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Terre d'Asile

SCENE: Opens with a Jaffa running fast through a dark dense forest obviously afraid. He falls but quickly picks himself up glancing back keeps running. He enters a clearing and is hit by a……car? Two men get out looking at each other.


SCENE: Briefing room. Jackson, telling Landry, Mitchell and Teal'c about what happened. Landry looking at pictures of the Jaffa, passing them to Mitchell.

JACKSON: He was discovered this morning on a remote road of interstate 77 in Virginia. He was spotted by a passing motorist… local authorities said he had been dead about a day or so…probably the victim of a hit and run driver.

MITCHELL: What do we figure? This guy got lost and he was hitching a ride back to Chulak?

TEAL'C: His presence on Earth is a mystery to me.

JACKSON: He was found literally in the middle of nowhere…*reading file* about 3 miles north of a little town called Edison, population 3 thousand and 12. *passes Landry file*

TEAL'C: The symbol on his forehead indicates that he was a servant of Lord Yu. Many of whom now follow Gerak.

LANDRY: Gerak may be able to shed some light on this.

TEAL'C: I will speak to him.

LANDRY: Very well…Colonel Mitchell, You're with Teal'c. Dr Jackson I want you to dig up all the information you can on Edison Virginia.

Colonel Carter will join you as soon as she's settled in <yay>

SCENE: SGC Corridor, Carter swerves with her pile of boxes round an Airman.

JACKSON: Whoa Sam hey…come on let me…let me give you a hand.

CARTER: *handing control of the trolley to him* Thank you. So uh… General Landry briefed me on the circumstances surrounding our mystery Jaffa.

JACKSON: Yeah…I think I got something on that. *hands her newspaper*

CARTER: Farrow-Marshall

JACKSON: yeah…you uh…familiar with them?

CARTER: They're an aeronautics firm headquartered in Bethesda…the department of defense is there biggest client.

JACKSON: yeah it turns out that their plant in Virginia employed about 800 residents of Edison until it closed down six months ago.

Now it's located just outside of town and about a…about a mile and a half from where our dead Jaffa turned up…*turns into Carter's lab*

CARTER: really… ah…pardon the mess…I'm still unpacking. *walks over to laptop, Jackson following* ah…*types* Farrow-Marshall…lets see what they've been up to lately…*pulls up a page* here we go…there chief financial officer went missing yesterday morning…

JACKSON: interesting timing.

CARTER: yeah…*reads* according to his wife he left for a business meeting in Richmond, Virginia…and never came back.

SCENE: Gerak standing in the centre between two tables addressing the other councilors seated at them.

GERAK: Make no mistake brothers…The Tok'ra only wish to meet with us because they fear us. We defeated the Goa'uld, and took their mother ships…and strong holds. Now…we are out own masters.

KA'LEL: *stands* I needn't remind the council that the Tok'ra did battle with the Goa'uld for just as many years…their efforts were instrumental in securing our freedom.

GERAK: let us all be clear…the only motivation…that the Tok'ra have *we see Mitchell and Teal'c entering the room behind. Female high councilor sits* is their own selfish needs…not to help any of us…

TEAL'C: then what do you suggest Gerak? That we use our new found strength to take what we want… *walks towards the centre…* that we emulate our former oppressors…*smirks* brothers and sisters…we finally have the opportunity to govern with authority…and respect.

Years ago that seemed unthinkable…but now we are in a position to help others who are in need of our support and guidance.

GERAK: why should we help them?

MITCHELL: *before Teal'c can answer* How `bout because… it is the right thing to do? *council members look angry, Mitchell walks down steps towards centre* look…what ever your differences with the Tok'ra in the past…its time to move on…Teal'c's right…you kicked ass, you're sitting pretty…don't get hung up o-*Teal'c stops him*

TEAL'C: *quiet* outsiders are not permitted to address the council.

MITCHELL: *glances round, nods, Gerak glaring at him* never mind.

GERAK: I caution you all. We have fought to long and to hard to entrust our freedom to the Tok'ra…or to the Tau'ri for that matter.

KA'LEL: *stands* Brothers and sisters…I suggest we bring this assembly to an end…let us consider what we've discussed and reconvene in the morning.

GERAK: very well *raises his hand, the council members rise leaving*

Female high councilor nods at Teal'c he returns it. Gerak moves to walk past Teal'c, but Teal'c grabs his arm.

TEAL'C: Gerak. A word.

