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Le Venin du Serpent

Serpents Venom

We begin on the lovely planet of Chulak. A child walks thru a tent.

CHILD: Father, he's coming!

FATHER: Yes, I know. You are not to be here.

CHILD: But, Father ---

FATHER: (A Serpent guard) Go! Now!

The child leaves , meeting Teal'C at the door. Teal'C removes his hat and smiles at the serpent guard. Another man is there. He has had his tattoo removed, but the scar shows that he was also a serpent guard.

FATHER: After all this time, it is really you.

TEAL'C: Ma'kar of the Gomai Foothills. (He bows)


TEAL'C: You are the one called Rak'Nor.

RAK'NOR: (Shaking Teal'C hand) It is an honor to finally meet you.

TEAL'C: And I , you.

MA'KAR: We have heard much of your return to Chulak.

TEAL'C: It is time for Jaffa to stop whispering about freedom, and begin to show our true power.

MA'KAR: A power we can only hope is greater than that of the gods.


MA'KAR: Their power is real, and stronger than ever. Even Heru-Ur, and the other System Lords fear Apophis. (AQ! Says He! He!) He commands the vast army of Sokar.

TEAL'C: An army of Jaffa.

MA'KAR: You KNOW of what happened here on Chulak at the hands of Apophis.

TEAL'C: Yes, I know how many were slaughtered. But, I also know that those left alive are ready to rise against him. The Jaffa are the foundation upon which the false gods have built their empires. We can tear them down.

RAK'NOR: To do so, We will have to fight our own kind.

TEAL'C: As the Goa'Uld have forced us to do in their names for countless generations. Only now, we will fight for the freedom of ALL Jaffa.

MA'KAR: Rak'Nor has the loyalty of a great many here on Chulak.

TEAL'C: So, Bra'Tac has heard from you, and I from him. It is the word of our friend Ma'Kar that has brought me here tonight. In their hearts, many Jaffa believe as we do. Those with the strength and the courage must speak out. We must fear the Goa'Uld no longer. Those who wish to join our cause must be united. (Teal'C's 2 companions nervously look @ each other) Kol'Na of the High Cliffs Hak'Nor of the Cordi Plains have already agreed to meet at the Chapa Groves tomorrow.

RAK'NOR: Then I will --- meet with THEM as well. (Teal'C smiles and nods his head) And this (Stands up) --- blasphemous rebellion will finally be crushed. (Teal'C looks confused) Hash'Ak Cree! (Teal'C stands and is shot by another Jaffa at the door with a ZAT gun!) (He falls, shaking) (Ma'Kar is emotionless) Shol'Va!


The next shot goes to the gateroom. The camera is scanning the monitors, which indicate that a traveler is coming. Klaxons are going off. General Hammond, Sam, and Jacob are running down the steps. The gate is dialing. It opens.

TECH: Receiving IDC transmission. It's the Tok'Ra.

GH: Open the Iris.

JACK: (Walking in the room) Teal'C?

SAM: Tok'Ra.

JACK: Too bad.

TECH: There's no traveler en route, Sir, but there's a transmission being sent.

JACOB: Looks like my vacation is over. (The taped transmission is being played back) Thanks to our good friend, Tannith, we were able to intercept this conversation between Apophis & Heru-Ur. It took place less than an hour ago.

DANNY: (Listening to the Goa'Uld) Sounds like they've agreed to meet.

SELMACK: (No caps, because, although he's a snake head, he's not a Goa'Uld. When you see caps, I'm not yelling at you, it's just a Goa'Uld talking, OK? When Selmack is talking, I'll specify it same as with Jacob.) Currently, Heru-Ur is aligned with the System Lords against Apophis.

SAM: Or so the System Lords presume.

SELMACK: Exactly. An alliance between Apophis and Heru-Ur could overwhelm all the other system lords combined.

JACK: And that would be --- bad?

SELMACK: One enemy is easier to target than many. Our spies believe that Apophis has agreed to the meeting because he is willing to use such an alliance to topple the system lords. Afterwards, he will deal with Heru-Ur. If he succeeds ---

JACK: Galactic badness! Huge!

