath as Colonel Harry Maybourne
Colin Cunningham as Major Paul Davis
Richard Leacock as Colonel Brogen
Colin Lawrence as Sergeant Warren
Dan Shea as Sergeant Siler
Alex Zahara as Alien Leader/Alien #1
Dion Johnstone as Alien #2
Tracy Westerholm as Surveillance SF
Biski Gugushe as SF Guard

Scene: Gateroom

The Gate starts to activate.

PA: Incoming traveller.

Hammond stands at the base of the ramp as SG-1 come through in rain gear.

O'NEILL: Ah, Jesus!

They walk down the ramp.

HAMMOND: Welcome back SG-1.

CARTER: Thank you sir. It's good to be back.

HAMMOND: You're overdue.

O'NEILL: Bit of a wild goose chase, sir. (Shouts)

DANIEL: The remnants of a temple we discovered led me to believe we'd found Kheb. The planet Sha're told me about.

TEAL'C: However there was no sign of Amaunet's Harsesis child.

O'NEILL: Just rain. Much rain. Wind, lightning, hail. Did I mention the rain, sir? (shouts)

HAMMOND: Report to the infirmary.

O'NEILL: I think we'd all like to change first, General. I personally have mushrooms growing out of...

PA: Attention all levels. Stand by for contaminated materials transfer.

O'NEILL: Infirmary. Yes, sir.

They walk off.

Scene: Corridor

SG1 walks towards the elevator and enters.

WARREN: Infirmary?

O'NEILL: What?

WARREN: Oh I'm just escorting you up as a safety precaution, sir. There's a big chemical spill on Level 23.

CARTER: What kind of chemical?

WARREN: Tetrachloroethylene ruptured.

DANIEL: Ruptured?

WARREN: The entire level's been sealed off. Hazmat team's cleaning it up now.

O'NEILL: What?

WARREN: There's no danger, sir.

O'NEILL: Thank you.

Scene: Infirmary

Janet walks over to Jack's bed where he is holding some cotton wool on his arm.

FRAISER: Loosen your belt, please, Colonel.

O'NEILL: How's a needle in my butt gonna get water out of my ears?

FRAISER: It isn't. Come on, sir. You know this is standard procedure.

O'NEILL: We should rethink this procedure.

Jack undoes his belt.

O'NEILL: So, Daniel, in our galactic meanderings, if we happen to stumble across this Narcissus child...

DANIEL: Harsesis.

O'NEILL: We're still talking about a baby, right? What?


PA: Attention all levels. Contaminated material transfer in progress. Please remain at your post until notified.

A nurse enters Jack's cubicle with a needle.

O'NEILL: Listen, really jam it in this time, okay?

Scene: Sam's cubicle

Janet is injecting her.

CARTER: So if Sha're's child is already born with knowledge of the Goa'uld, it should be able to communicate at a much younger age, right? Colonel? Daniel?

FRAISER: Just relax.

Janet injects her and Sam collapses onto the bed.

FRAISER: Let's begin.

People pull back the curtains and we see all of SG-1 is out cold.


Scene: Room

Teal'c is lying on a bed and starts to wake up. He looks around to see Sam on a bed next to him.

FRAISER: It must have something to do with the alien symbiote inside him. It took an extremely large dose just to sedate him in the first place.

HAMMOND: What is the problem with the human?

CARTER: Her body chemistry has been altered. It is related to her prior infestation by the dominant parasitical species in this galaxy.

HAMMOND: Is there a way to compensate?

FRAISER: I have not found it yet.

HAMMOND: Place them in a holding cell. Once the invasion is complete, you may study them further. Only then will we know if this is a viable new homeworld. Come with me.

Hammond walks off with two aliens.

FRAISER: Take that one first.

Siler comes to push Teal'c away.

PA: Attention all levels. Contaminated material transfer in progress. Please remain at your post until notified. Repeat, contaminated material transfer in progress.

Siler pushes Teal'c into the elevator.


SILER: No this one's going to 16.

Scene: Level 16

Siler pulls Teal'c out and the elevator door close. Teal'c then punches him and grabs his keycard. He then slides him away and puts him in an empty room.

Scene: Armoury

Teal'c swipes Siler's card and gets a zat gun out.

Scene: Level 16

Teal'c stands concealed as Sam is pushed out of the elevator. He zats the nurse and wrestles with Warren in the elevator and eventually knock him out. He pulls the nurse back into the elevator and then pulls Sam back in. Sam starts to wake up.