GERAK: *chuckles* Teal'c…welcome back to Dakara…your presence is… sorely missed…what uh… draws you away for your…Tau'ri home?

TEAL'C: A Jaffa was discovered on Earth…dead.

GERAK: oh…strange…but uh…what has that got to do with me…

TEAL'C: he was a servant of lord Yu's and I assumed a follower of yours…*Mitchell shows Gerak a photo of the Jaffa*

GERAK: well…that may be…but uh…I don't seem to recognize him…*grabs photos off Mitchell* nor do I know what he is doing on Earth. *a Jaffa comes and whispers to him* oh…my obligation to the council requires my presence elsewhere…I'm sure you understand…*hands Teal'c photos heads off*

TEAL'C: he is lying to us.

MITCHELL: no kidding.

SCENE: A café. Daniel brings over two coffees and grabs some milk, sitting with a young woman, the missing CFO's Wife

SHEILA: It was about six months ago when he started to act strangely…

JACKSON: What do you mean strangely?

SHEILA: cold…distant…You've got to understand Alex has always been incredibly focused when it comes to his job *Jackson nods* and at first I had just assumed that he had a lot on his plate…but after a couple of weeks it became clear that it was more than that. I started to suspect that he might be having an affair *Jackson, raises eyebrows*…so I hired a private investigator and I had him followed.

JACKSON: …and…what did the investigator find out?

SHEILA: *hesitates* I'm not sure exactly…but…a couple of days after accepting the Job, he quit, returned all of my money and strongly suggested that I drop the matter.

JACKSON: He didn't offer you any kind of explanation?

SHEILA: no…but it was obvious…he was scared. He did some surveillance in his first two days…*hands Jackson file* these are the photos that he took…*he pulls out the photos* he asked for them back after a couple of days…after he dropped the case…but *Photos show her husband meeting a group of me in suits*…I refused. I offered them to the police but they didn't think the photos were pertinent to their investigation. My husband wasn't having an affair but he was clearly involved in something he wanted to keep secret.

JACKSON: do you mind if we hold on to these?

SHEILA: no…go ahead…

SCENE: Dakara, A Jaffa (Yat'yir) watches over a prisoner who's in chains blood streaking there hands. Gerak enters.

GERAK: he still refuses to speak?

YAT'YIR: the prisoner is strong.

GERAK: then we must be stronger yet… *picks up stun stick, Yat'yir looks at him*

YAT'YIR: it was through instruments like this…we were oppressed.

GERAK: then how appropriate would it be then for it to be used to serve our cause.*He walks over to the prisoner revealing the, Badly beaten, Missing CFO, Gerak leans close to him* you will surrender your secrets. Of that…*pulls up stun stick* of that I am sure. *the CFO's eyes glow.*

SCENE: Carter Paces in a briefing room in the Farrow-Marshall building, waiting.

MAYFIELD: *enters* Colonel Carter?...charlotte Mayfield. *shakes her head* Bp here at Farrow-Marshall. How can I help you? *they both take a seat*

CARTER: I wanted to ask you a few questions about your plant in Virginia

MAYFIELD: it was shut down…six months ago.

CARTER: officially yes…but we went by to check it out and…it looked like it had been cleaned out very recently.

MAYFIELD: *shrugs* I'm not sure what you're getting at.

CARTER: *doesn't believe her* some of the residents at Edison claim they saw trucks traveling to and from the plant a couple of nights ago

MAYFIELD: they're mistaken…

CARTER: so you're saying no ones been in the area for several months?

MAYFIELD: *fixed smile* well I can't speak for the locals but certainly no one from Farrow-Marshall would have any reason to go there.

CARTER: how `bout Richmond? Anyone from Farrow-Marshall have reason to go there? According to his wife Alex Jameson was on his way to Richmond, Virginia when he went missing…

MAYFIELD: we've co-operated with the local authorities on Mr.

Jameson's disappearance. You may want to consult with them

CARTER: who was Mr. Jameson meeting with that day?

MAYFIELD: I'm sorry…company policy prevents me from discussing that with you…

CARTER: *after a beat* your CFO is missing. Now I would think that you would want to do everything in your power to help find him…

MAYFIELD: oh I do…as I said we're co-operating with the authorities… now if you'll excuse me I think we're done here *gets up heads to door, two men come to the door* these gentlemen will show you out…if you have any questions feel free to fax them to the head office.

She walks off to a security room watching Carter being escorted to the exit by the two security guards.