DANNY: So, what do we do?!

SAM: Find a way to sabotage the alliance. (She types something, and stuff comes on the screen)

SELMACK: Doctor Jackson, Have you seen symbols like this before?

DANNY: Well, it looks similar to Phoenician letters, but I can't be sure.

SELMACK: We believe it is a technical manual. None of our Tok'Ra linguists could translate it.

JACK: Um, excuse my denseness, but --- what does this have to do with --- anything?

SELMACK: The hatred and mistrust between Apophis and Heru-Ur goes back a long time.

SAM: So, if we can get them to fight each other ---

SELMACK: They both control the 2 largest armies of the Goa'Uld. A war between them would decimate both sides, and return the balance of power back to the system lords. Which, for now, is much more preferable to one all-powerful Goa'Uld.

DANNY: Wait, I think I've got it! It's uh --- 3 to the blue, 4 to the orange, and --- and 3 to the blue. Sounds like some sort of color coated combination for a lock.

SELMACK: Excellent! We may have a chance now. (To Sam) If you will accompany me ---

JACK: AH! Wait a minute! Just--- stop, hold it. If you're about to say you're gonna explain along the way , I'm gonna lose it! I've just about had it with the way the Tok'Ra do business. I wanna know EXACTLY what we're dealing with here. Every mission detail you've got right now, or we go NOWHERE!

JACOB: (Smiling) I was gonna tell ya, Jack. (LOL@ JACOB!!!!)

JACK: (Quietly) OK! Never mind.

DANNY: The meeting will be taking place at a region of space known as the Tobin System. The Tobin Civilization, originating from Earth thousands of years ago, has been extinct for a number of centuries, but one of their legacies is the equivalent of a large mine field in space.

JACK: As close as you can get to neutral territory, Sir.

SAM: The mines, originally designed to protect the planet will actually hone in on a wide variety of energy signals, including that of Goa'Uld weaponry.

GH: So, if either Heru-Ur or Apophis decided to open fire, they would be destroyed by the mines.?

JACOB: We'll take the cargo ship I came in. If we leave immediately, we can reach the minefield before the meeting, and reprogram the mine to hit Apophis's ship.

GH: So, he'll think Heru-Ur's behind it?

SAM: Exactly.

JACOB: The problem is , the mines are in constant motion. Repositioning themselves randomly.

GH: So, how can you reprogram them?

JACK: That's a little bit of a concern for me, (Looks at Jacob) Sir.

JACOB: The mines have sophisticated inertial engines that are unaffected by gravitational conditions.

SAM: Basically, we should be able to safely use the cargo ship's rings to pull a mine inside.

JACOB: At which point, I'll pattern the ship to match it's movements.

DANNY: The Tok'Ra have what they believe is the Tobin manual to how the mines work.

JACOB: Yeah, unfortunately, certain aspects of the translation have previously eluded us. Now, with Dr. Jackson's help, we can use the manual to reprogram the mine to hone in on a specific energy signal. One of our operatives aboard Apophis's ship will have planted a beacon that will broadcast that energy signal.

SAM: The mine will think that Apophis's ship is firing a weapon, move towards it, and explode.

GH: Sounds very risky.

JACK: Insane might be another word. (Looks at Sam) (Sam smiles at Jack)

JACOB: Obviously, I'm gonna need Dr. Jackson, and there might be some complicated mathematical calculations to be done, Sam would be a big help, too. (Jack clears his throat) Of course, Colonel O'Neill is --- always fun to have around. (Jack grins, then looks at Jacob) The timing is critical, George.

GH: Then, you have a go.

Teal'c is being pulled into a room by Rak'Nor and another Jaffa. They shackle his hands. Rak'Nor throws water on Teal'C's face.

Rak'Nor: Do not think your punishment is over, Shol'Va!