CARTER: Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Major Carter, there is little time. Are you capable of standing?

Sam gets up and nearly falls over.

CARTER: Oh, I feel sick.

TEAL'C: You are suffering from the effects of a sedative.

CARTER: What? What's going on?

She sees Warren and the Nurse.

CARTER: What the hell happened to them?

TEAL'C: They are not who they appear to be. There's been an alien incursion within the SGC.

He hands her a gun.

CARTER: A what?

TEAL'C: In the infirmary, I witnessed Dr Fraiser and General Hammond speaking of a procedure which had failed to work upon both of us. They spoke of invasion.

CARTER: Wha..? How does that add up to aliens?

TEAL'C: I saw two of them in their natural form. Truly, they are alien.

CARTER: What about the Colonel and Daniel? We have to know what's happened to them.

Scene: Security office

A woman is sat watching the cameras. There's a knock at the door.


CARTER: It's locked.

WESTERHOLM: It's not locked. (to herself)

She gets up to open it and is zatted by Teal'c.

Sam and Teal'c sit down at the desk.

CARTER: Okay, what about this chemical spill?

TEAL'C: I believe it to be a subterfuge.

CARTER: Not a single camera's operating on Level 23.

PA: Incoming traveller.

CARTER: Try punching up the Gateroom.

Teal'c types something.

TEAL'C: There.

We see General Hammond standing at the bottom of the ramp as two aliens come through the Gate. As they get to the bottom, Jack and Daniel are also standing there.

TEAL'C: The Colonel O'Neill and Daniel Jackson we know would not welcome aliens so blithely.

CARTER: Imposters?

Scene: Corridor

Sam and Teal'c carry jackets.

CARTER: How do we know we're the only one's who haven't been replaced?

TEAL'C: There is no way of knowing for certain. But if General Hammond has been compromised.

CARTER: Then we can't trust anyone in the mountain.

Sam reaches a panel and opens it.

Scene: Level 16

Some airmen reach the elevator and see Warren and the nurse.

AIRMAN: Alert General Hammond.

He pulls down the shirt of Warren and sees a flashing disc.

Scene: Corridor.

Sam puts her leather jacket on.

CARTER: The base was designed to keep people out not in. If we can make it to the South Gate....

An alarm goes off.

TEAL'C: Our escape has been detected.

CARTER: We won't make it out this way now.

TEAL'C: You are correct. I will purchase time for you to depart this mountain.

CARTER: Keep `em busy as long as you can. I'll come back for you.

TEAL'C: Of that I am certain.

Teal'c takes off his coat. Sam climbs up the ladder and Teal'c closes the hatch behind her. He then runs off and knocks out two airmen. He then sees blood on one of them. As he is looking, another airman shoots him in the arm from behind. Teal'c fires back twice with the zat killing him.

Scene: Outdoor hatch

Sam climbs up and closes the hatch behind her, moving off into the forest.

Scene: SGC corridor

Two airmen come down the corridor and see blood on the floor. Teal'c then knocks them out. He sees an alien and runs towards him but the door comes down. He runs the other way but that door comes down too with a gas cannister thrown in.

Scene: Airport

Sam is on the phone.

PA: Airport shuttles are located in the blue zone. Hotel shuttles are located in the green zone.

Scene: Street

Maybourne is handed a phone as he gets out of a car.

MAYBOURNE: Maybourne.

CARTER: This is Major Samantha Carter. We have a foothold situation.

MAYBOURNE: Major Carter? Where are you?

CARTER: I can't tell you that, sir. If memory serves, there's an outdoor café outside NID headquarters.


CARTER: Four o'clock.

MAYBOURNE: Uh, I'm gonna need a little more than that.

CARTER: I repeat, we have a foothold situation.

MAYBOURNE: Major, you're way outside your appropriate chain of command.

CARTER: I have reason to believe that may be compromised, sir.

MAYBOURNE: Understood.

Maybourne puts the phone down.

Sam puts the phone down and walks off.

Scene: SGC Infirmary

Teal'c is strapped to a bed.

FRAISER: Hey, Teal'c, how are you feeling?

Teal'c tries to get up and finds he can't.

FRAISER: You, uh.. went a little crazy on us, and we had to sedate you. You remember what happened?

TEAL'C: I do not.

FRAISER: SG-1 was exposed to chemical fumes from the spill. You became delusional and attacked several people trying to escape from the base.

Hammond walks up.

HAMMOND: Teal'c, glad you're awake. Has Dr Fraiser explained the situation?