MAYFIELD: *turns* you can be sure that's not the end of it…

BA'AL: <Oh my god you have to see it to believe it> *sitting on couch, in a black suit, speaking in human voice* of course not…we've only just…begun. *his eyes glow*

SCENE: SGC Corridor, Landry and Jackson walking along to elevator.

JACKSON: with Kerry Johnson's <I forgot about her:P> of the CIA's investigation into the NID trust connection…we've done a little digging and managed to put names to some of the face from the photographs Sheila Jameson provided. *passes Landry a photo* that's David Ballard, chairman of the start consortium. *another one* This is Missad O'hero, CEO far east mercantile. *another* James Lawry and Tony Tran, president and chief financial officer allaraf pharmaceuticals. *passes another, gets in elevator* this one…is… Michael Northrup founder of CEO founder of Hamil technologies…all the individuals we've managed to identify so far are major players in the areas of business and finance, very powerful…very influential and in the case of these two *looking at another photo*…very missing.

LANDRY: missing?

JACKSON: Terrance Evans and William Blaylock founding partners of Persian media enterprises they went missing about six months ago coincidently around the same time we managed to destroy the Osiris' ship…

LANDRY: *gets out of elevator* you see a possible Goa'uld connection here?

JACKSON: well we already know that sometime last year the Goa'uld successfully infiltrated the trust…and we know the trust has connections to government agencies and cooperation's world wide.

There's a good chance we didn't get them all…and if that's the case… the Goa'uld are still on Earth…and they're gaining strength.

SCENE: Dakara. Teal'c discussing something with two Jaffa, they bow and head off, Teal'c walks over to Mitchell

MITCHELL: Let me guess…they didn't know anything either…

TEAL'C: as Gerak grows strong few Jaffa risk defying him…for fear of retribution…we must leave Dakara and seek our answers elsewhere…

KA'LEL: the answers you seek are on Earth…*they turn she is hidden in a corner, they walk over*

TEAL'C: what do you know of the Jaffa we discovered?

KA'LEL: he lost his life trying to secure Garek's prize…

TEAL'C: of what prize do you speak?

KA'LEL: Ba'al.

MITCHELL: Ba'al is on Earth?

KA'LEL: that is where he sought refuge immediately following his defeat in the battle for Dakara… he has been there ever since…

SCENE: Landry, Mitchell and Teal'c head up to briefing room.

Mitchell and Teal'c obviously just got back.

LANDRY: You're telling me a member of the Jaffa high council claims that Ba'al has been here on Earth for the better part of the last 9 months?

MITCHELL: yes sir.

LANDRY: they're any chance she may be right?

TEAL'C: my information suggests that Ba'al is hiding in the Archiva system…he has been sited there as recently as a week ago…

LANDRY: so the council member is either lying or she's a victim of bad intelligence

CARTER: well…not all bad sir…they knew enough to look for Ba'al at a trust related facility… if he were on Earth that would be the best place to start.

TEAL'C: if the Jaffa genuinely believe Ba'al to be on Earth…they will continue to search for him.

LANDRY: well that's obviously unacceptable…tell the council we've begun our own investigation if he's here… we'll find him.

TEAL'C: it would not be in Gerak's best interest to allow that to happen.

LANDRY: why?

JACKSON: Ba'al's capture would be a big moral victory as well as a huge political gain for whoever brings him in…

TEAL'C: should Gerak be successful…he would win the hearts of many undecided Jaffa…there by ensuring undisputed influence over the council

MITCHELL: so all we have to do is find Ba'al before they do…

CARTER: yeah but…Gerak has a head start…the fact that the company CFO went missing about the same time the Jaffa was killed…

LANDRY: you think Jameson was at the plant when they came looking for Ba'al.

CARTER: in which case he might well have been captured…

SCENE: Gerak walks over to the Jaffa, Jameson is slopped on the ground lots of blood, a dagger lies to the side with blood.

YAT'YIR: he has revealed Ba'al's location…and the location of his various shelters on Earth… *drops stun stick in disgust*

GERAK: you should never have invented such an affective means of torture…

SCENE: Cargo ship lands on top of a building…The Jaffa go to the roof door and head in. Inside a guy playing a card game on his computer

GUY: Come on…come on…*he wins* yes. *Jaffa opens staff weapon behind him, turns scared*

JAFFA: where is the false god Ba'al

SCENE: In the security room

MAYFIELD: *into radio* we've been compromised.

SCENE: The Jaffa head down one side while the Goa'uld in suits come from the other a battle ensues, Jaffa with staff weapons, Goa'uld with a bunch of semi-automatics.