Goa'Uld : (In caps, because he is a Goa'Uld, and he sounds like he's yelling, OK? I'm NOT yelling @ you.) BACK AWAY! WELCOME TEAL'C! I AM TER'OK. (You see his head, he has NO tattoo, so he's not a Jaffa. His voice echo's so, he IS a Goa'Uld.) (He does a bad thing with a taser, involving Junior, that's all I'm saying, if you didn't see it, and want to know, mail me privately. I'll just say, he's hurting Teal'C.) (The 2 Jaffa are kneeling) WHO DO YOU SUPPOSE IS MORE WELL-KNOW (Punches Teal'C) AMONG JAFFA? YOU --- (laughs evilly) OR I? (To Rak'Nor) TER'OK OR THE SHOL'VA?

RAK'NOR: Many know of Teal'C, but all Jaffa fear you, My Lord.


Teal'C: (Looking him RIGHT in the eyes) Never!

TER'OK: LET US NOT ARGUE --- ABOUT THE FUTURE. (He has more fun @ Junior's expense. Ever seen Jolinar's Memories? He looks like Jolinar did when being tortured)

JACK: Where is he?

SAM: He's on 18.

JACK: Jacob, do you really think the Goa'Uld are stupid enough to fire on each other in a mine field?

JACOB: No, and we don't want them to. The ultimate goal is to get them into an all-out war, where both their fleets will be seriously weakened.

SAM: You think that's gonna happen?

JACOB: If he thinks Heru-Ur's ambushing him, Apophis will most likely retreat. However, his next move will be to order his armies to attack Heru-Ur's planet.

JACK: (After the doors open, revealing Danny on his knees picking up some stuff, and putting them in his bag) What are you doing?!

DANNY: I could use a hand here.

JACK: (Picking up one of the bags) Sure you GOT everything?

DANNY: Wanna try to reprogram that mine without the proper translations? (Said sarcastically)

JACK: Thought of a laptop?

DANNY: Well, I had one, I just couldn't get Beck's Ancient Phonetian Symbolisms on CD at Archeology . com, so --- (Jack pushes his glasses up with one finger on each lens.) (Jacob looks at Sam and grins. You can't see her face, but I KNOW she has to be smiling)

The four are walking on a runway. The cargo ship magically appears!

JACK: (Inside the ship) Still going with the gold, Huh? (Looks around) Is there something different here?

JACOB: I had the bulk head removed. Once we've moved the mine inside, we're gonna need all the room we can get.

DANNY: What about the escape pods?

JACOB: If that mine touches anything in here, the escape pods aren't gonna do us any good.

DANNY: (A few seconds later) (To him self) Oh.

Scene of ship flying in Hyper-space. Danny's sitting on the floor reading with an ink pen in his mouth. A whole buncha books are on the floor. Sam's reading a book also. Jack's playing with the Velcro on his watch. He looks at Sam over his shoulder, next to him.

JACK: Do you understand any of that?

SAM: It's all Phoenician to me, Sir. (She smiles. He frowns)

RAK'NOR: Drink! It is only water. Do you not drink because you wish to die sooner? (Teal'C looks at the recorder) It is not recording now. You will not appear weak by quenching your thirst. (Teal'C looks at him in the eye) Surely, you must realize that Ter'Ok will not let you die before he has gotten what he wants from you. I swear on my father's name that this is only water. (Teal'C puts his head down. Rak'Nor walks away from him)

TEAL'C: What is the name of your father?

RAK'NOR: (Turns) Swearing on his name means nothing if you do not know who he was. My father was called Delnor. (Throws the cup)

TEAL'C: (Thinks) I know that name!

RAK'NOR: Yes, when you were first prime, you spared his life after Apophis ordered him killed.

TEAL'C: I remember.

RAK'NOR: When you turned against Apophis, my father believed it was a sign. He spoke out against the gods, and supported you. He seared the mark of the serpent from my forehead. He --- He said I was free!

TEAL'C: You are!

RAK'NOR: Other Jaffa worriers began to believe. Like my father, they followed Bra'Tac, who said what you had done would begin a Jaffa rebellion. He said, that one day, all Jaffa would be free from enslavement at the hands of the Goa'Uld.

TEAL'C: He spoke of the truth.