TEAL'C: She has.

HAMMOND: Good. We're hoping you can tell us where Major Carter is.

FRAISER: She also had an adverse reaction to the chemical. One of the side effects is hallucinations, paranoia. Your symbiote protects you from a lot of things, Teal'c, but apparently not tetrachloroethylene.

HAMMOND: Where is she?

TEAL'C: I do not know.

FRAISER: Teal'c, if she doesn't receive medical attention soon, she's just going to get worse. I won't lie to you - she could die.

Scene: Café

Maybourne is sat looking at his watch while Sam overlooks the café. She then walks down and sits down.

WAITRESS: Hi. Can I get you some coffee?

CARTER: Please.

She pours it.

CARTER: Thank you.

MAYBOURNE: So, you came to the one person you don't trust.

CARTER: I don't know how far up the chain of command the infiltration goes. It may well be contained within the SGC but if General Hammond was compromised..

MAYBOURNE: HE sounded fine to me on the phone.


MAYBOURNE: He called me, Major. Calm down, he's concerned for you, that's all.

CARTER: I told you we had a foothold situation.

MAYBOURNE: Major, a chemical spill causing paranoid delusion is infinitely more plausible to me than aliens taking over the SGC.

CARTER: My God. You don't think I can tell the difference between the two?

Maybourne just looks at her.

CARTER: What was I thinking?

She gets up to leave.

O'NEILL: Oh hi, Carter.

Jack and Daniel stand behind her.

CARTER: Maybourne, you are an idiot every day of the week! Why couldn't you have just taken one day off?!

MAYBOURNE: That's insubordination, Major.

O'NEILL: For crying out loud, Maybourne, cut her some slack. She's not exactly herself.

DANIEL: And neither were we.

They all sit down.

DANIEL: Sam, believe me, I know what you're feeling. It's the chemical.

CARTER: I don't believe it.

O'NEILL: All right. Exactly what are the side effects of this tetrachloroethyl mermaline stuff?

CARTER: Hallucination, delusion.

O'NEILL: Paranoid delusion, I think it was, but go on.

CARTER: Look, I know what I saw.

DANIEL: We were affected by the fumes the moment we got in the elevator.

O'NEILL: Didn't even realise it was happening. I vaguely remember having some water in my ear, that's it.

CARTER: Dr Fraiser injected me with something.

O'NEILL: She was trying to sedate you. She didn't give enough to Teal'c, he sprung you and off you went. He's fine by the way. Beat the crap out of a couple of SF's, but he's fine.

DANIEL: We're telling you the truth Sam.

Sam looks at Daniel, then Jack and then Maybourne.

CARTER: You should have followed procedure.

MAYBOURNE: I fully intend to return with you just to make sure everything's all right.

CARTER: And you agreed to that? (To Jack) Shouldn't that tell you something? (To Maybourne)

MAYBOURNE: I wouldn't tell them where we were meeting until they agreed to my inspection of the SGC.

CARTER: You have no idea what you're walking into.

MAYBOURNE: I can take care of myself Major. If I don't report back in a few hours, you can rest assured that action will be taken.

O'NEILL: We just want you to come back so Fraiser can check you out.

CARTER: You're asking?

O'NEILL: We're asking.

CARTER: So I have a choice. I can walk away right now?



O'NEILL: Maybourne.

MAYBOURNE: Major Carter. You will accompany us back to the base. If you resist, you will be handcuffed.

O'NEILL: No, she won't.

MAYBOURNE: This is all very touching but I think this very conversation in this very public place is evidence that Major Carter in her current state is something of a security risk.

O'NEILL: What's the matter with you?

Sam closes her eyes.

DANIEL: It's starting to wear off, isn't it? You're starting to think straight. That's exactly what happened to me.

CARTER: I'm so tired.

O'NEILL: We're gonna go now. I'd like you to come with... But it's up to you.

Sam looks at Jack, Daniel and then Maybourne.

CARTER: All right.

O'NEILL: You sure?

Sam nods.

O'NEILL: Good. Plane's waiting.

They all stand up; Maybourne puts on his hat.

MAYBOURNE: After you, Major.

Scene: SGC Infirmary

HAMMOND: Maybe you'll remember something later, son.

TEAL'C: Please release me from these restraints.

FRAISER: I'm sorry Teal'c. There's still a chance you could relapse. Three of the men you attacked have concussions.

The phone rings. Hammond answers it.

HAMMOND: Yes. You're certain she's been located? Very well.