SCENE: Ba'al enters security room,

MAYFIELD: They're five floors above us.

BA'AL: I know…we're leaving. *they leave*

SCENE: Guy under his desk Babbling incoherently into phone.

GUY: uuh ahh uuu ahhh ---There's a whole lot of shooting here ok!

SCENE: Mitchell leaning against wall waiting for Jackson as he steps out of the elevator.


JACKSON: those offices were a war zone. staff weapons vs. Semi- automatics.

MITCHELL: who won?

JACKSON: hard to say…there were no bodies and all the security footage was missing.

MITCHELL: witnesses?

JACKSON: one. Some guy who was working overtime…spent most of his firefight under his desk, but was able to provide a description of three individuals. Big. Tattooed. Chain-mailed pants.

MITCHELL: so…it's either our Jaffa or Kiss is back on tour. *they enter briefing room, Landry and Harriman setting up TV*

LANDRY: I have something to show you. We've just received this.

*presses play, Ba'al appears on the screen*

BA'AL: *normal voice* although it's a far cry from some of the better worlds I've conquered in my days but this planet is not without its charm

MITCHELL: that's uh…

BA'AL: in retrospect it ma-


BA'AL: -kes me glad we never succeeded in destroying it. That said… Earth is not without its drawbacks…the foremost being…an alarming lack of privacy…my ships have been seized, my armies vanquished… I no longer present a threat to this galaxy… all I ask is to be left alone without having to worry about you…the Jaffa…or any of my former enemies coming after me… so…allow me to live out the rest of my days here…on Earth in Peace…without interference in exchange for my…freedom. I will follow your laws…you will never have cause to fear me again. *Landry smirks* I hope we can put the past behind us… I certainly have no desire to harm you or anyone else on this world… that said…you should know I've placed a Naquadah bomb…somewhere in the United states…consider it a precautionary measure…if another attempt is made to capture me…I promise you the consequences will be most dire. *Landry shuts off tape*

SCENE: Sam gets off phone and goes to sit at the briefing table With the others

MITCHELL: of all the retirement destinations he could choose…he has to pick our planet.

CARTER: we have teams outfitted with Naquadah detectors in several Major urban centers but there's no way we can cover the whole country.

TEAL'C: the Prometheus has instruments that can detect naquadah from orbit does it not?

CARTER: yes…but so far the scans have come up empty.

LANDRY: so it could be a bluff…

CARTER: or Ba'al may have found away to shield the bomb from our sensors

JACKSON: bluffing or not…he's still a threat. As to the fact as the head of the trust operations, he has the resources and capabilities to do a lot of damage. Naquadah bomb or not…

MITCHELL: so…problem number one: how do we find him? Problem number two: how do we take him out without inflicting collateral damage.

JACKSON: ah good point. Ba'al's probably surrounded by security, no doubt most of them human with no knowledge of his true identity…if we go after him we risk injuring innocent people.

CARTER: not if we use the symbiote poison the Tok'ra developed. We already know it won't harm human physiology.

MITCHELL: and with the right delivery system…nothing but net. nice

CARTER: I'll contact R&D…See what they can put together.

LANDRY: Which leaves us with problem number one?

JACKSON: The NID is running surveillance on the individuals identified in the photographs with Jameson …hopefully, eventually one of them will lead us to Ba'al

TEAL'C: of equal concern are Gerak's Jaffa. We have no control over them…if they decide to move on Ba'al Earth will face Ba'al's full reprisal.

MITCHELL: and I'm guessing…those Jaffa aren't exactly kicking it back at the local Denny's plus isn't it a long stinky ride from Dakara in a cargo ship?

TEAL'C: Indeed. It is more likely that Gerak has a Mothership somewhere in the vicinity of Earth.

CARTER: well if the Prometheus was going to detect the naquadah from orbit it would have done it by now.

LANDRY: alright…I'll send them out to look for the Mothership.

Colonel Mitchell I want you and Teal'c on board. Colonel Carter, Dr Jackson you co-ordinate with the NID, in the event they locate Ba'al I want you there.

Landry leaves and they all stand heading for exit, Mitchell reaches into his pocket, pulling out something and hiding it behind his back.

MITCHELL: Hey. Wait up

Walks over to Jackson pulling off the SGC shoulder patch and slapping on an SG-1 one, He then turns to Carter, holding the badge up to her, she smiles and nods. He pulls off her SGC patch slaps on the SG-1 one and turns to Teal'c, holding it up to him, after a minute he takes it…

MITCHELL: Alright…that's better.