RAK'NOR: No! It was blasphemy! The Goa'Uld are GODS! Look at yourself now! Why will you not admit it?!

TEAL'C: Why do you not believe as your father believes?

RAK'NOR: My father believes nothing anymore! He is dead! My father was a stupid fool, and Apophis killed my whole family because of it. He who died him self , and was reborn. Returning to slay Sokar --- He with the power to slaughter millions in a instant. He commands the greatest army the Goa'Uld have ever known, how could he be anything BUT a god?! I was fortunate enough to realize that in time to save myself. (The door opens)

TOR'AK: LISTEN TO RAK'NOR, TEAL'C! (The Jaffa kneel again, he turns on the recording device) NO ONE CAN HELP YOU BUT YOURSELF! NOT EVEN BRA'TAC LASTED THIS LONG. (Smiling) (Teal'c looks at him with a sorrowful expression) WITH PITYFUL TEARS STREAMING DOWN HIS FACE, HE ADMITED WE WERE ALL POWERFUL GODS.

TEAL'C: He would die first!

TOR'AK: HE DID DIE , TEAL'C. BUT NOT FIRST. FIRST, HE PRAYED TO ME --- PRAYED TO THE GOA'ULD FOR FORGIVENESS. AS YOU WILL! (He motioned for Rak'Nor to remove Teal'C's black tee shirt! Excuse me while I drool! Yummy! Shirtless Teal'C!) (Teal'C body shows burn marks over Junior and in other places, no more details) (The torture continues) (Teal'C appears to pass out)

The ship comes out from Hyper-speed, and approached the planet.

JACOB: We've reached the Tobin System. (Sam and Danny walk over from the ring area, Jack was sitting against the control panel in back of the stick.)

SAM: WOW! That's a lot of mines!

JACOB: Hundreds of thousands. Prepare to activate the rings. (Sam presses a sequence on the control panel.) (Jacob puts something on his head)

JACK: Jacob, what's with the --- ear thing?

JACOB: It's a heads-up display that'll help me fly the ship while keeping the mine centered in the hold.

JACK: And --- how hard is that gonna be?

JACOB: Well, considering what I have to avoid out there, Hard. (Jack and Daniel look worrily at each other) (The machine shows he's honed in on a mine) Clear the rings! (Jack and Danny go kick the books off of the rings) (The machine shows a lock on the mine) Now, Sam. (Sam presses the button, and the mine is brought up to the ship.) Alright! Get on it! (Sam gathers the equipment, while both Danny and Jack have the cutest "Oh, My GOD!" Expressions on their faces!) (Jack's looking under the mine, while Danny's walking around it, looking at the exterior)


JACK: What?

JACOB: What? Don't you recognize the symbols?

Sam looks confused.

DANNY: What symbols?! (Jack picks up his head as if to say, "Tell me you're kidding!"

Nice shot of Teal'C's naked, muscular back!

TOR'AK: SAVE YOURSELF, TEAL'C! IT IS NOT TOO LATE. (He does some creative stuff with a ribbon device. He's not as nice as Apophis and Osiris was to Danny.) (Yummy shot of Teal'C's muscular arms as his head is thrown backwards) (To'Rak is laughing) ONE SECOND LONGER, AND YOU WOULD BE DEAD! WHY ADMIT THE GOA'ULDS ARE GODS? WHY DO I WASTE MY TIME? (Looks at Teal'C, then holds Teal'C chin up forcefully) BECAUSE IT IS THE TRUTH! (Another great shot of Teal'C 's back) (Teal'C grunts) I DO THIS FOR ONE REASON. NOT TO BREAK YOU! NOT TO TORTURE YOU! (Whispers) I DO THIS TO SAVE YOU. MAYBE YOU DO NOT FEAR ME, OR EVEN DEATH IT SELF, BUT YOU SHOULD FEAR WHAT AWAITS BEYOND IF YOU DIE THIS WAY. SHA MEL KALLAH! (Laughing) SAY WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID! TO DELIVER YOUR SOUL, AND THE SOULS OF ALL THOSE THAT HAVE EMBRASED YOUR SIN.