FRAISER: Then we may begin experimenting immediately.

Scene: Aeroplane

Daniel is pouring a drink and Jack walks back from the cockpit.

O'NEILL: Your tax dollars at work. Cosy little jet you got here, Maybourne.

MAYBOURNE: You've alerted General Hammond to expect me?

O'NEILL: Oh yes. He's awaiting your thoughts.

CARTER: So how exactly is Teal'c?

DANIEL: Oh well, you know Teal'c.

MAYBOURNE: Is the chemical spill completely cleaned up?

Sam puts down the drink Daniel has given her and sees Maybourne has a gun.

O'NEILL: As of this morning the hazmat team had gotten the last of it.

Sam looks at Jack and sees his image flicker to that of the alien.

O'NEILL: But they're still gonna keep Level 23 sealed off until they can figure out what happened in the first place.

Sam grabs Maybourne's gun and points it at Jack.

O'NEILL: Carter? What are you doing?

CARTER: Don't move.

O'NEILL: Put the gun down.

DANIEL: She's hallucinating again.

Jack suddenly jumps up and rushes at Sam but she shoots him twice, and he falls back onto the chair revealing an alien.

Sam moves over to him and then points the gun at Daniel.

DANIEL: What the hell is that?

Major Davis comes out from the cockpit.

CARTER: Sit down.

Daniel sits down. Major Davis comes round the corner and raises a gun.

MAYBOURNE: Look out!

Davis fires and moves towards them. Sam then shoots him twice and he is revealed to be an alien too. Sam and Maybourne get up.

MAYBOURNE: Go check the pilot. He's one of mine.

CARTER: You first.

Maybourne looks at her and then gets a penknife out of his pocket and cuts his palm to reveal red blood.

MAYBOURNE: Good enough? I'll keep an eye on him. Go!

Sam hands over the gun and picks up Davis' on her way past him.

Scene: Level 23

Jack appears to be in a harness attached to the ceiling. He then opens his eyes and jerks up. He reaches out for the person next to him and finds Hammond.

O'NEILL: General?

Scene: Plane

Sam is examining the alien and pulls off a round disc.

MAYBOURNE: What is that?

CARTER: I don't know.

Maybourne grabs `Daniel'

MAYBOURNE: What is that damn thing?

DANIEL: I already told you I didn't know Jack was....

MAYBOURNE: Tell us how that thing works.

Sam looks at the alien who was Jack and pulls off another disc. Maybourne continues to strangle `Daniel'.


CARTER: Hold on a second.

Sam opens Daniel's shirt and sees a disc on his chest. She pulls it off and `Daniel' turns into an alien.

CARTER: So, this is how they look like us. Where's the real Daniel? IS he still alive? (To alien)

MAYBOURNE: You can talk to us now, or you can talk to my colleagues later. Either way, we'll find out the information we need.

Sam places the disc on her hand and turns into Daniel. The alien rushes at them but Maybourne shoots it.

MAYBOURNE: Sit down!

Sam as Daniel walks over to a mirror.

SAM as DANIEL: It worked.

She takes the disc off and reverts back to Sam.

CARTER: It only creates an image. I couldn't hear Daniel's thoughts or anything. That must be what this one does.

MAYBOURNE: Put that thing down, Major.

CARTER: What caused their images to blink out?

MAYBOURNE: They were just sitting there now put it down.

CARTER: Something interrupted both signals at the same time, Colonel. We should figure out what it is.

MAYBOURNE: We were levelling off. Uh, cabin pressure.

CARTER: This is electronic. It was more like interference. Noise from the engines maybe. If we can replicate the conditions, sir, we can find it.

MAYBOURNE: All right.

The plane descends.

Scene: Level 23

Jack is still moving around and puts his hands on Hammond's head.

O'NEILL: Sorry sir.

Major Davis suddenly wakes up.

DAVIS: What the..?

O'NEILL: Who's that?

DAVIS: Major Davis.

O'NEILL: Colonel O'Neill.

DAVIS: What's going on? How did we get like this?

O'NEILL: You're asking me?

The door opens so they quickly move back into position as if there was nothing wrong.

Fraiser comes in with an orderly, a patient on a bed and an alien. The patient goes into a machine that looks like a cocoon and comes out hooked up. Fraiser attaches a disc to the alien's head and body and he changes into the patient, Langford.

FRAISER: Hook him up.

The original Langford is raised up to hang from the ceiling. Fraiser turns to go and then stops. She looks at Jack who closes his eyes quickly. She then leaves.