He heads off they all grin at each other, Landry watching happily from his office.

SCENE: Prometheus. Pendergast meets Teal'c and Mitchell at the Elevator.

PENDERGAST: Gentlemen welcomes aboard

MITCHELL: thank you sir. Any word from NORAD?

PENDERGAST: SSN came up empty. Could the ship we're looking for be cloaked?

TEAL'C: Motherships do not possess cloaking capabilities

PENDERGAST: well then could we be looking for another type of craft?

TEAL'C: it is possible

PENDERGAST: whatever the target ship is out there we'll find it.

SCENE: Carter and Jackson get out of a car and enter the back of a van.

JACKSON: Agent Barrett. Thanks for the lift.

BARRETT: *shakes his hand* well…I couldn't exactly have you guys catching a cab to the stake out now… could I?

CARTER: so what's the latest?

BARRETT: well…one of our agents following the Jameson leads spotted an individual matching Ba'al's description at the Gilbride hotel on fifth street… Looks like we got him.

SCENE: Prometheus. On flight deck

PENDERGAST: you picking up anything at all? Unusual variances?

Anomalous energy readings?

MARKS: no sir.

MITCHELL: you know it's possible what we're looking for isn't even out there…

TEAL'C: it is possible but unlikely. If Gerak believed Ba'al to be on Earth he would undoubtedly establish a base of operations in planetary orbit.

MITCHELL: great…so where is it?

TEAL'C: *Teal'c staring out the viewer…at the moon, realizing* right in plain sight

PENDERGAST: what was that?

MITCHELL: …right.

TEAL'C: colonel Pendergast…plot a course for the far side of the moon.


SCENE: A man (Williams) runs over to the Van… Carter, Barrett and Jackson are in. Gets in

BARRENT: what's the situation?

WILLIAMS: they're still inside…since 16:02. all the exits are covered we're just waiting for the green light.

BARRETT: Dr Jackson…you go with Williams…

Williams and Jackson leave the Van, Carter looks out after them, then fiddles with a few switches…

BARRETT: *Clears throat* uhm…how have you been?

CARTER: pretty good. You?

BARRETT: yeah… pretty good…can't complain *smiles, she nods, carries on, he looks at screen* what's new?

CARTER: uh… lets see…I was leading R&D for a while there

BARRETT: *he nods, smiles* well…I never figured you the type to settle for a desk job…

CARTER: I needed something with more flexible hours. Janet's adopted daughter Cassie was going through a hard time…

BARRETT: oh I see…

CARTER: spent some time on the Prometheus…away on deep space reconnaissance.

BARRETT: mmmhmmm

CARTER: oooh. *grins* Help stopped a dangerous new enemy from getting a foothold in the galaxy

BARRETT: yes *smiles* yeah I heard about that *she's smiles, putting ear piece* how's Pete? *doesn't look at her*

CARTER: *looks a little uncomfortable* we broke up?

BARRETT: really? *smiles, then fades a little when she looks at him*

uh…I…I mean… I'm sorry to hear that

CARTER: *shrugs* oh it was the best thing for both of us.

BARRETT: *after a minute* so you're single again?

CARTER: *not sure how to answer* Not exactly *smiles*<WOOHOO. I love TPTB> *his smile fades, she bites lip, definitely uncomfortable:P*

SCENE: Aboard Prometheus

MARKS: sir I'm picking up a large energy signature…

PENDERGAST: *as they pass the moon they spot the Mothership* lock on target.

MARKS: target locked… sir we're receiving a communication from the mother ship.

PENDERGAST: let's see it. *they all turn to screen, as a Jaffa appears*

JAFFA: withdraw of we will be forced to defend ourselves…

MITCHELL: sorry. We're not going anywhere.

SCENE: Jackson and Williams are watching the building from a car across the street.

JACKSON: come on… where are they…

BARRETT: (on radio) abort…all agents abort.

JACKSON: *picks up radio* what's going on?

BARRETT: he's not inside…if we move now we risk compromising the operation.

JACKSON: *pulls up binoculars looking a black limo pulls up, two guys head for limo behind them though not to clearly a man who looks like Ba'al gets in* Barrett you better be damn sure about this…

BARRETT: we're sure. Let them go and come to the van…

SCENE: In the Van.


CARTER: It wasn't him…

JACKSON: How do you know?