TEAL'C: (looks him right in his ugly face) Cree-Shac, Shel Nok! (More head torture with Teal'C's yummy body showing) (He must have said something to really piss the Goa'Uld off, because he hits the recording device onto the floor.) (He storms away, pissed!)

JACOB: There should be a panel that opens and allows access to the inside. Try underneath.

SAM: I think there's some thing here, Dad. Can you raise the bomb any higher? (She lays down, and gets under the hovering mine) It looks like a circle with a cross on it.

DANNY: (Looking @ a book) That could be it.

SAM: OK, what do I do?

JACOB: I'm pretty sure you touch it.

JACK: (Does a head up) PRETTY sure?!

JACOB: The last time a Tok'Ra was sent to attempt this, they were never heard >from again. (Sam looks at her father from under the mine)

JACK: Well, that's news!

DANNY: No, I think that's it.


DANNY: (Looking at Sam) (Not sounding very convinced) Okay, I--- I'm SURE that's it. (She don't look very convinced, but she trusts him, and puts her hand up to it with Jack and Dad looking at her) Wait! Wait ! wait! Wait! Wait! Wait, wait!


DANNY: No, no! Sorry! That's it, I'm sure of it. (Jack lets out a breath, and shakes his head) (Sam touches it, and it opens, nearly touching her body) (It flashes lights)

JACOB: Don't touch it anywhere but inside the opening!

SAM: (As Daniel lays down with her head to head) Daniel? What do these mean?

DANNY: Um, those indicate the various frequencies the mine is sensitive to.

SAM: So, we need to erase them all, and input only the ones we want, right?

DANNY: Right.

JACK: (Stooping down, and practically laying in Sam's lap! ) How long is this gonna take, Kids? (His hair is touching her ...)

DANNY: I have NO idea!

Whoo! Man, That Teal'C has a nice built!

ROK'NOR: (Picking up the recorder.) Te'Rok grows frustrated by you.

TEAL'C: He thought he was recording my humiliation. Instead he was only recording his own.

RAK'NOR: Do you not believe that your soul will be forever punished?

TEAL'C: (Fairly weakly) The Goa'Uld are parasites. They use Jaffa as incubators until they are ready to take human hosts. I have seen the world >from which they originated. I have stood beside the swamps from which they first rose. They are merely flesh and blood just like you or I!


TEAL'C: Why would I lie?! If there was a chance that they were GODS, If I thought that my SOUL would be forever punished? WHY would I LIE?!?! (Rak'Nor thinks) They have manipulated our bodies. So, too, are the manipulating our minds with FALSE BELIEFS!

RAK'NOR: You believe this so strongly, that you risk dying in SIN?

TEAL'C: I believe it so strongly , that I FIGHT to live with every last bit of strength that I have, so that one day, enough Jaffa will believe as I do --- enough to end the Goa'Uld , and free us ALL forever! (He's in pain, but by the look on the Rak'Nor's face, he has converted another!)

Danny and Sam are laying under the mine.

DANNY: Three to the --- blue.

SAM: Which way is blue?

DANNY: That's a good question.

SAM: (Turning it clockwise) (Blue light flashes) OK. Clockwise is blue.

DANNY: 3 notches. (She turns it 2 more times.) OK --- 4 to the orange. (She turns it 4 times counter clockwise) (Jacob sees a mine approaching the ship outside) (He gets a very nervous look on his face) Three to the blue. (The bomb is slowly dropping)

SAM: Uh --- (Nervously) Dad? (Danny quickly moves from under the bomb.)

JACK: (Calmly, yet nervously) Jacob? (The bomb is almost touching Sam's body.) (Jack grabs her feet, and pull her from under the bomb. He helps her up, and they move behind the bulk head ) JACOB!!

JACOB: I know! I have a problem here!

JACK: (The bomb hovers close to the bulkhead Sam and Jack are standing behind) JACOB!!!!!! (The mine outside moves away from the ship, Sam closes her eyes, and catches her breath. Jack slowly moves from behind the bulkhead.) So, Jacob, nice flying.