Scene: Lab

Teal'c is lying strapped to a bed and his symbiote is held up as Fraiser experiments on it. Hammond walks in.

HAMMOND: Report.

FRAISER: I thought the sedative might be interfering, The symbiote is quite resilient. So is he.

HAMMOND: Put him back in the holding cell. Major Carter's on her way back. She may be less resistant.

Scene: Level 23

Jack is struggling with his harness. He pulls the head piece off himself and fiddles with the front of the harness, releasing it and dropping to the floor.

O'NEILL: Davis. The latch for that thing is...

Davis drops to the floor.

O'NEILL: You found it.

DAVIS: Yes sir. If there's another Fraiser, my guess is, there's another you and me walking around too.

O'NEILL: Why are we the only one's awake?

DAVIS: Maybe, uh, maybe a malfunction?

Jack has grabbed a step ladder and moved over to hanging Fraiser.

DAVIS: Colonel, what are you doing?

O'NEILL: I'm gonna wake her up.

DAVIS: Do you think that's such a good idea, sir?

O'NEILL: Well, it's an idea.

He pulls the headband off.

Scene: Infirmary

WE see `Fraiser' stop and shake her head.

Scene: Level 23

There is a high pitched tone so Jack shoves the head band on quickly and it stops.

O'NEILL: Maybe they didn't hear that.

Scene: Outside room

`Janet' walks up to the door and swipes her card, entering. She sees herself and stops. Jack comes from behind the door.

O'NEILL: Excuse me.

He knocks her out.

O'NEILL: That was weird.

Scene: Outside, on the mountain

Sam moves back to the hatch she came out and attaches the device to make her look like Daniel. She goes back into the hatch.

Scene: Level 23

Jack and Davis are searching `Fraiser'

O'NEILL: A nice alien like you's gotta carry.. Hello.

He pulls out a gun.

DAVIS: What about the other thing?

O'NEILL: The other thing. Okay, She's just an alien. Just an alien.

Jack undoes her shirt and finds a disc under her t-shirt. He pulls it off and she turns into an alien.

O'NEILL: Whoa. Whoa. Yeah, that's an alien all right. Why don't you find something to tie it up?

The door opens and Jack raises his gun. Daniel walks in.

O'NEILL: Hello?

SAM as DANIEL: Colonel?


SAM as DANIEL: It's you?


SAM as DANIEL: It's good to see you. Oh my God. I figured they had to be keeping you alive in order to access your minds...

O'NEILL: Whoa! Hey! Who are you?


Jack waves his gun.

SAM as DANIEL: Oh, sorry.

He/she takes off the disc and morphs into Sam.

DAVIS: Major Carter.

O'NEILL: Oh. Well in that case, it's good to see you too.

CARTER: Everyone of the people in this room have been duplicated by the aliens, sir.

O'NEILL: Uh, noticed that.

CARTER: The procedure didn't work on me or Teal'c. We escaped but Teal'c's been captured.

O'NEILL: Where's he?

CARTER: I don't know, I haven't had time to find him, sir. Look, Colonel Maybourne's forces are moving in soon.

O'NEILL: Maybourne? How'd he get...

CARTER: I called him.

O'NEILL: Willingly?

CARTER: Colonel, in 29 minutes those forces are gonna break down the front door and shoot anything that resists. We need to get our people disconnected.

O'NEILL: Yeah. I pulled that headband thing off of Fraiser. Her evil twin came running.

CARTER: Well how did you two get free?

DAVIS: We just woke up.

CARTER: That must have happened when I killed you.

O'NEILL: I'm sorry?

CARTER: I killed the aliens impersonating both of you on the plane.

O'NEILL: And they don't know you did this?

CARTER: I don't know sir. There is a specific tone that, if sustained, will disrupt these devices. The machine's in my lab.


Sam attaches the disc and leaves the room looking like Daniel.

DAVIS: Sir, we're gonna need more weapons.

O'NEILL: Armoury.

They leave.

Scene: Carter's Lab

Sam as Daniel is looking through some drawers and gets some equipment out. There is a high pitched tone.

Scene: Armoury

Jack hands an MP5 to Davis.

O'NEILL: Head on back to 23. Keep an eye on our people.

DAVIS: Yes sir.

Jack heads off with a zat.

Scene: Holding cell

Jack approaches and there are two guards.

O'NEILL: I've come for the bald prisoner.

They open the door and he enters. Teal'c is handcuffed.

O'NEILL: You will come with me.