CARTER: because he can't be in two places at once. Ba'al is across town right now doing a live television interview.

JACKSON: what? *she turns on TV*

BA'AL: (on TV) Thank you…that is a very good question…my acquisition of Hammel technologies and its subsidiaries is just a first step in a long range venture that will ultimately see uh…a consolidation and uh…streamlining…of what is presently uh…dissolute market. No doubt most of you have never heard of me before today. Well I can assure you…that over the next few months you will all get to know me very well and…I look forward to it… *Carter turns of TV*

SCENE: Prometheus

PENDERGAST: This is colonel Pendergast of the Earth ship Prometheus… asking you to stand down.

JAFFA: we have no desire to engage in battle. But we will not withdraw our forces…

MITCHELL: Look we know why you're here…

JAFFA: then you also know I have no choice but to maintain my present position

MITCHELL: okay… FYI we're not gonna let you put anymore men on the planets surface.

JAFFA: if you fire on our ship…we will defend ourselves.

TEAL'C: Yat'yir… Hear me…you and your Jaffa are at a disadvantage… knowing neither territory nor its inhabitants…allow us to assist you in apprehending Ba'al, we can both lay claim to his capture…then all Jaffa can declare freedom and celebrate as one.

JAFFA: I am afraid we are past the point where are differences can be settled so readily…I am sorry Teal'c *ends transmission*

MITCHELL: huh…meanwhile they've still got boots on the ground…

PENDERGAST: nothing we can do about that.

TEAL'C: perhaps we can…

MITCHELL: can how?

TEAL'C: by forcing Gerak's hand.

SCENE: in the van. Carter on phone

CARTER: yes sir. *hangs up* our orders are to stay out for the time being…

BARRETT: you've got to be kidding me. Come on… We know where he is… We've got him

CARTER: yes Ba'al's made it easier for us to pinpoint his location but unfortunately by going public he's made it more difficult to take him down quickly and covertly… we make a move against him now and we risk a media circus…unless, of course… you feel like giving the American people a Stargate primer…

JACKSON: there's also the little matter of a naquadah bomb sitting somewhere in the continental united states…

BARRETT: yeah…ok…ok…we'll stay…

CARTER: the generals consulting with the pentagon to determine what are next move should be…

SCENE: Dakara, walking down corridor to council chamber

TEAL'C: if there is one thing a Jaffa values above all else it is his pride…when the other council members discover that Gerak has not been completely forthcoming they will turn against him and force his hand… Gerak must be shamed into removing his forces from Earth… it is the only way.

MITCHELL: your turf your rules brother.*they enter chamber*

GERAK:…no matter how far we must travel…no matter how long it will take…our former enemies must pay for their crimes…this I promise you. That we will destroy them. Not only just in memory of those who have fallen…but in honor of those who survived to enjoy their freedom.

TEAL'C: you speak of honor Gerak…yet you disrespect this council by dishonoring it with your lies…

GERAK: I have not lied to this council…it is you that I have purposely misled…for fear you're commitment to the cause is suspect…

TEAL'C: even as we speak Gerak's followers are hunting Ba'al on Earth…

KA'LEL: of this we are well aware…*Teal'c stares at her*

GERAK: I had wished to inform the council sooner but I dared not…for fear that the elements sympathetic to the Tau'ri would learn about Ba'al's whereabouts…

TEAL'C: you dare question my loyalty.

KA'LEL: you're loyalty is not under question Teal'c…you have done more than anyone to help secure our freedom…and for that we are ever grateful. However…your allegiance to the Tau'ri presents you with a difficult dilemma…

GERAK: even as we speak…your Tau'ri ships prevent us from pursuing the enemy.

TEAL'C: as you have said Ka'lel… I accomplished much in our long struggle against our former oppressors but only because of the support of the Tau'ri. They're commitment was unwavering as my own.

And now you would repay them my surreptitiously stealing upon their world, putting their people, to say nothing of the Stargate program, at risk…they are our allies. Rather than dishonor them by trespassing on to their world…respect them enough to tell them the truth. Ask for their assistance in capturing Ba'al…they will help us!

GERAK: But…uh…will they?

TEAL'C: They are but as determined to have Ba'al answer to his crimes as our we…

GERAK: But if they succeed…

TEAL'C: Then he will be brought before this council, where he will face his proper punishment! You have my word. *he and Mitchell leave*

MITCHELL: what the hell are you thinking, there ain't no guarantee the US Government is going to give them Ba'al.