JACOB: Thanks! How much longer?

SAM: Not sure, why?

JACOB: Someone's coming. (Sam and Jack have an uh-oh! Expression on their faces) I'm cloaking the ship. (COOL shot of ship disappearing!) (You see a mother ship appear out of Hyper-speed. You hear a boom) It's Apophis.

SAM: 3 to blue. (She turns it 3 times clockwise, and a buzzer sound goes off, and the lights start flashing green.) (To Danny) Uh, it's flashing green. Green is good?


SAM: Bad?


SAM: (Nervously) How bad?

DANNY: Very, very, bad!

SAM: Dad?! We may need Selmack's help here!

JACOB: All right. Jack?! You're gonna haveta take the stick!

JACK: (Surprised is not a good enough word for this expression!) What? Really?!

JACOB: Take the HUD. (Jack removes it from Jacob's head) Keep the mine center circle, and avoid hitting anything out there.

JACK: (Taking the driver's seat) Ok! OK! I've got it! I got it. (The mine starts rising off of the couple under it, turning red, approaching the ceiling of the ship. Sam looks toward Jack and Jacob.) WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! Hoe! Hoe!

JACOB: (Putting his hand on Jack's shoulder.) Huh?

JACK: I'm cool. I'm all right. (Jacob turns to leave, tapping, then squeezing Jack's shoulder) It's not so easy. (The mine hover back lower on top of Sam and Danny)

JACOB: What's going on?

SAM: The crystals are flashing green.

DANNY: I think it's gonna explode.

JACOB: De-Activate it.

DANNY: I don't know how. If you enter the wrong combination, (Jacob looks to the front, where Jack is shooing the mines outside away with his hands! LOL!) a failsafe is enacted, and you have 5 minutes to --- enter the right combination --- or the --- mine explodes.

JACOB: Apophis is already here. If we release the mine now, and it explodes, the mission will be ruined.

DANNY: And if we don't release the mine now, we'll be ruined.

JACOB: Then, enter the right combination!

SAM: We tried. What does Selmack say?

JACOB: Try again.

DANNY: (Sarcastically) VERY helpful.

TOR'AK: BRING HIM! (Another yummy shot of Teal'C's muscular back. Rak'Nor and the other Jaffa unshackle Teal'C, and bring him out the door.) (Great shot of my lord, Apophis's ship)

JAFFA: My lord, Heru-Ur hails you.

HERU-UR: (Appearing in a I guess a mirror of some sort) CREE SHAK SHEL, APOPHIS! (Shot goes to what I have been itching to see since I last saw TDYK!, Apophis's handsome face!)

JACOB: Heru-Ur's ship is here.




JACOB: Heru'Ur is saying Apophis's forces are great, but not great enough to match the collective army of the system lords. With his assistance, the battle will be swift and end in their favor.

JACK: Apophis?

JACOB: He wants to know what Heru-Ur wants in exchange. (Listens to the Goa'Uld) Heru-Ur wants to maintain domination over all that is currently his, plus that which is currently owned by Chronus.

JACK: He has to know, Apophis will screw him eventually.

JACOB: Heru-Ur is offering Apophis a gift. A token to show his honor and loyalty. After Apophis accepts, they will swear an oath to solidify their bond.

JACK: What's he offering?

HERU-RU: (Motioning for someone to enter. Tor'Ak enters with Teal'C , putting his face right in front of the monitor.) ONA RAK SHOL'VA! (Teal'C looks at the monitor, and sees his former lord. Apophis sits up, with a gorgeous smiles on his handsome face.)

JACOB: (Puts his head down, then back up. But he's still Jacob, no echo) Teal'C! (Jack has an expression like, Oh, My, God!)

DANNY: Teal'C's on Chulack.

JACK: Apparently not. (He has a really sick look on his face)

JACOB: Apophis is gonna think the deal over. As soon as he makes up his mind, the transfer will take place. ( You see Jack's face the entire time the conversation is taking place. He sighs, and has the same face he had when face to face with Sam when she was on the other side of the force shield in D & C.)