TEAL'C: I will submit to no further experiments.

O'NEILL: Oh but you will.

Teal'c looks up and Jack raises an eyebrow.

O'NEILL: I'll take it from here.

AIRMAN: I can't allow that sir.

O'NEILL: Oh but you can.

He zats them both.

TEAL'C: Colonel O'Neill, I presume.

O'NEILL: What gave it away?

He unlocks Teal'c.

Scene: Sam's Lab

Sam is testing the tone and it gets higher exposing Daniel's hand as Sam's.

SAM as DANIEL: That's it.

She/He takes the disc off and turns back into Sam. She checks her watch and takes the equipment to the PA system. Hammond walks in.

CARTER: General Hammond.

She switches the tone on and Hammond is exposed as an alien. He knocks her over.

PA: General Hammond to the control room.

The alien leaves. Sam picks up a gun and switches the tone onto the PA system over the base.

Scene: Corridor

Aliens are exposed as aliens.

Scene: Corridor

Jack and Teal'c walk down the corridor.

O'NEILL: Sure you're up to this?

TEAL'C: As always.

O'NEILL: You're an animal.

Aliens come round the corner and start firing on them. They start to fire back.

Scene: Control Room

Aliens come up the stairs to the control room. They see in the cameras that Maybourne's men are entering the base. They start to dial the Gate and the lead alien screeches.

Scene: Corridors

The aliens stop and start to make their way to the Gateroom.

Scene: Corridor

Jack and Teal'c fire on more aliens. Two of the aliens run off.

O'NEILL: What the hell was that?

CARTER: Colonel! On your six. What's going on?

O'NEILL: I don't know. They just ran.

TEAL'C: Perhaps there is an evacuation.

CARTER: Well we can't let that happen, sir.

O'NEILL: Why not?

CARTER: They've had access to our minds. They know everything about us.

O'NEILL: Everything?

CARTER: Everything.

They move out.

Scene: Gateroom

The Gate is dialling and engages. The aliens congregate in the Gateroom. They start to leave through the Stargate.

Scene: Control Room

Teal'c comes up the stairs and zats the remaining aliens. Jack and Sam sit down at the computers.

O'NEILL: Close that iris.

CARTER: I can't sir, it's overridden. I'm shutting down the Gate.

The doors start to shut to the Gateroom. Maybourne's team enter the control room.

MAYBOURNE: Everyone, freeze!

Sam and Jack raise their hands and the Gate shuts down. Some aliens are trapped. One goes to the top of the ramp and twists the disc on his chest. Everyone waits. Jack hits the button to close the blast doors and the aliens explode. Jack then hits the button to raise the blast doors and the Gateroom is a little black.

MAYBOURNE: What happened?

CARTER: They self destructed.

TEAL'C: Their destruction appears to be complete.

CARTER: That's a lot of damage.

O'NEILL: Coat of paint... little touch up. It'll be fine.

Scene: Briefing room

SG-1, Hammond, Fraiser and Davis are sat around the table.

HAMMOND: I've ordered P3X 118 locked out of our dialling program.

CARTER: The human counterparts of those aliens woke up spontaneously. We're assuming the signal stopped when they went through the Stargate.

TEAL'C: Those who escaped still possess all the knowledge obtained from being linked to your minds.

O'NEILL: That's creepy.

HAMMOND: We've changed all our codes. That's all we can do.

DANIEL: So, how did this happen exactly. The aliens came through the Gate already impersonating SG6?

FRAISER: We rushed them to the infirmary. We don't remember anything after that.

DAVIS: General Hammond asked me to come here, but wouldn't say why. Presumably their next step after the SGC was the Pentagon.

CARTER: Well a high frequency blast from a harmonic generator every time a team returns should prevent it from happening again.

Maybourne walks in.

O'NEILL: Colonel Maybourne. Good save.

MAYBOURNE: I though you'd like to know the alien posing as Dr Jackson expired.

TEAL'C: What of the aliens that were not caught in the Gateroom explosion?

MAYBOURNE: We're guessing they were linked to their leader in some form or another when he self destructed.

CARTER: What about the aliens that escaped through the Gate?

MAYBOURNE: I guess we'll never know. We'll have to hope the same thing happened to them.

HAMMOND: We appreciate your help on this matter, Colonel Maybourne.

MAYBOURNE: Credit Major Carter. I do. Well I'm, uh, sure we'll see each other again.

O'NEILL: That'd be nice, Harry.

Maybourne leaves. Sam smiles.

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