TEAL'C: it was only to give Gerak pause before his next attack against Ba'al on Earth… even so we may have only gained a brief respite.


SCENE: Landry waits for Mitchell and Teal'c at the base of the ramp.

LANDRY: satellite tracking has placed Ba'al at a remote heavily guarded compound west of the city from the site of the press conference directly to his present location he took no evasive maneuvers made absolutely no attempt to disguise his movements *they head to control room*

TEAL'C: clearly he is infolded by the belief that you would not dare attack him now that he has made himself a public figure…

LANDRY: …I've had Harriman patch in Colonel Carter and Dr Jackson.

*we see Jackson and Carter on screen* everybody up to date?

CARTER: we have a cruise missile set a ready to launch on your command.

MITCHELL: general I recommend we launch now…it may be the last chance we get…

JACKSON: what if he isn't bluffing about the naquadah bomb?

MITCHELL: then we'll have stopped him before he has the chance to plant anymore…

CARTER: we'll have to come up with a cover story…

MITCHELL: wouldn't be the first time…

TEAL'C: we must strike now before Ba'al realizes his strategy has backfired.

LANDRY: and the council?

TEAL'C: I merely promised he would be delivered if captured…if he is killed then there is no difficulty.

SCENE: Ba'al walks into an operations room on the compound.

MAYFIELD: *on phone* right good work

BA'AL: What's the news?

MAYFIELD: Stargate Command intends to attack

BA'AL: how can you be certain?

MAYFIELD: the humans who set up the trust were in a position to infiltrate much of the secure communications employed by this government…

BA'AL: *smirks* how clever of them.

SCENE: Landry, Mitchell and Teal'c in Landry's office, they see Harriman sitting up the TV again.

LANDRY: *walks out* you got something else for me Harriman?

HARRIMAN: yes sir. We just got this sent to us…

BA'AL: you have chosen not to heed my warning…so forced my hand… there is a bomb in the helsian tower in downtown Seattle…it will detonate at exactly 1:30pm local time…call off your strike on my location…and I will diffuse the device…defy me…and this will be just the first of many…such demonstrations… *video goes off*

LANDRY: *checks watch* 45 minutes…

HARRIMAN: the building is being evacuated…mobile units have been dispatched…

SCENE: in the van, it's en route to Ba'al's compound.

CARTER: *on phone* yes sir…understood sir. *turns off phone* agent Barrett have your men tighten up their perimeter around the compound, no one in or out. Daniel once the missile hits you'll have to go in and make sure we have a confirmed kill…

JACKSON: why where are you gonna be?

CARTER: Seattle.

BARRETT: how the hell are you going to get there? *she grins, before she is beamed up in a flash of light* Prometheus…

JACKSON: beats flying coach

SCENE: Seattle…Building is being evacuated teams searching for naquadah. Carter beamed straight for van to their.

AIRMAN: Colonel Carter.

CARTER: have you located the bomb?

AIRMAN: we're unable to get a fix on its location.

CARTER: multiple signals? Is it possible there's more than one device?

AIRMAN: well…we're not sure…

SCENE: a cargo ship moves in on Ba'al's Compound.

BA'AL: Wipe the Hard drives! And destroy the equipment. I want nothing left. *sounds of staff weapons and automatics outside.*

MAYFIELD: the Jaffa…they've found us.

BA'AL: time to go.

They rush out, others fiddling with computers.

SCENE: Control room. Harriman walks up, Landry, Mitchell and Teal'c come over to him

HARRIMAN: Colonel Carter and her team are still searching…no sign of the bomb yet. *sits down, gets a communication* sir Dr Jackson reports Jaffa at the target site…they've engaged the compound guards…

TEAL'C: *Landry looks at him* you must not hesitate General Landry…

LANDRY: Launch the Missile.

HARRIMAN: yes sir. Launching Alpha two.

SCENE: Seattle. Teams still searching for bomb

AIRMAN: doesn't make any sense… it's like there's naquadah everywhere…

CARTER: how old is this building?

AIRMAN: its brand new…it just went up last month…

CARTER: get me a secure line to Stargate command now. *he runs off*

SCENE: Control room

HARRIMAN: sir I've got colonel Carter

LANDRY: Colonel! Did you find the bomb?

CARTER: sort of

LANDRY: what's that suppose to mean?

CARTER: readings indicate the entire superstructure of the building is laced with Naquadah…it was built that way…Ba'al's been planning this for a long time…

LANDRY: I'm not sure I understand colonel…

CARTER: The bomb isn't in the building sir…the bomb is the building.