SAM: Uh, Dammit! This is NOT working!

DANNY: This doesn't make an since! It clearly says 3 to blue, 4 to orange, and --- 3 to blue!

JACOB: How much time do we have?

SAM: Less than a minute.

DANNY: OK! These are Tobin numbers. This is 1, this is 2, this is 3 ---

SAM: Wait, wait! What about zero?

DANNY: What?

SAM: Zero. Why didn't you say zero?

DANNY: (Stuttering) Uh --- be --- because there's no zero in the Phoenician numerical system.

JACOB: What if the Tobin added it?

SAM: (Sam and Danny both look @ her dad) He's right! Inventing technology with this level of sophistication would require a zero.


SAM: Just trust me! It's a math thing.

DANNY: So, I've been off by one this whole time?

SAM: 30 seconds.

DANNY: Uh, uh, uh --- OK, then , uh, uh, 2 to blue, 3 to orange, and , and 2 to blue. (She turns it) That's it!

JACOB: They got it! (Jack takes a deep breath)

SAM: Now, we enter the right frequency.

Teal'C is being brought back to the chamber. Rok'Nor goes to shackle his hands again, Tar'Ok takes them from him.


TEAL'C: (Nice shot of his flexing muscles as he lifts himself onto his feet.) So that Apophis can revive me, and begin again? (He laughs in Ter'Ok's face, pissing him off, making him leave.) (After the Goa'Uld leaves, and it's just he and Rak'Nor, he groans, and falls on his knees.)

JACK: You know what'll happen to Teal'C if Apophis gets a hold of him.

JACOB: Anything we do in attempting a rescue would give us away.

JACK: Yeah? So?

JACOB: So, you know as well as I do that bigger things are at stake here. He's your friend, I know. But we've both had to deal with losses like this in battle situations. Tok'Ra operatives have already given their lives, and others are at great risk on those ships right now --- (While Jacob is saying this, Jack has that same look he gave Sam in D & C, and he appears to be blinking back tears. He cares for Teal'C a lot. He's licking his lips, and swallowing hard.) All for the sake of this mission. I'm sorry, Colonel, but Teal'C is expendable. (Jack's eyes are watered as he looks out into space.)

DANNY: One, two, three --- (Presses the dot) done! (The mine closes almost hitting the pair.)

SAM: We're done! (She slids from under the mine, Danny rolls to his feet.)

JACOB: All right! I have to deploy. (Jack still has the stoic , emotionless look on his face, and watery eyes)

JACK: If they start shooting at each other ---

JACOB: They'd better not yet. We're still in the middle of this minefield. Deploy. (The rings grab the mine, and send it out of the ship.)

SAM: Nothing's happening. (Danny opens a book, and looks thru the pages)

JACOB: Our operative could have been compromised.

DANNY: Or, we reprogrammed the mine wrong. (The Carters look at him) (He looks between them, then loudly closes the book.) No! --- I'm --- sure we reprogrammed --- the mine --- right.



Jacob: Apophis has agreed to the alliance.

SAM: Dad, Teal'C risked his life to save all of us when we came to rescue you on Netu. You OWE him. We all do.

DANNY: Wait, how is Heru-Ur gonna transport Teal'C to Apophis's ship?

JACOB: He would probably use rings.

SAM: Well, then we can save Teal'C the same way that he saved us --- by intercepting the matter stream!

JACOB: It won't work while the ship is in stealth.

JACK: Then uncloak it.

JACOB: It would take some pretty fancy flying.

JACK: (Looks at Jacob) (Hands him the headpiece) It's you ship!

Teal'C, pretty badly beaten up, takes a sip of water held by Rak'Nor.

RAK'NOR: I've never seen anyone endure such torture! Yet, none of it comes CLOSE to what Apophis will do to you. He will kill you 1,000 times!

TEAL'C: (Weakly) Of that I am certain.

RAK'NOR: And you will NEVER admit that he's a god?!

TEAL'C: (Looks at the young jaffa) Never!