SCENE: Control room. Time is running out.

HARRIMAN: Target locked on. Sir…we have a confirmed hit on the location… agent Barrett and his team are moving into secure the area… *Landry looks at Teal'c and Mitchell, worried*

MITCHELL: *grabs intercom radioing Carter.* Sam…that naquadah ain't going to go up on its own…theirs got to be a detonator somewhere…

CARTER: I agree…but it could be anywhere…inside a wall…under the floor…we'd never find it in time.

LANDRY: how much progress have you made on the evacuation?

CARTER: we've cleared a five block radius…but when this thing goes off a five mile radius isn't going to be enough…

LANDRY: there's not much you can do about that now…I'll contact Prometheus…have them beam you and your team out of there…

MITCHELL: wait…that's it…Prometheus… *hurries over to Harriman* Sgt patch me through to colonel Pendergast *looks at time 1:26:57*

PENDERGAST: *drops into seat* Cam what can I do for ya?

MITCHELL: Need a little help moving

SCENE: shots of the empty building…the timer is at 00:14:37 reaching zero the building is beamed straight into space. And it blows, a wave move across space.

SCENE: Control room

PENDERGAST: It worked…the building detonated at a safe distance

HARRIMAN: Sir…I've got Dr Jackson.

JACKSON: General…

LANDRY: what's happening out there doctor?

JACKSON: I'm sorry to report sir…it looks like Ba'al escaped…

SCENE: Dakara…Teal'c speaking to a large group of Jaffa in the council Chamber

TEAL'C: the old ways will no longer serve us…Gerak's ways are not the way of the future *they all turn as Gerak enters* How dare you!

How dare you set foot in this council chamber.

GERAK: why shouldn't I promise to return? tell me Teal'c.

TEAL'C: because you disregarded my warnings... cause your rash actions not only allowed Ba'al to escape but caused the lives of many of our brothers…

GERAK: they did not die in vain. *two Jaffa drag a beaten Ba'al in, in chains.* My rash actions were necessary I'm sure you'll agree…yes you may muse about what might have been…but the fact remains that it was my men who captured Ba'al. *the Jaffa mumble between them*

BA'AL: *in Goa'uld voice* enjoy your short lived taste of freedom… you were born slaves…and slaves you will die.

Gerak takes a staff weapon and shoots Ba'al in the back.

SCENE: Teal'c returns to Earth, walks down the ramp…the rest of SG-1 waiting at the bottom

TEAL'C: Ba'al did not escape…he was captured by Gerak's forces

MITCHELL: *rest of the team look at each other* well…yes…and no.

TEAL'C: he was dragged into the council chamber and executed before my very eyes…there is no doubt.

CARTER: Teal'c…we secured Ba'al's compound and searched the premises… in the basement we discovered a lab containing equipment and data related to genetic replication.

JACKSON: it's very possible the Ba'al you saw die in Dakara was just a clone…the real Ba'al could still be out there.

Teal'c is silent, walks down ramp past them…

MITCHELL: hey! Where you going?

TEAL'C: to take a much needed rest.

MITCHELL: don't you think you should go back to Dakara…let those Jaffa know the truth?

TEAL'C: No. to reveal this at this time would seem little more than an attempt to tarnish Gerak's hard fought victory.

MITCHELL: Teal'c…it's the truth.

TEAL'C: regardless. they will not listen…for the time being their hearts belong to Gerak…

SCENE: In an apartment, TV on news. As the Julia Donovan speaks of the buildings destruction.

DONOVAN: at present there are more questions than answers in the events surrounding the gas line explosions that claimed the Hassien tower in downtown Seattle…what we do know so far is that approximately 12:45 this afternoon local fire and emergency crews were dispatched *During news camera shows Ba'al in a black shirt watching news…* to the scene. An evacuation order was given and the building and surrounding areas were evacuated, two hours later *another Ba'al eating Chinese* *another pouring drinks, Mayfield watching him* when reporters were permitted to return to the area all that remained was a heap of rumble…surrounded as it was by taller high rises there were no eye witnesses to the buildings destruction. No one saw or heard the explosion and as a result conspiracy theories amount. Some have pointed out that the amount of rumble at the site is significantly less that you wou--

BA'AL (black shirt): *turns off TV* Over 600 channels and nothing to watch. *gets up, walking off, showing another Ba'al reading the paper* think I'll turn in…we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow….

*Mayfield brings drink to one of them and sits*

The End

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