RAK'NOR: You are --- either insane, or ---

TER'OK: TAKE HIM DOWN! THE SHOL'VA IS TO BE TRANSPORTED TO APOPHIS! (The other Jaffa unshackles Teal'C's hand) (Teal'C gets up, and elbows the Jaffa, who's trying to hold him from behind.) (Ter'Ak takes his ribbon device, and throws Teal'C and the jaffa across the room.) WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING --- SHOL'VA?!?!?! (He pulls an Amunet from FIAD with Teal'C, putting the light on Teal'C's tattoo.)

RAK'NOR: My lord, you are KILLING him!


RAK'NOR: (Looking at Teal'C) My lord --- (He takes the Taser, and puts it in Tor'Ak's neck He must have killed the symbiote, because the Goa'Uld fell down.) (He looks down on Teal'C, who looks up at him , confused.)

The matter stream connects the two mother ships. Jacob does some fancy flying after uncloaking the cargo ship. They pass thru the stream, and Sam and Jack look to the back of the ship for Teal'C, who doesn't appear. They Missed him! The streams disconnect.

JACK: What happened?

JACOB: We missed him!

SAM: So, what now?

JACOB: We'd better get out of here!

HERU-UR's JAFFA: My lord, a cargo ship attempted to intercept the matter stream.

HERU-UR: (Standing) WHAT?!?!?!?!

A serpent guard, OK, someone who APPEARS to be a Serpent guard, presses a button on his arm. I'm gonna assume that he's the Tok'Ra operative!

JACOB: It looks like you programmed the mine right! It's gone straight for Apophis's ship.

The Serpent guards bring Ter'Ok to my lord.


SARPENT GUARD: Heru-Ur transported HIM instead of the Shol'Va.

Apophis does NOT look happy! He's so cute when he's mad. BOOM! The mine hits Apophis's ship.

SERPENT GUARD: Heru-Ur attacks!

APOPHIS: (Standing up! WHOO! I'm a goner!) YOU DARE TO ATTACK ME?!



JACK: We gotta go back for Teal'C.

JACOB: And do what?

JACK: Something!

JACOB: It's too late.

Everyone freaks out, as about 10 mother ships appear around Apophis's ship. Heru-Ur's like Uh-Oh!

JACOB: That's NOT possible!

JACK: Apparently, it is.

JACOB: The Goa'Uld have never been able to cloak an entire mother ship before, let alone an entire fleet!

APOPHIS: CREE! HERU-UR! SHEL PAC HERAC APOPHIS! Heru-Ur looks down, then up again. A glider is seen escaping from the ship. Apophis shoots 8 shots into Heru-Ur's ship, blowing it up. (Every body now, GOOOOOOOOOO Apophis! )

SAM: They're protecting Apophis's ship!

JACOB: They're allowing him to escape. The sensors are picking up a glider that seemed to have escaped from Heru-Ur's ship before it exploded.

DANNY: Uh --- Heru-Ur HIMSELF?!

JACOB: We can't let him get away. Onak Sha Cree! Shal Goa'Uld!

MAN: Goah Sha Cree! Loe Goa'Uld!

JACOB: I asked him which god he worshiped, and he answered with a Tok'Ra password. This is Jacob Carter! Identify yourself!

RAK'NOR: My name is Rak'Nor.

JACOB: Who are you? How did you know how to answer my hail?

RAK'NOR: I am the Jaffa who helped Teal'C escape.

JACK: How do we know that?

Scene goes to glider.

TEAL'C: It is good to hear your voice, O'Neill.

JACK: (Sam smiles) Glad ya made it, Teal'C. (BIG smile)

TEAL'C: As am I.

JACOB: We can rendezvous on the third moon of Tishner.

RAK'NOR: We will meet you there.

DANNY: Well, I guess we stopped the alliance.

SELMACK: Unfortunaly, it is the worse possible result.

JACK: No war.

SELMACK: No. We could not have predicted that Apophis would bring a clocked fleet into the minefield.

SAM: So what now?

SELMACK: Apophis will easily absorb Heru-Ur's forces into his own. He is now a bigger threat than ever before.

The three humans look at each other with worried expressions.


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